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One last reminder… Wee Folk Art Market Place will be closing tomorrow, and we are not sure when it will reopen online. If you want to place an order, make sure you do it today 🙂 Tomorrow we will be getting back to business as usual. Have a wonderful Sunday!Read More →

Wee Folk Art Market Place is now open and will remain open until Monday, August 20. Many supplies are limited so make sure to shop early. REMINDER: We are not accepting international orders at this time. We are so sorry that we cannot accommodate everyone.Read More →

  Wee Folk Art Market   Place will open tomorrow morning,  Monday, August 6, at 7:00 a.m. EDT for 2  weeks only. Stop by and see us 🙂   REMINDER: We are not accepting international orders at this time. We are so sorry that we cannot accommodate everyone.Read More →

Just a reminder that Wee Folk Art Market Place will be open for TWO WEEKS only, beginning August 6 and closing August 20. This will probably be the only time we have the shop open online before Christmas. If there are kits and supplies you would like, make sure toRead More →

As we start looking towards Autumn (I know… how can we do that when it is so summery outside?) we wanted to share a few of our plans with you. (Subject to change, of course, for no good reason 🙂 First let me say we received so many kind and loving emailsRead More →

We have received so many lovely emails asking us if and when we plan to reopen the Wee Folk Art Market Place. We are not sure of our long range plans, but for all of you that didn’t get a chance to order from us, and were hoping to use our kits and materialsRead More →

“I don’t see much sense in that,” said Rabbit. “No,” said Pooh humbly, “there isn’t. But there was going to be when I began it. It’s just that something happened to it along the way.” …from Winnie the Pooh  Michelle and I have decided that we will not be reopening Wee Folk Art MarketRead More →

Due to many requests, Wee Folk Art Market Place in now open all day, everyday. That way, you can place orders whenever you like. To keep our lives from spinning out of control, we will only ship twice a week.  We are now accepting international orders. For everyone outside of the US, please make sure to read about our SHIPPING POLICY before you place an order.Read More →

Do you have any idea how much fun it is collecting things for the shop? It’s AWESOME! As we are putting together the shop and making it our own, we think about the things we like and use, and those things we think our readers will like, which not amazingly, is very similar 🙂 Having said that… Michelle andRead More →

WOW! A week has flown by since Wee Folk Art Market Place opened. And, unless there is something we are forgetting, it went off without a hitch. The shop was open on Monday. We packaged orders on Tuesday, and they were shipped on Thursday. We even managed to place a few orders for the things we ran out of… much sooner than we thought…Read More →

YESTERDAY’S OPENING WAS A HUGE SUCCESS!!!   Just wanted to take a very quick moment to thank everyone that shopped with us yesterday. We were blown away by your response. And although we exceeded our order max, things went so smoothly, we were able to keep the shop open all day, restocking the shop when needed, and we onlyRead More →

  Wee Folk Art Market Place is open from 7:00 a.m. Mondays to 7:00 a.m. EST Tuesdays. For the first few weeks, while we get all the bugs out of the system, the shop may close early if we reach the maximum number of orders we will accept.   EDIT: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone thatRead More →

Please, take the time to read through our Nitty Gritty about the shop. For all shop related questions please contact us at After all the Market Place info, read about our GIVEAWAY 🙂 It is hard to believe, but after years of thinking about it, months of planning for it, and weeks of preparing for it, our little shop, or the Wee Folk Art Market Place,Read More →

  With the opening of the shop just 1 week away it’s hard to think of anything else! We still have some project packets to share, but we also wanted to highlight some of our non kit items. Today, I’ll share some of our “fiberish” offerings. WOOL FELT ROLLS Over the next week, as we share more kits with you, you’ll notice that all of them use the same colorRead More →

While we were off on “Spring Break”, we were busy getting everything “near” ready for our shop’s opening. Over the next two weeks we will be giving you sneak peeks of the products we will be selling and sharing our hopes and dreams for the shop and our blog. To begin with, we will be selling kits for some ofRead More →

Let me set the stage. It's 5:00 a.m. Three days before Christmas. Several days prior we emptied the "teen cave" section of our basement, so it could be painted. You see, this is going to be our starting home for our shop and studio where we will be giving classes. Let me say this again… just 1 week before Christmas we embarkedRead More →

Monday morning we unveiled our new website. So, of course, we’ve got about 3 weeks of “tweakage” ahead of us. You know about “tweakage”. It’s the little changes that take something from great to awesome. And since Michelle and Tim work for free… to quote Po from Kung Fu Panda,Read More →

Surprise! I’m not a great secret keeper (understatement noted), so it’s been driving me crazy not to share the progress of our new web design with you guys. I must admit I had very little to do with the actual change… it was all Michelle’s design and Tim’s computer skills. My contribution?Read More →