Art of Felting Give-Away :: Felted Swan and Ugly Duckling

Art of Felting Give-Away :: Felted Swan and Ugly Duckling

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Wow! I never knew such things could be created with needle felting…the detail is amazing! My favourites would have to be the English Fallow Deer, the Reindeer, and the Black Crow, all three look amazingly lifelike.


COUPON : 10% Off all orders through 1/15/15 use code WEEKEND.

Sponsor: Art of Felting  Needle Felted Wool by Daria Lvovsky

Give-Away Date: Saturday, January 10, 8am EST – Monday, January 12, 8am EST

Number of Winners: 1

Prize: A beautiful needle felted set of a mother swan and an ugly duckling. Click here for more details.

How to Enter: Check out Daria’s amazing work by visiting Art of Felting and then come back and leave a comment HERE (in this post) letting us know what were some of your favorite pieces.

Optional Additional Entry: For a second chance to win, LIKE Art of Felting on Facebook then come back here and leave a second comment letting us know that you did. If you already LIKE Art of Felting on FB, that works too. (Please note: If your second post is too short or comes too quickly after your first post, it might be tagged as SPAM. Take an extra moment between posts and be sure to add enough text).

Limit: Two Entries per person please.

Announcing the Winner: Comments will be closed on Monday morning around 8am EST. One winner will be chosen by random number generator and will be announced IN THIS POST on Monday morning. If you are a lucky winner, please send us an email with your contact and shipping information. You have one week from the time of the announcement to claim your prize or a new winner will be selected. 

International Information: Everyone may enter including our International readers.

Coupon: 10% Off all orders through 1/15/15 use code WEEKEND.


I aspire to share my enthusiasm for the beautiful way of the Waldorf education which enhances the flow of loving communication between children and their parents and caretakers. My creations are inspired by this wonderful way of life that my three daughters are experiencing which is very different from the way I experienced my life before I knew of the Waldorf ideals. I bless each creation that I make with the prayer that it will bring happiness and gentleness to people and their children throughout the world.

I believe we can make a difference and help humanity. and therefore our entire world, if we spread the Love and Gentleness everywhere we can.

I hope you will enjoy my creations as much as I enjoyed making them and join me to make our mutual prayers reach our globe and heal our world.

As of today, my creations have reached people in the USA, Germany, Ireland, England, Australia, Norway, Japan, Switzerland, France and Canada. Some of these creations were purchased by kindergardens and schools, so I believe many children enjoy them.

The inspiration for my work come from beautiful images that have captured my imagination and from personal requests of my customers throughout the world who have asked for custom made orders. You are very welcome to brouse through my shop and see the imagination and inspiration of myself and others who have enjoyed these items.

You are welcome to use the below link to see all my creations so far. You may contact me if you wish to receive a creation which does not appear in my shop.

Wishing you all the joy and blessings that will fill your heart,

With love, Daria Lvovsky



Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. I love all of the beautiful creations you make.  I wish I was half as talented.

  2. I love all the woodland creatures, but the fox is my favourite!

  3. Thank you for such a generous give away offer! Please continue to make your gentle works and support such talent! All the best of luck to all who enter!

  4. The swans are gorgeous! What a wonderful, generous giveaway! My favourite on Etsy is the owls xxx

  5. What adorable creations! I love all of them and now I must look into needle felting.

  6. Daria, I love all of your work! I’ve been following you for a while, waiting for the right time to choose a piece of your art for our home. I admire your seasonal maidens, and there is a forest one I just love. The lion and the orangutan mama and baby are amazing. I would be so pleased to enjoy your swans. Thank you!

  7. I loved all of those wonderful creatures but I find the deer, the flying pig, and the tiny sheep simply amazing! Thank you for sharing the link, no matter if I win or not. And I also did like the fb page with the adorable baby rabbit as the top post as of now. 

  8. hard to choose. Her work is spectacular! I think the Owls the jackrabbit and most of all the crows are my favorites!

  9. Your work is truly that is exquisite creativity and beauty!  I love everything you make and am always glad to see it and smile!


  10. Her work is all beautiful but my favorites would be the Easter Eggs and the black swans.

  11. What an amazing page and shop, everything is stunning and has been added as a favourite.

    i love the crows and sheep. Xx

  12. I really like the bunny and the swans but my absolute favourite has to be the Pegasus.

  13. I just love the felt animals and angels!  They are just beautiful!  Very talented!  Keep it up!

  14. I have been seeing Daria’s work for years, in one of the felting groups….she does amazing things!

  15. I am following you inFacebook and love (not like) everything you have done.  My favorite is the white owl inthe tree which is more like a photo than wool.  Thank you for sharing your talent!


  16. I love all of Daria’s work, but the fall time creations are my favorite. The tiny pumpkins, rich colors, and fantastic hair on the little girls. She doesn’t do anything “badly”, it’s hard to have to pick!

  17. Your animals and enchanted people are amazing. They are imbued with a life of their own. I am especially fond of the birch maiden nd the sleeping Fennec fox. The swans though remind me of the swans that nested at my parent’s house – and sometimes hissed at my then little children when we visited. Now I am the grandmother. 


  18. It’s so hard to pick a favorite!  I loved all of the animals, but I guess my favorites were the maine coon and the tiny bunny!

  19. I have liked and shared Art of Felting’s facebook page and looked at more of her amazing creations. What a talented artist!

  20. fb following, these are gorgeous.

  21. So sweet indeed, thank you !!

  22. If I had to pick just one I could not, I particularly liked the Piguses, Kittens, and the Frog.

  23. Oh my goodness-I cannot begin to tell you how many of these fantastical creations I fell for. to choose just one is nearly impossible! I have such a soft spot for donkeys- I would choose that one or the American Robin ( I miss my spring harbingers!) as my favourites…. but really there were at least 10 more I could name! The details are so exquisite on them…. Daria is so talented!!


  24. Your creations are truly magical. Your animals are so spot on I thought I was looking at pictures when I first viewed the thumbnail sized pics. I especially loved the detail on the reindeer.  It  is obvious these are works of love and inspiration. Truly special.   

  25. Liked on Facebook and fell in love with the Flamingos!!!!

  26. I have “Liked”  her Fb page as requested for a second entry- and plan on sharing some photos of her work on my timeline- these are too amazing to not share. Many Thanks again for the opportunity to enter to win such beauty!  Good Luck to everyone!

  27. I love all her pieces so can’t pick just one! She is such an amazing artist!

  28. Your work is beautiful, hard to choose what are my favorites…. but if I had to say, the rooster, peregrine falcon, white rat, jack rabbit really stand out.  But then again, shall have to say the Maine Coon cat.  So much work and love has gone into this.  And it shows.  Well done.

  29. hi.. your work is wonderful. I have added you as an etsy favorite.. My favorites  are the nativity scenes, especially the camels… very appropriately so  , having celebrated Epiphany in here Cyprus this week .. love the owl as well…

  30. I’ve just visited the Art of Felting site and all I can say is ‘WOW’ .  What an amazingly talented woman you are Daria.  Now for a favourite – I LOVE the felted pictures and I LOVE the Cockerel – just pinned that one to my page.  Oh I LOVE the mice (so does my daughter).  I could go on and on….. 

  31. The swans are my favourite, totally gorgeous

  32. Hi there! just liked Daria’s work as well on facebook 

  33. Every sculpture is beautiful!  I loved all the birds so much.  The raven, the dove, the chickadee, the heron and so on.

  34. Congratulations and THANKU for creating with love n amazing skilfully talent these beautiful creations. They’re all fantastic – flying pigs eggs camels and OMG Santa !! Please please please can I win your beautiful swan. Lol 🙂 

  35. I just LOVE the felted camels.  They are so cute!!!!

  36. Liked on facebook.  I’m in awe at how lifelike everything looks.  Definitely going to spend some time looking over her creations.


    1. Your work is incredible! The Ugly Duckling is one of my favorite fairy tales. I truly adore your reindeer. That one steals my heart!

  37. The wings on this momma swan are amazing!  I love all the birds, such a sucker for felted birds!!

  38. The animals are gorgeous! I especially love the jackrabbit, and of course the owls.

  39. wow. What talent. I couldn’t possibly pick one favorite! I did especially like the custom cat portrait, and the grey heron. They all are absolutely beautiful. Glad I took the time to look. You should be very proud, you have an amazing ability.


    1. Back again… just “liked” Art of Felting!! Now I will return there and get happily lost for a while!

  40. I liked Art of Felting on FB! Beautiful!

  41. Wow, this has to be the best felt art I have seen online!  My favorite was the barn owls and the angel mobile!!

  42. I love her work! I have a garden gnome and I just received her Nativity set and donkey. They are all SO beautiful. She is amazing!

  43. I have needle felted a Corgi.  This swan is truly amazing with its feathery wings!

  44. I’m very glad to “like” Needle Felting on FB.  I love seeing her creations!

  45. Its hard to pick a favourite, they are all gorgeous, but i love the Hen, White Swans, Mice, Rat and Highland Cow to name a few….

  46. I found Daria about 1.5 years ago on etsy. I am fortunate to have made two purchases – the first a garden gnome and just recently the Nativity and donkey that I have had my eye on since first finding her. I believe that is how I found her in the first place. I am honored to have her beautiful work on display in my home. 

  47. I love all of her work, but I think I love the deer most!

  48. Having had dreams of owls last night, I was immediately frown to those: beautiful! But the cow and deer, and figures… Well… It’s practically impossible to choose a favourite! I love the wispy-ness of the figures, and the colours. Really inspires me to “have a go” 🙂

  49. What wonderful artistry.  I love the sleeping fox, the raccoon, and the ears on the jackrabbit.  I’ve also dreamed of getting a felted nativity. 

  50. Your work is stunning!!!!! And I’m Gaga over the Flamingos;)

  51. I adore these.  They are beautiful!!

  52. I most like the fox, the mother deer and fawn, the black crow and the hen.

  53. I love the swan and ugly ducky, it’s gorgeous <3

    Beautiful at the season table in spring with the storybook 

    i love fairytales from Hans Christian Anderson <3

    Love the work from Daria Lvovsky so fine and precious

    love Irma

  54. Love your face book page and website.  So many wonderful artists and ideas.  Thank you for all you do to share the creative spirit.

  55. These creations are absolutely beautiful. I feel so blessed to have finally discovered them. The jackrabbit & mother deer & fawn are some of my favorites. 

  56. These are beautiful creations! I love the owls and fairies! Your felted creations are amazing such talent 🙂

  57. It was easy to know that we enjoy Art of Felting’s creations as we already follow them on Facebook.  We regularly admire the fine work & creative flair that are shown in their craft.  While every piece is lovely, we have to admit we love all things that are wild the most.  Rabbits in particular, having loved a wee one of our own for 13 1/2 lucky years.  The swans always remind us of things that are simple and sweet for some reason and we look forward to seeing what comes next!

  58. Daria’s is absolutely amazing. My favorites are all types of birds, particularly the owls, but especially the swan. Her work is so realistic. She is truly a gifted artist. 

  59. Wow…. I am in love with your work. The Fox and cubs are so sweet.

  60. How can I chose just one of my favourites.. I am in awe of all of them.. but chose I must so I think it would be the fox

  61. Daria is amazingly talented. The animals and birds are beautiful. My favorite piece though is the nativity. Just gorgeous!

  62. Love them all! So beautiful! My favorites have to be the witches and fairies. And the owls. And the bats. And the swans. And the…. lol. Beautiful talent!

  63. After clicking the link and entering the artist’s shop, I just had to call my husband over to come look at her amazing creations. Daria Lvovsky you have an absolutely magical talent!!! I read your story of how  you came to be the artist you are and it is just wonderful. It is clear to see that you are at one with your subjects and your art. I wish I could afford to purchase all of your woodland creatures – they are magnificently realistic and the expressions on their little faces are so natural looking they just make me smile. Thank you for sharing your talent. It certainly brought a smile to my face and my heart. My husband too was very impressed. I think it is very hard to choose a favorite but some that especially caught my eye were the Mama deer and baby fawn, the squirrel, the camel, the donkey, the eagle, the robin and I could go on forever! They are ALL my favorites! May God bless you and your family and hold you safe within the circle of His arms in Israel.

  64. So much to choose from, but I love your animals most!

  65. I love the fox and ferret! ! The swans are beautiful!

  66.  Love her snowy owl & raven, all the birds, really! Beautiful work!

  67. PS found and liked Art of Felting on Facebook – thank you!

  68. My goodness, the nativity sets are just amazing!

  69. I really appreciate your philosophy, and am amazed at your creations! I love the black and white tree scene, as well as the Easter duckling, a Santa Lucia girls, and harvest gnome. So beautiful!

  70. They are all amazing! The horse and chipmunk are standouts but by no means a favorite. There is no way to choose a favorite!

  71. I just visited Daria’s facebook page – I can honestly say that I have never been more impressed than I am now with her creations and obvious love of family and life. After reading many of her posts ( I really loved the one about floating in the pool and gazing at the stars and her daughter’s subsequent pool experince!) I am inspired to try harder to be one with the world around me. I posted a few of her pictures of her creations on my facebook wall so that my friends can also be inspired. Thank you for Daria-sharing WeeFolks 🙂

  72.  I liked the site on facebook 🙂

  73. I have been a huge fan of Daria’s work for years now. I could not possibly pic a favorite….I have SO many! I do hope to gift my winter child with Daria’s King Winter one day.

    The Swan and duckling are gorgeous! What a sweet and generous opportunity.

  74. I first learned of Daria’s lovely creations through your website years ago. Her work is amazing! The mama swan and little one are absolutely adorable. Thanks for offering this drawing.

  75. I love the fairies and witches!

  76. I love your animals….so lifelike….but also love the geisha dolls. nativity characters…..ohhh, too many to select as favourites.

  77. My most favorite of her items is the Native American girl and baby.  I live on a reservation in Washington State and was so glad to see an Indian in her collection.  She is very talented

  78. I visited the FB page and liked it…..also shared it with my daughter who does some felting, but nothing like this……the colours and the wistfulness of the figures make them so fascinating……the animals are just adorable…..thank you for sharing this with us.

  79. What beautiful works! I had a hard time choosing favorites…fox, barn owl, meercat, ferret and the swan is amazing!!

  80. Your work is absolutely beautiful!  

  81. Oh how sweet!! Love all of them. The rabbit is especially sweet.

  82. I also liked Art of Felting on Facebook.

  83. I also liked Art of Felting on Facebook.

  84. I love felting and have taken a couple of classes.  I wish I could get produce the amazing things that I saw at Art of Felting.  I love the flying pigs, the camels, the owls, the photos… awww everything is divine!  The more I look the more I like!  Amazing!

    Hope I win… the Ugly Duckling is one of my all time favorite stories!


    Thank you!

  85. I’ve also liked and have liked the Art of Felting for quite a while!  Gorgeous work!


  86. All of her work is just beautiful! She is so talented. The Nativity Sets are wonderful. I also like the Native American woman with papoose. I have a photo I took in Guatemala of a woman with baby on her back, very similar.



  87. I lked Art of Felting because I love her work. That rabbit posted recently is  so life like!

  88. Amazing artist. Fairies are my favorite of the bunch but the intricate details of all her work is amazing!

  89. Well, I put an item in my cart and am following. Love them.

  90. Such beautiful work.  I lov the camels and St. Lucia.

  91. What truly beautiful work! I feel inspired to learn the art of needle felting after gazing at all the beautiful creations….I would have to say some of my favorites are the Birch Maiden, the little Nativity Lambs and the Sleeping Fennec Fox. Wellwishes for all your future creative dreams!

  92. What truly beautiful work! I feel inspired to learn the art of needle felting after gazing at all the beautiful creations….I would have to say some of my favorites are the Birch Maiden, the little Nativity Lambs and the Sleeping Fennec Fox. Wellwishes for all your future creative dreams!

  93. I have seen Daria’s art on the internet many times and am always moved by the true to life gesture she brings to animals – everything is so beautiful – what a joy it would be to hold one in my hand.


  94. What an incredible body of work!! I felt a real connection with the Waldorf inspired lion. His warm and expressive facial features (especially his eyes) seemed to be coming from within. I love it when art speaks to me! Thank you, Daria for offering this give-away opportunity to your admirers.


  95. Incredible creations! From the owls to the prints of her felted scenes! Thank you for showcasing Daria’s works for I would not have known. Now saving to collect her works. The swans are breathtakingly beautiful!

  96. So many beautiful things. I like the raven, the pigasus, the fairy on a swing. 

  97. Thanks for a chance to explore Daria’s site and see her work. Exquisite! I loved the jack rabbit — so detailed and with such personality! And the camels, and the hen, and the crows — well, everything was just wonderful!

  98. Liked Art of Felting on Facebook

  99. Your creations are so beautiful and very life like.  You are very talented.  My favorites are the birds.  The pink flamigos are lovely and the owls look real. 

    1. laurie of pitterpatterdayhome 🙂


  100. Lovely to look at, I’d love to touch them!



  101. Incredibly life like! With such a soft, gentle expression. Irresistible!

  102. Wow! I never knew such things could be created with needle felting…the detail is amazing! My favourites would have to be the English Fallow Deer, the Reindeer, and the Black Crow, all three look amazingly lifelike.

  103. I love the Nativity Set and the Waldorf “Girl in a Pink Dress” but there are so many lovely peices it is impossible to pick a favorite! Absolutely love your art!


    -Laurie D.

  104. Most happy to “like” your page on fb as well and to follow your work. 🙂

    -Laurie D.

  105. Beautiful work, the swan looks like it is swimming in the breeze and the baby is the right colours.  Lovely.


  106. I absolutely love the fairies and Waldorf dolls. But I’m lusting after a couple of birds, particularly the peregrine falcon. 

  107. The Pegasus and the camels and the Goose Girl are some of my favorites. Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  108. Oh my goodness, they are just gorgeous! I would love to be considered to win the pair! 

    I am so torn between the white mouse and the pig family!

    ( Although I think the memorial kitties are amazing! )

    Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity!

  109. It is difficult to pick favourites from Daria’s works of art, but I really loved the horse and the children of the forest. The children pictures were only in postcard form–I would love to see the originals.

  110. I like Art of Felting on FB. 🙂

  111. “Liked” the Art of Felting. I had no idea that needle felting could produce such realistic figures. I hope they will help children maintain their connection to the world of transcendence throughout their lives. The page on FaceBook will certainly be worth following as inspiration for my artwork! Thank you.

  112. I am familiar with the felted pixies and fairies…my children attend a Waldorf school here in Cape Town and the annual market always sees us bringing home another little fairy being to join our family….but your teeny weeny mammals are exquisite. I have never seen work like that in Cape Town. They honestly look as if they could walk, hop, scamper out of the pictures on their own – so realistic. I absolutely adore the Jack Rabbit but the little white mice must be my favourite. 

  113. Thankyou …I liked and came back ….what a precious pair .

  114. Thank you for letting me know so beautiful works! I like a lot of them, for me the best are Nativities and deers! Thank you for the opportunity!

  115. This is a beautiful set! My daughter would love it.

  116. Oh my, how can you decide! They all are amazing. Anything Waldorf, the nativity is very, very sweet.

  117. I am awed by the talent here!  I do not have words to describe it!  As far as picking a favorite . . . not possible.  They are all far too awesome to select just ONE!  What talent!

  118. I liked her facebook page.

  119. Having done some felting myself I can say that I truelly appreciate the exquisite work that Daria creates. One of my favorites is her cardinal. What stands out in my mind is how realistic her animals appear. Just lovely.

  120. I am still awe struck!  There is SO much talent here.  Love all the creatures and beings!  After a second look, I think one of my favorites is the bat!  He’s just too cool!  Keep up the great work for all to see and enjoy!

  121. Her work is truly extraordinary!  I’ve narrowed it down to Pigasus, but such a difficult choice!

  122. So, so difficult to choose a favorite they are all awesome.  Pigasus stole my heart……Lovely, lovely work.

  123. What an amazing shop! I love all of Daria’s incredible creations, some of my favorites are the rabbit, cats, owls and fox. Her work is so detailed and incredibly realistic. <3 KnitPeddler

  124. I have just liked Art of Felting on FB. Truly inspiring 🙂

  125. I am a huge fan of Daria’s work. I am especially drawn to the waldorf faries, pixies and the mermaid and daughter. This is amazing talent…keep up the fabulous work!  And thank you for starting the Wee Folk Art Facebook page!

  126. I had never heard of this art before, and trust me I visited your page and thought them all beautiful, but the swans oh the swans they made me SMILE and a feel good in heart. Love them 

  127. loved any of your art to do with Owls


  128. Wow! I especially adore the swans and the cat!

  129. such a beautiful swan! i love your other work also, the snow owl is really lovely!


  130. Wow, everything you make looks so real ! Can’t wait to see the ugly duckling turn in to a black swan 🙂 which is one of my favorits 

  131. I love this work especially the owls, mice, eggs, and witches. Beautiful work.

  132. You make beautful things.
    I like so much de swan en de duck.
    I’m enjoy your work


  133. My favorite is Needle Felted Waldorf Leaf Acorn child 🙂 great work:)!

  134. What wonderful work!  It is so hard to pick favorites among them all!  Just to mention a couple I love your swans, flamingos, camels! 

  135. I have also liked your facebook page!!   Amazing work! 

  136. I am in love with the Art of felting what a fab artistic talent.  I enjoyed the Esty Web site so much narrowing down just one item I liked is a hard call.  But the Cats, Silky Frog ad post cards are my faves. I think I may have to go buy some of them for cool unique gift cards.  Love this Art!  Hope I win this beautiful set of swans!

  137. Found the page on Facebook and I wish they had a love button! Now I am really confuse about what critter I like best.  I think the fluffy bunny may have won my heart over! The Elk and deer would be really cute on my Christmas mantel!   This is my second entry fingers and toes are crossed in hopes I win the Swan set!

  138. ive been following your work for a while now.  I love love the expressions you’re able to create on your creatures.  I really loved the camels.  I feel like I could hop into the picture and ride off on them!

  139. I’ve also liked your Facebook page:)

  140. Daria is an amazing felting artist.  I love her birds, foxes, squirrel family, the lion, the swans, Easter eggs, and all the nativity ones.  Truly works of art! There’s not one I didn’t like.  I’ve bookmarked her page so I will always be able to find her work.  Absolutely beautiful creations!

  141. Just beautiful! Love them all especially the nativity ones like Joseph with the lamb.

  142. I liked your Facebook page and look forward to seeing your posts!!

  143. I just saw the info about liking Daria’s fb page. I was happy to — beautiful things there!

  144. I was just awestruck by these creations!  These are the work of a true artist.  The fox is one of my favorites, as is the owl, the hare, and oh my the crow!

  145. It was a pleasure to “like” their fb page. 

  146. I live at the Outer Banks on a bay where swans used to hang out in the winter. Having a swan inside would be just perfect.

  147. Her work is beautiful. I especially like the Waldorf dolls and fairies but it is too hard to choose just one.

  148. I have been a huge fan of yours for years.  I am always blown away by your amazing ability to make your animals so lifelike.  My favourites of yours are your felt pictures. 

  149. I love the nativity set camels…

  150. I love all your creations especially the red birds, the foxes, the pegasus and the black horse, the cats and the bambi !

  151. I’ve just liked your Facebook page. You’re such a talented artist, I’m glad to have found you!

  152. Wow amazing creations! I’m head over heals for the owls!!!!!

  153. The swans are gorgeous! I also love the cardinal and the flying pigs.

  154. I just have to throw my hat in the ring for this one. I have loved Daria’s work since you first introduced me to it years ago. I love all her work…her animals are incredibly vital and life like! It is my goal to slowly collect a Nativity scene. In fact, I think it is past time to start on that! I would be so happy to win, but I am happy even thinking about her work. Thanks for the chance!

  155. The nativity scenes you felt are so unique.  The red squirrel is my all time favorite!  What character!

  156. This last year has been very challenging for me, …. many times I have felt like the “ugly duckling”/ Your swan with baby reminds me that we are all beautiful swans. Thank you! 

  157. I do already Like Art of Felting on FB! I love seeing her posts…any posts of her art! They always amaze me and make me oooooh and aaaaah. She is talented and dedicated to her form, and inspires me in many ways!

  158. Wow, the swans are stunningly realistic I thought I was looking at real ones. Thank you for finding such amazing craft for us to dream about. 

  159. I could never choose just one favorite! Your talent is awe-inspiring! I love the mother and daughter, all the wool paintings, the witches, fairies, owls, foxes, cats-all the animals!

  160. I love them all. You are so talented. The grey kitten is my favorite, looks like my cat. My second favorite is the one you are giving away 

  161. I also liked your Facebook page! Can’t wait to follow your wonderful creations!

  162. I would love to win the mother and baby swan for my nephew who just found out he is going to be a daddy…we lost both his mom and dad (my sister & brother in law) to cancer in 2011 & 2013…it would be a beautiful remembrance of her & my nephew as well as representing him and his baby to be! Beautiful…

  163. They look so real! 


  164. The Piggasus is adorable :] Loved bobcat and donkey too… Actually all of animals are simply fascinating, beautiful and lively! And yes…liking very much the people, too:)

  165. Liked on facebook! Will like on Etsy, too. Awesome creations, ….It would be thrilling to have a whole zoo filled with them 😛 They must be gorgeous seen live when they look so nice in pics…

  166. Such a beautiful pair, oh the stories they could tell………..a lovely addition to a story basket! Would love them!


  167. What a lovely giveaway!!! I love her squirrels!!!!

  168. I like art of felting on Facebook!!!

  169. your work is exquisite and beautiful. I always enjoy seeing your pieces! I especially love your Fallow deer and  your felted skunk, so precious. Blessings on you and your work. 



  170. My goodness, I think its impossible to pick a favorite, each one is unique and charming. They are all so full of whimsical delight I am left awe struck by each one of them. I simply cannot choose one when they are all amazing.

  171. What a treasure to win! I only wish the links here would tKe me to her site. I will try to get there another way.

  172. My favorite pieces are:   The Forest Maiden       Birch Maiden     Forest Fairy     Sea Fairy

     I actually love all your pieces ,but these are my favorites.

      Thanks for being Waldorf-inspired.


  173. I liked Art of Felting on Facebook

  174. I love the Waldorf Mobile (angels) and the Nativity Set camels.  The owls also caught my attention because I love owls and the sheep are beautifully cute (they remind me of my Uncle’s sheep farm in Michigan).  You are truly gifted in all of your felting art.  Blessings!

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