Bella Luna “In the Good Old Summertime” Giveaway

Bella Luna “In the Good Old Summertime” Giveaway

EDIT: In the land of Oops… We were going to running this giveaway last week and when we pushed it off a week, I forgot to change the dates. So… to everyone that read this and saw that the contest was closed last week… my bad! We fixed the dates, but to state it again, for anyone that didn’t enter… the contest runs from Wednesday, August 17 to Sunday, August 21 at 9 pm EST. Thanks to everyone that brought this to our attention 🙂 

It’s been a while since we featured any of our “In the Good Old Summertime” activities, in part, because we’ve been out and about enjoying this Good Old Summertime. And, although we haven’t featured all of the activities we planned on, our lovely sponsors aren’t letting the ball drop.

This week we have an incredible giveaway from Sarah, at Bella Luna Toys. If this doesn’t help your family enjoy some Good Old Summertime time, I’m not sure what could 🙂 There are 3 fabulous giveaways. Two lucky winners will receive:

Natural Branch Wooden Walking Blocks

These natural wooden walking block stilts, cut from natural birch branches, will provide hours of fun for young children as they challenge their gross motor skills and balance.

Handmade from select birch trees by a small family business in northern Vermont.

Each walking block is approximately 3″ in diameter and 3″ high

Birch with100% cotton rope

Ages 3-6

Made in USA

And, one lucky winner will receive:

The Original Tree Swing

The Original Tree Swing is a classic rope swing with a handmade seat made from reclaimed elm.

Each seat is kiln dried and sanded, then hand-rubbed with a light coat of mineral oil to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

Comes with 20 feet of the best 3/4″ natural fiber rope available. No oil or chemicals make the rope and swing eco-friendly and child-safe.

Ages 3 and up

Elm and natural fiber rope

Swing Seat:  approximately 12″ dia.; 2″ thick

Rope: 20 ft. long

Made in USA

Sarah is also giving all Wee Folk Art readers a 10% discount on all orders for 2 weeks, beginning today, August 17, and running through Sunday, August 31. (Thank you, Sarah!) This is something you will want to take advantage of, I know I will! To take advantage of the discount, just use the coupon code WFA10 at checkout.

To enter, simply visit Bella Luna, and tell us what you would like to use your 10% coupon on. I know what I’d like. I love the Rocker Board! Check it out and make sure to watch the video.

So, get busy. Spend some time at Bella Luna Toys, then come back here and share a toy that really speaks to you! Also, let us know if you’d like to win the walking blocks or the tree swing. If it doesn’t matter, then let us know that, too 🙂

The contest runs from today, Wednesday, August 17th, through Sunday, August 21th at 9:00 pm EST. Winners will be chosen at random, and they will have 1 week to contact us with their snail mail address or a new winner will be selected.

BTW… Sarah will ship overseas if the winner pays shipping costs. In the meantime, good luck to one and all. And as always, thanks to Sarah, from Bella Luna Toys, for sponsoring this lovely giveaway 🙂 



  1. i’d use my coupon for the Waldorf Flower Fairy Doll in Rose! Love everything at Bella Luna! Thanks for the chance! enchantedtree(at)

  2. I remember my dad made stilts like those when we were kids. Since I can still hit him up to makes some for my babes, I’d take the swing. We have the perfect tree for it. I would love one of the waldorf dress up dolls. Been wanting one for my daughter for a while now.

  3. Awesome giveaway! I’d love the walking blocks as currently I don’t have a big enough tree for a swing.

    I would use the coupon on the wooden castle blocks for sure!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  4. Awesome giveaway! Of the two, I’d definitely love the tree swing – so cool!

    Another item I’m intrigued by is the tree blocks. Our library has these and I’d love to have a set for our home!

  5. I’d love the tree blocks. But the swing in this give away is even better :o) Thanks for the chance!

  6. That rocker board is awesome. I’d have to go with that. I would love the swing or the stilts. If we won the swing, I’d have to put it up at my mom’s since we don’t have any mature trees yet, so we’d probably get more use from the stilts. You decide 🙂

  7. Ooooh. I’d use it to buy craft supplies – block crayons and modeling beeswax. Maybe some paint jars.

  8. Oh… I was just thinking that our crafting cupboard needs some serious attention. I’d like one of everything Sarah has in her art department, maybe two of some 😉 Thanks for the chance to win. BTW, either prize would be awesome!

  9. I adore play silks, they are the toy that speaks to me 🙂

    If I won I’d prefer the walking blocks but I’d love to win the tree swing too.

    Thank you to Wee Folk Art for hosting this giveaway and thank you to Bella Luna toys for their generosity.

  10. What great toys they have! I remember my grandpa making a toy similar to their Wooden Stacking Toy. Sadly, he’s no longer with us so he can’t make one for his granddaughter.

    p.s. I’m guessing you forgot to change the dates on this giveaway. It says it ends on Aug 14th, but I checked and you did post this today (8/17).

  11. Either the stilts or the swing would be loved by my granddaughter – thanks to you both for the giveaway!
    I love to BLuna site: I’d love to get the balance bike for my granddaughter.
    cokelush at gmail

  12. Great giveaway! I love thr rainbow nesting bowls. Anything we can stack, measure, and play hide and seek are the best used toys in our home.
    Any of the prizes would work in our family. I remember walking stilts as a child. These are much better than the old plastic ones, but they were fun just the same.

  13. I would LOVE to win the tree swing! I’ve had my eye on it for a while.
    I also really love the Waldorf Flower Fairy Dolls. So pretty!

  14. I’d love to get one of the wooden doll houses–which one I don’t know yet! But even with 10% off that’s probably too pricey for me… oh well! I’d love the swing too!

  15. The Small Treehouse with accessories would be my dream! I mean, my *children’s* dream. Yes. Definitely not mine. 😉

  16. Wonderful give away once again. I just adore the wooden castle blocks both my boys and my daughter would have hours of fun with them.

    The swing and the walking blocks would both be loved presents.

  17. I love the tree cottage it reminds me of your wonderful gnome home. And saving 10% on it is great. Thank you Wee folk art and Bella luna for the great offer. I would love for my kiddos to play on the tree swing. It would look so pretty hanging form our oak tree 🙂

  18. I think the rocker may be a must have for our home! Looks like so much fun. We would enjoy either the swing or the stilts! I had a swing like that when I was a kid – loved it and used it constantly until the tree had to be taken down!

  19. I love the tree cottage and pretty much everything else on Bela Luna’s site. Thank you for the chance at the giveaway…my wee ones would love either!

  20. love the sandbox!! it would blend beautifully into the yard, unlike the jarring plastic ones. i’d like the walking blocks. we do not have a tree suitable for the swing, unfortunately.

  21. love the sandbox!! it would blend beautifully into the yard, unlike the jarring plastic ones. i’d like the walking blocks. we do not have a tree suitable for the swing, unfortunately.

  22. I would love to get soooo many of their products! I would love a couple of wood vehicles, some of their knit food, I love the rocker board, and the classic swing. The ideas are endless! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  23. Love all of their things but I can see my son having a great time with the tie-dye kit. We would love to win the tree swing. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  24. Gosh there are so many fabulous things to love… In the perfect world I’d get the waldorf doll house for all of us, but realistically I’d like to get the fishing game for the boys and some play silks for my baby. My boys would love either the walkers or the swing for sure 🙂

  25. We sooooo adore the wonderful Bella Luna and are truly in love with their Waldorf inspired Wooden Doll House by Twig Studio. Truly and magically delightful! : )

    Also, it would be lovely to win the enchanting Original Tree Swing for my adventurously spirited, 3 year old son. : )

    Thanks so very much for this delightful review and giveaway! : )

  26. Wow!!!Thanks for sharing this great opportunity!!!I’d like to be lucky and win one of these wonderful toys to play under the summer sun, in our garden…My little boy should be happiest…
    (I hope my English is not so bad…) Many blessings from Italy!!!

  27. My grandson, Hudson, LOVES music, so the CDs by Lorraine Nelson would be perfect for him. So perfect, in fact, I am gonna order one for his birthday!
    Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

  28. I have enjoyed reading her blog in the past. What a sweet store. I would have to say that besides her great selection of books, the art supplies are wonderful. I love the square crayons and have use them in my classroom for over a decade. Thanks for this generous giveaway.

  29. We would love the tree swing. We have the blocks and love them! My favorite things at Bella Luna Toys (because I really can’t just pick one) are the paint holder, the fishing pole that really works and the sword and shield sets. Thanks! Chiska

  30. We would love the sandbox. thanks for the chance to win.

  31. I love Bella Luna. Most of our family’s wish list is from her lovely shop. I plan to make use of the discount adding to our crafting supplies. No trees, would love the stilts.

  32. I also am intrigued by the rocking board. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  33. I am pregnant with our first child. I need everything! Although the little one won’t be ready for the swing for 3 years, we have the perfect tree.

  34. I too, am in love with the rocking board! If I had to choose between the two items, I think I like the swing best (but I love both!)

  35. That rocker board looks like a lot of fun, but I also loved the Wooden Doll Houses. I just know that my kids would have a lot of fun with the tree swing. 🙂

  36. So many neat items that my nearly 4year old would love (and me, too). The rocker board has definitely caught my eye!

  37. Love everything in Bella Luna’s shop. I’m well on my way to owning eveything in her wooden toy department. I have been lusting after her musical instruments. The kids and I are putting together a wish list

  38. Love everything in Bella Luna’s shop. I’m well on my way to owning eveything in her wooden toy department. I have been lusting after her musical instruments. The kids and I are putting together a wish list

  39. I’m 40 and soon to deliver my first child and all of this is new to me. I never thought I’d have a family, and now that I am, my head is whirling while I try to educate myself. I want one of everything in Bella Lunas shop 🙂 Although it will be years before our little one can swing, when she does, this would be perfect!

  40. I’ve had my eye on the walking blocks for awhile now. I know my kids would love those! The rocker board would be a hit here too. I have really been wanting to get some art materials like Stockmar crayons and beeswax & paints.

  41. I would love to win that tree swing and I know just the place to hang it.

  42. I am, or was, a practicing Waldorf teacher until my Waldorf school made the heart-aching decision to close it’s doors for good this spring.

    I am now co-creating an Earth Wisdom Family Camp weekend to offer this fall; the heart of it centered from the Waldorf songs and activities I know and love, and I will weave in some wisdom I’ve gained through my native heritage.

    Thank you, Sarah, for writing this book. I will buy it discount or not!! It is important to remember how we parents and “big people” hold the loving container for our young people.

    I am so wishing to bring the Tree Swing to our big oak in front of the Farm House as a welcome invitation to young and old this fall. Thank you!

  43. I am a regular visitor of the BLT site and love browsing and deciding what to purchase next. While I would love the tree swing, it won’t fit our yard so the walking blocks would be wonderful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. I have been in love with the tree swing for a while! Unfortunately we don’t have a tree where we live now… So I would say the wood blocks seem pretty cool! So does the rocker board!

  45. That rocker board looks like so much fun! My son would love the castle blocks.

  46. We would so love the dollies. I made some of your knit dolls, but can little girls ever have too many? We would love either prize. Thanks for a chance to win.

  47. But that rocker board would keep my kiddos busy for hours! love bella luna toys!

  48. I’ve just discovered Bella Luna toys today through another website and I love it so much!! So many wonderful toys…any of them would be appreciated here in our home, but I guess my toddler would love wooden vehicles most as he’s crazy about them at the moment 🙂

    As we can’t afford buying many toys, I’m trying to create them myself. I’m currently working on knitted gnomes and planning to knit waldorf inspired doll too 🙂 Such a good time knitting-relaxing-creating something for my child!

  49. How exciting! I love the walking blocks and so would my son. What a wonderful store! Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. I absolutely love the large wooden doll house at Bella luna. Have loved that doll house since I first laid eyes on it!

  51. I love, love the wooden doll houses and the waldorf dolls!
    Best wishes.

  52. If I wasn’t a fiber artist, I’m sure, my favorite material would be wood! I fell in love with Bella Luna’s toys!!
    Thank you for such a great idea for giveaway!

  53. I’ve always wanted a Bolga basket and I LOVE the waldorf paint jars. That rocker board is pretty awesome though! Fingers are crossed! My girls would love playing in our backyard with either one of these giveaway goodies : )


  54. What an awesome giveaway!!! I would love the wooden stilts for my sweet daughter’s 5th birthday in November. I’m going to share this on FB too…

    Wow, I haven’t visited Bella Luna’s site for some time and there are a lot of new goods! I also love the rocking board, and the rocking boat. The new wooden people family kit is wonderful as well. Okay, I suppose if I had to choose ONE thing, it would be the wooden fishing pole. My daughter loved playing the fishing game at this year’s medieval fest at the Cuernavaca Waldorf school (we’re at the Mexico City Waldorf school).

    Thanks for this great giveaway!

    Luna Lunera Creations

  55. I love the swing and I just know my five granddaughters would too. For the 10% off I would get the pink Waldorf fairy doll.

  56. My son would love either toy; they’re both beautiful! With the 10% discount, I’m very interested in the rocker board. That looks like one of those great open-ended toys that would be played with a dozen different ways. Plus it’s beautiful to look at!

  57. I would love the tree swing, but wouldn’t mind the beautiful natural branch walking blocks either. Thank you so much for this giveaway and for introducing me to Bella Luna Toys! I will certainly be purchasing the rocker board. I wonder if I can rock on it too?? 🙂

  58. I love the new Bella Luna Rocker. It looks like so much fun!

  59. I would love anything from this beautiful store! I especially like the castle blocks!

  60. I know our daughter would love the birch walking stilts. I personally have my eyes on a pair of play stands which allow for open ended play…Have even been thinking of placing one on each side of her bed with a canopy on top….
    Thank you for having such a wonderful variety of natural, imaginative toys.

  61. I would use my 10% coupon on the wooden bird’
    s nest to use for storytelling at my school. I would like to win the walking block stilts. I would donate them to the early childhood classroom at my school.

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