Casey’s Wood Give-Away :: Nov 2014

Casey’s Wood Give-Away :: Nov 2014

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Please contact me within the next 3 days to claim your prize.

Thanks for the timely reminder about Casey’s wood products! I really like their wood cubes…I want to get some to do some activities from Craft Me A Story. If I win, I would choose the Peg People package…because I need to make me some wee gnomes!

Sponsor: Casey’s Wood Products

Give-Away Date: Sunday November 13, 8am EST – Monday November 14, 8am EST (This Give-Away is 1 day only!)

Number of Winners: 1

Prize: Your choice of one of two prize packages.

  • Prize Package #1 – Super-Duper Play and Build Pack plus 2 Bags of Assorted Pieces
  • Prize Package #2 – $25 worth of Peg People, Winner’s Choice of Sizes

How to Enter: Visit Casey’s Wood and take a look around then come back and leave a comment HERE (in this post) letting us know what are some of your favorite items and which Prize Package you would like to win.

Optional Additional Entry: For a second chance to win, LIKE Casey’s Wood on Facebook then come back here and leave a second comment letting us know that you did. If you already LIKE Casey’s Wood on FB, that works too, just let us know. (Please note: If your second post is too short or comes too quickly after your first post, it might be tagged as SPAM. Take an extra moment between posts and be sure to add enough text).

Limit: Two Entries per person please.

Announcing the Winner: Comments will be closed on Monday around 8am EST. One winner will be chosen by random number generator and will be announced IN THIS POST on Monday morning. If you are the lucky winner, please send us an email with your contact and shipping information. You have three days from the time of the announcement to claim your prize or a new winner will be selected. 

International Information: Everyone may enter including our International readers but International winners will be responsible for their own shipping charges.

Prize Package #1 (above) – Super-Duper Play and Build Pack plus 2 Bags of Assorted Pieces


Prize Package #2 (below) – $25 worth of Peg People, Winner’s Choice of Sizes

Welcome to Casey’s Wood Products, a small family owned business on the coast of Maine.  We’ve been helping customers make their crafting dreams come true for over 25 years.  We offer super-fast service and take pride in our diverse selection of natural wood pieces and our competitive and fair pricing.  We purchase much of our stock from mills that are manufacturing right here in Maine, and also work with local craftsman to make one-of-a kind cutouts and custom plaques for that special project.  We look forward to helping you nurture your family’s creativity with our fun and functional wooden pieces and Wee Folk Art’s fantastic ideas!




Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. Love the apple containers! Especially the one with the stem. Would love to win prize pack #2 🙂

  2. I like the little mortar and pestle and all the little kitchen accessories. And I would love to win prize pacge 1. Thank you!

  3. Liked Casey’s Wood on FB. Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  4. I already like “Casey’s Wood” on Facebook 🙂


  5. What a great site! I especially liked the wooden 3-D trees and peg people, but the beads look great as well. I’d love either prize package, but the first has a tiny edge. 😉

  6. We love Casey’s wood. I am a fellow Mainer but live on the other side of the state. I would love prize package 2. Our preschool is filled with toadstool knobs. I didn’t realize they had aFB page, but have officially “liked” them now. 🙂

  7. Soooo many things!!! Peg people, mice!!!, the clothes pins, and seasonal items! I think I’d get the play pack, since I just ordered some peg people a few days ago 😉

  8. I love all of Casey’s wood products, but I think my favorite is the miniature wood milk crate with the tiny milk bottles. So cute!  A close second would be the peg people, which is why I’m choosing prize #2 with the assorted people shapes. My kids love painting their own people, and often give them to each other as gifts. They would love this.

  9. my favs are still the doll pins and the acorns!!
    altho, now that I have a grandson, I am also interested in the wood wheels!

    1. I am also a fan of casey’s wood on facebook, for my second entry!!

  10. I love the Peg people, and would love the opportunity to win some and would happily pay the postage for such a generous competition xx

  11. As a public school teacher, I have many little ones in my classroom who would love to get their hands (and imaginations) on the peg dolls!

  12.  The peg people are great! I just discovered the needle boxes, cute! 

  13. I have liked Casey’s Wood on Facebook. 🙂

  14. I would love to win, but i’m just excited that you’ve shared a source for those awesome pegs you can use to make painted doll people! I’ve been pinning links to peg dolls for ages but wasn’t sure of where to find the pegs easily.

  15. I had already liked on Facebook.

  16. I love that Casey’s offers so many affordable wood toys for crafters! Love the peg people and bowling set.

  17. I love the little kitchen accessories! I would like package 2 to make dolls for my girls this Christmas:)

  18. I have been needing peg people for weeks, but our nearest craft store isn’t ordering more, and if I order them online I’ll pay more for shipping than the product costs so I’ve been hesitating. We live only about an hour away from Casey’s – I’d LOVE to get some peg people!!

  19. Of course I’ve “liked” Casey’s FB page – we’re practically neighbors!!

  20. Great site! My family would love just about every product. We are from NH and love staying “local”.

  21. And just added the FB “like”!


  22. I liked Casey’s Wood page and love the kitchen stuff and the peg people! I would choose package 2, my daughter and I have plans to make peg people for the holidays! Thank you!

  23. I just liked Casey’s Wood on Facebook – thanks for giving me the link.

  24. I love all the varieties of snowflakes on Casey’s Wood Products site! Any prize pack would be great, but I’m sure my boys would love prize one.

  25. I love the wood turned Christmas trees!  Lots of fun things.  I think I would choose the peg people (2)

  26. I love the little peg people, and would love to have package #2!  Casey’s Wood products seem to be well-made, and they carry such a wide variety of products!

  27. I would love some pegs and trees to start my own gnome village.

  28. The angel peg and little Lady bug are cute. I’d choose prize pack #2

  29. I’d love to win either package but I guess I’d choose #1. Love the hardhat and baby peg people!

  30. These pieces are just wonderful!  How I would choose just one prize would be beyond me, but if I absolutely _HAD_ to choose, I would choose prize pack 1, as it has ever so slight an edge.  🙂

  31. I love the wooden trees and would like to win the doll pegs!

  32. Just went and liked Casey’s FB page.  It’s going on the short list of sites I’m *suggesting* to my husband that he use for my Christmas shopping this year.  🙂

  33. I love everything! But in particular, the Christmas theme snowman! I would love Prize Package #1… I know lots of children who will have some creative ideas for them :)!

  34. So many of their things are great – I really like the seasonal items and the beads. I’d prefer the second set but I’m not that picky. The children at my day care would enjoy either of the packs.

  35. My favorite items on their website are their game pieces & peg people.  I would love to win prize package #2!

  36. I really love the wooden miniatures!

  37. I have been a fb fan since last year. And would love the second prize pack.

  38. I love the little peg people! Thanks for sharing this site. The variety of products is amazing! I would love to win package #2 from Casey’s Wood Products!

  39. What a great little gift these would make. Painted and decorated by my sixth grade class for their second grade buddy classroom at our Waldorf Charter School. 

  40. I like so many items but my favorites are the boxes and containers, clothespins and peg people. My choice of prize would be #2. Thank you very much!

  41. I really love the peg people. The one with the helmet is particularly cute and unusual.


    If I won, I’d like the second set.

  42. I love all the game style bits, but my fav pieces on your page are peg dolls, peg snowmen, and the little wooden trees. Would love to win the second pkg, as I do custom painted peg dolls and am using up the last of my blank ones for holiday gifts. 🙂

  43. Became a fan on facebook!

  44. I likes Casey’s wood on Facebook! Thanks again!

  45. Love the little wooden mouse !!! And all the peg people options. I’d enjoy the peg people prize !!

  46. Liked casey’s wood on Facebook!

  47. Liked Casey’s page. Love everything!

  48. I like Casey’s a Wood Products on Facebook. Thank you for the chance to win! I’d love to try these!! So many ideas. 🙂

  49. I’ve always loved Casey’s wood. Last year I taught an after school  class where we made many many fairies and little gnomes and scattered them around town. I have to say though I love the little guys with the hard hats 🙂

  50. oh so many peg people to choose from – and love the snowflakes on there too !

  51. Oh wow! So many great holiday ideas! And the peg people prize would be perfect for an upcoming project!

  52. We love the peg people. We can dress ’em up fancy, or paint them simply. So many possibilities. We use them a lot in our homeschool lessons, especially for math! What a great giveaway!

  53. Package Two, please!

  54. I love The wooden buckets and bean pots on Casey’s page. The blocks and Christmas tree would be fun, too!

    If I won, I would choose prize pack #2, Wooden Peg People. 

    Thank you for the chance. 🙂

  55. I love the trees..I have some in our gnome house..other than that id say I like everything..especially the peg people so many pegs so little time…
    I would pick prize package #2.

  56. Package Two, please!

  57. I’ve been dressing little peg people all weekend and would love to make more for the holidays

  58. I would really love to get some of the Large Peg People.  Although I’ve used other sizes of peg dolls I’ve never made large dolls.  I also really liked the little wooden sled.  Super cute.

    I think Prize Package #2 – $25 worth of Peg People, Winner’s Choice of Sizes – is for me. 

  59. I’m a Caseyu2019s Wood Products fan on Facebook.

  60. I love the peg people and would love to make some for kids at my church

  61. We love the peg dolls from Casey’s!

  62. I love everything!! Especially all the peg dolls! Definitely #2!!

  63. I love the peg people! I can just see them bursting to life! I also love the free standing 3D little Xmas trees! I’d love package #2! Happy Sunday!

  64. Oh wow! I will be ordering from Casey’s! They have so many fantastic wood pieces that inspire my creativity!! I am so glad you showed us this wonderful shop!!


  65. I ‘liked’ Casey’s on facebook. 

  66. I love all the different peg dolls that they offer! I would love to win the peg dolls for my ece classroom!

  67. Thank you for this! Casey’s Wood products is fabulous! I could’nt believe all the beautiful pieces they had. I want one of everything! The variety of peg people alone is amazing! I loved the eggs and egg cup, I loved the kitchen items especially the portal and pestle. But I think my favorite is the acorns. I want a ton, in both sizes! Beautiful shop 🙂

  68. How cool! I was just wondering where I could get round people peg pins so I can make some gnomes and fairies I’ve seen online lately! If pick package 2! It’s just what I need!

  69. We’ve purchased from Casey’s before and I loved the products I recieved. My kiddos favs have been the eggs and the containers. Prize package one would be great as we have more peg people than we need. 


  70. I “liked” casey’s on FB

  71. I liked Casey’s Wood on fb!

    I love those little angels with wire wings!

  72. I hope they send to Portugal…

  73. I always prefer the peg people shapes. Although, they certainly carry any other wooden thing you’d want to get creative with.

    So, of course, if I won, I’d want the peg people. Thanks for the chance.

  74. I like Casey’s Wood on FB

  75. I love everything at Casey’s!  I love the trees and peg people.  We’d enjoy either prize, but #1 is the pick.  Thanks so much!

  76. I already like Casey’s on Facebook.

  77. I would love to win the peg people prize package.  I especially love the variety of sizes of people, and would love to have one with a cowboy hat.

  78. I have liked Casey’s wood products on Facebook.  Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  79. What a terrific resource of unfinished wooden objects.  The quality looks wonderful!  Would love to win Prize Pack #2.  I’m a librarian and have been wanting to host a program where the participants would create peg dolls to use in story telling.  These would be perfect to get us started.

  80. I’d love to winn price #2 because we never stop inventing new dolls, so, they want to be created and some pegpeople are handy 🙂

  81. Thanks for the timely reminder about Casey’s wood products! I really like their wood cubes…I want to get some to do some activities from Craft Me A Story. If I win, I would choose the Peg People package…because I need to make me some wee gnomes!

  82. I already Like Caseys’ Wood Products on FB!

  83. i love liTtle wooden boxes 

    would love pkg 2. We can never have enough peg dolls


  84. Love the turned Christmas trees! Prize pack #2

  85. Wow! Wow! Wow! What an amazing selection of stuff at Casey’s. 

    Ive never seen so many types of peg people! I love, love, love the little ones with hats and helmets. 

    Such a fantastic selection of cutouts, beads and balls.

    I’d welcome either prize. 

  86. I love the large angel shaped peg people.

    I would love to win prize package # 2- I am so obsessed with making peg people these days!

  87. I would LOVE to win the peg people.  I really need some to make our nature table people!  I also love all the fruit and the cloths pin people.  I would love a set of the dishes for my girls play kitchen.  What a great website I am so glad I found it!!!

  88. I liked Casey’s Wood Products on facebook.

  89. Oh and I Like them on Facebook too! 

    Thanks for the extra chance 🙂

    I’d love to get my hands on prize bag 2 full of peg people 🙂

  90. i “like” Casey’s  Wood Products on facebook.

  91. I love just about everything Casey’s has to offer, especially the cut out shapes, we love to make Christmas ornaments for grandparents with those. My favorite are the people pegs though. My preschool class loves to dress these little guys and use them in various dioramas and projects, like the little Wamponoag village we finished last week. I would chose I people pegs if I win 🙂

  92. I like the peg people, and if I won I’d like the second package.

  93. I liked Casey’s Wood on Facebook

  94. I love the little people shaped pieces. I would make a forestful of ninjas.

  95. I am a fan of Casey’s wood products on Facebook!

  96. I would love to with the peg dolls! I am making dolls for all my students this holiday season. What a great give away!

  97. I like the little sleds and spinning tops.  I would love to win prize package 1.

  98. We really like the sewing supplies since that’s what we are working on now!  But really, the entire product selection is pretty great.  We would choose gift number 2,  lots of fun people to make there.

  99. Liked Casey’s Wood Products on FB.

  100. Such a lovely and generous giveaway !! great idea.

    Would love to win package #2 🙂

    Thanks and good luck !

  101. I’m crazy about the peg people but I love the beads too!

  102. I so love your peg dolls and wooden boxes and barrels. I would enjoy package 2 !!!

  103. Thank you for the give away! Would love to win package #2.

  104. Yay! Liked you on FB (^_^)

  105. I liked you!!

    You  are in Wiscasset?  My sweetie is from Waldoboro!! It’s a small world. I’m in Alaska!

  106. I love so many of the products, but especially the animal/bug cut outs and the peg people, and I would love to win prize package number 2.


  107. I like the minatures, and the leaves.  I would pick the peg dolls though.

  108. I like assorted wood pieces. They would be great for play and crafts. Thank you! 

  109. I actually just got my first order from your company! I love the little wooden needle holders! I am going to be personalizing them for gifts for my daughter to give her 4h sewing friends! I would love to win either package but since I specialize in pegdolls I would love to branch out and try the other toysnin package#1.

  110. I didnt realize you are on FB. I happily liked your page and will share pictures of my creations using your products soon!!! Thankyou for having American made wood products!!!

  111. I love the kitchen scoops, the round Christmas tree, and the leaf cutouts. I would choose package #2 – I’ve been wanting to make little gnomes with my son for ages, but I can not find the pegs in stores.

  112. Hi there! I realy love the cowboy with had, the little ladybug is super cute and the christmas trees look beautiful! I hope to win price package 2!

  113. I love the blocks!  I’ve seen some really neat crafts using wood blocks that I’m dying to try.  But I’d probably pick package #2, my kids love peg people!  They love decorating them.  🙂 

  114. I love the blocks!  I’ve seen some really neat crafts using wood blocks that I’m dying to try.  But I’d probably pick package #2, my kids love peg people!  They love decorating them.  🙂 

  115. I love the blocks!  I’ve seen some really neat crafts using wood blocks that I’m dying to try.  But I’d probably pick package #2, my kids love peg people!  They love decorating them.  🙂 

  116. I love Casey’s and we’ve been buying their wood products for years. Especially love the peg people and eggs. Woudl love to win package #2!



  117. Liked Casey’s wood on facebook!

  118. Thanks for a great give away that introduced me to a company I’d never heard of. I like having an option of buying my pegs from a company located here and not in China. I like #2.

    Mary Ann


  119. I already like Casey’s Wood Products on Facebook.

  120. I really love the wooden bowls and plates for the dolls houses.

    I would like to win the peg people please.

  121. I have liked fb casseywood page 🙂

  122. I like the little bean pots…so cute!  I think I would pick the peg people if I won. 

  123. I liked Casey’s Wood on Facebook.  🙂

  124. Casey’s Wood Products are so creative. I love wood acorns the most. I would live to win the prize package #2 peg people. Thank you for the giveaway chance!

  125. I love the peg people.  They are great to craft with and play with.  I would pick the 2nd prize pack.

  126. Liked Casey’s Wood Products on Facebook.

  127. I would love prize pack #2! The turned Christmas trees are fun too; they’d make a great Christmas craft.

  128. Love the wood buttons, wood bowls for a play kitchen, and wood acorns and peg people for crafts! I would definitely be interested in prize package #2!

  129. Liked Casey’s on FB … I hope I win!

  130. The wooden rings would be so much fun to adorn with ribbons or bells. The acorns are also adorable.

    Both prize packages look like fun. I think I lean a little towards package 2

  131. I adore the travelling peg person on Casey’s Wood’s FB page, esp. that it made it to the little town of Assmanshausen by the river Rhein where I spend most of my childhood! I am gobsmacked! I’d love to win the peg people package #2, I will post a pic of one from here in NZ to Casey’s Wood should I win <3

  132. Hi,

    I like tha fact that children and adults can have endless possibilities with these products and to bring out the creativity in each of us. If I were lucky enough to win I know my grandchildren and kindergarten children would have many a long time playing with them. I would choose #2

  133. I love your crab apples!  Thanks!


  134. I love the mortar and pestle.
    I’d love #1

  135. I like the mortar and pestle

  136. Love peg people and have ordered them a couple of times from Casey’s. I would love to win prize 2!

  137. oh my goodnes…i was JUST on their website today looking at peg people! i need to make some math gnomes!

  138. i have liked Casey’s on FB. . . and would love love love to win the peg dolls. we have plans for math gnomes as well as xmas gifts made from peg dolls. wheeeeee!

  139. I like Casey’s wood on facebook

  140. I would be thrilled with either prize! I love all of their products and their customer service is top notch. One of my favorite things right now are the seasonal cut outs.

  141. i love everythng at Casey’s! I’ve loved spotting their products in your projects over the years tpo. We use tons of peg people, but also love the tiny kitchen play goodies. I would take package #2. Thanks!

  142. I love the large Angel peg dolls!  ANd I would love package #1!

  143. I “liked” Casey’s wood on facebook, and I like them in real life too!

  144. LARGE fortunes on peg doll men, and more recently on their assorted wood parts for blocks.

  145.  I now like them as well, and have apparently accidentally made my type all in Italics.


    I see they’ve added in new tree forms, I might need to make a small order of tree forms.

  146. i love Casey’s Wood!  What a great giveaway!

  147. I like the peg people and would like to win the second prize.

  148. I love the kitchen items and the christmas cutouts of snowflakes. Would love to win #2

  149. Oooooo I see gnomes,fairies, angels, mermaid …… So many things waiting to be created. 

  150. We love our Scoops for feeding, Buckets for collecting, and the Wooden Eggs for painting and to help our lovely hens know where to lay <3 Option #2 would be happily received.

  151. I like a lot of items on the page but probably the bee, the snowman and the pine tree the most. I’d like to win package 1. Thank you

  152. I love Casey’s and right now, I’d say my favorite products are their wooden spools, as I am needing to organize a lot of ribbon and string and think they’d be a good way to do that.

  153. I liked the page too. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. (I’m still going for package 1 🙂 )

  154. What a fun give-a-way!!  I liked their facebook page and I checked out their site, so much goodness it’s hard to choose!!  I would love to win the peg people!!!!

  155. I found your site via Wee Folk Art.

    You have a wonderful site.

    I could make my own spool-type dolls now!

    Thanks for having such a wonderful site.

    If I won,I’d pick the dolll bag.  🙂


  156. Anything with a snowflake would be for me 🙂


    Prize package #2 would be my choice.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  157. Honestly, I love everything! They are all little treasures of blank slate that we could do just about anything with. Items would be fitting for our old dollhouse such as the wooden bowls and other miniatures….the peg people would allow us to represent different nationalities during our culture study as well as clothing and dress styles. Such a treasure trove of imagination! Thanks!

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