FREE Sock Animals Patterns from Craft Passion

Photos from Craft Passion

The other day I shared some adorable Sock Sheep on Facebook. They were designed and crafted on Craft Passion. They were so stinkin' cute and everyone fell in love with them.

So, I started on a quest, as I often do, this time to find more adorable sock animals... you know, give people a choice. Well, guess what? The top 6 animals I bookmarked as the cutest all came from... you guessed it... Craft Passion. Best I can tell, Joanne, author, designer and crafter on Craft Passion is the Queen of the Sock Animals! Truly, her animals are so adorable that you'll want to make a few to give as gifts to the wee ones in your life, and a few more to place hither and yon for yourself! Plus... drum roll please, this talented sweetheart gives away her patterns and has wonderful tutorials that are so easy to follow and will turn you into a sock animal making machine!

So,three cheers (or four or five) for Joanne and Craft Passion! I'd break into a chorus of "For She's A Jolly Good Fellow" but only...Read more

March Appliques

When I was a child, we lived just shy of a mile away from school. Children that lived farther than a mile took a bus, but we walked to and from school every day. Of course, in inclement weather our moms would drive us, but many families did not have 2 cars, so moms car pooled and crammed as many kids into a car that could possibly fit. The car rides were uncomfortable and seemed to take forever. We actually looked forward to our walks. It gave us a chance to talk to friends and it felt so good being outside after being trapped in a classroom all day.

My favorite time to walk to school was in the Spring. I loved the smells, I loved watching the trees and flowers wake up, and I especially loved walking to school in the rain. We had raincoats and rain boots and umbrellas. Half the time we would close up the umbrellas and just enjoyed the spring rains.

On sunny spring days, when clouds sped across the sky, we would spend the day running beneath soaring kites trying to navigate the tree branches that enjoyed chomping on the...Read more

Free Knit Blankets Patterns from Purl Bee

FREE Knit Blanket Pattern Photo Source :: Purl Bee

I've often thought of what it must be like to live in big city like New York. Being a Suburban Girl, whenever I do have such fantastical thoughts, I am reminded of the story of the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. Definitely think I would be a fish out of water, but it does sound exciting and a lovely little thought to have now and again.

I have never been to New York, but if I ever do, I have a list of things to do and see. And when you think of the attractions like The Statue of Liberty, Time Square, and The Guggenheim it might seem a bit out of place that included on the list is a little shop called Purl Soho, located at 459 Broome Street in New York's SOHO neighborhood. I've even virtually walked by their shop on Google Maps. True story! Check it out HERE

So, what is it about this craft shop that causes me to dream about it? Well, ever since I became intimate with the internet, I've been...Read more

Drawing Lesson 1 :: The Sphere

There was a time, in classical education, when everyone was taught to draw and sing. The idea being anyone could learn the skills. Of course, there are those with natural talent, and not everyone will become a Da Vinci or Rembrandt, but everyone could learn the basics of drawing.

There are so many professions where drawing is not only useful, but necessary, whether you are an engineer, fashion designer, architect, and even a scientist drawing what she sees under a microscope, drawing is a wonderful life skill.

I have never taken a drawing class and I draw everyday, but I tend to do all 2 dimensional drawings, perfect for making patterns, but not so great at illustrating a children's book, which I would like to do. Michelle on the other hand, got her BFA in graphic design AND photography, so she had many drawing classes and if you look below at the work we did today it is very obvious that she knows what she's doing and I don't! Well, at least I know all that money we spent on her college degree wasn't wasted ;)

Anyway, we decided to...Read more

The Corner of Whimsy and Wishes

Photo Source :: Lucy's Flickr Stream 

There is a part of me, no matter how nonsensical it may be, that believes in fantasy, because in that corner of my brain there is no poverty or pestilence, there is no hatred or bigotry, there is no war or terrorism.

At this corner of whimsy and wishes the world is a beautiful and peaceful place. In that world the best in each of us surfaces and we are surrounded by empathy, beauty and love.

It doesn't matter how old I become, there will always be a place for fantasy in my days. I will wake up each morning and put on my rose colored glasses... not to blind me from reality, but to remind me to see the best and to hope.

Wishing you a day filled with beauty and hope... a truly magical,

...Read more

A Child's Dream Give-Away :: Felt Wee Folk Kit


Comments are now closed. Congratulations Kora Moore! Please email me within three days to claim your prize.

Coupon: Use the code WEEFOLK to save 10% (excludes wool felt) through 3/7/2015


I would love Waldorf doll making supplies from the store I've been wanting to make one for ages


A Child's Dream is excited to announce the arrival of Salley Mavor's new book, "Felt Wee Folk New Adventures." Get everything you need to make these adorable bendy dolls at A Child's Dream. Stock...Read more





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