Bella Luna Toys $100 Gift Card Give-Away :: October 2015

Bella Luna Toys $100 Gift Card Give-Away :: October 2015


Congratulations Carol Shih! Please email me within 3 days to claim your prize.

Carol Shih says 

I liked Bella Luna toys on Facebook!

COUPON: 20% off for the first 20 Wee Folk Art readers who place an order this week with coupon code: WEEFOLK20 (discount is not applicable on Wooden Play Kitchens, Playstands, or Waldorf Rocker Boards).

This weekend, Bella Luna Toys is offering as amazing give-away of a $100 gift card, plus a 20% off coupon for the first 20 Wee Folk Art Readers to place an order this week.

Sponsor: Bella Luna Toys

Give-Away Date: Saturday, October 3, 8am EST – Monday, October 5, 2015 8am EST

Number of Winners: 1

Prize:  $100 Gift Card at Bella Luna Toys


How to Enter: Today we would like you to visit Bella Luna Toys and check out their great selection of Waldorf Toys and all their New Products. Don’t miss all their great dress up clothes, perfect for Halloween costumes. Then come back and leave a comment HERE in this post letting us know what are your favorite Bella Luna products and what would you love to get for the children in your life.

Optional Additional Entry: For a second chance to win, LIKE Bella Luna Toys on Facebook then come back here and leave a second comment letting us know that you did. If you already LIKE Bella Luna on FB, that works too. Just let us a second comment saying that you already LIKE Bella Luna Toys. (Please note: If your second post is too short or comes too quickly after your first post, it might be tagged as SPAM. Take an extra moment between posts and be sure to add enough text).

Limit: Two Entries per person please.

Announcing the Winner: Comments will be closed on Monday morning around 8am EST. One winner will be chosen by random number generator and will be announced IN THIS POST on Monday morning. If you are a lucky winner, please send us an email with your contact and shipping information. You have three days from the time of the announcement to claim your prize or a new winner will be selected.

International Information: Everyone may enter including our international readers but international winners will be responsible to pay for their own shipping costs.

Coupon: Bella Luna Toys is offering 20% off to the first 20 Wee Folk Art readers to place an order this week with coupon code WEEFOLK20. Discount excludes Wooden Play Kitchens, Playstands, or Waldorf Rocker Boards.

Stop by Bella Luna to explore their magical collection of the highest quality natural Waldorf toys, art supplies, games, and crafts. Be sure to visit their “What’s New” page to discover all the exciting recent additions to their shop. Owned and operated by Sarah Baldwin, an experienced Waldorf teacher, author, and mother of two Waldorf graduates, every product selected for sale at Bella Luna Toys is chosen for its quality, sensory experience, and play value. Waldorf toys are playthings that will nourish a child’s senses and ignite the imagination.

Don’t miss all their great dress up clothes, perfect for Halloween costumes.




Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. Hallo! I would love to get for the children wooden horse swing , best produkt silk baby blanket by Sarah’s Silk- rainbow….. and so many thinks 🙂

  2. Basically, I love all their toys! Everything is so beautiful. I’d really love to get my children some more musical instruments-the Man in the Moon Lyre and the Song of the Sea Harp would be wonderful additions to our household.

  3. I like Bella Luna on Facebook.

  4. If I won the give away, that rainbow cape from Sarah’s Silks is to die for!!! So beautiful!

  5. I like Bella Luna on Facebook.

  6. All their products are wonderful (wooden animals are my favorites), but the best thing about Bella Luna is Sarah’s blog and videos with wonderful info. Love that.

  7. I also liked Bella Luna on Facebook.

  8. Would love some more Sarah’s Silks!

  9. Also liked Bella Luna on FB

  10. I love everything Bella Luna has to offer. They have quick shipping on the loveliest items and their customer service is stellar.

  11. I liked Bella Luna on fb ages ago and love their posts.

  12. I love the quality playstands and the balance bikes.

  13. I liked the fb page a long time ago.

  14. Such a beautiful site! My kids would love to have the fairy house kit! Thanks so much the chance to win this fantastic prize!

  15. LIKE Bella Luna Toys! Thanks again!

  16. Love the bow and arrows. My nephew is getting them for his birthday (and my sister will KILL me).

  17. Liked Bella Luna on Facebook!

  18. I love the wooden doll houses and Waldorf books! I’ve been hoping to find a good sale in time for the holidays 🙂

  19. And I like Bella Luna on Facebook!

  20. everything! seriously! On our dream wish list are the playstands <3

  21. I already like Bella Luna Toys on fb! 🙂

  22. I LOVE shopping at Bella Luna Toys! Among my favorites found on their site are their great selection of Grimm’s products!

  23. I definitely like Bella Luna on fb. Thank you for this great giveaway!

  24. Oooooh so many lovely things.
    My favorites are the silk baby blanket, and all the craft materiaal. The organic rattle doll peapod is also favorites.

  25. Oh! I love their ostheimer toys! I’m slowly collecting nativity figures, but I’d love to get more figures for their play, because my boys love to play with little figurines, and I’d much rather them be wooden than plastic!

  26. Also, liked them on FB! Thank you!

  27. I love the dragon shield!

  28. I also like Bella Luna on Facebook.

  29. I really like all toys that Bella Luna sells but my favourite are wooden puzzles. For my girl I would probably get one of the Grimms puzzles although it is really tough to choose from all that beautiful toys.

  30. I also like Bella Luna toys on Facebook. 🙂

  31. I pretty much LOVE all of the toys and crafts on I would love to get boy dolls for my son’s and silks to play with.

  32. I liked on fb a long time ago 😉 Bella Luna is awesome

  33. Such beautiful a peaceful toys. My girls would love all of it!!! <3

    1. my girls especially love beeswax crayons and a song of the sea harp would be truly loved.

  34. I would adore a rainbow birthday cape and a birthday ring set maybe a teething ring doll too since my wee man was fussing all morning. I forgot how miserable teething can be.

  35. I have already liked Bella Luna Toys.

  36. I love just about everything at Bella Luna. Their play silks, dolls, wooden animals. Kitchen and house keeping toys. All of it!

  37. I love all of the beautiful toys Bella Luna has to offer. I would love to get the swing for my baby boy. He would be so excited!

  38. I’ve already liked Bella Luna for awhile now 🙂

  39. I love so many of their things but we are in the market for musical instruments at the moment!

  40. I liked them on Facebook!

  41. Bella Luna Toys offers well curated toys, but I especially love their writing and drawing tools.

  42. What would I buy? So many fun things! Probably play silks. 🙂

  43. I liked Bella Luna Toys on FaceBook.

  44. The ball tracks look awesome for my toddler! My older son would love the bow and arrow set!!

  45. I love so many things that Bella Luna offers- it’s hard to choose just one! Art supplies are favorites around here… Probably beeswax or their wonderful needlefelting kits. Ah, but then there’s all that great Sarah’s Silks dress up!

  46. Bella Luna has so many beautiful toys! We have many things from them but if I won the gift card I would probably get a loom for my daughter. She loves creating with string and yarn. We’d get more play silks too because you can never have enough play silks 😉

  47. We already have a rocker board and love it! I’ve been eyeing the modeling beeswax and a riding toy for my kids for Christmas!

  48. Liked all pages!! Fingers crossed!!!

  49. I was thrilled to see Elsa Beskow’s name in the product lineup. I grew up reading her stories, and am collecting a set for my daughter.

  50. I’ve already liked Bella Luna Toys on Facebook and love getting updates from them!

  51. I like Bella Luna on Facebook.

  52. I “like” Bella Luna on facebook. Thanks for the chance to win a gift card!

  53. I’m a long time fan of Bella Luna Toys. They’re very much in line with my educational philosophy of learning through play and exploration, as well as nurturing imagination and creativity. (Homeschooling family here.)

  54. I love all the wood play furniture. So beautiful!

  55. I liked Bella Luna Toys on Facebook some time ago and love all the beautiful things they have to offer.

  56. I like Bella Luna Toys on FB.

  57. So many great options! I’m most interested in the art supplies (specifically crayons and coloring pencils) and the puppets. The musical instruments look fantastic too!

  58. Hi! I Loooove all the new Bella Luna Waldorf toys especially the doll changing table! Would be so perfect for my baby girl!

  59. I like Bella Luna on Facebook.

  60. I would love to get the stockmar paint set, and other art supplies.

  61. I love the wooden toys, the play stands, the rocking boards, and the Ostheimer toys!

  62. Liked them on Facebook

  63. I liked Bella Luna on fb awhile ago and love their product!

  64. My favorite are the rocker boards.

  65. “Liked” on Facebook too!

  66. I’ve already loved Bella Luna on fb 🙂 thank you!

  67. its so hard to choose. Would love to introduce the Waldorf lifestyle to my kids by purchasing their first gnomes or playsilk set. We hope we win! 🙂

  68. I would love to get my girls some of the Sarah Silks canopy silks for their play….we are also big fans of the wooden figures!!

  69. I like Bella Luna on FB!

  70. I would love to get my daughter a waldorf doll. I know she would also enjoy the ball track.

  71. Already a fan of Bella Luna toys on Facebook.

  72. Oh my gosh, I basically love All of there toys!! I want to fill my house with Woden toys from Bella Luna – if only I had the money LOL. I particularly like the wooden toys. ..especially the castle play figures, I remember playing with those types of toys as a kid! 🙂

  73. I am also already big fan of Bella Luna on Facebook. 🙂

  74. There’s to much I love to chose from.I think my twins would love some of the ethereal dress up clothes or the animal toys.

  75. Liked Bella Luna on face book!

  76. Bella Luna is awesome! I love the selection of art supplies, wooden figures and silks!

  77. Already liked on Facebook

  78. My little one would love the wooden fairy treehouse! And the Halloween costumes too!

  79. We love the quality art supplies! Molding wax, stockmar crayons… My little boy loves to create!

  80. I already like Bella Luna on FB 🙂

  81. We like Bella Luna toys on Facebook!

  82. I absolutely love Bella Luna Toys. Such a sweet company, with wonderful quality toys. We have a Waldorf doll from Bella Luna that gets much love. I would get the Stockmar Watercolors and a few other items as we are creating a Waldorf homeschool room in our new home.

  83. My kiddos would love the dragon & unicorn costumes. I usually make their Halloween costumes, but with a newborn this year it would be really nice to win them!

  84. I also like Bella Luna toys on Facebook.

  85. I love, love, love the rocker boards!

  86. I love love the calendar ring and the Advent spiral. Thank you for this generous giveaway!

  87. I like Bella Luna!

  88. Already a fan of Bella Luna Toys on facebook!

  89. I love everything! I’m a fan of the Elsa Beskow books and calendar. Plus the great seasonal items. So much love in every item : )

  90. Anda fan of Bella Luna on Facebook

  91. My kids love the wooden figures, blocks, puzzles, games, and art supplies. The dress up options are great too!

  92. I already like Bella Luna toys on Facebook! they are a great toy company with wonderful products and options for children. Thanks for the giveaway contest!

  93. Bella Luna is our favorite place for toys for the kids. We love everything there this year, I’m going to buy a wooden balance board, more of Sarah’s silks, and some wooden animals. We just bought paint and stockmar block crayons and we love them. Maybr more block crayons will arrive in their stockings!

  94. I already follow and like Bella Luna Toys on facebook. 🙂

  95. My little ones are just getting old enough for the wonderful wooden doll houses…right now, we love Bella Luna block crayons, blocks, and simple puzzles!

  96. And I’ve already liked Bella Luna on Facebook!

  97. We love Bella Luna Toys and hearing from Sara Baldwin on Sunday with Sara! Our dream is to have one of the beautiful play structures for our preschool classroom. The children enjoy pinning up silks off of chairs but the wood structure would be so nice in the classroom. Everyone needs a magical tent!

  98. Oh my goodness, how do I ever choose??? I’d love to introduce some waldorf essentials to my LO like play silks and a doll. So many amazing choices, though! 🙂

  99. I like Bella Luna toys on FB 🙂

  100. I love sara’s silks and also the house play items.

  101. I love so many items, but the Haba doll pram is a favorite. Your shop is fantastic.

  102. i love the beautiful costumes, the gnome and fairy figures, and all of the music products. What a gorgeous site.

  103. I liked bella luna toys.

  104. Hey! I liked Bella Luna on FB! ‘Beautiful Moon’ is a lovely name…

  105. We love the dolls and silks!

  106. I already like Bella Luna on facebook 😉

  107. There are so many things I love on the Bella Luna website, but right now I’m eyeing the wooden carved Ostheimer figures…so beautiful!

  108. I liked Bella Luna and wee folk art on Facebook.

  109. There are so many beautiful toys at Bella Luna, it’s hard to narrow it down! I love Sarah’s silks, and would definitely get some dress up things for my kids if I won!

  110. I can’t believe this! I am in near tears of hopefulness. I have been visiting bellaLuna daily, I am starting an in home program and dreaming about what I will be getting for the children when the money starts coming in. I would LOVE to get the four elements puzzle, and a rocker and, and… My daughter wants the grimms heart blocks. 🙂

  111. I already like Bella Luna Toys on facebook

  112. I like the People wooden puzzle.

  113. If I *had* to choose just one item right now, it would probably be the Sarah’s silks canopy. My daughter would spend hours playing in her little space under it! The rocker board has been on my radar, too, for a while though. So hard to choose! You need to do a One of Everything Giveaway! 😉

  114. We LOVE the dress up costumes!!

  115. *like* bella luna 🙂

  116. I liked Bella Luna Toys on Facebook!

  117. This soul be wonderful, I’ve shopped at saras store for years. X

  118. It’s all so cute, hard to choose. Love creativity of dress up stuff!

  119. Liked on fb! ?

  120. Liked on FB, and we love rocker boards!

  121. I love so many things on the Bella Luna website, it’s all so beautiful. I would love the ostheimer nativity set, any of the beautiful wooden dollhouses, susan’s wooden play kitchen, and a playstand… I have been transitioning my home to a more Waldorf environment, but I can’t always afford the nice wooden pieces like this. Doesn’t hurt to dream though 🙂

  122. I would love the knight’s tunic and a wooden shield for my son, to go along with his cherished sword!

  123. I like Bella Luna Toys on FB 🙂

  124. Love the haba-wooden-building-blocks-extra-large-set!

  125. I love the Ostheimer toys!

  126. I already LIKE Bella Luna Toys, thanks for the great giveaway!

  127. I like Bella Luna on Facebook.

  128. so hard to decide – i love everything from bella luna! i especially love the ostheimer figures and art supplies though 🙂

  129. i like Bella Luna Toys on FB

  130. I would get the wooden horse swing for my babe and the silk dress for my big girl,thanks!

  131. Everything! But I love the extra extra large Rainbow stacker!

  132. Liked on Facebook

  133. There are so many things we’d enjoy from Bella Luna! I’d say our number one pick would be Waldorf play stands with some play clips and silks!

  134. How to choose?! I love any and all of the wooden furniture and the dress up clothes.

  135. Second comment to say that I already follow Bella Luna Toys on Facebook 🙂

  136. Just liked Bella Luna on Facebook. Thanks for offering this great giveaway!

  137. I love the rocker board! Would love to have one for my girls!

  138. I’m already a huge fan of Bella Luna Toys! I also follow them on Facebook.

  139. I really love all of their toys and learning tools. I’d say right now, my favorite would be the Jute Tunic Knight costume as my little guy is really into imaginary play right now, so it would be completely appropriate for him!

  140. I love everything about Bella Luna, especially the wonderful art supplies and the amazing Fagus vehicles.

  141. I have (liked:) loved Bella Luna Toys on FB forever:)

  142. The plan wooden drum or any of the beeswax art supplies! ?

  143. I liked the Bella page on Facebook

  144. Already follow Bella Luna on Facebook!

  145. I love Bella Luna Toys! More than anything, I would love to get a set of playstands and canopies 🙂

  146. We are planning on buying a grimms xl rainbow  we are hoping to get play stands to for Christmas

  147. Already like Bella Luna Toys on Facebook 🙂

  148. We already follow Bella Luna on Facebook

  149. I would choose kitchen accessories to add to our play kitchen!

  150. My child would love the wooden stilts, rainbow broom & wooden toy crossbow with arrows.

  151. I like Bella Luna Toys on FB.

  152. We love wee folk art as love Bella Luna toys – what could be better?! We’ve had our eye on a set of playstands for quite some time – would love to win!

  153. We are fans of Bella Luna on Facebook, as well. Thank you for the chance!

  154. Oh, I just love all the Bella Luna toys…. My daughter loves to create stories with small animals and people toys. We will love to have some Ostheimer Figures. Thank you for this great give away!!!!

  155. We are already like Bella Luna on Facebook!

  156. I love the wooden toys! My boy would adore the wooden work bench/tool box & the rainbow pegging game!

  157. I like Bella Luna Toys on FB! 🙂

  158. i already like Bella Luna Toys

  159. My kids like the HABA shopping cart caddy. Thank you.

  160. I love the fairy house kit, and the Orchard game, the wooden stilts, so many of the craft kits…

  161. And I already love you all on Facebook!

  162. I love the awesome selection of wooden toys! I’d also love to get some silk scarves.

  163. I love Grimms Calendar Ring, the hanging crows nest or the rainbow hammock chair. I also love so many of the books!

  164. I already like Bella Luna on Facebook! 

  165. I love the wooden drum and the rainbow kaleidoscope. I love toys that children can grow with and still love.

  166. Liked 🙂

  167. I already like Bella Luna Toys 

  168. I love all the toys on Bella Luna’s website and would love to add to our Ostheimer collection. I also want to get my little one the Grimms large rainbow for Christmas.

  169. The book selection is great. I’ve been pining after the wynstones series and the advent looks great too.

  170. I already “like” Bella Luna on fb

  171. I like Bella Luna Toys on FB and get their emails too!

  172. I would love to win this gift card for my little boy. He is 22 months and we are already saving for hours Waldorf education! 🙂

  173. I liked Bella Luna awhile ago and love seeing their posts. Thank you for the second entry!

  174. I love Bella Luna toys!

  175. Already a fan of Bella Luna on Facebook 🙂

  176. A favorite (coveted…) product Bella Luna offers is the deluxe playstand set 🙂 thanks for this opportunity!

  177. i’m slightly obsessed with waldorf dolls, so i’d love to get one for all 4 of my kids!

  178. already a fan on fb =)

  179. We would love getting more wooden fruits and vegetables. Cooking and serving food is definitely our boys’ favorite activity in their wooden kitchen (the one toy that hasn’t been broken yet!)

  180. I love the whole site, there’s nothing to dislike here at all and I could see my daughter using all of it pretty much. Ifs I had to pick a few things to buy, they would be the Lyra Super Ferby Pencils – Waldorf Assortment, Wooden Toy Bow and Arrows Set, Fairy House Building Kit, Wooden Peg Dolls, Marbles Set with Canvas Bag and
    HABA Wooden Building Blocks – Extra Large Set.

  181. I am already a fan on Facebook. ?

  182. I have been a fan on Facebook for a while now!

  183. I love Bella Luna Toys! I have two little daughters and would love to get them ‘Seri’s Wooden Dollhouse’ for Christmas! 🙂

  184. I also just “liked” Bella Luna Toys on FB! 🙂

  185. I love drooling over Bella Luna toys! I would love to buy more play silks, or a hanging canvas chair, or some cooperative board games. Liked on Facebook too 🙂

  186. I love all of the beautiful toys offered at Bella Luna, I would really love to get a Waldorf rocker board for my daughters birthday, I have also had my eye on the beautiful play sliks offered by Sarah’s silks.

  187. Just wanted to follow up to say that I ‘like’ Bella Luna toys on Facebook as well.

  188. The Eco kids paints, the bees wax modeling, and Felt Crayon Roll – Moon & Stars Crayon Holder. My little man would love to create with and gosh this would help out for Christmas for sure!
    Good luck to everyone! Either way a little person will get to experience quality products!

    1. And already liked both shops on fb!

  189. I would love to get a set of stockmar paints and a paint board for my children. My son would also love the wooden stilts. There are so many wonderful things to choose from!

  190. I “like” Bella Luna Toys on facebook. That’s how I learned about this giveaway.

  191. I love the costumes

  192. Already like bella luna

  193. I am so glad I liked bella Luna Facebook page.

  194. I’d love to get the wooden fishing pole set for my daughter!

  195. I’ve liked Bella Luna toys on Facebook for ages! Such a wonderful store!

  196. I’ve been eyeing their rocking dory! Would love to get that with a gift voucher!

  197. I liked Bella Luna on FB as well!

  198. My daughter would love a painting board and some fox tail brushes. And more silks!

  199. And I’m already a fan of bella Luna on Facebook 🙂

  200. we love everything in the Bella Luna shop!

    1. I already like Bella Luna on fb!

  201. Hi, I LOVE all of bella luna’s toys, but my favorite is the rocker board. I would love to get one!

  202. Liked on Facebook

  203. Love the puppets in the Bella Luna shop

  204. We would love that gorgeous knitting and embroidery kit!

  205. Liked on FB!

  206. Hello! We just love everything, but we’re especially excited about the rocker board!

  207. I love their wooden toys. Especially the rainbow stacker puzzle.

  208. I like so many of the toys from Bella Luna – the cross bow, the silk scapes, and so many others. Right now though, I am eyeing the play silks… 🙂

  209. I like Bella Luna Toys on Facebook. Good luck to everyone. What a wonderful giveaway!

  210. I love all Bella Luna has to offer, they have an amazing selection of wooden toys! I would love to get either the Haba wooden block set or the Plan toys wooden park garage for my son. He’d have a blast with either of them!

  211. I like Bella Luna on Facebook.

  212. I would love to get the sword and shield for my lil guy. Bella Luna always has the best quility toys.

  213. I already was a fan of Bella Luna of Facebook

  214. So hard to choose, but I’ll go with the Waldorf dolls

  215. Oh so many things that I would love – the fairy headband, the knight costume (tunic, sword, sword holder, shield), a couple of the lovely waldorf dress up dolls, knitting fork, slackline kit … 😉

  216. Second comment: I already like Bella Luna toys on FB.

  217. I absolutely love the dress-up Waldorf dolls, there so beautiful and such an important part of pretend play. My son loves playing dad, doctor, teacher and so many other roles that interact with babies. I also love the leather tunic knight’s top. I read a quote by Joe Meno the other day that reminded me of the importance of pretend play, it said: “Imagination is a place where all the important answers live.” Thank you for supporting parents in finding quality toys and materials so our little ones can let their imagination fly free!

  218. I would love to get the Autumn fairy craft kit, the drop spindle kit, the Haba shopping cart caddy and the kids sewing and knitting kit for my grand kids, and a rocker board for myself! 😀

  219. I already like Bella Luna toys on FB. That’s how I heard about this give away. 🙂

  220. My daughter would LOVE the sewing and knitting kit!!

  221. I already like Bella Luna Toys on fb! 🙂

  222. Gosh, I just love everything from Bella Luna. My kids are really into crafting right now, so I would probably buy craft stuff!

  223. I also like Bella Luna on Facebook ?

  224. love your products they are simply breathtaking

  225. Liked Bella Luna on facebook

  226. Love it all but I’d get the pentatonic wooden flute!!

  227. We liked too

  228. I already liked Bella Luna on Facebook! 🙂

  229. I love all the sarah’s silks products, especially love the Silk princess dress!!

  230. I like Bella Luna toys on Facebook!

  231. I have quite a wishlist going from Bella Luna! I know the climbing rope ladder would be a favorite for my two boys!!

  232. We would love to win! We love Sarah’s Silks and would love some new Ostheimer additions.

  233. I like Bella Luna Toys! It’s how I found out about this giveaway. 🙂

  234. Hello there! I LOVE all the toys, crafts and art supplies! The Grimms toys and the Kids Botany Set would be used and loved by our kids for years to come!

  235. I liked Bella Lunas on FB!

  236. Bella Luna toys has a great selection of quality costumes , and great crafts and toys for my children – we love them!

  237. I also “like” Bella Luna on FB

  238. Already liked Bella Luna

  239. I love your book selection, the swinging Bolga Basket, and the candles.

  240. I liked Bella Luna on Facebook. Thanks again for this wonderful giveaway!

  241. we would definitely stock up on some creative art supplies! Specifically the Eco finger paints and Stockmar watercolors!

  242. We ‘like’ Bella Luna on Facebook, but really we love them!! 

  243. So many cute things to choose from. The wizard cape, the rainbow cape, silk wings, woodland headband and pouch… I could go on.?

  244. I am ready a fb fan.

  245. LOVE the pretend play, Waldorf dolls, and fairy house kit! Pretty much in love with EVERYTHING! ????

  246. Also, was already a fan on facebook!

  247. I love the Wooden Rainbow Tunnel – 6 Pc It would be great for my 10 month old all the way up to my 5 year old to explore and learn from. I also love the Crayon Rocks – 8 Colors b/c i think they are great for little hands to hold and color with! The HABA Shopping Cart Caddy is so cute too! So sturdy and well made!

  248. The fairy house building kit looks amazing! ?

  249. Liked Bella Luna on FB too ?

  250. I love the play stands and the waldorf dolls!

  251. I liked Bella Luna toys on Facebook!

  252. I adore the grimms toys, musical instrumentsinstruments and play stands. I would love these for my son!

  253. I like Bella Luba toys on Facebook

    1. *Luna lol typo

  254. I LOVE Bella Luna Toys! They have such beautiful items. I love all of their Ostheimer figures, Stockmar crayons, and Elves and Angels buildings and play kitchens. If I won, I think I would buy a Rocker Board though. My girls would absolutely love one! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  255. I “like” Bella Luna Toys on Facebook.

  256. Oh, I love anything Waldorf.

  257. I just love your Fairy and Gnome Dolls. Would love to win $100.00 to buy some for my 6 grandaughters!

  258. I would love to get my boys knights’ costumes and shields! Or some Ostheimer toys.

  259. All of their products are absolutely stunning!! My daughter will be two in a few months & I would love to get her a Waldorf Doll. Thanks for the chance!

  260. I liked them on Facebook too! 🙂

  261. playsilks and medival themed toys!

  262. I already LIKE Bella Luna Toys on FB.

  263. if I won the giveaway, I would be interested in the Waldorf kitchen. I love the Waldorf dolls also, which would be hard to choose. Thank you! Great giveaway. We love Bella Luna!

  264. We have liked Bella Luna toys on FB a long time ago. Thanks!

  265. Love the perpetual calendar!!! xo

  266. love bella luna, too!

  267. My favorites are the books – the Waldorf Book of Poetry has been on top of my list for a while. For my littles

  268. My favorites are the books – the Waldorf Book of Poetry has been on top of my list for a while. For my littles I would love to get some Ostheimer forest animals, books, or art supplies.

  269. I LOVE the beautiful figures, the kits, the amazing silks and the rainbow tunnel blocks. 🙂

  270. I love browsing the Bella Luna website…everything is beautiful. A friend just purchased a rocker board for their little one….now my children want one too!

  271. I like Bella Luna toys on Facebook…have for quite a while now. Thanks for this great opportunity!

  272. I liked the page 🙂

  273. I already “like” Bella Luna toys on FB!

  274. I LOVE their bow and arrow set, hoping to buy one for each of my boys!

  275. I have Liked Bella Luna on FB

  276. My favorite things are the art supplies!

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