Pointed Pixie or Gnome Hat

Yes, as some of you have asked. I did get a spinning wheel for my birthday. An early gift from my hubby (my birthday is not until the end of the month). If you are curious about which wheel and why... I got a Majacraft Pioneer. I had a chance to try Maple's Majacraft Suzie Pro and it was just heavenly. So smooth, so sturdy, so natural feeling. The Pioneer is the entry level wheel for Majacraft but can use almost all of the accessories and should be able to do everything I want (it comes with a great range of ratios). I also love it's simple lines and light finish that just blends in with my bamboo floors. It looks perfectly at home in my family room (fyi... Pioneer has been recently updated with honey finish instead of the cream wash). It is not fussy and very easy to use. I'm very happy with my choice... although Fairy is still a bit bummed that I didn't get the Ladybug.



I have spun every bit of fiber I've been able to...Read more

{This Moment :: Spinning Rainbows}

{this moment :: inspired by soule mama}

a single picture, requiring no words, yet telling a story worth remembering!

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Song of a Scarf

Song of a Scarf

This is the wool
All fluffy and warm
Sheared, cleaned and carded
Awaiting its next form.

This is the spindle
I got as a gift
Simple and timeless
I was spinning in a jiff.

This is the skein
The first off the stick
Twisted, soft and natural
Adding color the next trick.

These are the colors
Full of bright hues
Made from drink mixes
And easy to use.

This is the yarn
Drying in the breeze
While I searched for a pattern
A gift sure to please.

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