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It is that hectic time of year when all of our activities are wrapping up for the year and everything is requiring a little extra time. My living room is covered in dance costumes, the dining room table is littered with science fair project materials, and I’m tripping over fencing gearRead More →

After eight years of blogging, we have such a large archive of posts and pages that we know it can sometimes be tricky to find exactly what you need. In order to make it easier for our Homeschool Companion fans to find our homeschool units, we have set up aRead More →

Today we are going to learn how to make these traditional tied friendship bracelets. Food Allergy Awareness Friendship Bracelet Project Making these Friendship Bracelets was actually a homework assignment for Fairy. It didn’t dawn on me that I should blog about it until after we had completed several of theseRead More →

Although January 1st usually gets credited with New Year’s Resolutions, isn’t it really at the end of August, as you gather school supplies gearing up to return to your normally scheduled activities that you make your greatest resolutions? Maybe they include that this year there will be more family dinners,Read More →

Around these parts when we talk about W.I.P. (work in progress) we are not always speaking about what’s on our needles or looms. Often we set aside our normal crafting and work on designing units for the wee ones. These units give us all a chance to really dig intoRead More →

  We have been working on a Geology Unit for the past 8 weeks or so. I let the kids take turns choosing science projects, this was Bug’s request. Science is the subject that I feel comfortable letting the kids call most of the shots but I have used Evan-Moore’sRead More →

Bug decided that he really wanted to make a Roman Gladiator Shield. I cut out cardboard rectangles for the kids. They then looked at images of roman shields and painted their shields. After the shields dried, we taped handle straps to the back of of the shields. Bug’s turned outRead More →

For anyone that blogs, especially those of us that blog almost daily, you can understand how we have a tendency to rate things in terms of “blog worthiness”. Get a new sweater for your birthday… not blog worthy. By a wool sweater at Goodwill, felt it, and turn it into a doll crib…Read More →

Here is part two of the Paper Mache Dino Eggs project originally published Feb 2009. Click here for part one: After the paper mache dried completely, I cut off the balloon tails. The balloons pulled away from the inside of the egg. You could try to remove the balloon ifRead More →

Some of you may have noticed that I have closed down my homeschooling blog Wee Folk Activities. It is just too hard to keep up with it all. But I want to make sure the most popular crafts and activities from that site were still available so I will be importingRead More →

  Here are a few of Bug’s Journal Pages on Ancient Egypt. I keep finding more and more drawings like these all over the house. In some he has devised elaborate pyramid tomb raider defenses… mazes of hallways, trap doors, hidden monsters (scorpions and such), fake rooms, etc. He has definitelyRead More →

We took advantage of a beautiful afternoon yesterday and completed our Fall Tree Nature Study. We haven’t be doing any of the Handbook of Nature Study Blog Challenges since the spring and we had a lot of fun getting started again. The kids each got to pick new trees forRead More →

I want to introduce the self guided project Bug has started recently. This has been an interesting adventure for me as well. I love the idea of a project approach to learning and can totally ‘picture it’ with older kiddos but an early reader? How on earth was that goingRead More →

Opening their new school year sketch books that they will use for nature studies and as a journal for their narrations and illustrations. Decorating their new sketch books with stickers. Here are just a few photos of our cleaned up toy room.Read More →

Normally art around here is basically free play. We get out the paints, play dough or crayons with little to no direction. But today I decided we were going to make more of lesson out it. So with aprons on, paper in front of them, I read the story “MouseRead More →