Flash Back

<img alt=”” src=”https://weefolkart.com/wp-content/uploads/spring2014/flowerfairies-frontwm.jpg” style=”height:363px; width:545px” /><br /> <br /> <em>It&#39;s spring… that means it&#39;s time to revisit our Flower Fairies. Welcome back Flower Fairies!</em><br /> <br /> If Fairy Dust is sprinkled on a flower as the last dew of morning evaporates, something magical happens… a Flower Fairy is born!Read More →

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Wishing you a day filled with love and giggles šŸ™‚ Kimara and Michelle   The pattern for our Valentines Peonies can be found HERE.Read More →

Valentine's Day is a wonderful time to remember… "What the world needs now, is love, sweet love" šŸ™‚ Get a little gnomey love in your heart by using this desktop wallpaper for the month šŸ™‚ Peace and Love!Read More →

We have got out-of-town visitors for next two weeks. Drew, Meghan and the Little Lady are here, and as you can well imagine, my time will be spent with them, and there will be little time left for crafting šŸ™‚ Of course I will be sharing some pics of our adventures, and MichelleRead More →

If you had to guess which of our projects were most linked to, what would you guess? Our Waldorf Style Gnomes? Our Knitted in the Round Doll Pattern? What about our Hair Pin Lace Tutorial? Although those are amoung the most popular patterns, the most frequently visited patterns are for our Doorstop Cat, DogRead More →

Last fall the kids and I made these Salt Dough Veggies to correspond with our Autumn Harvest Unit. A lot of time was spent gathering the harvest off of our farm mat. I was amazed at the detail the salt dough held. We have a few surviving pieces… but the dog (andRead More →

Here is another Autumn Project Flashback from Wee Folk Activities. The kids and I made these Stiff, Fabric Ghosts last Halloween. Although pictured outside, we ended up taken them indoors where they spent the season haunting our dining room. Enjoy this fun, spooky craft.  Read More →

I was just revisiting some crafts the kids and I did together last fall and wanted to share them with all our new readers (my how the site has grown in the past year). Over the next couple weeks I will be highlighting some of our favorite Crafting with theRead More →