Bella Luna Toys Give-Away :: Crayon Roll & Beeswax Crayons

Bella Luna Toys Give-Away :: Crayon Roll & Beeswax Crayons

Comments are now closed and a winner has been chosen. Congratulations Ev! Please email me your contact information and choice of Flower or Moon design to claim your prize.

Beeswax Crayons

These crayons are beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity.

Sponsor: Bella Luna Toys

Give-Away Date: Sunday, August 24, 8am EST – Monday, August 25, 8am EST (This Give-Away is 1 day only!)

Number of Winners: 1

Prize:  One Felt Crayon Roll (winner’s choice of Moon or Flower Design) plus One Stockmar Tin of 8 Beeswax Crayons and 8 Beeswax Blocks

How to Enter: This give-away comes just in time for back-to-school shopping. Today we would like you to visit Bella Luna Toys and check out their great selection of Waldorf Art Supplies. Then come back and leave a comment HERE in this post letting us know what are your favorite Waldorf Art Supplies and why do you love them.

Optional Additional Entry: For a second chance to win, LIKE Bella Luna Toys on Facebook then come back here and leave a second comment letting us know that you did. If you already LIKE Bella Luna on FB, that works too.

Limit: Two Entries per person please.

Announcing the Winner: Comments will be closed on Monday morning around 8am EST. One winner will be chosen by random number generator and will be announced IN THIS POST on Monday morning. If you are a lucky winner, please send us an email with your contact and shipping information. You have three days from the time of the announcement to claim your prize or a new winner will be selected. 

International Information: Everyone may enter including our international readers but international winners will be responsible to pay for their own shipping costs.

Coupon: Bella Luna Toys is offering Wee Folk Art readers 10% off until August 31, with coupon code WeeFolk10 at check out.

Use the code WEEFOLK10 to receive 10% off orders until 8/31/2014.


We believe that Artistic Expression plays a fundamental role in child development. A few years ago we interviewed Sarah Baldwin of Bella Luna Toys to learn her thoughts on how Artistic Expression is developed in a Waldorf Education. Click here to learn more about incorporating Waldorf Art in your child’s life.





Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. Oh my goodness, I have coveted this crayon roll for a long time! 🙂 My favorite product from Bella Luna is the Stockmar modeling beeswax. My daughter recently found a renewed interest in it, and has been modeling every day during quiet time. I love seeing how proud she is of her creations!

  2. We have long been a fan of Stockmar art supplies and keep the supplies where the children can easily get them. Our family would love one of these rolls so it would be easy to bring the crayons with us where ever we go. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. My three year old would love one!   Thanks for the recent giveaways!!

  4. I love the stockmar paints!  so many ways to use them and the colors are so rich!

  5. We have been a fan of Bella Luna Toys for an eternity 🙂

  6. I love the Sun, Moon and Stars sketchbook. 🙂 Want.

  7. These crayons are beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. We would love to use these crayons at home, especially BLUE!! 

  9. What a beautiful color roll! My granddaughter would love it!

  10. My kids were unschooled, and we always had lots of art supplies in the house because I too think it’s a vital part of child development.  Now my kids are grown and there are new little ones who love creating, my two beautiful grandsons!  I have always loved the beeswax crayons, and looking around the Bella Luna website, those window crayons look fun!

  11. I’ve always wanted to try the beeswax strips. The colors look so saturated!  

  12. I liked Bella Luna Facebook, and didn’t want to miss out on my second chance to win!  🙂

  13. Love everything, but if I have to pick one, I would choose the rock crayons – my daughter loves to make art but sometimes gets distracted by peeling labels, or gets frustrated when her zeal leads to a broken one – these look fantastic!! She also loves everything outdoors, so all the better! Fingers crossed on this one – our first, first day of school is this week and we are so excited!

  14. I’d love to bring this amazing piece to Brazil!

    My young doughter would be a really happy first grader!!!!

    crossing fingers….



  15. I also liked Bella Luna on Facebook! Fingers and toes crossed we win 🙂

  16. My grandson and I would love to play with these together! I have never visited this site before, but will be investigating it further! This is the kind of give-away that is a win-win. I have found a new site to explore! Keep it up! =D

  17. It is so hard to choose. We love water colour paints because my boys are exploring seeing new colours blend on the paper. We would love to win this giveaway because we don’t own any beeswax crayons yet.

  18. Love all the products, but girls especially would enjoy the nature stick colored pencils. Already love the modeling beeswax.

  19. Oh my!  My daughter would love the crayons. 

  20. We order our supplies here and love all the products. The moon and stars roll would be my pick.

  21. Also liked on FB.  These colors are very rich and seems like they would be nice a smooth.

  22. I love Bella Luna Toys & beeswax crayons. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  23. I am a former Walddorf teacher who is in love with beeswax crayons and hope to share with the children I now work with in a Christian setting.

  24. I would love this for my toddler!

  25. Oh we would love to win a moon and stars crayon roll! I’ve tried making one recently and it didn’t turn out so well, lol. We love Bella Luna and the first thing I’d buy is Stockmar modeling wax, for our homeschool and just for fun use! We go through it do fast and there’s nothing like starting out with a fresh, new piece of wax to inspire creativity 🙂

  26. If there was a love button I’d use it for Bella Luna but there’s not, so I liked Bella Luna many moons ago 🙂

  27. I have been receiving print editions of Bella Luna Toys catalog for some time now, & now receive their emails. Love their products! I like them on FB.

  28. I think I like the window crayons the best!  Who doesn’t like drawing on windows – especially if you don’t have to clean up!

  29. Love all art stuff from Bella Luna 🙂 specially eco-dough, this is favorite one of my children, too. They love play dough. This one is great for being eco. That’s how we teach our children respect for nature also.

    I liked FB page Bella Luna also.

    Keep up the good work!


  30. …and of course the Bella Lune page has been liked! 

  31. We love the rock crayons. We received them as a gift last year and my 6 year old loves coloring her gnome Puk and Fairy Mother with them. Now that my littlest is old enough not to eat the crayons as much she enjoys using the rock crayons on our patio. My girls would love to be able to draw imagine and dream with this art set.

  32. Our favorite Waldorf art supplies are watercolor paints. We create so many beautiful paintings that now adore our home in many different ways, artwork for the walls, rhythm charts, candle holders. 

  33. I had never seen the Bella Luna site! Wow what amazing toys and art supplies. 

    Thank you for sharing,


  34. Yes yes yes ……how I would love to gift this to my little man for Christmas, in time to start our very first home schooling year 🙂


  35. Like the Bella Luna Toys pages 🙂

  36. I adore the moon and stars crayon roll and am also a big fan of the Lyra colored pencils, which are so big and easy for little hands to hold. Thank you!

  37. I can’t imagine a world without stockmar watercolor paints and wet on wet painting! Couldn’t live without them.

  38. …and I liked them on Facebook!

  39. My daughter loves the scent of beeswax! Our favorite Waldorf Art supplies are beeswax modeling clay and block wax crayons. We love all  the beautiful vibrant colors!

  40. I love the needle-felted finger puppets(I am a storyteller at school), the needle-felting kits (I enjoy needle-felting, but my daughter is an AWESOME needle-felter), and the cooperative games (the children at school love these)!  There are so many fun things on Bella Luna’s website.  The felt crayon rolls are just beautiful!

  41. I’ve never seen these before.  What a great idea!  🙂

  42. I love Bella Luna! I have been looking at these crayons for awhile now 🙂 my son and I have been doing a lot of wet-on-wet watercolor painting recently so I think my next purchase will be some new watercolor tubes.

  43. I “liked” Bella Luna on Facebook!

  44. I’ve never seen anything at Bella Luna Toys (or for that matter Wee Folk Art!) that I didn’t adore, but I do have a special soft spot for Stockmar modeling beeswax – the lovely tactile texture, the slightly sweet waxy smell and the glowing stained-glass colours. Exquisite!

  45.  I already like Bella Luna toys on Facebook.

  46. I’m already a ‘liker’ at Bella Luna Toys on facebook. I found them through pinterest a long time ago now and have found them a beautiful source of inspiration ever since.

  47. I have ‘liked’ Bella Luna toys in facebook; they are one of our favorite stores! 🙂

  48. What a gorgeous giveaway! I love the eco kids finger paint. My baby girl would love discovering and exploring the wonder of colour using this open ended resource. We would love the flower crayon roll. 


  49. My 3 year old loves watercolors. She can sit down for hours and watch how the paint flows onto the paper. I have visited Bella Lunas FB page and liked. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  50. I would LOVE some of those wax crayons! They look so bright! And the smell of beeswax…. 😀


  51. So enjoyable finding all this really natural stuff through your postings.   Kids still imagine!

  52. Like them on facebook! 😀

  53. We like the Bella Luna Toys page on Facebook. It’s divine! 

  54. Love Bella Luna toys, and especially Stockmar crayons. Thank you for the chance to win some!

  55. Oh wow! Where to start! I’m not sure that I can pick just one favourite! There are a few new things I’ve not seen before that grabbed my interest, Rock crayons!, Eco Dough. We love painting with Stockmar paints. Love the blending capabilities of the block crayons and I’ve had the pleasure of using them for over 30 years now. They are the staples in our art supplies. I think if I have to select one favourite product it would probably be watching the delight of my kids when we draw on the windows with the Lyra Window Crayons, there is something extra special about using our house as a canvas!

  56. I have been making art in my sketch books with chunky Stockmars for many years. Occasionally I might share with a child friend who appears to be in the mood for color experiments.

  57. My daughter would love these.

  58. I already love the Stockmar watercolors and crayons

    Next I want to try modeling beeswax!

  59. What a great giveaway! My kids would love the beeswax crayons. Have been looking to get some for a while now. 

  60. Bella Luna has a beautiful selection of Waldorf art supplies, and we adore the wet on wet painting supplies – the boards, brushes, paper, and paints. Such a dreamy, beautiful way to paint!

  61. Already like Bella Luna toys on fb

  62. Beautiful way to enjoy art. A perfect way to organize.

  63. Would be the beeswax modeling set. I love that it is reusable and smells sweet.

  64. Anything to do with painting. But what fun those finger paints would be for a kid of any age.

  65. Have liked Bella Luna on fb!

  66. Even looking at the lovely listings of beautiful items full of so much promise for artistic expression leaves me a wee giddy!  As a homeschooling mama, I visualize so many projects coming to life when I browse through.  It is indeed (as many of said) very difficult to choose my favorite!

    I can really see us using the Coloring With Block Crayons – Book & DVD Set for our upcoming homeschool year.  Looks like a great way to help all of us express ourselves.  

    Thanks for a chance to win!  

    Peace, Love & Light!

  67. Thank you so much for this beautiful opportunity. This is my first glimpse at Waldorf and I’m so very impressed with their Twig Pencils and crayons! I’m forever trying to bring nature to my little ones and these are just inspiring 🙂 


    Liked on fb a well!

  68. We would love to try the modeling beeswax! 

  69. I love visiting Bella Luna Toys – thank you for another excuse!  Of the three categories of art supplies, I am torn.  I credit both the modeling beeswax and block crayons with bringing out my son’s enthusiasm for the arts.  However this past Friday, our library day, my son was coloring a frog picture after story time.  He stopped, then leaned over and whispered, “Mama, may I stop coloring here, and bring my picture home?  I would like to finish it with my Stockmar crayons.  I like them best.”  So, I guess there is my answer – the lovely Stockmar crayons!  We have had ours for three years now, and although they withstand daily use better than no other, they are looking their age.

  70. Love the giant twig colored pencils! We are working on developing hand strength and these pencils fit the bill, plus they are so rustic and beautiful.

  71. We do waldorf homeschool here with my four and seven year old girls. We would love a chance to win this set. Both my girls love drawing and spend a great deal of time happily drawing. I love these crayons but we don’t have any at the moment. Love everything art and craft related in the Bella Luna catalog. We have the beautiful watercolors and they last forever and are a delight to use. Thanks for the chance to win!

  72. I know someone who would love this crayon roll.


  73. For my second entry/chance to win. I am already a liker of Bella Luna Toys on Facebook 🙂

  74. I love all Waldorf art supplies, all using natural material.  Especially the beeswax modeling crayon and block, I believe kids will be attract by the fragrant of beeswax.  I will tell them the story of how hardworking of bee so they will know how precious of those beeswax block and crayon.  Would love to have them.  Thank you.

  75. Facebook page liked!  That was an easy one to click!

  76. We use liquid watercolours but would love to try the stock at sets. Also the video that she recently posted of the modelling beeswax makes me want to try that as well I can imagine how it smells!

  77. Our favourite has to be the block crayons!

  78. Beautiful crayons and tactile felt roll up

    to introduce little ones to the joy of self expression

    perfect gift!

  79. I love the crayon rocks because they are not standard… but unique!

  80. Being fairly new to Waldorf I am in love with all the wonderful supplies Bella Luna offers.  I am excited for the chance to win the crayon roll and beeswax crayons. They look like lots of fun to use. Thank you.

  81. Liked on Facebook and shared. Thanks again.

  82. We love the beeswax!  I remember playing with it growing up and love that my children are now into it!

  83. My absolute favorite:  The Artemis Plant Colour Crayons.    The colours are luscious and warm,  i think they would be a pleasure to use.  Many thanks for this fun Sunday give-away!  

  84. I love this! I’ve always been a big believer that kids should have access to quality art and craft supplies. It helps develop their imaginations and thinking skills, especially in the current educational environment where these important aspects of child development are being decimated.

  85. Thanks for sharing this wonderful store!

  86. I really really really want the modeling bees wax. I watched Sarah’s tutorial on using it just the other day, and now I’m so inspired to try it!

  87. I already “Like” BellaLuna Toys on FB.



  88. My 3 youngest girls love anything art.  They go thru reams of paper drawing, cutting, gluing…………They want to paint, knit, create.  Slowly trying to acquiring art supplies (and know how) for them.  We “liked” Bella Luna on Facebook.

  89. What wonderful fun for a little one! My grandsons would love to play with these at Gran Gran’s house which means I could play with them when they go home, lol

  90. I already like Bella Luna on Facebook 🙂

  91. We would love to try the watercolor paints!

  92. Love the moon and stars crayon holder and block crayons!

  93. drawing/ writting:beautifully perfect

  94. My granddaughter would love the crayon set. We also love to paint, so the watercolors are our favorite products.


  95. Liked your Facebook page, also.

  96. My favorite are the rock crayons. They are lovely for little hands to hold and draw with. 

  97. Love the Eco-Dough. Safe and fun for my 4 year old son to play with 🙂

  98. New fan from Alberta, Canada. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  99. I love the beeswax crayons!

  100. Can’t wait to get a wrap for my son’s crayons and felt too.

  101. Liked Bella Luna toys on facebook

  102. The bees wax crayons are perfect for my little guy! He’s really taken a liking to colouring with many different colours.  I would love for him to experience these.

  103. I love all your products. I think the most fun one for me would be the rectangle shaped chalkboard chalk. It would be like writing with a wide or narrow calligraphy pen. I know a 5 year old who is about to start school and he would love to have the moon and stars felt crayon roll and Stockmar tin of beeswax crayons and blocks.

  104. The watercolors look lovely, but I’ve actually been wanting to try these crayons for a long time!

  105. Oh my goodness! I was recently introduced to Bella Luna toys and I am very impressed with what they carry and the you tube videos they have made. My oldest would loves the beeswax for modeling and my youngest loves the beeswax crayons.Thank you for making this an international giveaway!

  106. I love the twig pencils!  They look great.  I would love to win this crayon set as well!


  107. I have now “liked” Bella Luna on facebook.

  108. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! What a great giveaway! Thank you.

  109. Just “liked” Bella Luna Toys! I can’t believe I hadn’t done that already. Beautiful resources. Thank you!!

  110. I love all Waldorf art supplies, but I think watercolors are my favorite because they create beautiful art without needing to be perfect on form.

  111. Loved the plant based finger paints!! Also love the beeswax crayons!!

  112. We love the modeling beeswax, because it stimulates such amazing creativity & develops their fine motor skills

  113. Love the watercolor paints!

  114. Liked bella luna on Facebook!

  115. The modeling bees wax so wonderful, providing learning through the awakening of all senses. As Waldorf homeschoolers its part of our busy handwork. My 12, 5, and 3 yr olds love to shape and manipulate and inbale its sweet fragrance! This roll looks amazing.

  116. I have 2, 3 year old granddaughters! One who loves to take the paper off the crayons first and then color. The other one is a budding artist I believe….runs in the family. These would be so great for either one. Thanks for the chance for this great item.

  117. We are a art supply loving family. We just can’t get enough! In wandering around, I just fell in love with the Stockmar Modeling Beeswax. I know my gal would love that, and it’s a medium we have yet to play around with. I have a feeling I will be wandering back to pick up the large set. It’s so wonderful (thank you for the coupon!).

  118. I adore the beeswax modeling wax and know my children would be enchanted by the crayon roll. It would make it easier to pack and take with us on our nature hikes. We stop and sketch or play and this would be so fun. I also like the window crayons. 

  119. Liked Bella Luna on Facebook!

  120. I “like” Bella Luna on FB. Well, more like love, but I can’t seem to find the love button. 🙂

  121. I love Waldorf art supplies and one if my faves is watercolors!

  122. My children and I have just discovered beeswax and we LOVE it! We learned about it from one of Sarah’s lovely videos. Love all her supplies, and we would be so lucky to win this! 

  123. Our favorite would be a set of Stockmar beeswax. So many wonderful ways to play with it!

  124. Loved the modeling beeswax! It’s perfect! No colors added and it’s a great sensory experience for our sensory seekers! 

  125. I already like (and covet 😉 ) Bella Luna Toys.

  126. I love the stockmar block crayons. I love how the kids can create different levels of saturation and line thickness just by using different edges of the crayons. 

  127. I love everything Waldorf! My own children are grown and my career has been as a public school teacher. I recently left that and am planning on starting my own Waldorf inspired pre-k. I would love to be gifted the crayons for inspiration!

  128. My boys love the Stockmar beeswax!

  129. I have already liked Bella Luna on Facebook. It is a great company with wonderful products!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  130. I really like Bella Luna’s paint jar holders. We have some that hold three but I love how big these one are to accommodate the extra colors.

  131. Long time “liker” of Bella Luna on Facebook. 🙂

  132. I love the sketch book!  And of course the crayons!!!

  133. I just acquired a foster granddaughter as well as a brand new grandson, I like the modeling beeswax and eco clay for tactile play for these little ones…

  134. Our favorite art supplies right now are fingerpaints! And my 19 month-old daughter is just starting to really use and enjoy coloring. The crayons and roll would be so loved.

  135. Oh, this crayon roll would help us bring Waldorf on the road! Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  136. I’ve been watching Sunday with Sarah for awhile and it didn’t even occur to me to add Bella Luna on FB to stay up to date.

  137. But the liquid watercolors have been on my wish list for a long time! Ive seen so many projects with them I want to try with my son and have not had luck in finding them in local stores here.

  138. I already like them on FB, absolutely love this!!!

  139. I love these beeswax crayons!

  140. I think that my favorite would be the crayon rocks, just because of the ease. And my daughter loves rocks so they really appeal to her. The twig pencils are so pretty as well!

  141. I like Bella Luna Toys on FB. 🙂

  142. I really like the crayon and pencil sharpeners. It’s always more fun to draw or color with a nice point. Thanks.


  143. We love Bella Luna Toys! 

    I was watching her video on beeswax the other day, and my 4yo got all inspired and used most of our beeswax making some amazing figures! 

    So, we do love beeswax. But, mama likes the paint boards. We use them for everything. 

    The crayon roll would be wonderful to have. That’s the one thing we’re missing! 🙂



  144. I liked bella luna toys on facebook! 🙂

  145. I love the modeling wax!  And I liked the page 🙂

  146. We love to use Modeling Wax.  Stockmar makes great wax, but we are going to try to make our own this week.

  147. Liked Bella Luna Toys on Facebook

  148. My daughter is a little artist, and would love these fabulous crayons! Thanks for the competition:)

  149. I’m going to have to get my almost 4 year old nephew the rock crayons. i think he would love them. i would like try the metallic colored pencils myself. 

  150. My favorite Waldorf art supplies are the modeling beeswax, and the crayons. I had them for my children back in the 70’s……….and now for my grandchildren.  I love the feel, smell, and translucency of the modeling beeswax.  It is so lovely to handle, much nicer to use than any others.  As for the crayons, I love the vibrancy of the colors, the smoothness in drawing, as well as the shapes they are available in. 

  151. We love the window crayons! They are some fun and can really help my creative child express herself. Being able to see her art on display in the window makes her feel very special. We also love the modeling clay. My husband is a sculptor. It’s so great to see daddy and daughter creating awesome little sculpted creatures together. 

  152. I went to the Bella Luna Toys page on Facebook and Liked them.

  153. Colored pencils really allow drawing fine details plus coloring.

  154. Like Bella Luna Toys on Facebook.

  155. Our favorites, but it is hard to choose, are the Lyra Ferby pencils…tons of work ,  writing and art out of these superb, thick pencils!!!

  156. Our favorite Waldorf Art Supply are definitely Block Crayons and Beeswax. I love to bring Beeswax in my purse to keep the Kids entertained while we are out for appointments and errands. It’s not messy and the sensory aspect keeps them mellow and calm. 

  157. We would love the moon felt roll and crayons. Thank you for the chance

  158. We “like” you very much on Facebook <3

  159. I liked and shared Bella Luna on Facebook! I’m loving their store and I wish I lived closer so that I could go shop there in person! 

  160. I liked Bella Luna Toys on Facebook

  161. I really want to try the modeling beeswax, though we haven’t yet. I always loved creating things with clay as a kid.

  162. I like Bella Luna Toys on Facebook!

  163. These are such wonderful art materials. Thank you for the giveaway!

  164. I’m new to Bella Luna and the Waldorf art supplies but will be purchasing the watercolor paints and paper for my young grandchildren. The colors look so vibrant. I know they would enjoy the fairy and gnome crafts too!  Good holiday shopping ideas. 

  165. These crayons are beautiful! And the other toys and products too. Very creative and inspirational to do things for children. Thanks for the opportunity

    Estes Crayons su00E3o lindos!  E os outros produtos tambu00E9m.

    Muita inspirau00E7u00E3o para fazer coisas para as crianu00E7as. Obrigada pela oportunidade de participar.

  166. I Love watching the Bella Luna Video on my newsfeeds and have followed her on FB for a  long time.  My favorite craft item would have to be the stockmar crayons.  They are perfect for my four year old.  He happen to have autism and love expressing himself with art. 

  167. Well there is a Crayon Sharpener I will defiantly need <3…I had never seen one before!!!




  169. We love Waldorf supplies because they are beautiful and we love art!!!  I am so excited to start up our new school year at home 🙂

  170. I love everything from Bella Luna but if I had to pick one art supply it would have to be the modeling beeswax bc it opens endless possibilities for my creative kiddos. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  171. Oh and already a FB fan. Thanks again!

  172. My favorite art supply from Bella Luna is the Stockmar watercolors. We love Bella Luna!

  173. There are so many things that I would love to buy  from Bella Luna toys. I would probably chose the finger paints for my daughter. She would love to use those!

  174. Already a Facebook fan of Bella Luna toys

  175. I love the modeling beeswax because its so different then normal play dough. So neat!

  176. I like Bella Luna on Facebook!

  177. Their selection is awesome, their shipping is super fast, and I can’t think of a better place to shop. I liked them on fb quite some time ago.

  178. Thank you for the opportunity! Just love the block crayons!

  179. I don’t think that’s possible! I’d love to get some paints for my little one though 🙂 I love all the art supplies Bella Luna Toys has to offer.

  180. We absolutely love all of the Stockmar products. The paints are amazing to use on wet paintings.  The crayons will literally last a lifetime.  Just a little tip that I learned from our daughters Kindergarten teacher but you can use a little oil to clean the crayons right up!  I think we used olive oil but I’m sure any good quality oil would work.  🙂

  181. I love the Eco Kids Eco fingers paints, because they are made of natural dyes

  182. I like Bellaluna toys on Facebook 

  183. I am a fan of Bella Luna on fb! Have been for a while love the store! 

  184. Finger paints are a favorite here!  They can be used in so many ways! And easy to clean up! 

  185. Oh, it’s a no-brainer for us…Stockmar paints – truly proof that a little goes a long way.  My daughter LOVES wet-on-wet painting with them.

    And, I’m already a Bella Luna fan on FB!

  186. i love the colours ,the shapes ,the simplicity and the fairy tale atmosfaire of  all these toys! i wish every child could play with them!

  187. i am already a bella luna fan 😉 thank you!

  188. i love all their beautiful products but the beeswax crayons are a favorite with all my three children <3

  189. I would love to win this set of crayons for my grand daughter! She has a birthday in September and would love to receive them as a gift! She LOVES to color and draw and get frustrated with regular crayons because they break so easily. Beeswax crayons are much sturdier and color so much nicer, not to mention the lovely aroma of beeswax that can be enjoyed as well 🙂

  190. I love the watercolor paint set because my daughter and I love to paint. We could make some beautiful art with that set 🙂

  191. Liked Bella Luna Toys on fb. My daughter would love this set!

  192. First off thank you for this wonderful giveaway! Bella Luna toys has such a beautiful selection! We love the Stockmar paints. they are so vibrant and really speak from the soul. When painting with them seeing how they flow on paper it is quite magical.


    Thank you again for this opportunity.



  193. Oh yes! The crayon roll with star and moon is a must grab to start with. I just went wow when I saw it first. Stockmar paints are so good that they managed to convert me from a not so interested and always out of ideas painter to someone who can just do a wet on wet without an agenda in mind. The colors work that deep. That’s surely a must have!!

  194. We love the stockmar water color paints. They are so versatile and rich. They produce much more vibrant color than other children’s watercolors.

  195. Thank you for the opportunity. Homeschool starts next week a new crayon roll would be fantastic.

  196. OOOoooo What an exciting give-away. Count me in!

  197. I need a nee set of crayons for my daughter. Also a set of the Stockmar water colors and some modeling beeswax. 

  198. Also “liked” on facebook. I really love Bella Luna Toys. One of my favorite places to day dream. 

  199. I love that crayon roll! So cute! Our favorite supply is wool roving!

  200. I am already a fan of Bella Lima because her stuff is awesome!

  201. We are huge fans of the water colour paints! We use them most mornings in our language arts lessons and so much,more 🙂

  202. The modeling beeswax is so lovely. I used it as a child and now as a mom would love the no – mess aspect!

  203. I’ve also already likes you and Bella Luna toys and would so much love to win these crayons 🙂

  204. I also “like” Bella Luna on Facebook.

  205. I have been a long time fan of bella luna on FB already. 🙂

  206. I love stick crayons and just realized I need a crayon sharpener. I actually still have my crayons from first grade and my son uses them on occasion. It would be nice for him to have his own set with a wool keeper. We could never afford it. The quality and lovely colors are hard to come by. Thank you.

  207. I haven’t gotten to try any of those art supplies, but I think I would like the colored pencils.

  208. I liked Bella Luna Toys on Facebook.

  209. Our favorite is the transparent paper to make window stars or decorate lanterns.

  210. I am already a fan of Bella Luna Toys on FB, and for my favourite Waldorf Art Supplies: I adore the Stockmar Beeswax Block Crayons and Modeling Wax. I used them myself when I was in Waldorf school nearly 30 years ago and the smell is still one of the fondest memories of my childhood <3  I can’t wait for my own baby girl to be old enough to use them too 😀

  211. I love the felt crayon wizard roll and the rock crayons! So much fun!

    I liked Bella Luna on facebook!

  212. I LOVE the colored twig pencils! Gorgeous!! 

  213. And I already liked (love!) Bella Luna Toys on facebook! 😀

  214. Love the crayon rocks. The shape is nice to hold, and they don’t snap in half like all our other crayons.

  215. We love the wooden figurines! So precious and great for creative play!


  216. I haven’t tried it yet, but the Bella Luna painting board looks perfect for wet-on-wet painting at home! We also love the beeswax crayons. They smell so delicious and what a treat that beautiful felt crayon roll would be for my little moonchild. 


  217. Thanks for such a fun giveaway! Fingers crossed. 

  218. Our favorite Waldorf art supply has always been primary colors of the stockmar watercolors. They last forever and the color can’t be beat. Love them!

  219. The Stockmar beeswax crayons of course 🙂 I love to see what beautiful creations my children can make with them!

  220. We already like Bella Luna Toys on Facebook!

  221. The Stockmar beeswax crayons of course 🙂 I love to see what beautiful creations my children can make with them!

    1. I have liked Bella Luna Toys on Facebook

  222. We love Eco kids finger paints! I’m looking forward to trying Stockmar crayons now that my little one is approaching the age that he will color with them instead of eating them!

  223. I love this crayon roll! I love that there are spots for stick *and* block crayons!

  224. The Lyra pencils are always to go to art supply in our home!

  225. We love Eco kids finger paints! I’m looking forward to trying Stockmar crayons now that my little one is approaching the age that he will color with them instead of eating them!

  226. Oh! There are so many things that I like! The window crayons have provided my kids and grand kids, (and me as well, if truth be told) so many hours of fun. I like the colored blackboard chalk, a must have if you ask me! But I do so love the bees wax crayons…. There is nothing like them! I can’t tell you how many sets we’ve been through! And I’d love to have the felt roll!

  227. I’ve “liked” Bella Luna Toys on FB for a long time! Thank you for this giveaway! 

  228. Loving all of Bella Luna’s items that they stock. I can’t wait for my little lady to be old enough to have amazing arts and craft experiences with all of their natural items. Especially the beeswax crayons and modeling beeswax. I love wooden toys and Bella Luna stocks sme beautiful toys.

  229. Liked Bella Luna toys on Facebook!

  230. I love the kid’s chalk board set – my son loves chalk in all forms!

  231. Long time fan of Bella Luna, here! Have liked them on Facebook for eons 🙂

  232. We are Lyra Ferby addicts in this house! We all use them- my 17 month old, my 3 year old, my 6 year old, my 8 year old, myself (no age needed)…all the way to my 40 year old husband! But don’t tell him I told you his age. Hah!

  233. my favorite is the moon crayon roll!

  234. The eco-kids eco finger paints look amazing! We have tried other Waldorf products but this one is new to me! My son loves to finger paint so it will definitely be added to our art supply collection!

  235. We adore the Stockmar block crayons! They are wonderful for covering the whole paper and shading! Thank you!

  236. BellaLuna is wonderful! My kids always reach for the beeswax crayons first. 

  237. Love all of the art supplies! Especially the watercolor paint.


    I liked Bella Luna Toys on facebook as well! Thank you for the opportunity!

  238. Have been a fb fan of Bella Luna for a long time! Love Bella Luna!

  239. on Facebook and for real!!…

  240. I’m already a fan of BellaLuna, but I took another peek at the website’s art supply section and am now coveting the Lyra pencil.  That hexagonal shape helps develop the tripod grip and the colors are just lovely!  (My lucky girl turns five soon!)


  241. Our favorite art supplies from bella luna are the stockmar modeling wax. My 3 girls have so much fun creating with wax.  

  242. liked bella luna on facebook 

  243. We love all the art supplies from bella luna but I think the stockmar bees wax is our favorite. Stockmars bees wax provides hours of fun creativity!

  244. We love Bella Luna Toys! We use the beeswax crayons, modeling wax and watercolors in our homeschool.

  245. I have been a fan for quite awhile!

  246. We love the crayon rocks and eco finger paint!

  247. Love the beeswax crayons!! Also liked on facebook! What a great giveaway 🙂

  248. We love the beeswax and would love this roll of crayons. With four boys I could see all of the beautiful colors getting plenty of use. We purchased the wax a few years ago for a school project and have been hooked ever since. Yay for well made products!!!

  249. It is so difficult to choose one favorite waldorf art supply, they are all so wonderful.  The natural colors and materials make using them a joy. I do love block crayons and lyra pencils…so smooth and lovely to feel and work with.

  250. I like Bella luna toys on facebook. 

  251. The beeswax crayons were the first art supplies I ever bought my kids seven years ago and we still love them!


  252. We absolutely love the stockmar watercolors. They are so vibrant and last forever.  

  253. My other favorite item is the Kids Chalkboard & Eraser Set with Chalk. My kids love to draw outside with chalk and this would give them a way to enjoy chalk in the fall and winter when it’s too wet outside.

  254. I already like Bella Luna Toys on Facebook. Thank you!

  255. We have used the Stockmar block crayons and modeling beeswax. I have been eyeing the stick crayons and crayon rolls for a long time and would love to win one.

  256. I have “liked” Bella Luna on facebook for a long time and always enjoy their information and posts!

  257. We love the Stockmar modeling beeswax!

  258. moon crayon roll is my favorite!

  259. I love the beeswax crayons. The colors are so intense and beautiful!

  260. I love using beeswax to sculpt with kids! It so calming.

  261. I love the Stockmar beeswax crayons- 8 sticks and 8 blocks! I am beginning a homeschool journey with my 4.5 year old daughter, Alice. Moving slowly from the block crayons to the sticks would be lovely with this gorgeous set! I am also loving the Felt Crayon Roll-Flowers Crayon Holder to store the beautiful crayons in.

  262. I just hit LIKE on the Bella Luna Toys Facebook page!

  263. We love the Stockmar Watercolor paints because they are beautiful and vibrant! They are our favorite! 

  264. We already like Bella Luna on Facebook. 🙂

  265. my daughter would lvoe the crayons

  266. already a fan on  facebook

  267. We love the watercolors.  We haven’t done it as often as I’d like, but even without a whole lot of practice, you can make beautiful paintings, which helps build the kids’ confidence.  Hoping to do so much more with it this school year! 

  268. I liked Bella Luna toys on FB! 

  269. I would love to win any of the paints. My three year old loves to paint and these products look very nice.

  270. I still love the good ol’ sticks and blocks box. Perfect for shading and sharing.

  271. There are so many products that are awesome. If I were to go on a shopping spree today a watercolor painting board and bees wax modeling clay would be at the top of my list for our fledgling waldorf classroom.

  272. Thank you for the opportunity to win this lovely art supply! My favorite supply offered are the Window Crayons since they can be used on white boards too…haven’t found a better, non toxic solution for white boards yet!

  273. I like Bella Luna on Facebook!

  274. Love all Waldorf art supplies! We homeschool and use stockmar products regularly. Both the crayons and watercolors (translucent and opaque) are so rich in color and blend so beautifully. The translucent colors and wet on wet technique have been a favorite of my daughter for making cards or coloring paper that she then uses to make a drawing. The smell, feel and vibrant colors of the beeswax crayons – especially the block crayons – have been fun for me as I learn how to use them to create drawings that have the magical feel that Waldorf education bestows!

  275. Yay! Another entry! I like Bella Luna on Facebook – and glad I do!

  276. I LIKE Bella Luna on Facebook and Love Bella Luna, wee folk and stockmar! Xx

  277. We love the beeswax crayons – they clean up easily and smell lovely!  Vibrant colors – my son loves them!  

  278. We like the kids chalkboard and eraser set with chalk and the stockmar beeswax crayons and blocks.  🙂


  279. Favorite supply… Definitely the window crayons!!

  280. Anything that looks like it can be plucked out of nature and used for art is great to me.  I really love the giant colored twig pencils.  I remember my grandpa taking regular pencils and “sharpening” them with a knife and these colored pencils remind me of that.  It’s such a simple way to get back to the innocence of nature and can also be used as a learning moment to teach your kids know where pencils actually come from.  These wood pencils are great for that!  I would LOVE to have a wool felt crayon roll and bees wax crayons (that I have heard so many awesome things about) to add to our nature walks.  What a beautiful way to carry around art supplies.  Thanks for the chance.  

  281. Also, forgot to add:  Fan of Bella Luna Toys on FB!  Love this place!


  282. I love working with natural block crayons with my children. The pictures they create are truely remarkable.


  283. We love Bella Luna! Our favorite is the modeling beeswax

  284. I would be so happy to win these for my babes!

  285. I would love to add the Lyra Color Giants Pencils to our art collection.  This was not a easy choice. So much to choose from.

  286. I love the block crayons so much for my young kids. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  287. We love the the beeswax, my daughter loves the variety of color. She will sit for hours just molding, forming the strips of wax into beautiful creations 🙂

  288. 2nd entry for being a fan of bella luna toys on facebook.

  289. I love the paint sets. Good paints make such a difference!

  290. I haven’t tried any of these art products, but I think the crayons or paints would be big hits with my kiddos. I’d also love to try the modeling wax. 

    I already like Bella Luna on FB 🙂

  291. You now have a new like on FB 🙂 

  292. Our favorite Waldorf art supply is a close tie between watercolor (love the Stockmar and want to try the Artemis plant-based liquid water colors) and modeling beeswax.  We love both too much to choose!

  293. I love the modeling beeswax, the crayons and painting supplies. My kids love the painting board. 

  294. We liked Bella Luna on FB long ago.  I wish there was a love button!

  295. My favorite is either crayons or paint. Simple, fun.

  296. I love the twig colored crayons and the giant twig crayons! They are so lovely to look at, but have a fun texture even baby can enjoy while learning what their hands do and seeing all the different colors!

  297. I am just introducing my daughter to some Waldorf types of toys and experiences.  I was inspired by a Bella Luna tutorial to buy her the Stockmar Beeswax, and she is having a wonderful time!  I love the smell and feel of the beeswax compared to play-doh.  We both love natural products!  I can’t wait to share more Stockmar with her and to be more inspired by Bella Luna and Wee Folk Art.  Adelyn would really love to win this set


  298. I just wanted to let you know that I am already following Bella Luna on Facebook!  I love the imagination that Waldorf toys inspire!  My daughter, Adelyn, is just beginning to explore these types of toys.  She seems to have more fun with simple toys than with all of the commercialized, complicated stuff!  Love Bella Luna!  

  299. I love the stockmar block crayons because of their shape, materials, and quality! The colors they create are rich and beautiful, and they don’t break easily!

  300. love the classic block crayons they are our favorite. How did I ever get through my own childhood without them? when other homeschool mom’s come over and try them they always are shocked that a crayon could be sooo good. Also for our sweet Down Syndrome toddler they are really fabulos-O for fine motor and proper grasp. (bummer that if left out on the porch table the squirrels think they are yummy.) but we really are in need of the pocket holder thing as we head out with the big boys for more nature drawing. ordered one but have 3 kiddos looking for their own.


  301. I already like Bella Luna toys on fb 🙂

  302. My fav Waldorf item is the wax modeling wax.  I live the colors and how it molds and softens as you work it.  My daughter always carries a tiny ball with her!! 

    Would love to win this awesome set!! 

  303. Already like Bella Luna but shared you guys too. looking forward to seeing what you all do in your home school and other stuff

  304. We love BellaLuna Toys and their great selection of art supplis. Our favorites are Stockmar block crayons and modeling beeswax. 

  305. I like (and have for quite some time) Bella Luna Toys on Facebook. 

  306. Thank you for the giveaway


    I like the Artemis Modeling Beeswax!

  307. I have liked Bella Luna Toys on Facebook. And truly like them in real life too.

  308. So beautiful!  I would love to win one! My favorite Waldorf art item is the good old standard stockmar block crayons…they are so beautiful to blend!

  309. We love the water color paints and have been eyeing the block crayons for a while now! cheers to art, rainbows and Color!

  310. Wonderful giveaway!  I love the Stockmar block crayons the best!  Great for blending colors!

  311. I think my kids would enjoy the chalboard set or a set of watercolor paints.  We always have a good time painting with watercolors and I love the colors as they blend together.  The felt roll would be nice to keep out and I have yet to play with the wax!  Hope we win!

  312. If I have to choose, I would say my favorite art supply is the Lyra Ferbie pencils.  So many colors!


  313. I love the smell of beeswax as it warms in your hand. The crayons and modeling beeswax are wonderful. I would love to use these along with the Coloring with Block Crayons book and DVD!

  314. We love the Stockmar liquid watercolor paints. Beautiful colors. 

  315. what a sweet set! my girls would love these!

  316. I really love the stockmar beeswax crayons.  I love the vibrant colors.

  317. I have liked (some time ago really) Bella Luna on facebook.

  318. Blackboard chalk is a hit around my house for both young and old kids.

  319. I homeschool my two older girls, it has been kind of new territory keeping my young son occupied during time with the girls. This would be AWESOME!!! 

  320. Oh, there are too many beautiful Waldorf art supplies to choose from at Bella Luna! Thank you for the opportunity to win this! 

  321. I love the Waldorf paints, Stockmar, the set of six colors and the paint board to paint on. 

  322. I love the crayon rocks because well…they’re rocks AND crayons.  I like how they feel in my hand and I love the positive reaction of my children when I pull them out.

  323. i think my kids would really enjoy trying out the beeswax stuff. maybe the decorating one?

  324. I’m head over heels for the plant colored beeswax crayons! I have two budding botantists who would squeal with delight! Please enter us in the giveway drawing…we’d be so thrilled! Thank you! Marisa Rae

  325. I liked you on facebook! 🙂

  326. We love Bella Luna toys, and I like the Waldorf Wooden painting board and the Paint Jar holder. 

  327. I liked Bella Luna Toys on Facebook!

  328. I love everything from Bella Luna! And have liked them on Facebook for months! 🙂 


  329. Stockmar paints for wet on wet painting, and wool roving for needle felting. 🙂

  330. These products are so fabulous! I especially love the twig pencils. Your products are new to me and I am so thrilled to have found them.

  331. We already “like” Bella Luna Toys on fbk & love shopping there!


  332. The crayon rocks look perfect for little hands.

  333. Just liked Bella Luna toys on Facebook.


  334. My daughter loves the block beeswax crayons as she uses them at daycare, they are easy to grip & fun to draw with or used to stack up into a tower so have 2 uses.

  335. I love Stockmar paints! I had the opportunity to paint with them at a parent’s night at my daughter’s Waldorf school and fell in love with the rich, earthy colors. Lovely!

  336. OOOH, we would love a crayon roll! So gorgeous. Even if I don’t win it, I am definitely coming back and buying one. 

  337. Oh, we adore the Stockmar crayons in our household. We had them for for our sons when they were young and we now need to get some for our 2 year old 🙂
    The Crayon roll set is definitely my favourite Bella Luna art supply. It’s on my ‘Homeschool’ Pinterest board!

  338. My daughter and I love the Lyra Super Ferby pencils, nothing else goes onto paper as smoothly and opaquely as they do.  So vibrant!  Next on our wishlist is the Stockmar Opaque watercolour set, as wll as some modeling beeswax.  

  339. I have been fascinated with the beeswax sculpture wax; I love the window crayons!! 

    Mall of your products are beautiful, and we would love to own the beautiful roll

  340. I have now ‘liked’ Bella Luna Toys on facebook.  Thank you for this opportunity!

  341. Think my little lady is at an age she would love the modeling beeswax!

  342. Bella Luna has great art offerings for kids of all ages, we especially like the watercolor paints.

  343. We love our stockmar materials – crayons, modeling wax and paints! Thanks for the chance!

  344. I recently purchased the crayon rocks on the recommendation of a waldorf friend and was amazed at my children’s interest in them. It’s amazing how such a simple idea can awaken imagination and creativity in a child. Beautiful, quality art supplies just make such a difference. I was hoping to purchase the beeswax crayons to expand on this. I would absolutely love to have the felt crayon roll to expand their Bella Luna collection!

  345. I don’t know how I missed their page on Facebook. We liked them also!

  346. We love Stockmar Crayons.  We actually just ran out!  I really want to try modeling beeswax with my girls.  Thank you for the chance!

  347. I absolutely love this!

    I love block crayons and I love how simple they are for children, I cannot imagine a day with out using them for me and my daughter! I would love to have this crayon block roll its beautiful! thank you Bella luna for the giveaway! and too wee folk art!

  348. As a Waldorf grad I have very found memories of the smell and feel of Stockmar beeswax crayons and modeling wax. I actually still have a few of my old crayons! My children love drawing with them and the rich saturated colors make their drawings so vibrant and beautiful. Although we do have these crayons we don’t have a crayon roll and would love on! Thank you for the chance to win!

  349. My favorite Waldorf supplies are Stockmar crayons!  They have the most rich and beautiful colors, and they last FOREVER! 

  350. I “liked” your FB page a long time ago!  Much love!

  351. Like on Facebook long time ago! 🙂

  352. I like these pencils , because smaller kids can draw with them easy

  353. I liked the FB page

  354. We are big fans of the twig colored pencils. Bringing nature into art work like that has been very inspiring. We love everything about he Bella Luna company!

  355. I LOVE our Stockmar watercolor points! The colors are so vibrant and last a long time.

  356. Twig pencils are great too

  357. I really like the look of the Stockmar Modelling Beeswax and my two boys would love making things with it.

  358. Liked on facebook too 🙂

  359. Our favourite art supplies are the stockmar watercolour paints as the colours are so rich and they r beautiful to work with! Also love the stockmar beeswax crayons and modeling beeswax!

  360. I liked The Bella Luna fb page a long time ago 🙂

  361. My daughter attends a Waldorf school.  We know the importance of these crayons and the bag that carries them.  Thank you for such a wonderful gift for a child.

  362. Hi!  My favorite Waldorf Art Supplies are the Waldorf Wooden Painting Boards.  They set a lovely tone for making beautiful artwork.  Thanks for the opportunity!

  363. I just liked Bella Luna on Facebook.  Can’t wait to get your posts!

  364. We are new to waldorf and have not tried any waldorf supplies yet, I am very excited to try the beeswax crayons and modeling clay. 

  365. Already a fan of Bella Luna on facebook.

  366. I love the block crayons, but oh how sweet are this giant twig crayons! Love Bella Luna, thanks for the opportunity!

  367. I love these crayon rolls and bees wax crayons!  My daughter would LOVE this!

  368. It was so hard to choose a favorite.  I would love to get some of the colored blackboard chalk for our chalkboard, the colored twig pencils are so pretty and look like fun, and the crayon sharpener is a great idea!  I never knew that there was a sharpener for the round Stockmar crayons.   What fabulous art supplies!  And, of course, a crayon roll would be fabulous!!

  369. Love the crayons, the imaginative play silks and would love to get my daughter a waldorf someday 🙂

  370. I just became a facebook fan!  Thanks for the giveaway!

  371. I am liking the eco finger paints.. fun and cute colors and safe

    Also liked you on FB

    (some sort of filter is preventing me posting so trying again)

  372. After watching the video on modelling with beeswax we are curious to try that out in our homeschool. We also like the giant coloured twig pencils and the natural twig pencils. I have wondered how useful the felt roll must be and then we travelled with our little guy and I was like, I need one of those. 🙂

  373. I like Bella Luna on Facebook as well. 🙂

  374. Love all of these, but my favorite is the modeling beeswax! So many possibilities for imaginative minds!

  375. I follow on facebook as well!

  376. Those felt rolls are gorgeous and what a great way to keep crayons together, especially when out and about

  377. As a waldorf mum, any waldorf toys and/or supply is great but my favourites are always the watercolours paintings. Children create amazing artwork with them.

    Thanks for the chance,


  378. I’m absolutely in love with their entire selection, but I know my little boy would greatly admire those Natural Twig Colored Pencils. This is such a fantastic giveaway! We will have to place an order soon regardless!

  379. I have to say that my son has been very into the watercolors recently, so they have to be my favorite just from the joy he has in exploring them! 

  380. I liked Bella Luna on facebook. 🙂 So glad to have this other way to connect. Bella Luna Toys is my go to recommendation when people ask for sources for natural and Waldorf toys!

  381. I think my favorite child’s art supplies product is the Eco Kids Eco Finger Paint, because I think it would be fun for my daughter and son t have finger paints, but I have never bought them, because of all of the unnatural dyes in  them. 🙂 I <3 your website! I hope I win! My daughter loves art, but doesn’t have very many suppllies.

  382. It’s hard to find something I don’t want to comment on but I LOVE the twig colored pencils.  I can’t wait to dig through the website a little deeper.

  383. I would love to get my kids the crayon rocks.

  384. We could really use the opaque water colors. We’re out of paint!

  385. I do like Bella Luna Toys on Facebook, and in real life too!

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