Casey’s Wood Give-Away :: Jan 2015

Casey’s Wood Give-Away :: Jan 2015

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Casey’s Giveaway

Big ear dog cutout #HC-DOG2 is too dang cute!  I also ‘like’ Casey’s Facebook page! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

Sponsor: Casey’s Wood Products

Give-Away Date: Saturday January 31, 8am EST – Monday February 2, 2015, 8am EST

Number of Winners: 1

Prize: $25 Gift Card + free shipping in the contiguous USA (international readers are welcome to play too)

How to Enter: Visit Casey’s Wood and take a look around then come back and leave a comment HERE (in this post) letting us know what are some of your favorite items.

Optional Additional Entry: For a second chance to win, LIKE Casey’s Wood on Facebook then come back here and leave a second comment letting us know that you did. If you already LIKE Casey’s Wood on FB, that works too, just let us know. (Please note: If your second post is too short or comes too quickly after your first post, it might be tagged as SPAM. Take an extra moment between posts and be sure to add enough text).

Limit: Two Entries per person please.

Announcing the Winner: Comments will be closed on Monday around 8am EST. One winner will be chosen by random number generator and will be announced IN THIS POST on Monday morning. If you are the lucky winner, please send us an email with your contact and shipping information. You have three days from the time of the announcement to claim your prize or a new winner will be selected. 

International Information: Everyone may enter including our International readers but International winners will be responsible for their own shipping charges.


Now is a great time to stock on wood pieces for your spring crafting. At Wee Folk Art we have used Casey’s products to make many projects including our Flower Fairies, Wooden Eggs and Cups, and Fairy Ribbon Rings.


Welcome to Casey’s Wood Products, a small family owned business on the coast of Maine.  We’ve been helping customers make their crafting dreams come true for over 25 years.  We offer super-fast service and take pride in our diverse selection of natural wood pieces and our competitive and fair pricing.  We purchase much of our stock from mills that are manufacturing right here in Maine, and also work with local craftsman to make one-of-a kind cutouts and custom plaques for that special project.  We look forward to helping you nurture your family’s creativity with our fun and functional wooden pieces and Wee Folk Art’s fantastic ideas!




Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. I think I’d get the 5/8″ maple cubes and some of the wood people pegs… can never have too many of those!

  2. I love the peg people.  They are great to craft with and then play with!

  3. Entering the contest–liked your FB page too 🙂


    1. I like the pegs and plants& fruit. Very beautiful website.

  4. It is hard to pick a favorite!  All the peg people, wooden eggs and acorns, the round boxes and little bowls.  Oh so much goodness!   Thank you for the chance.

  5. Huge fan of peg people and the toy kitchen minis–we have several of them in our sweet little wood toy kitchen 🙂


  6. I love their store! I love the little wooden boxes the most, and of course all of the peg people. The little scoops are cute too.  🙂

  7. I was already a “liker” of their fb page.  🙂

  8. I checked the website. Its very beautiful. I would like the pegs, fruit & plants.

  9. The wooden eggs are always a hit in our kitchen sets!

  10. Liked Casey’s Wood on facebook!

  11. I always love the peg people!  I’ve been wanted to do some wood burning on some wood cubes too.  

  12. I also “like” Casey’s Wood on FB.  🙂

  13. I think I’d buy the supplies to build peg people.

  14. I see so many creative uses for these little guys!!!

  15. I would get the peg people to turn into your cute gnomes.

  16. I’d definitely get the wood people pegs, since I need to order since right now anyway.

  17. My goodness so hard to choose I think I would start with some eggs, then wooden people, then wonderful fruit….


  18. Me gusta mucho la madera Pueblos clavijas. Gracias !!

  19. We would get peg people and eggs!

  20. I like the wooden eggs, Large Wood Bean Pot With Cover, and the mice … and many others My daughter would go nuts over the little wooden people pegs!

  21. I already like Caseyu2019s Wood on Facebook

  22. I would love to have some more peg people. Lots of ideas for those! 😀

  23. I liked the Facebook page as well

  24. I already liked Casey’s on Facebook!

  25. I LOVE their boxes with covers!   Just want to get my hands on some and paint away!  

  26. They have a great website.   I did ‘like’ them on Facebook too

  27. I have been wanting to make some ribbon toys for a long time so the wooden rings are appealing to me. And peg peeps. Gotta love those peg people!

  28. Liked casey’s on fbook 🙂

  29. I love the little peg people and I must get a set or two of the Nativity people.  I love the clean lines and simplicity of them.

  30. I like the acorns, sewing objects and the wooden peg people.  I liked more than that, but those are on top of the list!

  31. Just this past year, I bought some of the small people pegs – at your suggestion — and created some sweet fairies and other characters — using your patterns  – as gifts.  Lots of fun and I think I’ll do it again — they actually make great craft projects to carry around and work on during meetings (shh…don’t tell)…

  32. Acorns and people pegs… Would love to get crafty with them. 

  33. I also liked their page on FB.  I used to live in Maine and love Wiscasset, so feel like it is a natural to support them!

  34. I love the scout logo cut out, and the high quality kits. The kits we get from the scout supply store are…not as nice. I’d certainly get some kits for our Cub Scout troop – maybe the Yo-Yo! It would be so much fun. 


  35. i love the people pegs, but i think i’d use a prize to get some of the wooden rings to put ribbons on. i spend summer weekends at the Renaissance faire, and, as part of my character, i have a Pack Rat puppet. his name is Ratscallion, and he likes to trade the things in his pack with children (or adults that want to play!), so i load his pack with little shiny trinkets, ribbons, tiny fairy/gnome dolls, star wands, etc. i usually end up with a lot of rocks at the end of the day, but that’s ok 🙂

    we are also decorating around our Shire with fairy doors & tiny gardens. loads of fun when people notice

  36. i’ve been following Casey’s wood on facebook for a bit over a year now. wonderful folks!

  37. I loved everything, but the little wooden acorns are too cute!

  38. I liked their Facebook page.

  39. Love the wood boxes & containers. Especially the pumpkin box 

  40. I’d definitely get people pegs and clothespins, although I am going crazy about the whole website! I live in Brazil and you just cannot find these beautiful things here! Finding this store is a blessing, thank you for sharing it!!!

  41. I love making little elves with the butter churns as their bodies and a 5/8″ bead for their heads. Then I add a pointy fabric hat.

  42. Thanks for another great giveaway! We love Casey’s Wood! Some of my favorites are the acorns and peg people, but it’s impossible to choose from so many wonderful things! 

  43. I have already liked Casey ‘s wood products on Facebook!

  44. Love the giant peg people!

  45. I have already liked Casey’s wood on Facebook and have made several purchases as well. Love this stuff.

  46. I didn’t realize Casey’s Wood had so many different things available. Love the heart cutouts and the lighthouse cutouts and of course I love their peg people. I’ve bought several batches of them from CW. Thanks for the chance to win.

  47. I love the peg people. The wooden eggs are great to paint like real birds’ eggs for Easter and acorns for fall! 

  48. I already like Casey’s on FB.

  49. I love the unpainted wooden beads. All sizes for making necklaces. I also like to use the split eggs for making Easter pins. A whole egg plus appropriate size spool makes a cute Christmas light bulb.

  50. I love the selection that Casey’s have and have looked for a similar Canadian based company to no sucess. I’d love to place a big order of peg people, doll clothespins, and a few chalkboards.

  51. Love your Facebook page! Looking forward to keeping up with what is new. Love to see what people use your products to create. Some fabulous talent out there.

  52. I love anything wooden as I’ve already have a lot of different things, but would lovethe wooden people pegs and the apples and pear are also fabulous fingers crossed I have also liked before on FB 

  53. Where to start. Obviously I love the little peg people and the egg cups, acorns and the mini kitchen things for the doll house.

  54. I have liked the caseys wood page on fb.

  55. Big ear dog cutout #HC-DOG2 is too dang cute!  I also ‘like’ Casey’s Facebook page! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  56. We have been in need of more wood peg people. They have so many uses in our home! We would love to be able to purchase more.

  57. We have been in need of more wood peg people. They have so many uses in our home! We would love to be able to purchase more.

  58. Oppss……suppose to leave a second comment that I ‘like’ Casey’s Facebook page!

  59. I would love to try their pegs and miniatures

  60. I realy really love the mice. But I can use peg people.  I seem to use them all the time.

  61. We’ve enjoyed the people pegs (made gnomes), spinning tops, buckets, rings, and apples we bought in the past, add the wooden eggs taught our chickens where to lay their real ones. Next time I think we need new people pegs, little barrels and dishes to add a farmer family to our wooden barn, maybe I’ll put together a quick little cottage dollhouse for them to live in.

  62. I am adding my Facebook “Like”

  63. “liked” the Facebook Caseys wood products. Can’t wait for payday to order some things.

  64. I really like the old wooden spinner tops over at Casey Woods.


  65. I’d definitely get some peg people!

  66. i have had the pleasure of purchasing items from this lovely vendor.

    i will most certainly be purchasing some wood rings & acorns as well as bean pots for my new grand niece, Sophia & grand nephew, DeClan <3

  67. I need to get the wooden rings. Want to try and make the fairy ribbon rings. Love them and my kids will too! 

  68. Liked on Facebook too!

  69. There are so many great finds on Casey’s Wood Products page!  I like the bowls and the kitchen accessories.  We are just starting our wooden collection for our son–there are so many great goodies here!

  70. I have liked Casey’s facebook page!  

  71. I love the miniatures for dollhouses.

  72. I visited Casey’s page & the things I  saw and liked were the Pots, Eggs, Candle Holders, Boxes, Beads, Gnome figurines & the Hearts & all stencils e.g. Animals. I am new to crafting & want to make lots of fun things.
  73. I am now following Casey’s on Facebook, and shivering for their snow!

    1. Thanks for leading me to this site. I luv wood crafts & the places I normally order from are not carrying the people pegs anymore & have a very limited variety of wood pieces. Will be ordering from Casey’s from now on. Thanks again.

  74. I love everything, but would order some eggs and hearts right away 🙂

  75. Liked on facebook! Thx!

  76. Love Caseyu2019s Wood Products! I would probably choose some peg people and some of their wood fruit and acorns. 

  77. Loved the Valentine cupids and harts! Would love to make something out of them for my valentine! 

  78. Liked the facebook page too!

  79. Peg people and acorns all the way! one can never have too many of either one!

  80. Acorn and peg people are beautiful

  81. I love the draw pulls. They make great mushrooms.


  82. I am a peg people fan too……trying to figure out which people those felt hats would fit.  Already have stuff in my cart!

  83. Wow wee so much fun to be had, what an extensive range of goodies.

  84. I buy my people pegs from Casey’s.  Also love their grabbags of misc. pieces.

  85. I like Casey’s Woods on Facebook

  86. I love the eggs and peg people!  My son and I would have so much fun decorating these!

  87. I liked Casey’s Wood on Fb!

  88. Well…this really isn’t easy…um…maybe the mouse? Or the peg people. Or the lighthouses. Or the….ya know what? I’m just gonna stop. This list could go on forever. 

  89. The cutout hearts are some of my favorites.  Paired with a couple of peg people make an adorable valentines gift.

  90. Thank you for the contest. If I win I will probably get a blackboard and cutouts. Also I used your Kindergarten curriculum last year. Thank you for that

  91. I love the clothes pins and the rings. My kids would have a blast with these for crafts!

  92. i have already “liked” Casey’s on FB.  i just love them!


  93. I like Wood Acorn the most. I also want to buy Wood Round Ring to make Fairy Ribbon Rings.

  94. I love the Wood People Pegs, Back Massagers, and the Salt & Pepper Shaker Set. 🙂

  95. I would love acorns, peg people, mice, and clothespins and balls to make dolls. But I want so many other things too!! Help!!!

  96. I like the people pegs and the smallest clothespins.

  97. I liked Casey’s Wood Products on Facebook.

  98. Liked on Facebook. Thank you for the chance!

  99. I love so many things from Caseys! Love the wood apples, peg people and miniature fairy house objects!  Wish I had a budget to order from Caseys right now! 

  100. I LOVE these wood products.  They can be used for jewelry  toys  clothing (buttons), home decor, woodworking the list goes on and on.  Plus they are from Maine!  It makes me happy while I paint and craft, just knowing that.

    I liked their page.

  101. I just love the peg dolls! And the candle cups. They’re so fun to play with!

    1. I like the Large Wood Scoop.

  102. Love the wood pegs and the random bags of seconds. So much creative possibility 

  103. I would definitely get the Skittles or items to polish and make our own!

  104. Great website & resource! Would get some peg people, wood balls for fairies  & beads & spools & needle boxes and…

  105. Visited Casey’s page on FB & liked it! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  106. I have bought Case’s Wood products before and they are great.They are well made and at a good price. My kids use them for everyday like the cute little plates, bowls and cups. I also love them for making fairy dolls.

  107. I didn’t know they were on Facebook!!! So, I clicked on “Click”

  108. I love Casey’s wood!  I would get some more peg people or the XO game 🙂


  109. Just love looking and getting ideas. Great variety.

  110. Thank you for this generous giveaway!  I would choose some peg people and some tiny mice and a bowling set.

  111. I love the little tiered Christmas tree shapes and the peg people too.  The cubes are great for making small three-dimensional puzzles and I like the wooden heart cut-outs just in time for Valentine’s Day!

  112. My favourite is the bean pot with lid. I would love to have a couple of those pots in my kitchen.

  113. Soooooo much to see. Caseys wood make my imagination go wild x

  114. ‘Liked’ but really I Love caseys wood and wee folk!   :). 

  115. Love any and all of the peg people…. Also beads and the rings for fairy rings and to make teething rings for babes!  <3

  116. This site is awesome!  I have been wanting to try the peg dolls for a long time and would looove to get some of those.  The wooden spools are also neat and would be great for storing trims.

  117. I liked Casey’s Wood on facebook also!

  118. Morter&pestle, honey dipper, bowls and egg cups

  119. there are so many things that we love at Casey’s and use all the time in gifts, stories and play, but I would say the peg people are my favorites.  Love your site, thanks for the chance to win!

  120. i just liked Casey’s on fb so entering here again.  And, I’ll say again, hooray for peg people.  We love everything at Casey’s, but peg people are my favorite.  And love the made in Maine products, especially!




  121. We love the peg people and the rings for the fairy ribbons. I also just saw their adorable little mice; what great friends those would make for our gnomes!

    1. I just like Casey’s Wood on Facebook. Love their products.

  122. Im a novice with crafting, but have seen so many beautiful hand made crafts on this site and would love to try my hand. I hope I am fortunate to win the give away.. Thanking all those clever people out there for the joy they bring.

  123. The doll pegs and rings! I love all the minitures as well!

  124. I love the people pegs. Always have. I was really intrigued by the miniatures. I find it difficult to comprehend making these. It must take real patience.

  125. The miniatures butter churn and all the wooden peg people esp the wee baby

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