Where Are We?

We have received MANY emails asking us if everything is okay, and if we are continuing Wee Folk Art. I know our postings have been rather sparse these days. I’ve written everyone the same answer, and thought it might be easier to just do a quick blog entry. Here is my “standard” reply :)

Yes, we do plan to keep up Wee Folk Art, however, there have been so many things, both good and trying, happening in real life, and that comes first :) There was a time when I “announced” when we were a bit too busy to blog, but Michelle and I decided that we want Wee Folk Art to be a non stressful place, so we blog when we can and feel no guilt when we can’t :)

The good news is, even in our busiest times, all of our back content is always available :) So, never give up on us, check back with us often, use our archives, and if you have a Facebook account, make sure you “like us” because we always link to our latest WeeFolkArt.com postings there.

BTW… it’s nice to be missed. Thanks for noticing :)

So, there you have it. We are still here, no major announcements, just other pursuits are using more of our time. We have a new craft coming up this week, so watch for it :)

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