Kids Crafting (Page 6)

Using the same directions as the Patchwork Pot, Bug, Fairy and Pixie were busy making flower pots for their mommy for Mother’s Day. They needed assistance putting the trim on, and I did put the 2nd and 3rd coat of Mod Podge on for them, but they picked out theRead More →

  Think of our directions for spoon dolls merely as a starting point. Add aprons and bonnets. Partially sew up the bottom of the dress to make legs or add legs under the dress. Hair can be made from roving, yarn or painted on. If young children are making dolls,Read More →

For fun Halloween decorations, make these Hanging Fabric Ghosts to haunt your home. We created these Hanging Fabric Ghosts to go along with this week’s Unplugged Challenge theme: white. I’m sure I’m not the only one who took the theme white and combined it with upcoming Halloween and thought… hmmmRead More →

Just thought I would share a fun little project I’ve been working on recently. Bug has taken to drawing all these cute creatures (inspired by the Spore Creature Creator game). I keep finding critter doodles all over the place. Some of them are so elaborate and detailed they just make meRead More →

Looking at our blog to date, it seems we’ve offered very little for boys. Our apologies to all the wee men out there! Believe me, Bug has not been overlooked over the years, however, we’ve been rather fixated on girl projects the past few weeks. For all of you craftersRead More →