Casey’s Wood Give Away :: Bulk Wood Pieces

Casey’s Wood Give Away :: Bulk Wood Pieces

REMEMBER: Use the code WEE71213 in the comment section of your order to save 10% off through July 18, 2014.

Comments are now closed. Congratulations Helen Murphy! You are our lucky winner. Please contact us with your shipping information. You have one week to claim your prize.

Casey’s Wood Give-away

Hello – Would love to win prize 2.    Would use the wood pieces for a doll house I made approximately 45 years ago that needs some repairs. so my great-niece may now play with it.    Will be spending time with the catalog because they have many of the things needed to repair the house and the furniture.      Will also be getting some of the lazy susan swivel bearings to make cutting some of my quilting stuff out.      Thank you really found many uses for Casey’s stuff.

Sponsor: Casey’s Wood Products

Give-Away Date: Saturday, July 12, 8am EST – Sunday, July 13, 8am EST (This Give-Away is 1 day only!)

Number of Winners: 1

Prize: Your choice of one of two prize packages.

  • Prize Package #1 – A one pound bag of fun assorted wood seconds AND an old fashioned toy assortment
  • Prize Package #2 – A one pound bag of fun assorted wood seconds AND 2-4 pieces of EACH of our peg people

How to Enter: Visit Casey’s Wood and take a look around then come back and leave a comment HERE (in this post) letting us know what are some of your favorite items and which Prize Package you would like to win.

Optional Additional Entry: For a second chance to win, LIKE Casey’s Wood on Facebook then come back here and leave a second comment letting us know that you did. If you already LIKE Casey’s Wood on FB, that works too.

Limit: Two Entries per person please.

Announcing the Winner: Comments will be closed on Sunday around 8am EST. One winner will be chosen by random number generator and will be announced IN THIS POST on Monday morning. If you are the lucky winner, please send us an email with your contact and shipping information. You have one week from the time of the announcement to claim your prize or a new winner will be selected. 

International Information: Everyone may enter including our International readers but International winners will be responsible for their shipping charges. The shipping weight will be 3 pounds.

Coupon: Casey’s Wood is offering Wee Folk Art readers a 10% discount off of their grand total for online orders only.  To claim the 10% discount, you will need to enter code WEE71213 in the comment section of your order. The 10% refund will be applied to weekend orders on Monday the 14th since the shop is closed on the weekends.

Use the code WEE71213 in the comment section of your order to save 10% off through July 18, 2014.

Prize Package #1 (above) – A one pound bag of fun assorted wood seconds AND an old fashioned toy assortment


Prize Package #2 (below) – A one pound bag of fun assorted wood seconds AND 2-4 pieces of EACH of our peg people

Welcome to Casey’s Wood Products, a small family owned business on the coast of Maine.  We’ve been helping customers make their crafting dreams come true for over 25 years.  We offer super-fast service and take pride in our diverse selection of natural wood pieces and our competitive and fair pricing.  We purchase much of our stock from mills that are manufacturing right here in Maine, and also work with local craftsman to make one-of-a kind cutouts and custom plaques for that special project.  We look forward to helping you nurture your family’s creativity with our fun and functional wooden pieces and Wee Folk Art’s fantastic ideas!



Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. Wow! What an incredible give-away. I love Casey’s. I would pick prize number 2. We love having a bucket full of the wood pieces for all sorts of projects. And can you ever have enough wooden peg people hanging around. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. I already like Casey’s on Facebook!

  3. I love the peg people. They always come out so cute weather they’re painted.

  4. Oh my goodness, I would so love to win the second package. I have been wanting to order some peg people from Casey’s Wood for a long time!

  5. The site is full of nice things.  I especially liked the miniatures.  Both prizes are very nice.  It would be great to have the peg people to make dolls.


  6. We love the peg people and wooden eggs

  7. I love Casey’s Wood items! In particular the peg dolls, so many options when making them. So in saying that I’d Love pack two please!

  8. I’ve “liked” Casey’s on facebook. Thank you!

  9. How clever is Casey’s Wood Products!! I am loving the kitchen accessories and the beads!


    I would love prize number 2 🙂

  10. I have liked Casey’s Wood Products on Facebook 🙂

  11. I now like casey’s on facebook

  12. I love their Cargo (miniatures) 🙂

  13. I just love the little peg people!!

  14. Love the peg people
    Would love prize number 2

  15. We like Casey’s on Facebook and I forgot to mention which gift I’d like to win in my previous comment! Prize #1

  16. I would pick giveaway number 2! I really needs dome peg people ! The little peg people are my favourite 

  17. My favorite pieces on the Casey’s website is the people pegs! I would like prize pack #2.

  18. Liked the Casey’s FB page.

  19. Wow!  how can any one just pick one. I love all the different cut out shapes.  every animal you can think of, trees, food, states!  what is there not to love about everything.

  20. I now follow Caseys Wood on Fb. And would love love love Prize pk #2 . Thanks

  21. What a wonderful giveaway! I always love the peg people the most because of their unlimited potential! Thank you. If we won, my boys would love Prize Bundle #2.

  22. I love all the wood products, but I think peg people, the rings, and animal cut outs are my favorites! If I won I’d love #2 selection! 

  23. We liked Casey’s Facebook page as well!

  24. I like the peg people, game pieces, drawer pulls, fruit shapes, and rings. So much neat stuff available with so many crafty fun possibilities! My favorite is definitely the wood box section- especially the needle boxes.

  25. Prize package 2.


    I love the little buckets and Cargo (miniature jars, butter churns, etc)!!! They are just so darn cute.   

  26. Just “liked” the Facebook page for Casey’

  27. Love the peg people! Also, the acorns and egg cups and scoops are wonderful! Would love prize #2. Thanks 🙂

  28. I like the wooden candle stick holders.   They would be fun to paint up!  Would love to win package #2!

  29. So glad I found Casey’s Wood products! I have 5 Grandsons 8 yrs and under I am always looking for fun crafts for them to do. We could have lots of fun with either package. But I’d choose #1 for the assortment of pieces.

  30. Prize package 2 would be amazing to win! We love making peg people! What a cute shop!

  31. I could make some pretty cool fairies with their peg people!

  32. Those peg people remind me of my childhood – my dad made me a set when I was three and I loved them so much! Would love to win some to give to my kids I know they would have a ball. So I’d pick prize pack two. 🙂

  33. I love the wooden peg people!

  34. So totally just ‘liked’ Casey’s Wood on FB!  The acorn pieces would look pretty cool painted different colors  – or turned into gnome people – great for fall decorations!

  35. I have ordered from them several times since I found them through your page! What a great give away! Thank you 🙂

  36. What a wonderful shop! I love the selections of peg dolls!

  37. Love Casey’s wood!  I make peg dolls and other toys to sell at early childhood conferences. Thank you. Love the pegs,rings,and disks. Package #2 please and thanks for all you do!!

  38. I love the kitchen accessories – they are simple and beautiful. 

    I would love prize pack 2. I am starting a new playgroup and would love to share the crafts I can make with these materials with the mothers who will be coming. A great giveaway!

  39. Love beautiful wood products. I like Prize #1 since it includes the skittles set. My son has always been into making carnival games at home. I also liked Casey’s Wood Products on FB.

  40. Lots of items to love from Casey’s wood products but my absolute favorite item is the wooden acorns which I am lucky to say I own a few of. 🙂

  41. I love the animal cut outs and peg ppl… would love to win #2

  42. I love Casey’s Wood, how could I ever choose a favorite product?! I love the finials that we used to cap our homemade knitting needles at school this year, I love the cubes that come in different sizes that allow me to make dice, I love the wooden circles that can be used for just about anything, and of course, who doesn’t love the peg people that come in all different sizes? (Which is why, if I won, I’d really love prize package #2)

  43. Oh! And I “liked” Casey’s Wood on Facebook, because they’re awesome! 🙂

  44. Good luck to everyone that enters!

  45. I am happy to say that I liked Casey’s on facebook just the other day thanks to one of your posts! I finally foundhut where the wooden items I bought a few years back from my kids school came from-right here in Maine from Casey’s! Cannot wait to shop there again! If I win, I would love prize package number 2! Thank you!!!

  46. I love Casey’s Wood Products. The selection & quality are great. I always need more peg people, so I would choose that

  47. It is so hard to choose what I love from the store. My boys would love some wheels to build cars. If I won I’d love prize 2 because we are low on peg people. 

  48. There was a shop that sold wooden pieces like these in Lawrence, Ma. when I was growing up. I loved all the bins and barrels. The tops are my favorite. I used to be good at them.

  49. I also follow Casey’s on Facebook

  50. My daughter would love prize #2 because she is starting on her fairy house for her birthday this month! 🙂 I would love to give her a couple of peg dolls that we can turn into sweet little fairies for her house! Thanks for having this giveaway!

  51. I make fairies, and love the selection of wooden beads at Casey’s!

  52. We have wanted to order their products since we started reading Wee Folk and just never did.  I love the little bean pots and the people.  I think my kids would really love the games!

  53. this is amazing. i love oldschool toys and wooden toys. 

  54. I love Casey’s Wood. My favorites are the peg dolls as I do enjoy making them.  I would choose package #2. Thanks for a chance to enter.

  55. I just love the peg people. You can’t get. Them like these over here! All the detailling just amazing! Don’t mind the price as long as there are peg people included 😉

  56. I “liked” Casey’s wood on Facebook! 🙂

  57. I love peg people and my kids have endless fun decorating them.  I’d love to win #2 if I had to choose.  Thanks!

  58. I’ve like on FB too!

  59. woohoo! the wooden acorns made me squeeeee!!
    and I love the different people pegs! so natch I would like prize package #2.

    Beckie, aka Rainegle CloudWalker on facebook  😉

  60. I like Caseys wood on FB 🙂

  61. It’s all so lovely! The prize pack I didn’t win, I would buy, and share with my son’s kindergarten

  62. Ooooo, I just can’t decide on what I like best on your website. The honey dipper  – love it, the wooden eggs, fab, the little pieces of freight for putting on tiny lorries, dolly pegs and wooden lighthouses for the stairs. What a great shop! 

    I’d like to win the second prize package, the little people would go down a storm in our house.

    Thank you! 

  63. I LOVE the peg dolls, and especially the snowman ones!  Would love to win #2 with the peg dolls! 😀


  64. I “liked” Casey’s on facebook! 😀

  65. So many fun things on the site but, my favorites are: Wooden peg people and the wooden boxes.  I would love to win Prize Package #2, with all the little people shapes, to make gnomes, fairies, angels, elves and Santas…Ooh, so much fun!! I have also like Casey’s Wood Products Facebook page!

  66. thank you for the give away , I am inspired to make some people for my grandson.

  67. The peg people are our favorites. I’d love to win prize pack #2 !

  68. I also liked their Facebook page…Wasn’t sure if this was suppose to be a second comment.

  69. I absolutely LOVE the peg people!  They are so cute and I could definitely see myself using them to make peg people for my kids.  I also love the fruit pieces.  I would definitely use them to decorate my house.  I’d love to win prize package #2!  Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  70. Fabulous giveaway! I’ve been buying from them for a while now. My kids love painting the “woodsies” and the prices can’t be beat. I also love how they have a good selection for holiday crafting. I would pick #1 if I won!

  71. I’m back!  I liked Casey’s Wood on FB.  I’m looking forward to getting updates about their awesome products.

  72. And I liked Casey’s Wood on Facebook. Fun!

  73. I love Casey’s Wood! Some of my favorites are the acorns, peg people, animal cut outs and the wooden boxes. I would choose prize pack two if I had to pick because we can’t get enough pegs around here!

  74. I would love the second prize package! We are crazy for peg people over here!

    i went to Caseys for the first time. Love the wood blocks and buckets and – of course – the adorable animals!!

  75. What fun!  I’ve used the Peg People last year for some delightful holiday gifts (used your patterns for fairies and then for the peg flowers).  I’ve wanted to try out some of his other products, but didn’t really want to end up with a lot I couldn’t use.  I’d love to win Package #2 so I have more pegs, but also some other assorted pieces to try out! 

  76. What fun!  I’ve used the Peg People last year for some delightful holiday gifts (used your patterns for fairies and then for the peg flowers).  I’ve wanted to try out some of his other products, but didn’t really want to end up with a lot I couldn’t use.  I’d love to win Package #2 so I have more pegs, but also some other assorted pieces to try out! 

  77. Liked on Facebook! Thanks for the giveaway

  78. I’d love to have some of your beautiful products to work here in Brazil!!!! 

    Do I still have time?

    Warm wishes


  79. what  wonderful way of sending the little wee folk into the world .x


  80. I love wood toys! Casey’s has a wonderful selection. Love the peg people.

  81. The wooden food would be fun to try out. I like prize package #1 🙂

  82. I LOVE your peg people! My husband is a wood artist. What a great source for small turned parts! We will want to use the candle holders, eggs and wheels. I am envisioning so many art projects for those peg people. I’d love to win prize package #2. I have LIKE’d Casey’s on Facebook.

  83. I LOVE your peg people! My husband is a wood artist. What a great source for small turned parts! We will want to use the candle holders, eggs and wheels. I am envisioning so many art projects for those peg people. I’d love to win prize package #2. I have LIKE’d Casey’s on Facebook.

  84. I absolutely LOVE the angel peg people!! And that baby bee…oh the cute things I could make!!

  85. I have LIKE’d Casey’s Wood Products on Facebook! What a great source for creative ideas for their wonderful projects!

  86. I absolutely LOVE the angel peg people!! And that baby bee…oh the cute things I could make!! Prize #2 would be a dream come true!!

  87. I love the peg people and have ordered from Casey’s before. Great service! 

  88. Casey has a great assortment of animal cut outs.

  89. Wow!  What a great assortment of products!  I love the buttons and all the small craft pieces, especially.  I am glad to have learned of this company.

  90. Have liked them on facebook also

  91. Peg people to gnome with!  Many thanks x


  92. Liked on Casey’s

    Have been there-like a candy store for creators!


  93. I found and “liked” Casey’s Wood Products on Facebook. 

  94. I love Casey’s peg people. I have ordered from them in the past and will be placing an order this week to get some peg people for a Church craft sale. I would like prize number 2!

  95. Peg people, I have wanted to try making some. Thanks!

  96. I love all of the Christmas shapes. Prize pack 2 looks great to me.

  97. oh oh oh I love the teeny tiny little wooden buckets! I have been trying to find something like that for ages!

    We made a little wishing well for our school, just as a fun way to collect the donations for tea and coffee at our parent morning teas, and all it needs to finish it off is a little bucket so I am super happy and excited to have found some after I’d looked for so long and had given up!

    Now the kids will be able to turn the little handle and make the bucket rise and fall, just like a proper well! All the better to make wishes <3

    1. in my excitement I forgot to say prize pack number 2 😛

  98. Thanks to you and to Casey’s for this great giveaway!  I am already a Facebook fan and have now added Casey’s to my Crafting bookmark. Love the teapots, so cute! Package # 2 tickles my fancy most of all. Love your work! Thanks for the inspiration to get my business rolling!

  99. Would love #2. Our littles at school could make so many fun things with them, 🙂

  100. I’ve bookmarked their site for future purchases but would love to win prize #2. Looking forward to crafting with my toddler soon!

  101. I love the tops! I would love to make these with my grandkids and show them the art of old toys instead of computer games! What a wonderful legend to leave behind!

  102. I would definitely love to win prize pack #2! We have never had peg people to paint but I have a feeling we’d soon be addicted. Thanks so much from me and my two girls. 


  103. Oh my gosh they have EVERYTHING! Wood golf tees, toy parts, kitchen stuff…thanks for introducing them. It’s hard to choose which prize – they’d both be great. But, I think we’d most like the old-fashioned toy pack & seconds (#1). Thanks for the chance.


  104. I now Like Caseys Wood Products on FB

  105. I love the toys! So fun. I would choose prize 2!

  106. Love this giveaway! Thanks for the chance. I’m sooo excited to find a vendor like this in Maine…and very near where I live, too! I’ll be shopping here for more peg people…you can never have enough of those! Thank you!

  107. I explored Casey’s website and loved the variety of cut outs. All my local craft stores have nothing in comparison as far as variety. I teach preschool where I am always looking to get creative. I would love the chance to win package 2 the peg dolls would make for a great addition for imaginative play.

  108. Wow – what a great giveaway! I’d choose prize package #2 – I use those little people all the time in my crafts, and it would be nice to have an assortment of them to work with! I also just visited the site, and their prices are great! Less expensive than the company I currently order from. Thanks for the chance to win!

  109. I now LIKE Casey’s Wood Products on FB. I forgot to mention in my 1st entry, that if by some miracle I win the giveaway, I would chose Prize Pkg #2.

  110. I’ve liked Casey’s Wood on FB. Thanks for the second chance to win!

  111. It was really hard to pick a favorite of mine ON Casey’s wood page. i love it all!  but expecially the wooden spools and thimble.  And the animal cutouts, and…. I would pick package # 2 if I win. thanks. 











  112. I also liked Casey’ on Facebook. Thank you for introducing me 

  113. I would love package 2. Looks wonderfully fun! 

  114. I love the lighthouse! I am frommaine too, so I will have to get one for my Waldorf classroom…oh the things I could make with prize package number 2!

    This will not let me edit the typo above…sorry!


  115. It’s one stop shopping for all wood crafts.  I especially love the bead selection.  I’ve been looking for a good assortment of sizes of wooden beads.


    For the prize package I would be interested in #2 with the little peg people, my kids love making fairies and people.

  116. I liked the page on Facebook.

    Thanks for the fun giveaway

    (prize package 2)

  117. I guess my favorite wood pieces would be the peg people but there are endless possibilities for all the great wood pieces at Caseys Wood Products. My imagination could certainly run wild creating and crafting with these awesome pieces. I would be very blessed to win prize number two. Would keep me busy for awhile I am sure. Thank you for this opportunity. I am a fan of Caseys Wood Products on Facebook now…thank you for the heads up on the page  🙂

  118. I like several of the items on the casywood site. Just to name a few and why i like them:

    Blackboards – these amazing little boards work great for writing quick messages and for marking sales on some of my items at booths and during events.

    Wood People Pegs – several of these work great for game pieces for traveling games especially for medieval games, as my family and I are part of the Society for Creative Anachronism, not to mention the fun we have with them around the house.

    Candle Holders – need I say more? lol always need a candle holder and not just for candles. One of our friends makes Pysanky Eggs and these also work great for displaying them so they don’t roll around.

    Blocks – are great for many purposes including making wooden die for gaming (including liars dice) as well as building a physical minecraft style landscape with the kids for their figurines to play on.

    I like so many of the different items on the site so these are just a few of them that have always peaked my interest.

    My preferred prize choice is Prize Package #2 (below) – A one pound bag of fun assorted wood seconds AND 2-4 pieces of EACH of our peg people.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway.

    ~ Jon

  119. My daughter and I would love to win the peg dolls! We were looking at sone just the other day.

  120. I totally love everything you do, the little felt and wood Gnomes are my all time fave, they are so cute. I’ve been decorating my greenhouse with little wee folk and it’s just so much fun. It would be a total delight to win prize number two so I could add more family members 🙂 Thanx so much for the opportunity 🙂


  121. We love Casey’s ever since you introduced us to them.  We love the assorted wood pieces, because you never know what you’ll be able to imagine.  We would like prize package 1, if we win.

  122. I like Casey’s on Facebook

  123. I liked her page. I am looking forward to more products and wonderful ideas. 🙂

  124. I am enthralled by the cargo miniatures, especially the butter churn. I want to get some of these for my daughter’s doll house. If I win, I’d like prize package #2. 🙂

  125. Love, first, that I now know about the Casey site – and love the game pieces

    1. I forgot to say I wanted the Package #1 – toy assortment.  Thanks

  126. I love the peg people, but my favorite is the wooden bracelet.  So much you can do with it!

    1. And I’d like prize package 2!

  127. so many ideias so m peg people! go have some!! pleeeeeaseeeee!!!!



  128. Love #1 prize. Love the buttons and parts bird and animal love the spools

  129. I discovered the wonder of wood toys when my first was born and it saved my sanity!  We’re starting to teach tic-tac-toe, so that board looks like lots of fun!  However, I’d prefer prize package #2 with the peg people, since my daughter can be so creative in her play.

  130. Just liked Casey’s on Facebook!

  131. Liked Casey’s Wood Products on Facebook!  Thanks!

  132. What a wonderful giveaway.  I especially love all of the animal cutouts from Casey’s.  If I was lucky enough to win I would pick package number two!

  133. Fabulous giveaway.  Thank you!  I love the miniatures like the plates, milk bottles, etc.  I have a thing for tiny stuff.

    I’d choose prize package #2.

  134. I love a Peg People. Prize Pkg. 2, please!!!

  135. I just liked Casey’s Wood on Facebook.  So happy to know about this wood supplier.

    BTW, my fb name is Melissa Moon Todd-Hanley.

  136. I love so many of the pieces at Casey’s but especially the acorns, egg cups, napkin rings and of course we adore the peg people!!!

  137. Wow! Casey’s Wood Products are AWESOME! I really, really like the peg people, in particular! So I would choose package #2. My daughter and I would have a blast with these!


  138. Just liked Casey’s Wood Products on FB. Thank you for the opportunity!

  139. I would love to win package #2, please!

  140. Boxes and containers, especially the apple!

  141. I liked Casey’s Wood on FB.

  142. What a beautiful giveaway! I love the wood candle cups, they are by far my favorite! I would love to win the Prize pack 1. Thank you.

  143. I adore the peg people, so I’d have to choose prize #2. Thank you for this opportunity!

  144. I love the peg people, my kids and I had such fun decorating them when they were younger. I would pick the first prize pack.

  145. I liked Casey’s on Facebook!  I wish there was a “Love” option, instead of “Like”  !!!!


  146. Wow. What an awesome find. I will be shopping here often. 

  147. First, I had been looking for a good place to find wooden pieces, so thank you for sharing her page! I love the round beads–so versatile! I would love to win prize package #2!

  148. What a fun giveaway!! I love your shop and products and would love to win prize two with the peg people!! 

  149. I love the doll pins and little peg people. There are so many possibilities to decorate them.

  150. I would like to win prize package #2

  151. Love the animal cut outs


  152. Liked on Facebook 

  153. I first used clothespin dolls years ago and have since enjoyed many other wood projects. I love either package but especially number 2!

  154. I love Casey’s wood products. We have so many peg people!

  155. love your site  and fb page also
    super give away prize

    1. [quote=Maja]love your site  and fb page also super give away prize[/quote]

      Liked also Casey’s Wood Facebook page also!….Thanks again/

  156. I went over to Casey’s Wood like you suggested and I love all the things they have it is

     such and awesome site but the ones that jumped out to me were the beads, buttons,

    and the door pulls/knobs where just a few….Thank you for giving us a chance to win such

    a great prize.

  157. How exciting ! I didn’t know about Casey’s.. Love wooden things. I like these things I saw on the site : eggs, blocks, spools, boxes, switch plates, buttons, mini clothespins, and so many others. I clicked on their catalog too! If I am blessed with a win, I would like Package #2. I could paint them up for our grandchildren’s Christmas gifts and the local haven for women/children who need a place to stay. Thank you.

  158. My favorite product of theirs is their shaker snowman peg! I would love, love, love to win package #2.

  159. I liked Casey wood on facebook. I’ve had a crappy week so winning package #2 would really make me happy. 🙂

  160. Well.. What can I say about these masterpieces! They are so well crafted and so intricate, each and everything displayed carries beauty of its own. But to choose, my heart is always with wooden animals, blocks and the lovely peg people who will wear some amazing clothing tailor-made for them. 🙂

  161. I clicked Like on the Casey’s Wood Facebook page..Thanks again…glad to know about them.

  162. What a fun site!  Favorites:  shaker peg boards and bells.    Such great fun!  I’d love to win the 2nd package with the peg people.  Thanks so much for the chance and the introduction!  

  163. I love the egg cups and acorns! I’d pick package #2. Peg people rock!

  164. Casey’s Wood liked on fb. 🙂

  165. I love the peg people, the eggs, beads, blocks, and small containers (so cute!). If I win I would like package #2. Thanks!!!

  166. I never placed an order from Casey’s but I have checked out the website many times. Peg people are my favorite item, the price is great and the possibilities are endless. If I win, I would choose package number two. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  167. Wow- where do I start? I love the tiny wooden scoops and the Halloween items the most at this point, but I bookmarked the site on my ‘store shopping’ tab.because I own an arts & crafts consignment and class shop. I plan on going back and digging through all the goodness I found at Casey’s Wood. Please enter me in the drawing- I believe that I would want prize package 1 the most, if I win, though it was hard to choose. Heading off to Facebook to like them and share their page on my business page, too.

  168. Just liked the Casey’s wood page on Facebook for a second chance in the drawing, but ther are so many great projects on the page that I’m heading right back over there for more ideas!

  169. I love the peg people and the cutouts. I think I would choose the peg people prize. I’m already a huge fan of Casey’s Wood on FB. Thanks for all of your fun and creative posts!!

  170. Great ideas popping out of my head for the children I work with those two bags of wooden creatvitiy and potential. 

    Thanks for you great posts and ideas.!

  171. Oh my goodness! I am thinking of so many things that could be created. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway.

  172. I love the wooden buttons and the tiny wood coat hangers.  I would like prize #2.


  173. I’d love to win prize package #2!  But I did look on the Casey’s Wood Products site and I must say:  the paintable kitchen accessories are calling my name!!  haha!  Thanks for holding this give-away 🙂

  174. I,m from Costa Rica Central America and adore your wood materials. From your page is very difficult to choose because everything is exquisite done. I,ll like to participate on the prize bucket #2. Among all your products I like: the wood varnished votive candle holder, the wood varnished votove candle holder;snowman, the spindles, the wood shaker peg racks, the colonial style napking rong, the carved pine buoy, the dowel pins, the holiday themes, the rosettes rod brackets, the sleds, the drawer pulls & knobs, the cloth spins, the buckets, of course the balls u00A1u00A1, the animals cutouts and the deal of the week.

  175. Wow, I can think of a lot of fun things to do with this prize.  I’d prefer pack #2, please. 🙂

  176. Also, “liked” Casey’s Wood on FB. 🙂

  177. I love Casey’s! My favorite items is their apple boxes!

  178. LOVE Casey’s wood – used their tree slices to build my daughter’s fairy house. Would love to win prize #2 – their wooden peg people and wooden eggs are the best! 

  179. I’m a fan of Casey’s Wood on Facebook! Thank you for the opportunity – fingers and toes are crossed! 

  180. What a great resource! We love

    peg people, but I’ve been looking for a few bird accents for a project I am fiddling with. Great site! Thanks for the chance! 

  181. I like the spindles that Casey’s sells…ornament ideas and I would love to win the 2nd pack of wooden goodies.

  182. Love this! I love Casey’s wooden animal cutouts. They remind me of things me my grandfather and dad used to cut out for me and I’d “work on” in the woodshop when I was a little kid. I’d pick the first prize– the old fashion toys are great!

  183. I love everything! But some of my favorites are the wood people pegs and the animal cutouts. There is so much detail in the animal cutouts!

    1. I’m sorry, I forgot to mention which prize package I would like. If I were lucky enough to win, I would choose prize package #2! 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway!!

  184. I liked Casey’s Wood on Facebook! 🙂

  185. I already buy from Casey’s.  I usually buy peg people, but I have also purchased

    their boxes of assorted pieces.  Always happy with what I order and products come quickly.

  186. I like Casey’s on facebook.  Love to see what other people make.

  187. Hello – Would love to win prize 2.    Would use the wood pieces for a doll house I made approximately 45 years ago that needs some repairs. so my great-niece may now play with it.    Will be spending time with the catalog because they have many of the things needed to repair the house and the furniture.      Will also be getting some of the lazy susan swivel bearings to make cutting some of my quilting stuff out.      Thank you really found many uses for Casey’s stuff.

  188. First of all, I love that some of the wooden piece’s are made in Maine.  I love to buy products from local businesses also. And I so love the peg people in package # 2.

    Some of these wooden piece’s are difficult to find and it is great to have one place to find that special piece that you are looking for.  Best of luck and prosperity to Casey’s…and to Wee Folk as well…


  189. Have liked Casey’s on facebook.

  190. I love the peg people and love having wood items on hand for our art closet. I would love prize #2!

  191. I would love to win prize #2. The holiday items are great! There are so many fun activities that I could do with my kids.

  192. I liked Casey’s Wood on Facebook

  193. We love the wood blocks and peg people too. I’d love to win package #2

  194. I’ve been checking out Casey’s site ever since I heard about it here on Wee Folk Art a few years ago. Amazing variety!

  195. Wow…awesome prizes! Think I’d have to go with prize pack #2, my kiddos would love those little people!

  196. I’d like to win prize pack 2, but I wouldn’t scoff at prize pack 1.

  197. I now like Casey’s wood on facebook. 

  198. I like Casey’s Wood facebook page and I like the people pegs the best.

  199. I am interested in Prize package 1, as I work frequently with the elderly, creating projects to make for their personal pleasure or to sell at a bazaar for donations to the Alzheimer Association. I found several items on your web site

    These will meet our need and save me time as I won’t have to run around to find flat close pin’s, bells and other items used at Christmas. 
  200. I love the wide assortment of Peg People. I also love the eggs & egg cup holders.

    I would love Prize Pack #2

  201. Love this shop and everything in it! Love the peg people and wooden scoops the most. Would choose Prize #2 if I win. Thanks!

  202. I liked Casey’s Wood on fb.  🙂

  203. You probably won’t believe I’ve spent a week searching for these peg people, but it is true!
    Thank you for sharing this shop and extra thanks for the chance of winning this supercool prize!
    The wooden rings are also great for baby-bite rings with felted puppets on them …. I’m in the mood now!!!

  204. And I like Casey’s wood on Facebook too 🙂

    im in the running for price #2

  205. Love Caseys little wooden people but during Easter the eggs are so much fun to paint and/or dye.  I’d definitely want #2 because I can’t get enough of the little peg dolls.  

  206. Liked on Facebook!

    Crossing my fingers for giveaway #2. 😉

  207. Love looking around the site.  What a great assortment of peg people.    

  208. Oh the things that we could make!  I would pick #2 but that is a tough decision!

  209. I love all the fruit shapes, especially the pear! I’d love to win bag #2.

  210. The bowling set would be so much fun.  Or the buttons. Or the acorns.  Or or or…

  211. I buy all our wood items from Casey’s….. the peg dolls are wonderful – we have the tic tac toe and bowling games and many other items – I would choose #2!  Thank you for this opportunity!!

  212. Liked Casey’s on Facebook too!! Thanks again

  213. We love Casey’s wooden toys, blocks and fruits in particular. Would love to win package #2.

  214.  So glad I saw the post on Fb and was made aware of your page. Thank you for the thoughtful giveaway and options. Both are brilliant and darling! Either would be greatly enjoyed by myself, our children, and those we would gift a finished creation to. Blessings! 

  215. Thanks for a chance to win some of our favorite things! We LOVE the wooden peg people, and the wooden coins from Casey’s. I was going to order this week, but I think I’ll hang on for a bit! 

  216. i would love to win pkg. #2! i would love to make some little gnomes! and other littles! i went to casey’s page and fell in love. the thimbles interest me for storing my many ribbons and threads. the wood balls would make great feet for my homemade trinket boxes! i’ve bookmarked the site to access it easier!

  217. I love the wooden peg people, so I’d choose bag 2.  I would use the wooden animal cutouts like the alligator and hippopotamus, paint them, and glue them to clothespins.

  218. And now liked on facebook too!


  219. I really like the wooden fruit and egg pieces. I would l love to win prize #2. 

    Thank you so much for the opportunity! 
  220. I liked Casey’s Wood on Facebook. 

  221. Momma’s Favorite things on Casey’s sight is the seconds.  We have had such great luck on the quality of the seconds that are perfect for what we do.
    Rebekah’s favorite is the peg people.  She loves making gnomes and people.
    So like many others we would have to pick package #2
    Thanks for a chance at this amazing give away and for the great coupon 🙂 gives us a chance to stock up.

    LaZann and Rebekah(8)


    1. For the Second Submission We liked Casey’s Wood Products Facebook page.

  222. The little peg people are my all time favourite. I just love the potential they give.

    If I was to choose a set, I’d definitely go for number 2!


  223. .  I would so love to win.  Peg people are cool and as I am old(er),  I love old fashioned toys.

    Michelle and Kimara,   love your site


  224. Ooooh! I love Casey’s peg people. And for that reason, I’d love prize 2 if I’m lucky!!!!!

  225. What a fun website! Love the animal cutouts. I’d love either prize package, but I’d choose package #2 because my boys love painting and playing with peg people. 🙂

  226. Would love to win prize package #2! Have ordered from Casey’s Wood several times and love their stuff!! 

  227. Hi there, I’m in awe of the creativity of all of you .the use of natural wood in ‘ Casey’s Wood’ is wonderful . But as for your little ‘ Wee Folk ‘ , I found one of your books last year in a little shop and fell in love , how incredibly clever you are . There is a photo I have saved of you in your studio surrounded by those beautiful felts , the colours are heaven . I would love to win anything ,but the second package would be lovely . I’m just dying to have a go So I will cross my fingers nice and tight xx

  228. I am in love with Casey’s! I am really excited about the giveaway. I looked at their site and I want a Wood Handles Assortment Bag so I can make some spindles for bobbin lace. I’ve been wanting to do this for years!

    I’d love to win prize #1 because who doesn’t love toys.

  229. Love the lighthouses on the website as we plan to live within sight of one in Cornwall. They would make a great dream board for my girls.

    If I were to win I would choose prize #2 as we all love peg people!!

  230. Hello ! I am very impressed with the range. My favourite are the gingerbread people ! I would love to receive prize 2 . What a wonderful give away !!  Thank you


  231. I am so happy to have found Casey’s Wood Products through Wee Folk Art!  I have been searching at regular craft stores for spindles for a toy that I like to make.  Eureka!  Casey’s has them in all sizes 🙂

    Plus all the peg doll shapes and sizes…. this is a great website!

    Thank you!

  232. I liked Casey’s on Facebook. I really like prize #2.

  233. My in laws run a Waldorf inspired day care…I’d love to be able to add to their natural children’s toys with some fun wooden pieces. Also excited at a chance to make some more peg gnomes.

  234. Liked the page on Facebook. Now an “official” fan! Hoping for prize #2! 🙂

  235. Liked the page on Facebook. Now an “official” fan! Hoping for prize #2! 🙂

  236. What wonderful, fun little things! The funniest category is Lobsters and Related. I would love to decorate the little people pegs for my family’s role-playing and board games, and use some of the beads and cutouts with my Girl Scout troop for arts and crafts time.

  237. I would have gone and liked them anyway because the projects they posted photos of are great!  🙂

  238. Thank you for a great giveaway.  I love the miniatures! The little mason jar is so cute.

  239. I love so many things, the peg people, candle sticks and especially the miniatures (cargo).


    I would love to win prize pack 2.

  240. Well… I went onto their webpage looking for more marvel and the first thing I saw was the colorful and vibrant art done from the bird box. Awesome! Loved the art. Liked the page. Will look forward to have a box too!

  241. I am loving the beautiful candle holders. Prize pack Number 2 would be awesome in our creative household:)


  242. Liked Casey’s Wood on fb too!!

  243. I wanted to do a star garden at my preschool for budding astronauts and was so excited to see your beautiful wooden stars featured for independence day. I have definitely liked your facebook page and hope to order some of your beautiful wood pieces soon.

    It seems funny to order wood from you when I live on an island famous for the Norfolk Island pine, but alas we dont have wood turners here. I love your pieces.

  244. My favourite would have to be the spindles:)

  245. I see a lot of things I would like…love the wooden buttons, spools, little buckets, napkin ring holders, clothespins, wooden fruit, and more!  If selected to be a winner, I would love to have Prize Package #2.  The wooden people would be a great addition to my block center.  Thank you for the chance!

  246. I think the game pieces, variety of peg people, and animal cutouts are my favorites at Casey’s. I would prefer package number 2. Good luck everyone!

  247. I also liked Casey’s on Facebook!

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