Friends of WFA

There is just no way I can write this blog without making your jealous. Seriously. But I was so touched that I can't not share it either. (Don't you hate double negatives?) So here goes. A couple of days before Christmas, my postman left a slip in my mailbox saying I missed a delivery. Really? I was home all day and my dogs light upRead More →

  EDIT: We’ve had a few people ask how long this fundraiser is going to run so thought there might be other people interested. We are running it until Easter Sunday, April 24. So, if you’d like to work on contributing as a family, or if you’d like to becomeRead More →

After the responses we received about Gluten Free Living, it just didn’t seem like enough to leave a "thank you" comment. Not only were we blown away by the wealth of information and ideas we received, but by the thoughtful, caring nature of our wonderful readers. We know you all took time to put together yourRead More →

We get tons of emails from our readers. Sometimes they have questions, sometimes their kind words make us blush, and sometimes they simply WOW us! This falls into the category of WOWing us! I got this email from Jane: I thought you might be interested in the blanket I made as aRead More →

Today Michelle and I have an article featured on The Magic Onions: Discovering Waldorf Column. We were thrilled that Donna thought to ask us, since we are such fans of The Magic Onions! Today we tackled the often touchy topic of receiving children’s gifts. Often our concept of appropriate toys can differRead More →

This has been a great week for us. We’ve gotten many emails and links from friends sharing the projects they’ve made using our patterns. When people post one of our patterns on a blog, we link to it on Facebook. But many of readers do not have blogs, so weRead More →

We receive the most wonderful emails from our readers. Some are questions, some are suggestions, some are heart touching stories that fill our eyes with tears and our hearts with love, and some, like this one, are informative, and at the same time make us giggle. I asked Di if sheRead More →

Welcome to our first Friday Show and Tell. We are hoping that this will become a favorite with our readers and that many will participate by sharing projects they are working on now or have completed. Anyone can join in the fun. You DO NOT need to be a registeredRead More →