Watermelon Applique :: Super Sweet Fruit Collection

Watermelon Applique :: Super Sweet Fruit Collection

My mother came from a large family. My bushia had 13 children, 10 lived long enough to have their own families. It was awesome being a part of something so large and loving! Every summer we would gather together at a local park and have a family picnic. You couldn’t really call it a reunion, because we saw each other frequently, but this was always one of my favorite days during the year.

I think the best part of the day was when my Uncle Frank would take many of us on a short walk down to the river. He would always let us sit on the bridge, something our mothers would NEVER have allowed! Looking back, perhaps Uncle Frank wasn’t behaving in the most responsible manner, but… none of us ever fell in… so, all in all, just a great memory.

Once, he brought along a bucket of sliced watermelon pieces and taught us how to spitΒ the seeds to get awesome distance! So, there we sat on the bridge, munching melon and spitting seeds into the river. Not meaning to brag, but I was (and still am) an awesome watermelon seed spitter, impressing even the big boy cousins with my distance! So, I’ve always got that going for me πŸ˜‰

Anyway, Uncle Frank has been gone for a long time now. I’m not sure how many of my cousins remember sitting on the bridge, eating watermelon, and spitting seeds, but I do. So, this slice of watermelon is for you, Uncle Frank. I hope where ever you are now that there is a lovely park with a river running through it, and that there is an endless supply of watermelon for your pleasure!

As always, this applique was designed to fit on a 6″ block but can be reduced or enlarged to meet your needs. Enjoy!

Watermelon Applique DIRECTIONS

Refer to pattern and photo for applique placements and cutting instructions.

Make a copy of the pattern.

Cut out felt using material list above and pattern. Transfer any embroidery markings.

Using a blanket stitch, sew melon to block using 3 strands floss.

Using a running stitch, sew rind 1 to block using 2 strands floss.

Using a running stitch, sew rind 2 to rind 1 edge using 2 strands floss.

Using a blanket stitch, sew watermelon to block along top and 2 short edges using 3 strands floss.

Using a running stitch, sew seeds to melon using 2 strands floss.

watermelon applique pattern


  1. I like the 3″rings/wooden beads/acorns/peg people & blocks.
    If I were to win I would prob. Choose #2 since it includes peg people & my son would like that πŸ™‚

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