Crayons Applique :: Crafting Collection

Crayons Applique :: Crafting Collection

As a child few things thrilled me more than a new box of crayons. Oh the possibilities, oh the beauty, oh the smell… is there anyone out there that can’t conjure up the smell of a new box of crayons? To this day, when I buy a new box of crayons, I love to open the box and just stare at the pristine perfection of the cylinders of colored wax. I don’t know who created the first crayon, and I don’t know whether its creation was the result of another venture gone wrong or whether they were purposely designed, but hats off to whoever was responsible for the crayon!

Crayons are often the first artistic medium we encounter as a child. Because they are relatively clean to use, easy for wee hands to manage, and non-toxic, crayons are a wonderful way to introduce children to the possibilities of color.

As always, this applique was designed to fit on a 6″ x 6″ block but can be enlarged or reduced to meet your needs. Enjoy!

Crayons Applique Pattern DIRECTIONS

Refer to pattern and photo for applique placements and cutting instructions.

Make a copy of the pattern.

Cut out felt using the pattern. Transfer any embroidery markings.

Using a running stitch, sew crayons to block using 2 strands floss. Using a blanket stitch on the long sides and a running stitch on the short side, add the paper to the crayons using 3 strands floss. Using a running stitch, sew label to paper using 2 strands floss.

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