Bella Luna Toys $100 Gift Card Give-Away :: December 2015

Bella Luna Toys $100 Gift Card Give-Away :: December 2015


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Keri says

This would be amazing ? ?

This weekend, Bella Luna Toys is offering as amazing give-away of a $100 gift card, plus $10 off any order of $30 or more for all Wee Folk Art readers who place an order this week. Enter code WEEFOLK10 through December 20.

Bella Luna Give-Away Felt River Play MatSponsor: Bella Luna Toys

Give-Away Date: Saturday, December 12 – Monday, December 14, 2015

Number of Winners: 1

Prize:  $100 Gift Card at Bella Luna Toys

How to Enter: Today we would like you to visit Bella Luna Toys and check out their great selection of Waldorf Toys and all their New Products. Don’t miss all their great Natural Stocking Stuffers. Then come back and leave a comment HERE in this post letting us know what are your favorite Bella Luna products and what would you love to get for the children in your life.

Optional Additional Entry: For a second chance to win, LIKE Bella Luna Toys on Facebook then come back here and leave a second comment letting us know that you did. If you already LIKE Bella Luna on FB, that works too. Just let us a second comment saying that you already LIKE Bella Luna Toys. (Please note: If your second post is too short or comes too quickly after your first post, it might be tagged as SPAM. Take an extra moment between posts and be sure to add enough text).

Limit: Two Entries per person please.

Bella Luna Give-Away Bow and ArrowAnnouncing the Winner: Comments will be closed on Monday morning around 8am EST. One give-away winner will be chosen by random number generator and will be announced IN THIS POST on Monday morning. If you are a lucky winner, please send us an email with your contact and shipping information. You have three days from the time of the announcement to claim your prize or a new winner will be selected.

International Information: Everyone may enter including our international readers but an international winner will be responsible for paying for international shipping costs when redeeming the gift certificate.

Bella Luna Give-Away Rainbow Jump RopeCoupon: Bella Luna Toys is offering a gift of $10.00 off any order of $30 or more to Wee Folk Art readers who place an order this week (expires 12-20-15) with coupon code WEEFOLK10.

Stop by Bella Luna to explore their magical collection of the highest quality natural Waldorf toys, art supplies, games, and crafts. Be sure to visit their “What’s New” page to discover all the exciting recent additions to their shop. Owned and operated by Sarah Baldwin, an experienced Waldorf teacher, author, and mother of two Waldorf graduates, every product selected for sale at Bella Luna Toys is chosen for its quality, sensory experience, and play value. Waldorf toys are playthings that will nourish a child’s senses and ignite the imagination.

Don’t miss all their great seasonal toys for celebrating the holidays!

Bella Luna Give-Away Holiday Gifts

Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. Ohmigosh! what a great give-a-way! I love Bella Luna Toys. Beeswax, play silks, wooden toys. I’d buy one of everything if I could.

  2. I’ve been a follower of Bella Luna Toys on FB for quite a while.

  3. I would love to get a Waldorf doll for our foster baby, and I think the slack line and balance board would be fun for the older kids. I would love the felting kits for me 🙂

  4. I always loved all the Ostheimer figures especially the farm animals. I would love for my children to have some.

  5. Friends with Bella Luna toys on Facebook.

  6. Thank you for this awesome giveaway! We are celebrating Christmas this year with our first grandchild, a little girl named Olivia, and winning this will come in handy! Mery Christmas to you and everyone

  7. I hit send too early, and I wanted to say that we would love to have a Waldorf doll for our sweet Olivia, our first grandchild. Thank you again for this awesome giveaway

  8. We love Bella Luna Toys! Their selection of Ostheimer figures is amazing and I’d love to add some to my kids’ playthings.

  9. Also, I’ve been a fan on Facebook for awhile now. Their posts are always so thoughtful and inspiring. I love that we have found a business to support that focuses on more than just increasing revenue.

  10. I want all the Ostheimer figures 🙂

  11. I’ve already liked Bella Luna on FB

  12. Bella Luna has an amazing selection of Ostheimer Figures. Love the arts and craft selection, too. What an awesome store. Thanks for the chance.

  13. Already liked Bella luna on FaceBook.

  14. So much great stuff. Would love the mushroom rattle for my babe, blue Waldorf fairy for my girl, and Velveteen Rabbit for myboy.

  15. I have liked Bella Luna on Facebook.

  16. I love all their products! I love their selection of books and the wooden toys animals and the rainbow tunnel!

  17. To narrow down my list of what I would want…I love the modeling beeswax and the eco-dough and so do my kids! The kids hand drum would be a nice addition…

  18. I already like your site on facebook (that is how I found out about this giveaway!). Thank you for the chance!!

  19. We have really been enjoying the Elizabeth Mitchell holiday cd, and I would probably get the dancing Marie bunny if we won the gift card!

  20. I ve been a Facebook fan for some time!

  21. Some of my favorite things: blocks, the Knight costume, sword, and bow and arrow. The silks… Or as my son calls them “flying dragons”.

    I myself love all the art supplies. I used to be an art teacher and my love for all the art supplies is great!

  22. I’ve liked Bella Luna Toys for a bit now!

  23. My family loves Bella Luna Toys! My four boys have had their eyes on the rocker boards! I would also love some beeswax crayons and other natural stocking stuffers!

  24. Where to begin? I would love to give my toddler the Crayon Rocks and the Moover rocking horse <3

  25. My oldest daughter would love a rocker board or the bow and arrows, for my youngest i would get the silks for her to play with.

  26. Oh, I love everything they have! Especially the waldorf dolls and the beeswax crayons!

  27. I already like them on Facebook!

  28. Thanks for a wonderful opportunity!

  29. Already big fans of bella luna just LOVE their stuff!

  30. I have my eye on the knight’s sword and shield for my six year old, thank you for the opportunity!

  31. Current favorite items are any Elves and Angels products (the kitchens are so cute!), felted veggies and fruits, and finger paints! Will continue to shop at Bella Luna – love what the company stands for. Next purchase? Kitchen items and maybe more E&A drooling. 🙂

  32. Already like Bella Luna!!

  33. Love Wee Folk Art and Bella Luna! Would love to get new play silks for the littles and Tegu for the bigger kids

  34. I love them! Just ordered some wood figurines last week and they are beautiful. I can’t wait to add to our collection.

  35. Liked Bella Luna on FB

  36. Liked on Facebook

  37. goodness i hope i win !! we could not have the cash to shop at bella this year.

  38. We love our rocking board we got from BL a few years back! So much movement and open ended fun. I would love to shop with my three young children to find something they will all enjoy playing with together.

  39. I like on FB 🙂

  40. I already LIKE Bella Luna toys on Facebook!

  41. My boys would love this, thank you , Johnny.

  42. I would love to shop at Bella Luna !

  43. I love the play silks and animal figures!!!

  44. I love all the wooden toys and the play silks. They are out of stock now but I so want to get a weighted baby Waldorf doll for my little girl.

  45. I liked Bella Luna on Facebook quite awhile ago 🙂

  46. What a generous give-away!
    My girls enjoy already a lot of playsilks and the starry blanket! We would love to buy fairies, Waldorf dolls and painting material.

  47. I love their classic Waldorf dolls.

  48. Love everything, but especially their Ostheimer toys for my big guy, and their rattle dolls for my little guy.

  49. I also like Sarah on fb.

  50. I love everything from Bella Luna! Play silks, wooden swords, wooden trucks, ostheimer figures, grimms rainbow, Waldorf dolls. I love it all!

  51. I like Bella Luna toys on fb.

  52. Oh my ! What a hard decision! I liked everything, but I especially liked the kitchen wooden furniture and the kids backyard teepee and wooden sandbox! Please pick me!!!! My grandkids would love these items!

  53. I love dreaming through their new products! So many lovely things. My kids would adore the Starry Night puzzle, Tegu blocks, and the wooden tree blocks.

  54. I love their selection of Grimm’s toys and other European products that are hard to obtain!

  55. We already like Bella luna toys on Facebook 🙂

  56. I liked you on Facebook!
    Thank you !

  57. We love pretty much everything Bella luna carries, but mostly we are in need of some musical instruments right now, and Bella luna has such lovely ones!!!!

  58. Waldorf Winter Stars paper, Animal Folly Wooden Jig Saw Puzzle, Blossom Fairy Dolls, and Bubble Wands, I would love to get Lily a Blossom Fairy Doll.

  59. I already “Like” Bella Luna Toys and their site.

  60. What a fantastic giveaway!!! Thank you Wee Folk Art and Bella Luna Toys!!

  61. And yep, I Love Bella Luna Toys on Facebook already.

  62. My boys would like the balance board!

  63. I’ve been a fan of Bella Luna on Facebook for a while now.

  64. I hate picking favorites… But I’d love to get the two ostheimer giraffes, for my 2 giraffe-loving little ones–we’d have a big sister and a little brother giraffe!

  65. I like them on FB.

  66. I like the Bella Toys “Potholder Deluxe Kit”.

    I hope I win, I think my kids would dig that!!!

  67. I liked you Facebook!

    Good luck.

  68. !I’ve already bought modeling wax and stockmar watercolors for my kids’ Christmas presents. I think my kids would have so much fun with the wooden horse shoe stilts and the toy horse harness.

  69. I’m already a Bella Luna follower on Facebook.

  70. This would be amazing 😀 😀

  71. I also already like both Facebook pages!!! That how I heard 😉

  72. Another Bella Luna customer here! I love their Ostheimer figures and felting kits. Thank you for this generous giveaway! Good luck everybody!!

  73. I like some of the new things: Julia Piggy – Organic Plush Toy; Organic Heart Squeaker Baby Toy; and Organic Waldorf Mushroom Rattle. I’m also eyeing the Classic Waldorf Dress Up Doll, 16″. That’s been on my wish list for when my little girl is a wee bit older. Although I do wish they carried the blonde girl with the purple dress, b/c I think that’s the combo I want. Oh, I also like the: Organic Star Baby Doll. But as always, I really appreciate Sarah’s videos and blog to supplement the shop. I really, really liked her post on choosing a waldorf doll – which one and for which age. That was excellent and tremendously helpful.

  74. Already liked on Facebook – that’s how I found out about this. Although I’ve also liked Weefolks – both are wonderful! 🙂

  75. My favorite items at Bella Luna toys are the Ostheimer wooden toys, the wee folk and the animals are our favorites!

  76. Ive been a fan of Bella Luna toys for a long time on facebook, thats how I heard of the giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!

  77. Stockmar Beeswax Crayons – Wooden Box

    This is the first thing I would choose from Bella Luna. I have “liked” the Facebook page. Thanks!

  78. I love the variety and quality of the Waldorf toys at Bella Luna. Sam’s Stable and some of the tree houses they’ve sold in the past are works of art.

  79. My kids would love art supplies.

  80. Liked on Facebook.

  81. I follow Bella Luna on FB, and now weefolkart too 🙂

  82. Everything is absolutely beautiful at Bella Luna toys. I would love to give my two the Leonardo building sticks and a set of the rainbow arches.

  83. Hola!! I really wish to win this 🙂 I love Bella Luna toys because they encourage free imagination and support simple parenting philosophy. I love them all. If I win, I will get the wood balance board, for my son and some art supplies. Gracias y adios!!!

  84. I follow Bella Luna Toys on facebook

  85. I’d love to have some sensory toys and Waldorf dolls for my kid with autism!

  86. I would love to get some playsilks for my littles. 

  87. I’ve liked you on Facebook for a long time. ?

  88. I love the rocker boards…would love one for my toddler!

  89. I already liked Bella Luna on Facebook 🙂

  90. I love Bella Luna toys! I especially love the Waldorf art supplies like bees wax!

  91. Liked on FB

  92. We would love to get the kids hand drum and a collection of Ostheimer animals. If anything were leftover, we would get some playsilks. What an amazing Christmas gift these would make!

  93. We love the Tegu wooden blocks!

  94. We already “like” Bella Luna on Facebook!

  95. Play Silks and Wooden Peg Dolls are my favorite items.

  96. I like Bella Luna on fb.
    Morrighan Crowe

  97. I would buy silks, wooden vehicles and Stockmar watercolor paints. Thanks!

  98. I already like the site. Thanks!?

  99. I love all of the Ostheimer wooden figurines that Bella Luna Toys sells. I have 4 children ages 8 and under and I would get them a whole bunch of those with a gift card!

  100. I already follow Bella Luna Toys on Facebook, that’s how I found this giveaway 🙂

  101. We love Bella Luna!! We have the angel mobile and several gnomes. We live all their items!

  102. I love so much of what Bella Luna offers. Check out Sarah’s youtube videos for a real treat. The Filana crayons are wonderful. If I win this gift card I will use it for a Choroi Pentatonic Wooden Flute for my homeschooled first grader.

  103. In love with Bella Luna toys! Their bow and arrows are so great! Love their art supplies too!

  104. We would love love love to have the Stockman stick and block crayons and also some of the lovely modeling wax. So many beautiful treasures!

  105. Liked Bella Luna Toys on Facebook!

  106. We love Bella Luna, and I think our top pick would be the regular playstands – so lovely!

  107. Oh, and we ‘like’ Bella Luna on Facebook. Cheers!

  108. I really want to get the Rocking Board for my little girls. But I love everything in the Bella Luna store!

  109. I’m already a fan on Facebook 🙂

  110. What a great giveaway! I love the pocket gnomes from Grimms! Really, I love all the Waldorf dolls.

  111. We would love to get a doll or a rocker board or the Complete Grimm’s book to share with our three & half year old daughter. We read Elsa Beskow books’ everyday!

  112. I dont even know how to pick what my favorite things are! We love Bella Luna Toys and supporting amazing Maine businesses!

    I think the thing that my son would love the most is a new harp or lyre,

  113. Love the play silks, the Elsa Beskow books and the all the wooden toys. Such a great section of toys!

  114. I love all the Grimm’s wood toys.

  115. Have already liked Bella Luna on Facebook.

  116. I already like Bella Luna Toys on FB.

  117. Liked Bella Luna on FB as well

  118. I already like Bella Luna Toys on Facebook and love seeing their posts.

  119. What a lovely giveaway. I like the Organic Guardian Angel Waldorf Doll and Needle Felting Kit – Mermaid plus the any of the items that one can use to create felted treasures.

  120. I love the Ostheimer figures! I love Bella Luna.

  121. I liked Bella Luna on facebook a long time ago.

  122. I have just fallen for the Organic Beige Bunny Rabbit. Or maybe it is really Dancing Marie – Organic Bunny Rabbit. Or Mama Gnome Doll.

    They are just so fabulous.

  123. I just liked Bella Luna Toys on FB. I am not sure how I hadn’t liked you prior. I check out your website and get update emails.

  124. I love the Grimm’s wooden toys & the Ostheimer figures!!

  125. I like Bella Luna toys on Facebook

  126. What a great gift! I love the wooden puzzles and ordered one last year. I would love to order more again this year. My 4 yr old loves puzzles

  127. I would love to add to our little Ostheimer collection and get a couple play silks!

  128. I would love to get the wooden rocker board for my boys!

  129. I’ve been a fan of bella luna on FB for a while now. 🙂 love them!

  130. Liked for an extra entry! 🙂

  131. Liked on facebook

  132. If I won the $100 dollar gift card, there are certainly things I’d like to buy for my own sons. But I wonder if I could ask my church if there is a little person I could spend some of it on first.

  133. I’ve liked Bella Luna on FB for a while. Thanks for this chance to win!

  134. And I’m glad to say that I’ve “liked” Bella Luna on FB for quite some time :).

  135. We ordered some silks and block crayons this year and we love Ostheimer wooden animals.

  136. I’ve been a follower of Bella Luna on FB for quite some time. 🙂

  137. I would love to be able to give my daughter a heavy baby…thank you for the chance to win!

  138. I’d love to get the Stockmar liquid watercolors and a wet on wet painting board!

  139. I already like Bella Luna on face book

  140. I like Bella Luna Toys on FB!

  141. We would be thrilled to win! We’ve wanted s beautiful play stand from Bella Luna for some time <3

  142. I like Bella Luna toys on Facebook! ?

  143. I like Bella Luna on Facebook.

  144. I like the Ostheimer collection! They have the best and most extensive assortment at Bella Luna. My son is a huge farm enthusiast and he loves all the accessories. I would get him the ice floe and trees- he loves to make scenes.

  145. I like – no, LOVE- Bella Luna Toys on Facebook!

  146. I’ve followed Bella Luna Toys for some time now. I love their toys for outdoor play and imaginative play, especially the bows and arrows, castles, dolls, and tree blocks. The doll houses are lovely too!

  147. My kids would love the fishing pole and fish.

  148. I like Bella Luna Toys

  149. I already follow Bella Luna Toys on Facebook! I’m headed to the website right now to make our holiday wish list 🙂

  150. I love grumm’s nesting blocks and also their birthday ring… But really all your toys offered are thoughtfully so, and it honestly would be difficult to truly narrow down what to splurge on!!

  151. Lol, my last post said “grumm’s” not “grimm’s”! Whoops! Anyhow, I like Bella Luna Toys on Facebook!

  152. Love Bella Luna! I want all their Ostheimer figures and their rocker board!

  153. I like Bella Luna toys on FB.

  154. I’d love to get watercolor paints and paint jar.

  155. I love Bella Luna Toys! I have been covetting their Wooden Birthday / Advent Spiral for ages, along with a complete set of the fairy tale numbers. Of course, any of the Ostheimer Figures would be very welcome in our house, as well as any of the play scarves. Oh, and while I’m wishing, one of the beautiful waldorf dolls for each of my kids! Maybe even one for me as well! 🙂

  156. I LOVE bella Luna! I have been dreaming of a heavy baby doll for my daughter. And my 5 year old son has been wanting one of the cozy warming water bottles for at least a year. I bet they would be great in the winter!

  157. liked on FB! 🙂

  158. Bella Luna’s offerings are all wonderful. My favorite right now is their wooden balance board.

  159. I liked bella Luna toys on facebook as well. I’ve been following them for a while. Thanks!

  160. It would be easier to list things I DON’T want from Bella Luna!

    The top things for me would be modeling beeswax, art/craft supplies, wooden food, and cooperative games.

  161. I liked Bella Luna on facebook.

  162. The rocker board!

  163. I would love the bow and arrow set for my son! He’s really interested in archery. Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

  164. I already like Bella Luna on Facebook! You have such beautiful toys. 🙂

  165. What beautiful toys!! I love the plush toys for babies and the beautiful wooden animal collections. Love me some play silks as well! My baby girl would love those!

  166. I have liked / followed Bella Luna toys on Facebook! <3

  167. Lots to love especially the teddy bears!

  168. We’ve already liked Bella Luna on FB for a long time!

  169. Thanks for the introduction to such an amazing toy store! I spent over an hour looking through the categories on there, and my wish list has grown considerably! 🙂 My little ones would love the plan mushroom kaleidoscopes, several of the wooden castle people and animal figures, as well as a Chinese jump rope (this is out of stock) in their stockings! I think all of my kids would enjoy the balance board and the slack line is something my older children have talked about saving up to buy themselves!

  170. I love all the wonderful items offered at Bella Luna. I have always wanted my daughter to have a waldorf doll.

  171. I’ve been a fan of everything Bella Luna for months now. We haven’t had money to order anything yet, but my 4 year old SPD would love your rocker board and a new soft baby doll.

  172. We’ve been a Facebook fan of yours for a while 🙂 wish it had a love button!

  173. Oooh, how I love Bella Luna– I’ve followed Sarah for years and love her eye for curating her store. My girls would love new playsilks, modeling beeswax, and kite paper. Thank you for the giveaway!

  174. I’ve always wished to get a rocker board for my son! The Tegu pocket pouch would also be a wonderful addition as well! I love Bella Luna!

  175. I have followed Bella Luna on FB for quite some time now, Thank YOU for the giveaway!!

  176. We love Bella Luna. The little gnomes and fairies have been adored in our house for years! Would be so excited to win!

  177. I’ve like Bella Luna on Facebook.

  178. I would love to get a beautiful Waldorf doll for our baby son to snuggle with like I had when I was little!

  179. I’ve followed Bella Luna on fb for awhile now!

  180. My daughter just asked for a wooden doll for Christmas. Bella Luna’s beautiful selection of Ostheimer figures fit the bill perfectly!

  181. I am about to order some of the Ostheimer figures for my children, and beeswax. We adore the silks, games and puzzles, too!

  182. I’ve been a fan of Bella Luna for years & have liked them on Facebook.

  183. We have a new baby so I’d like to order some new Waldorf toys for him. The gift certificate would be super useful & well loved over here! Thanks for the chance to win!

  184. There’s so much to love at Bella Luna Toys! Right now, I am eying the Grimm’s dollhouse furniture. Particularly the little dresser. My girl would LOVE the details on that, and it matches her Grimm’s dollhouse kitchen set. Good stuff. Thanks for offering this giveaway! 🙂

  185. (and of course, we already LIKE Bella Luna Toys on FB! <3)

  186. Liked on FB. Thank you for this awesome give-away!

  187. Fairytale Wooden Castle or Ostheimer figures

  188. There is so much on Bella Luna toys that I would like to get my three littles. One is the silk streamers. I think my daughter would love those. Another is the felt puppets. My son loves puppets and those are different than the traditional puppets. I like the pick up sticks game, Tell Me a Story cards and the string game set.

  189. I just LOVE so many of their products. The Seri Dollhouse & Wooden Nativity, Playsilks & Handicraft items are too favorites.

  190. I already love (like) Bella Luna on FB but, I realized I was not following them on Pinterest. Now I am. And my first post was supposed to read “top toys” not “too”. 🙂

  191. Just boughbought so many toys from them including the holiday dough. I know my son will love everything.

  192. I follow Bella Luna toys on FB. Such a great store. Love browsing.

  193. There are some sweet little boy Waldorf dolls on the Bella Luna site. I would love to get one for my son’s upcoming birthday.

  194. Already a fan on FB of Bella Luna Toys for awhile

  195. I already liked Bella Luna Toys on Facebook. Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  196. I love everything at Bella Luna toys. Currently, I’m looking at all of the beautiful books, and would love to add some more Waldorf books to our home library. Oooh – and some of the co-op games. My three-year-old is finally getting interested in board games. 🙂

  197. I already “liked” Bella Luna Toys months ago on Facebook! Love them!

  198. I w Live the musical wands. I’d love to get some playsilks and rock crayons for my niece.

  199. I just liked bella luna toys on Facebook!

  200. So many things! But I’m currently especially drawn to the outdoor toys such as the wooden balance bike, tree swing, or sandbox. All are on my wish list for our backyard.

  201. And I am already a follower of Bella Luna Toys on Facebook. Thank you both for the chance to win this giveaway!

  202. It’s difficult to choose what I most want for my son because there are so many great choices, but I think his first choice would be the barn!

  203. I already liked Bella Luna on Facebook!

  204. What a great offer. I love the little felted kits and the wooden puzzles. So much to love about this shop.

  205. I already like Bella Luna toys on facebook

  206. So many favorites at Bella Luna, but I love the Waldorf crafting. The mite paper makes beautiful stars and the woolen felt colors are rich and beautiful in person!

  207. Liked on FB when I placed my first order!

  208. I really want to get my boys a rocker board!

  209. Beautiful Nativity of wood , I love the Advent callendars and Childrens Christmas books and the waldorf toy , very nice things for babys.

  210. I LOVE Bella Luna toys, and like them on Facebook!

  211. I’m pretty sure my boy would have a lot of fun with the glockenspiel

  212. I already like Bella Luna Toys !!!

  213. I love the wooden toy castle, the dress up and the play stands but really everything is a winner!

  214. I already LIKE Bella Luna on Facebook.

  215. Toys just like Santa’s elves would make for him to deliver on Christmas Eve! I love everything they off but because I have a little girl who loves dolls and pretend play, the Waldorf dolls & pretend foods are my favorites! They are wonderful aren’t they?

  216. Love the Waldorf dolls and silks!

  217. My daughter would love so many of Bella Luna Toys but especially a Waldorf fairy doll And play silks

  218. Already not just liked but loved on Facebook!

  219. I like Bella Luna on Facebook!

  220. We love Bella Luna and Wee Folk Art! My favorites: I love all of the fairy dolls!, the dragon bubble wand, the holiday eco dough (so cool!), the felt rainbow star wand, the knitting mushroom, the rainbow gnomes, all of the Stockmar art items!, the Tegu blocks, the dress-up fairy dress, the rainbow hammock chair swing, and the beautiful wooden nativity. My daughter is very imaginative, and I know she would love all of these. Thank you!

  221. We already like Bella Luna on Facebook! Thanks!! 🙂

  222. We love Bella Luna Toys! We order a lot of birthday ring ornaments and Ostheimer toys from her. We also love the book selection and crafts section. I would love to get some more music and musical instruments for our music making fun! Thanks.

  223. Just ordered a play kitchen and stocking stuffers! Would love a wooden play house for them too…and the wooden puzzles and the letter and number cards…and those curved boards…ahhh;)

  224. So excited to have found Bella Luna Toys! We have a toddler and a 10 year old so the selection is perfect! I think my favorite is the felting. Our girl is super crafty and the felted angels would be great for her to make and keep for her own tree someday! oh, and the wooden farm animals!! Adorable!

  225. ps. I like you on facebook as well! thank you for a chance to win! 🙂

  226. My boys would love one of the 50-foot slacklines or the rainbow hammock chairs! I personally love the Little Red Riding Hood doll and the wooden rainbow stacker. And well, just about everything else too. 🙂

  227. We are long time fans of Bella Luna! Already like their page!

  228. I love the ostheimer figures. I would love to get some for my 35 grandchildren. They love the ones I have.

  229. I like Bella Luna on FB.

  230. My favorite are the dolls. My daughter is almost 3 and this is her fun right now

  231. I liked your page on Facebook.

  232. I love them on FB!

  233. I love the Ostheimer Mary on Donkey! What a great Christmas decoration!

  234. I would love a Faye doll or any doll, as well as blocks and rainbow gnomes for my littles.

  235. I have “liked” Bella Luna on Facebook for a long time, and still do! 😉

  236. I would love to buy several selections from the Dress Up category, especially the Rainbow Cape and the Knight’s Helmet. So many choices!

  237. Liked on Facebook!

  238. My family would absolutely love to have the Elsa Beskow calendar in our kitchen. We love all her books!

  239. I like Bella Luna on Facebook!

  240. Rainbow silks, henna kit and colored pencils were on my girls’ list. Thank you for the coupon!!

  241. Have “liked” Bella Luna Toys for a while:)

  242. We would love more art supplies, music supplies and storytelling books as we start our next school year!!

  243. Thank you (and Bella Luna) for the giveaway 🙂
    I would get art supplies and a Waldorf doll 🙂

  244. I already like Bella Luna on FB 😉

  245. Oh I am in love with Bella Luna everything! My most faves are anything by Grimms and Ostheimer!

  246. I’ve already liked and loved Bella Luna on Facebook 😉

  247. I’d like to get my daughter a doll.

  248. I liked Bella Luna toys on Facebok. Thanks!

  249. Already a Facebook fan.

  250. My youngest daughter absolutely loves everything on your website, but she really wants all of the wooden animals. My middle and oldest daughters love anything crafty. My oldest is 16 and is an artist.

    Winning this would mean the world to me. Our story is a long one, but I have very little money to spend on gifts this year. This would be a huge blessing.

  251. I love the Ostheimer Nativity Set.

  252. I already “like” Bella Luna toys and have for a long, long time. Your website and FB page make me want to purchase everything. lol. I love it all!

  253. I love the bella luna store, I think if i had to pick a few things i would get my daughter, no 1 would be some peg dolls (she loves making and designing characters), tegu blocks and the tegu felt travel tote.

  254. I am already a fan on facebook. 🙂

  255. I love their balance boards!

  256. Already liked bella luna on FB. 😉

  257. I would love the art supplies or play food or fairy house kit. Quite honestly, I would love most everything they offer. They make wonderful toys!

  258. I have been pining over Bella Luna’s selection of Sarah’s silks and their beeswax crayon blocks. Everything they carry is quality!

  259. And I’ve “liked” them on Facebook!

  260. Oh, how my son would love a Julian baby doll, and my daughter a Faye Waldorf doll. Too, we are lovers of beeswax crayons! Happy holidays!!!

  261. I would love almost anything from Bella Luna, but what I would want the most is the Ostheimer figures to finally start a nature table. I could see my kids really loving that and playing out little stories with the figures all the time!
    I’ve been following Bella Luna on FB for a while now.

  262. I love rinbow silks and so many things also… 🙂 And the lazure paintings kit is amazing!

  263. Already liked bella luna on FB.

  264. Love Love Love the Wooden Horse Swing, and all in BellaLuna’s Ostheimer Figures, Too cute.

  265. Already subscriber to BellaLuna’s FB and Youtube ages ago.

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