Bella Luna Toys Give Away :: Fairy House Kit

Bella Luna Toys Give Away :: Fairy House Kit

REMEMBER: Bella Luna Toys is offering all 10% off to all of our readers on orders placed through July 6, 2014. Enter code WEEFOLK10 on the Shopping Cart page, before proceeding to checkout.

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hi, i love their curvy boards

hi, i love their curvy boards, labyrynth boards, and i placed an HUGE order with them for my last christmas 🙂


hi again, i also liked them on fb. thanks i hope i win ! 🙂

Sponsor: Bella Luna Toys

Give-Away Date: Saturday, June 28, 8am EST – Sunday, June 29, 8pm EST

Number of Winners: 1

Prize: Fairy House Kit

How to Enter: Visit Bella Luna Toys and take a look around then come back and leave a comment HERE (in this post) letting us know what are some of your favorite items.

Optional Additional Entry: For a second chance to win, LIKE Bella Luna Toys on Facebook then come back here and leave a second comment letting us know that you did. If you already LIKE Bella Luna on FB, that works too.

Limit: Two Entries per person please.

Announcing the Winner: Comments will be closed on Sunday around 8pm EST. One winner will be chosen by random number generator and will be announced IN THIS POST on Monday morning. If you are the lucky winner, please send us an email with your contact and shipping information. You have one week from the time of the announcement to claim your prize or a new winner will be selected. 

International Information: Everyone may enter including our International readers but International winners will be responsible for their shipping charges. Bella Luna has an economical way to ship international orders.

Coupon: Bella Luna Toys is offering all 10% off to your all of our readers on orders placed through July 6, 2014. Enter code WEEFOLK10 on the Shopping Cart page, before proceeding to checkout.

Use the code WEEFOLK10 and save 10% off through July 6, 2014.




Once you have created your very own Fairy House, you will of course need to populate it with Fairies and Gnomes.

Here are some of our suggestions from Bella Luna Toys…

Fairy Doll Kit

Branch Gnomes

Wooden Woodland Animals

Tree House Fairies



Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. I can’t pick a fave! Everything is so adorable. I do like the Fairy and Gnome dolls. The zipline looks like a lot of fun for the kidlets too.

  2. Ohhh… I’ve made some of your Flower Fairies. We would love to make a Fairy House for them. 

    The Rocker Board has been on our wish list for awhile.

  3. Bella Luna Toys has now been “liked” by me. 🙂

  4. I love everything, but really want to purchase a rocker board asap!

  5. liked bella luna pn facebook

  6. Love Bella Luna Toys. Some favs are the rocker boards, farm house, and art supplies. I liked Bella Luna toys on Facebook

  7. My dream item would be the Wooden Toy Castle and some wooden knights for my boys. Thanks for the chance to win the Fairy House Kit.

  8. I already LIKE Bella Luna on Facebook.

  9. hi, i love their curvy boards, labyrynth boards, and i placed an HUGE order with them for my last christmas 🙂


    hi again, i also liked them on fb. thanks i hope i win ! 🙂

  10. The fairy house is adorable!  I would love to build it with my boys!!

  11. Bella Luna has so many fabulous items….how can I possibly choose favorites!  I love the wooden figurines especially animals.  The art supplies are so wonderful to work with (we love beeswax crayons) and someday I hope to have a slackline.  

  12. hi, i love their curvy boards and labyrynths ! MY first comment would not go thru ..thank you !


    (your website is so hard to comment on, sorry)

  13. I have liked Bella Luna on Facebook.

  14. Oh my goodness!!! There’s a zipline! We have always wanted one!!! Love that!!!

  15. I’m a long time follower of Bella Luna toys on FB…like, like, like! 🙂

  16. Have loved bella luna for a while now, especially have my eyes on the waldorf dolls, hanging chairs and rocker boards!


  17. We love the Wooden Woodland Animals!!

  18. I’ve ordered from Bella Luna Toys and their customer service is awesome. My dream purchase from their page would be the Maine Waldorf Wooden Dollhouse!

  19. I like the forest animals and the doll house 

    thank you for the give away

  20. The apple balance bike is awesome!  And for a while I have been watching their doll houses, trying to decide which my baby girl will love.  

  21. i like bella luna toys on facebook

  22. I liked them on fb as soon as I received my first order. Wonderful business.

  23. All of the Bella Luna toys are awesome!  Having three little boys, I’m especially fond of the wooden vehicles and blocks.  Wonderful stuff!!

  24. OK so apart from the fairy house kit and the gnomes and fairies, I love all the needle felting kits, I think the tents are super also the silks are so nice. I alsi think the wooden food play items are great too.

    So many wonderful things here to choose from.

  25. I liked Bella Luna’s Facebook page.

  26. How fun!  So many fun things!  Some of my favorites are the wooden iron,  wooden sewing machine, the round loom, and the crow’s nest hammock/swing.

  27. Honestly, I love everything! We love the crow’s nest hammock, and the wooden castle and so much more!

  28. I love the simplicity of the rocker board! Beautiful.

  29. We like BellaLuna on Facebook, and love seeing all your fun things

  30. I have four little girls. This would such a sweet addition to our garden. Beautiful:)

  31. Oh, we are partial to the silks & the wooden blocks over at Bella Luna. Thanks for the chance!

  32. I love, love the wooden swords and shields, and the beautiful art supplies are so inviting.  So many beautiful items!

  33. I love so many of their items, but I am really drawn to the art supplies Stockmar Beeswax Crayons in the Wooden Box.

  34. I love the wooden toy castle and the branch gnomes and everything else it seems!

  35. I like Bella Luna on Facebook!

  36. Love the wee folks 🙂

  37. We found Bella Luna Toys through Sarah Baldwin’s watercolor videos on YouTube and have loved the toys website since then. We are going to be getting some of the kitchen stuff for my eldest boy’s birthday this year and hope for the Rockerboard for Christmas.

  38. Play silks have always been a favorite here. And anything fairy related too, of course!

  39. We also like Bella Luna Toys on FB!

  40. I just love, love, love the Summer Angels and the Fairy doll kit.  They are just precious  

  41. The rocker board looks like so much fun! I can’t go past stockmar beeswax block crayons though, my daughter gets so much joy from alternating between drawing with them and building/playing make Bellevue with them. They’re fantastic!

  42. I love the Waldorf craft items.

  43. I’ve liked bells Luna toys lovely FB page

  44. So happy to have found and Liked on FB.  Will have to tell my sister of your page.  She and my 8 year old niece love making fairy houses and leaving treats for the fairies.

  45. I have liked Bella Luna on facebook.

  46. I think I like the Fairies best – but then I just love faeries and I think a house for them to live in would be wonderful – and great for my great-nieces! 

    1. No one can pick just one favorite from Bella Luna! With the massive plenthora of things they have to sell, given a chance I may want one of all for my little boy! But knowing how good a rhythmic rocker can be for little children, the rocker board is my personal favorite amongst all of them.


  47. I  also liked Bella Luna’s Facebook page   🙂

  48. I love the wooden toys, I love the craft kits and ofcourse the faiy house! 

  49. My favorite are the peg people and the accessories they have to make playing with them more fun

  50. I love all they toys and kits that you have, really canu00B4t decide on a favorite, but I do like the cooperative games a lot.

  51. I also liked Bella Luna facebook page

  52. I just liked Bella Luna Toys on facebook 🙂

  53. I adore Bella Luna Toys and Sarah’s warm nature in her videos ! The rocker board is definitely the thing every child should get to play with so that would be top choice for me. Other than that the dress up rainbow silks, fellt crowns and suh are gorgeous !

    1. [quote=Laura Walsh]

      I adore Bella Luna Toys and Sarah’s warm nature in her videos ! The rocker board is definitely the thing every child should get to play with so that would be top choice for me. Other than that the dress up rainbow silks, fellt crowns and suh are gorgeous !



  54. Love this fairy house kit! Might get it for my 7yo’s upcoming b-day!

  55. I love the Advent Spiral at Bella Luna.  Thanks for the chance to win this lovely fairy house kit!

  56. The Farm house is great!

  57. They have the best art supplies!

  58. Impossible to pick a favourite!  Everything at Bella Luna is amazing.  Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  59. My favorites are the Beeswax crayons or the bees wax candle making kit. I love the smell of Beeswax, and these items could surely be used in many different ways besides the intended purpose!

  60. I already like (LOVE) Bella Luna Toys.

  61. Hard to pick a favorite, but love the wooden doll houses and fairy/gnome dolls 🙂 

  62. Ohmigosh!! They have a Zip Line!?!?! My older kids would be in HEAVEN.

  63. I liked Bella Luna on FB! 🙂

  64. The playstands are my favorite – so many wonderful toys.

  65. We love so many things! The gnome families are a huge hit with the kids at Granny’s house and my 2.5 yo loves his rocker board!! Thanks for your posts!! 

  66. I love the Ostheimer figures…all of them. I also adore the sewing kit. My 5yo has started to enjoy embroidery and I look forward to more sewing with her. And the fairy house kit is amazing. I hope we win!


  67. I liked Bella Luna’s facebook page.

  68. Love Bella Luna! There are many faves: today’s would be art supplies & wooden castle.

  69. Facebook like for Bella Luna!

  70. So many of their products – i think the slack line and the hanging kid’s hammock seat are my favorites.

  71. I like bella luna on facebook 🙂

  72. I really love the birthday ring and charms. That is such a beautiful tradition I look forward to starting with my girl!

  73. It really I I really like the Ostheimer figures! The craft kits look fun.

  74. I liked Bella Luna on Facebook!

  75. Hard to choose a favorite. I do like the Ostheimer Unicorn, Dragon and Knights.

    Also liked Bell Luna on fb.

  76. I love the the shields and swords for the Knights!

  77. Favorite?!! How can you choose? Everything is so lovely and such quality. I love the Waldorf dolls and the wooden Nativity may go on my Christmas wish list! We make flower fairies here and the little house would be so nice for them. 🙂

  78. I liked Bella Luna Toys on Facebook!

  79. I loved the wooden rocking boat.

  80. I love the fairy house andI think my kids would too but really I just want a kit of my own lol.

  81. I love all the toys, but would LOVE to get the zipline.

  82. I LOVE the crowsnest swing and all the beautiful doll houses!

  83. “Liked” Bella Luna on FB. Beautiful stuff!

  84. This is so amazing!

    My daughter would love it!

  85. Liked and bookmarked! So many favorites, but we enjoy stuff we can build and the art supplies are just wonderful!


  86. Oh my! There are tons of cool toys available via Bella Luna. My favorites are the wooden puzzles, the toys from Made in Main, and of course, fairies and gnomes.

  87. I love love the Hanging Crow’s Nest! I think my kids would love! Love the fairy house too! Need a house for all the gnomes and fairies hanging about. 

  88. Liked Bella Luna Toys on FB! Thanks for the give away

  89. Liked Bella Luna Toys on Facebook!

  90. I love your little fairy stuff…. they are so adorable…

  91. What a great way to play with nature! My granddaughter would love it!

  92. I already liked you on Facebook. That’s how I knew about this  🙂

  93. It’s really hard to choose!  I’ve been coveting the rocker board for myself, and I also love the twig colored pencils, the beeswax crayons, and the wooden farm animals.

    I’ve always wanted to build a fairly house for my kids!  Now I can build one for my grandkids with this kit!


  94. First things we saw were the slackline and zipline. So much fun for the backyard!

  95. I already like Bella luna on Facebook (:

  96. My favorite items right now are the rocker board and dollhouse dolls. The art and craft supplies look wonderful as well!

  97. I love all of the Fairy Garden items! I liked Bella Luna on Facebook!


  98. I love the woodland creatures (:

  99. I love their wooden dollhouses!  I also really like the Waldorf Playstands.  There really is too much on the website I would love to have

  100. what wonderful toys… so full of ideas to make a child’s (and adult’s) imagination take wing!!!   my favorites for today are the sleepy lamb warming pillow or cotton dragon that would be perfect gifts for a soon to arrive great neice

  101. I have already liked Bella Luna on Facebook

  102. I think all of the sweet Ostheimer figures are lovely!  Also, I love the olive bowl and wooden utensils.  They look so soft and inviting.

  103. I adore all of the Ostheimer figures!!!

  104. I have liked Bella Luna Toys for a long time on facebook 🙂

  105. I Like Bella Luna toys on Facebook.

  106. I’ve always thought the rainbow rolling turtle looked like a lot of fun.  And those Tegu magnetic cars look really neat!  I know my kids would have a blast with the balance board.  

  107. What a great give-away!  I love making fairy houses.  🙂

  108. First entry is easy…I already like Bella Luna Toys on Facebook!

  109. Oh it is so hard to pick a favorite! I love, love, LOVE the fairy house kits but there are so many other lovely things too!

  110. 2nd entry is both easy AND tough! I love what Bella Luna carries in their store. It all makes me so happy! What I really want now though, is a slack-line! I think I would enjoy it as much as my kids!!

  111. I like the Maine doll house.


  112. I like bella luna toys on facebook.

  113. I really liked the rainbow angels, but there was a lot of things I really like.  

  114. I “Liked” and “shared” Bella Luna on FB, also.  🙂

  115. So hard to choose!  I really love the dollhouses, pretend play toys like the tea seat, bakeware, etc for my 1 1/2 yr old daughter and  love te crocodile and duck pull toys as her twin brother loves pulling things around. We have another on the way and I hope to get some of the wooden tethers as I’d prefer those to chemically colored plastic junk. 

  116. This is such a neat thing to make! Thank you for putting this together!

  117. Love the hammock and all the Sarah’s silks items 🙂

  118. I love the wooden birthday/advent spiral! I think my nearly-grown children would still love many of the toys they offer. 🙂

  119. i like bella luna toys on facebook (jules mcnubbin)

  120. Would love to start my village with this adorable house!  I love the gardening tool set!  We already garden so these would just add to the experience… for little hands.

  121. Hi  I saw Wee Folks on fb and found your giveaway.  I am looking at various fairy garden ideas.  Looks like you have a popular book on Fairy Gardening.   Just wanted to let you know you have have lots of great items.  The Color Silk caught my eye as well being an elementary art teacher.  Thanks and have a great day.

  122. I love the Organic Binky Doll, Pink, and the Grimm’s 7 Rainbow Wooden Peg Dolls in Bowls.

  123. How do you pick a favorite among so many wonderful things?  I love how so many of the toys and kits required imagination.  Since it’s summer, I’m going to say my favorites were the kids’ hanging swing, zipline, slack lines, and all things outdoors.  I do love all the crafting kits as well.  I also loved how Peter Rabbit is still incorporated among new items as well.  Thank you for helping me to find Bella Luna!

  124. Sweet inspiration …always from WeeFolks and Bella Luna. 

    Off to Like Bella Luna’s FB page. 

    Back in a jiff! Marie 

  125. I love the cooperative board games.  I must get one for my 7 year old granddaughter who is so competitive and pouts when she doesn’t win.  These games have the players working together as a team.  I love this concept.  It will make playing board games much more pleasant.  😉

  126. Really excited about discovering this new store.  Thank you, Wee Folk!

  127. I’m happy to have found your website. I now have some great ideas for xmas.

  128. Bella Luna FB “Like” and I forgot to put in my last post that I one of my favorite toys are the silks. As a grandmother and EC teacher, silks are the ultimate open ended toy for all ages. I have been known to sport a silk or two now and again…Babushka and Fairy Godmother…pick your colors. 

  129. Wow how awesome. Would so love everything. Really like the tree house fairies.

  130. Have liked bella luna toys on fb

  131. This is my first time at this site and love all the wooden toys. I will be looking all the time now. Thanks

  132.  We love their wooden standing puzzles, dress up clothes and felting kits. Truly, we love it all.

  133. I like Bella Luna on facebook

  134. I think the needle felting kits and the gnome dolls – especially Papa Gnome – are my choices!

  135. The slack line for sure. My boys would LOVE it!


  136. I just liked Bella Luna Toys.

  137. Uh oh!  I’ve found a new favorite store!  I especially love the Waldorf dolls and fairy dolls. Thanks for a great drawing. (I also liked your Facebook page.)

  138. I liked Bella Luna and wee folk art on face book. Only wish I had known about you gals sooner. Love the outdoor items but I would have to buy multiples and search hill and dale for my children when they need to come home.

  139. We love Waldorf toys and those on your site is very great! I really like the skyline zipeline, that looks so fun 🙂

    Thanks for the chance 🙂


  140. Liked Bella Luna on FB 🙂

  141. I love the kids sized garden tools and all of the wonderful wooden toys. ! Excellent selection !


  142. Love your Waldorf inspired merchandise.

  143. Playsilks, beeswax crayons, wooden castle, Ostheimer Figures, Kathe Kruse Waldorf Doll. I could keep adding to this list. I love browsing the site with so many wonderful things!

  144. I currently have my eye on the crows nest hammock and the kat’s cradle for baby dolls. I am also like them on Facebook 🙂 just discovered this site… Love it!!

  145. what an amazing site of cool ideas!!  My kids would love the zipline kit, slack line kit and the hanging crows nest hammock.  

  146. also liked on facebook as well!

  147. We love our rocker board, kids’ crinkle cutters (great for cooking with kids!), and needle felting supplies. I’d really love to add the crow’s nest to our family and have my fingers crossed for the fairy kit!

  148. We love Bella Luna on Facebook!

  149. I love the felt dress up pieces. So great. 

  150. I liked Bella Luna on Facebook!

  151. I love the wooden dollhouses and the sweet dishes and cooking tools.  The quality is so high! 😉

  152. There are *so* many gorgeous things but I especially love the Ostheimer Flower Children, the Fairy House Building Kit (GORGEOUS), Margaret bloom’s “Making Peg Dolls” book and the gorgeous Waldorf dolls.

  153. I have also liked Bella Luna on fb and signed up for their newsletter on the website 🙂

  154. I have liked Bella Luna Toys on facebook and creating the fairy house with my grandchildren would be a joy. 

  155. Love Bella Luna Toys, such a lovely company. The slackline they offer would be so much fun for my kids this summer. Especially to set up at our campsites. But so would a fairy house!! Thanks again!

  156. I have been a Bella Luna fan on fb for a while now! Love it! 

  157. Oh my granddaughter would love this and we are sooo looking forward to your tute for fairy house building. One of our fav things is the Rocker Board. Ty for the giveaway!

  158. Following on their fb page – my username here is the same as my fb name. ty! and good luck everyone!

  159. The apple wishbone balance bike is so cute!  I ended up ordering it, using the coupon code.  Thank you for offering it!

  160. Love the silks, wooden animals and the art supplies at Bella Luna.   

  161. I liked their FB page, too

  162. I love Bella Luna Toys!  I’m especially fond of the needle felting kits (although anything in a kit is fantanstic to me).  The penguin is the cutest!

  163. So many wonderful choices!  I like all things fairy and gnome.


  164. Love the wooden doll houses

  165. Ostheimer toys and play silks get pulled out and played with most days at our house.  They really love them!  I also love art supplies and I’m always looking for new ways to do something artsy and creative with my girls.  The fairy house would be enjoyed by both of them.

  166. I don’t even know where to begin! Some of my favorites: Rocker board, Small wooden toy barn (we got this from them and love it!), all the Ostheimer animals and figures, books by Sibylle von Olfers and Gerda Muller, and Fairy Tale Wooden Toy Castle.

  167. Among my favorite items are the books Fairy Gardens and Fairy Houses , as well as Sharon Lovejoy’s books, Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots and Sunflower Houses.  The fairy house kit is darling!

  168. I already like them on Facebook 🙂

  169. I’m really enjoying your posts via Facebook.  I’d love to win the Fairy House!

  170. I love the little fairy homes. I live in the mountains in Colorado because there are a lot of forest creatures that make me feel at home. My 1880’s cabin is unique and it provides a wealth of places for fairies to play and live. It would be an honor to add this beautiful fairy home for them.

  171. I love the play silks offered by Bella Luna as well as all their DIY craft kits!

  172. And I like Bella Luna on Facebook 🙂

  173. I have “liked” Bella Luna on FB for a while now. We have a few of their toys. Their customer service is great! Our dream purchase would be one of their dollhouses. 

  174. I really love what a great variety of toys they have. But the little wooden kitchen stuff is especially darling

  175. The tree house fairies are the perfect size for little kid and bg kid hands.  I could never have enough tucked away in my purse, coat pocket, activity bag, glove compartment in the car… lots and lots to love about them!!

  176. I really like the rocker board and the fairy dolls.  The fairy house is super cute too!  We would love to add it to our garden play area.  

  177. I already “Like” Bella Luna Toys.  : )  

  178. I love Bella Luna Toys and Wee Forest Folk.  This would be a beautiful addition to my granddaughters playroom!!


  179. I am an older lover of all things fairy!


  180. Love the wooden rocker board!

  181. The Fairy House too cute!

  182. I love the rocker boards and heavy baby dolls. 

  183. I already liked the page years ago. I love the balance board and the play silks. I love the watercolor supplies too, once you use quality paints, it’s hard to go back to cheap ones.

  184. I’ve “liked” Bella Luna Toys on FB for a long time!

  185. We like the zip line and the hammock!

  186. Everything at Bella Luna Toys is wonderful!  I can’t pick a favorite–I love it all!  

  187. I’m a big fan of Waldorf dolls so these are my favorites from bella luna toys shop. 

  188. Love everything, but my favourites are any of the Ostheimer wooden toys (especially the running fox!) as well as the waldorf play stands with the silks on top 🙂

  189. Also, Liked Bella Luna on facebook!

  190. Too many favorites, but if I had to pick one… the rocker board is at the top of our wish list!

  191. I already like Bella Luna Toys on Facebook! 🙂

  192. I love so many of the wonderful toys on Sarah’s site, Bella Luna Toys — some of my favorites are the Rocker Board (on my daughter’s birthday list!), the Sarah’s Silks collection (of which we have several) and the beautiful handmade wooden figures and homes. 

  193. I have liked Bella Luna Toys on Facebook for a while now, I love the Sunday’s with Sarah program and love how I can watch right through the site!

  194. I like Bella Luna on Facebook! Thanks!

  195. I love the hand sewing kits. The bird one is especially pretty.

  196. I like Bella luna on facebook.

  197. I really like the ostheimer toys.

  198. Such lovely toys. My daughter wants a crows nest swing. I love the ostheimer figures. 

  199. Ever since learning I’ll be a grandma for the first time, my interests have changed to all things a child would love.  This definitely qualifies as a sweet activity to share with my future toddler age boy.

  200. Loved the Bella Luna website my girls would love any thing on that site but the rocker was super cool! But of course they would love the fairy house too!


  201. Everything that Bella Luna toys sells is wonderful I can’t pick! Maybe the waldorf dolls best 🙂 my daughter Ocean would LOVE to win!

  202. I like the Waldorf dolls, the ostheheimer toys, so many others.

  203. LIKED Bella Luna on FB

  204. I love the wooden blocks and also the wooden swords 🙂 so cute

  205. There are so many wonderful toys!!!  I love the ”Fairy House Kit”, the ”Summer Fairy Doll Kit”, ”Making Peg Dolls” book, the wonderful selection of Waldorf Dolls, the wooden doll houses and accessories.  I love the whole catalog!!!

  206. I liked on facebook 🙂   christy colln

  207. The rocker board for sure!

  208. Definitely the fairy garden handbook, now sold out by the way. Any of the wooden toys are magical too! Great giveaway! 



  209. My little granddaughter would LOVE the fairy house building kit. She just turned 5 and fairies are all she talks about.

  210. We are already Bella Luna followers on FaceBook – we “Liked” the page over a year ago.

  211. I love the play silks and would love to win the fairy house kit for my girls! 

  212. I just love the Branch Gnomes and the Tree House Fairies!

  213. This is absolutely adorable, good luck everyone!

  214. I really like the Ostheimer Family Figures.

    Also, my kids love to use the Stockmar Modeling Beeswax.  They are very good at making things with it.

  215. I clicked “like” on facebook for Bella Luna Toys.

  216. Bella Luna makes some beautiful toys for children. I have my eye on the Plan wooden dollhouse for when my little girl gets just a litttttle bit bigger.

  217. I “like” Bella Luna Toys on Facebook!

  218. would love to build this with my daughter!

  219. My two grandaughters luv fairies. Children are the creators of fairy stories I’m sure about that.

    “Is it Real or Make Believe” 

  220. Thanks for introducing us to Bella Luna!  We love the birdhouses and bubble wands!

  221. Liked Bella Luna on Facebook 🙂

  222. The wooden bowls and the crinkle veggie cutters and the peg Doll book !

  223. I already Like Bell Luna toys ! Actually I Love them 🙂

  224. There are so many toys I love. I love your Ostheimer toys, dollhouse dolls and houses, and I love love love your play silks! 

  225. I love the rocker boards at Bella Luna Toys.

  226. I also like Bella Luna Toys on Facebook.

  227. On Bella Luna Toys’ site, my favorite items are the play silks and all the wonderful craft items!

  228. I “like” Bella Luna Toys on Facebook!

  229. I love a LOT of Bella Luna’s toys, and we have several items from the store, but the Rocker Boards make me REALLY excited!

  230. I’ve “Liked” Bella Luna Toys.

  231. I love all the Evi doll house family, the nanchen dolls, and the Rainbow Cubes. 

  232. The Crow’s Nest looks like a lot of fun!  Also, the craft kits would definitely have to be on the top of my list.  You do have so many wonderful things.  Thank you for the opportunity.  

  233. I have liked you on Facebook.  Thank you!

  234. I really like the Evi dolls and the fairy dolls.

  235. I liked Bella Luna on facebook 🙂 I’m already subscribed to her emails. 

  236. I love the Bella Luna’s Waldorf Dolls! They remind of the ones that I made for my kids and grand kids! There are so many wonderful things that I love on Bella Luna! 

  237. I like the Moover Dump Truck by Bella Luna.

  238. I liked Bella Luna on a Facebook.

  239. I liked Bella Luna on Facebook.

  240. gosh, i’ve loved and enjoyed so many things from bella luna toys for quite some time, but right now i have my eye on a new doll or fresh art supplies. thanks for the fairy house giveaway!

  241. i like bela luna on facebook,thanks.

  242. I have to say anything that encourages kids imaginations or takes them outdoors is a plus in my books. I love the rocking board specifically but also the crafts sections will allow kids to make a mess and explore, express themselves.  

  243. I’ve liked Bella Luna Toys on Facebook.

  244. Good grief! So many creative and fun items! I’ve been trying to create fairy houses & gardens with my daughters but we keep falling short of finding what works. This looks like just what the fairy ordered!

  245. My daughter would LOVE to make a fairy garden in her little garden!

  246. Love the spirit of Bella Luna’s product line! Liked on Facebook – I know my buddies will like it too!

  247. I like them fb


    Richard Hicks


    gmrichhicks at gmail dot com

  248. I’d love to have a go with the slack line kit !

  249. Thank you Bella Luna for having an Asian Waldorf Doll!  She is lovely.


  250. I love them all! the gnomes are the cutest!

  251. Love the silks, waldorf dolls and ostheimer animals! Can’t pick a favorite. 

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  268. I Love the Large wooden tunnel. My daughter loves playing with nesting toys and would love this. My daughter loves animals, and especially going to the Farm. I can’t bring myself to buy plastic animals, it just so far from nature, the wooden animals are great. My daughter’s favorite is the Ostheimer Duckiling.  I also love the Fairies and would love to win the fairy house kit for my creative little one’s expanding imagination. Thanks for considering us > We love Bella Luna Toys!

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    1. The title should read Beautiful!  Can’t leave a spelling error but I can’t get back in to edit. Should have used preview!

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    1. Typed my name wrong. Derp. 

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    I Love pretty much everything on the Bella Luna Toys website…. Of course the outdoor sandbox is one of the best outdoor play objects of all time! Along with the Wooden House and Kitchen toys. There is nothing like teaching children early through play!! My one year old son’s favorite thing is to sit on the counter in the kitchen while breakfast, lunch, and dinner is being made and watch and marvel at his meals in the making 😉

    And of course the colorful stacking and nesting toys are always a joy to behold!!

    One cannot really go wrong with any of the amazing playthings at Bella Luna Toys!! I really enjoy them all!! And my kids do too!!

    Excited to enter!! And congrats to whomever may win!! (even though fingers crossed it’s me!!)

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  301. Friend on Facebook, too. Thanks for the chance. <3

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    also love the cocoon hammock

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  318. I like Bella Luna Toys on Facebook. Christine Richardson Zigler

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  320. I also already like BellaLuna on Facebook 🙂

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    I’d love to own your entire catalog, but the playstands are the best toy purchase I’ve made in 20 years of child rearing. 🙂 


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  345. Your fairy house kit is our heart’s desire!  xo

  346. I LOVE the Ostheimer hen house and chickens. So sweet. I have been eyeballing them for a long time, and my littlest is just the right age for them now. 
    I am FB fan, too!

  347. I”ve been a long time fan of Bella Luna! My favorite are always the wonderful selection of Grimms and Ostheimer toys. 

  348. I like Bella Luna Toys on Facebook! 

  349. i like your houses.. and the wooden knightes and castle play… ;] 

  350. my daughter, 5, loves the fairy houses, she will be grateful to win one for this summer staycation as she says!

  351. It’s so hard to choose, but the Pocket Gnome dolls and peg doll book are probably my favorites.

  352. My daughter owns Glamour Avenue Parties which does mobile spa parties for girls and she donated a spa party for 20 little girls undergoing cancer treatment who are currently living at Ronald McDonald House in Houston. I would love to win this to give to any one of the girls that will be in attendance.

  353. I love the curvy boards!  It’s on our wish list for sure!

  354. I am a Facebook Fan!  (also IRL, but you know what I mean!)


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  358. Already liked your shop on Facebook 🙂

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  361. I can’t pick a fave, but this fairy house is definitely up there!!!!!

  362.  the Fairy in the Garden book! 


  363. I love the hanging crows nest and your doll prams! Your toys are so beautiful!

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