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I’ve had a very busy week and Michelle has been doing a great job of holding down the fort. I do have a couple of things to share this week. First, a couple of weeks ago, one of our readers shared an Etsy shop with us on Facebook, specifically the artist’s littleRead More →

As summer is drawing to a close, my thoughts turn inward… not philosophically, but rather to the inside of my house. I don’t do spring cleaning, I do fall cleaning, and much of the change inside my house occurs in September and October, before the holidays. As I was wandering throughRead More →

There have been times in my life when I had so much "stuff" on my walls that it was hard to notice anything in particular. It was my "clutter stage". Now, I’m just the opposite. Maybe it is because our lives are so "cluttered" right now, being in the "sandwich"Read More →

If it seems like we haven’t been cranking out the crafts recently, you are right. We went right from the holidays, to illness to having my house ripped apart. (Not to mention I’ll be leaving mid week next week for a week with the Little Lady on her home turfRead More →

On the surface, Michelle and I are as different as night and day. (Think Gilmore Girls!) By the time Michelle was 5 years old, she always held onto motel keys for me, because I was constantly losing them and Michelle was ALWAYS organized and had a place for everything. ByRead More →

  This article was first published at One Generation to Another February 5, 2008. Read through it and on the other side are directions for turning used potpourri tarts and candle stubs into beautiful, new candles. Close your eyes…think of the smell of your elementary school cafeteria…the ocean…a baby’s neck.Read More →

I remember as a little girl going through my mom’s and grandma’s drawers. I can’t remember if I was given permission to do this or if it was a covert operation done on the sly. What I can remember was how fascinated I was with the contents of their drawers.Read More →

You’ve just made of quart of lemonade, and you are headed outside to garden. It’s hot, and those first few drinks of lemonade are so refreshing. But because of the heat, before long, the ice is melted, and your ice cold lemonade is now a tepid liquid. What you need isRead More →

We are always encouraging our readers to use our applique patterns to meet your own needs. I have a little wall with shaker pegs where I hang my Easy Cotton Shawls. I wanted a little something above the pegs… something that added a little color and a lot of fun.Read More →