A Child’s Dream Summer 2015 Give-Away :: Doll Making Supplies

A Child’s Dream Summer 2015 Give-Away :: Doll Making Supplies


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Lesley says

August 1, 2015 at 12:37 pm 
Perfect! These are just the supplies I have been looking for! Thanks for the introduction

Coupon: 10% off with: WEEFOLKDOLLS Valid through August 15, 2015

A Child’s Dream has EVERYTHING you need for making natural crafts, toys and dolls, all in one colorful shop! Specializing in 100% Wool felt we have an extensive selection offering five styles – our Thick Rustic from Nepal, the dense Premium Wool Felt, Holland 100% Wool Felt in over 70 colors, Organic Plant Dyed Felt from Germany and 3mm Thick Wool Felt in new colors. We also have felting fiber, tools and kits and Waldorf supplies for art, soft doll making, wax modeling and paper crafting. All this along with fast and friendly service. Free standard shipping in the United States at $110!

Sponsor: A Child’s Dream

Give-Away Date: Saturday, August 1, 8am EST – Monday August 3, 2015, 8am EST

Number of Winners: 1

Prize: Wood Doll Making Collection – An exciting assortment of natural supplies for making wood finger puppets, peg dolls and fairies. Included in this giveaway: Holland 100% Wool Felt, DecoArt water-based acrylic paints and paintbrushes, Tacky Glue and plenty of wood doll bases.

How to Enter: Visit A Child’s Dream and take a look around. Explore all of her natural craft supplies, craft kits, and Waldorf toys, then come back and leave a comment HERE in this post, letting us know what you would like to make.

Optional Additional Entry: For a second chance to win, LIKE A Child’s Dream on Facebook then come back here and leave a second comment letting us know that you did. (Please note: If your second post is too short or comes too quickly after your first post, it might be tagged as SPAM. Take an extra moment between posts and be sure to add enough text).

Limit: Two Entries per person please.

Announcing the Winners: Comments will be closed on Monday around 8am EST. One winner will be chosen by random number generator and will be announced IN THIS POST on Monday morning. If you the lucky winner, please send us an email with your contact and shipping information. You have three days from the time of the announcement to claim your prize or a new winner will be selected.

International Information: International readers are welcome to enter but will be responsible for paying for their shipping costs.

Coupon: 10% off with: WEEFOLKDOLLS Valid through August 15, 2015


Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. I love A Child’s Dream. I order the 100% Holland Felt to craft with. it comes in so many beautiful colors and is wonderful to craft with. I love making peg dolls and garlands.

  2. Already liked on FB.

  3. I am very happy to have been introduced to A child’s dream! After looking around I have decided I would love to make the multicultural dolls for my Family a Day Care children 🙂

  4. I would love to make some peg dolls for my son (most of ours were made for his sisters) and share the process on my You Tube channel so that others can learn how to make peg dolls at home.

  5. I have liked A Child a Dream on Facebook

  6. Oh my goodness, finger puppets! Why have I never thought to make finger puppets before?

  7. I LOVE the woolpets guinea pigs! And making wee folks is a passion of mine. Would love to win this!

  8. I would love to give a go at a felted creature – maybe the hedgehog as it is my ‘totem’ animal 🙂

  9. this is adorable , what a fab kit ! xx

  10. And I’ve liked them on Facebook. What a wonderful shop!

  11. Of course A Child a Dream on Facebook has been liked.

  12. I “liked” a Child’s Dream on FB. They always have awesome posts with what others have made.

  13. Already liked on FB.

  14. Liked on FB and oh myu2026..all the wool felting, the woodland animals, the peg dolls, especially the finger puppets, and my eldest squealed at the henna kit. 🙂

  15. This would be an amazing project to do with my students in our school garden! I actually think I have them believing in gnomes and fairies…and they are middle school students : )

  16. I am just getting into needle felting and would love to make a little penguin!

  17. I liked on Facebook. Can’t wait to get started on projects.

  18. I love the products from A Child’s Dream, especially the felt and needle felting crafts. The felt dolls are adorable and I can’t wait to learn to make them!

  19. I would like to make some of the Wool Kit animals! They are so cute!

  20. I like all the different felt animals from A Child’s Dream! They’re so realistic. I would love to try my hand at making a few especially the hedgehog.

  21. The Gnome house kit looks amazing! Actually pretty much everything looks amazing.

  22. Also a new fan of a Child’s Dream on facebook!

  23. Love creativity.

  24. I would love to make the 6″ Teeny Baby (kit) for a Christmas present.

  25. I liked A Child’s Dream on Facebook.

  26. I would love to have a pair of mini hand carders for my daughter to use, so we could card wool together. This is a lovely give-away, thank you!

  27. The guinea pigs are too cute.

  28. What a fantastic bundle! I would be especially excited to try out the angels since my girls are asking for their own after reading Prayer for a Child. I recently got my first real wool felt pieces as well and oh my, is it better to work with than the polyester stuff.

  29. Also liked n FB.

  30. I have been looking and looking for the right doll for my babe, but with all the goodness on A Child’s dream, i think I will gear up to make one.

  31. Liked on Facebook.

  32. I have never heard of their site before and am so glad I found this this! I really liked the doll kits, the gnome house kit, wind car kit, and was thrilled to find a place that carried all the little wooden bits (like cups and acorns) that I have been searching for. Will be ordering from in the future!

    Also liked them on FB to keep up to date 🙂

  33. Perfect! These are just the supplies I have been looking for! Thanks for the introduction 🙂

  34. liked on fb !

  35. I LOVE wool and wood, great site you have

  36. Oh, I’d very much like to make a baby’s First Book made of nice wool felt….

  37. I have also “liked” them on Facebook

  38. I am glad to have “found” A Child’s Dream site. A lot of nifty creative items to peruse.
    But, since you have to pick an item…. I have always wanted to try felting an animal. The Woolpet Ladybugs/Bees and the Owls would be my choosing.
    By the way, this is an awesome giveaway! I love making dolls.

  39. I have “liked” A Child’s Dream on Facebook.

  40. I love doll making and done it for years with 3 daughters, granddaughter, and great grandaughter now. I do projects with dolls when I teach art at Family Art Night and various festivals. Love you site.

  41. What a neat store! I think I would get a couple of the needle felting kits, and maybe some modeling beeswax!

  42. Such wonderful supplies! I would like all of their stock to make some more Wee Folk! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  43. I love making gnomes with the peg dolls. I made a set for my daughter for her first Christmas and they still get played with today (6 years later). I make my friends one every now and then with their special interests sewed to the capes.

  44. I want to make the chart with the four elements with my kids!

  45. My girls and I love painting peg dolls, both forest folk and book characters.

  46. I would love to make the fox

  47. I would make good use of some of those finger guards, to make a miniature doozer, for my baby doozer daughter. I’d also love to teach my niece how to knit using one of those books! So many beautiful things! ?

  48. Also liked on FB. I can tell, this is going to be bad for my bank balance! ?

  49. Already liked her facebook page!

  50. I would love to get some of the needle felting kits and I just adore the fairy making kits. There are so many wonderful things, it’s hard to decide!

  51. I would love to learn how to make dolls. The little fairy kits look like fun also.

  52. Liked on Facebook.

  53. I love the needlefelted rabbit kit! I’ve always wanted to try, and that looks like a good starting point!

  54. I would love yo win the peg dolls please for my son and daughter. .they love crafts and I run out of new things to try 🙂 Thank you

  55. ~I love the doll kits!! There are so many fun things on your site!!

  56. ~I liked a Child’s Dream on Facebook!!

  57. I would use the fleece and dry felting supplies to make a butterfly and cocoon.

  58. Liked on Facebook. I work in a Waldorf preschool so always looking for craft supplies and ideas

  59. I would love to make some gnome and fairy peg dolls for my children.

  60. Liked A Child’s Dream on FB

  61. liked,loved and shared on fb
    I would love love the autumn fairy kit everyone loves to carry a fairy in their pocket to keep their dreams and love alive

  62. I love the wool hedgehog and penguin!

  63. Also liked them on Facebook. 🙂

  64. I would love to do any of the paper crafts with my grandchildren. I also think the Natural Face and Body Paint Kit would be a fun addition to a birthday party!

  65. Liked on Facebook. 😉

  66. Just wondering what I can make with the lovely felt and wool roving… if I am lucky enough to win. Thank you for the opportunity A Child’s Dream & Wee Folk Art.

  67. I like A Child’s Dream on FB.

  68. Oh my, I want to make gnomes and here is my source!! Thank you for introducing me to A Child’s Dream!

  69. And I definitely Liked on Facebook!

  70. My 5yo loves all things wooden, so the wind car and the sailboat look right up his alley 🙂 What a lovely store.

  71. And I liked A Child’s Dream on Facebook 🙂

  72. Wool pets blue birds and owls

  73. Liked a child’s dream

  74. I absolutely love A Child’s Dream and already have purchased many items from them, including everything that was necessary for making a special doll for my daughter (De Witte Engel Doll Jersey, craft thread, inner tube, wool, thread, even needles!!!). Now, I would like to try myself in making straw stars 🙂

  75. Already like them on FB 🙂

  76. I would love to make the cute felted animals, especially the squirrel!

  77. I have long liked you on Facebook. Thanks!

  78. Omg the felt kids are awesome!!!! I have been wanting to try it but was scared to give it a go, the kits makes me feel like I actually stand a chance and I know my daughter would have a blast helping me and playing with them. It’s an all round win. 😀

  79. I already follow on Facebook. 🙂

  80. I would LOVE to make the red fox. My daughter loves foxes. She carries one around with her all the time that she has named, Foxy. She had a tonsillectomy two days ago and Foxy was in surgery with her. 🙂

  81. I liked A Child’s Dream on FB. I’ll keep my fingers crossed until Monday. It’s going to be hard to do housework in the meantime. LOL ;P

  82. I would love to learn to needle felt so the pictures in my head come alive.

  83. liked on FB

  84. I LOVE A Child’s Dream Come True! I would love some merino wool and fairy wool.

  85. Liked on Facebook 🙂

  86. What a magical site! Would love to make the peg dolls! Love that standing sheep and hedgehog as well! Thanks for this opportunity!

  87. I would adore to create some of these gorgeous peg dolls! Please do enter me into your lovely give away ?

  88. I have a love of natural arts. I learnt to needle felt and wet felt whilst living in New Zealand and have always loved the waldorf dolls. I loved the felted hedgehog on A Childs Dream site, and the accessories for the waldorf dolls

  89. I have liked A Childs Dream on Facebook FB. There seems to be a lot of positive feedback from people who have ordered from them. This is encouraging because if I order from them the likely hood of a successful sale is good.

  90. I would love to make it all but would probably start with the needle felted hedgehog for my daughter.

  91. Already liked on FB

  92. A Child’s Dream has the most beautiful roving! I’d love to get some more needle felting supplies. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  93. This would be an incredible addition to our homeschool curriculum this year!

  94. I teach an Art Club for elementary students. This would be a great kit to show them environmentally friendly was of art making.

  95. WE would LOVE to make some little felted animals and fairies.

  96. I liked on Facebook as well. 🙂

  97. I already like A Child’s Dream on Facebook!

  98. Their website is so tempting. My daughters oohed & aahed over the Felt Week Folk basket, but then we saw the Peg Doll Sewing Basket, and then there were the Winged Wood bodies, and so on. Didn’t even show the oldest anything, but she really wants to learn how to dye silk scarves.

  99. I’ve been wanting to make a waldorf doll, but haven’t gotten up the courage to try. The 10″ brother/ sister doll kit was would be what I would get.

  100. I’m 14 and think wee folk art is a great website I would love to make a nativity scene with this

  101. I think I would get the wool pets turtle

  102. My last daughter living at home, 5 is fairy lured… I’d do anything I could to help her make a fairy Family.

  103. I would love to learn how to do needle felting. I would get supplies for that.

  104. I liked them on facebook awhile back. Love their website

  105. My next project is the 8″ love doll!

  106. I’ve already liked their page on Facebook!

  107. Just liked A Child’s Dream! Love the website!

  108. I would love to make the felted animals. I tie-dye and sell silks, so honestly the whole site looks amazing! My middle child would LOVE to do these dolls. I have a tough time affording crafts like this, so it would be a real blessing to win this kit.

  109. This is a fabulous kit for both young and old working together. The end results are real treasures to enjoy!! Thank you for this opportunity to enter the contest?.

  110. Already liked on FB.

  111. Love the bunny.

  112. Visited A Child’s Dream and looked around. Would love to learn how to felt and I see they have the tools for that craft. Also, I would love to make peg dolls…many, many peg dolls…mass quantities of peg dolls. Kinda would like to make and collect peg dolls like I did ages ago with troll dolls. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest. I’ll send pictures, if I win. 🙂

  113. I liked A Child’s Dream on facebook.
    Great site. Looking forward to receiving their notifications.

  114. I would love to make felted owls and turtles.

  115. Liked a Child’s dream on facebook

  116. There is so much I would love to make with all the materials you can find on A Child’s Dream. I can se:-) e visions of a family iceskating on a lake where the youngest is sitting on a sled, all dressed in warm felt clothes. Or maybe a picture from one of Elsa Beskow’s lively books. To much inspiration and ideas…….
    Did I mention I love the website/shop…….. 😀

  117. There is so much I would love to make with all the materials you can find on A Child’s Dream. I can see visions of a family iceskating on a lake where the youngest is sitting on a sled, all dressed in warm felt clothes. Or maybe a picture from one of Elsa Beskow’s lovely books. To much inspiration and ideas…….
    Did I mention I love the website/shop…….. 😀

  118. Oh and before I forget, A Child’s Dream has been liked on Facebook for a long time already and there’s no way I’m gonna stop liking them. 😀

  119. I would love to make a village of wood peg dolls.
    It looks simple to make for me and my daughter.
    She would love the idea of making peg dolls by painting them.

  120. Just liked and have noticed that there are interesting posts that I wanted to read.

  121. I would really like to make Felt Wee Folk or the fairies. Both look amazing and children will have so much fun playing with them (and me too!)

  122. I like you on Facebook too.

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