Reposting of our Handprint Sand Candles

We are on our way to our favorite apple orchard for a wagon ride, apple picking, and, of course, delicious cider and hot donuts. YUM! There is also a wonderful petting zoo and barnyard play area. Bug, Fairy and Pixie are looking forward to sharing the experience with Little Lady.

While we are off doing that, we wanted to repost a favorite activity to do with the wee ones. Although it is not specifically an autumn craft, we find the finished product makes a lovely addition to our fall/Halloween decorations. Check out our Handprint Sand Candles HERE. Enjoy!

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  1. nightshade says

    I liked these the last time I saw them and we still haven’t made them! Definitely going to do it this week. The sand outside is wet. It will be perfect.

    Have a wonderful time at the cider mill. Wish we could join you. I don’t know of any apple orchards, much less cider mills, in my neck of the woods :(

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