Leprechauns Revisited

NOTE: Wee Folk Art is on vacation for the next week as we head to Wisconsin to see The Little Lady... and her mommy and daddy, of course :) We will have lots to share when we return. For those of you new to our site in the past year or two, we are resharing our links to our Leprechaun crafts and stories. Hope you enjoy :) I will be checking emails so if you have any questions, comments or concerns, I will be available. Have a great week, and see you back here on Wednesday, February 29... YAY! Leap Year :)

Last year we shared the goings on in the Gnome Thicket when the leprechauns came for a visit. If you are new to Wee Folk Art, you'll want to check out the crafts and the stories. Poor Britta was beside herself. Below is a list of links in the order that they were shared last year.

And, if you have been missing hearing stories from The Thicket, not to worry. There is going to be a wedding there this summer and you are all invited! More info to follow! 

The Leprechauns have returned to The Thicket. If you dare, you can make your own leprechaun... but be warned, Wee Folk Art accepts no responsibility to the havoc they may wreak! An introduction...Read more

Spring and Summer Gnome Home Ideas

If you haven't done it already, it's time to get your gnome home ready for the warm days of spring and summer. Below are some of our past gnomey spring things. Just click on the picture to take you to the tutorials. I have a few other warm weather accents I'll be adding soon!

Felt Flower Garland

Flower Fairies

Flower Fairy Carpet

Spring Gnome Sleeping Bag

Spring Rag Rug

Waldorf Style Gnomes

Wooden Apple Orchard

Crocheted Rugs
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A Whimsy of Knit Gnomes

I have always been fascinated by unique collective nouns. For instance, did you know a group of mice is called a "mischief"? Sounds about right, doesn't it?  Or that dolphins travel in pods? Other names are band, horde, tribe, and coalition. (For a bunch of animal collective nouns, check out this list.) When I went to post this tutorial, I began to wonder what I should call a gathering of gnomes. Since nothing brilliant or witty came to me, I settled for a Cluster of Gnomes. Any ideas?

EDIT: One of our readers, Cami, suggested calling a group of gnomes a Whimsy of gnomes. I love the idea so much, from now on I will always referring to a group of gnomes as a "whimsy". Thanks Cami!!!

Here is the hat pattern that will allow you to turn our Basic Knit Dolls into Gnomes. The pattern for the Basic Knit Dolls can be found HERE. Decide which size doll you would like to make and follow the directions. 

3" dolly
4" baby
5" toddler
8" child
10" mother
12" father

Make sure...Read more

Gnome Leprechauns

I know Britta must be thinking... why would a perfectly lovely lady (me) knowingly encourage leprechauns to run amuck in the Thicket? Well.... because at heart, I think we all have a little leprechaun in us, especially at this time of year! So, I would like to introduce you to our little Gnome Leprechauns. And, yes, we do have multiple leprechauns in The Thicket, although it seems the ring leader of the group is this feisty little lad named Ronan. Ronan and his cohorts are country leprechauns, donning modified gnome hats, unlike the top hats and bowlers often seen on city leprechauns. (For those in the know... it looks a lot like a Gandalf or Sorting Hat :)

If you dare, you can make your own leprechaun... but be warned, Wee Folk Art accepts no responsibility to the havoc they may wreak! You can get the directions HERE or with our Free Patterns.  Read more

Gnome Leprechaun

people turnings (wooden pegs) (2 3/8" x 7/8")
felt pieces
craft glue