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Knitting Hexipuffs Quilt Blanket I know that I’m really late to the whole Hexipuff party, considering that there are over 9,000 people working on a Beekeeper quilt on Ravelry, but this is a project that I have had queued forever and I finally took the plunge and started it. SoRead More →

As a kid, my Nana always had these hand crocheted lace snowflakes on her tree. Her mother-in-law (my great-grandmother) had made them. They were delicately made and starched until they were firm. There was definitely something about them that said ‘old lady’ but in a traditional, comforting sort of way.Read More →

I wanted to share this Knit Butterfly Stitch Tutorial because I am working on a pattern that is going to use the Knit Butterfly Stitch. This is one of those knitting pattern where I believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. The Knit Butterfly Stitch requires 5 stitchesRead More →

Ombre Waves Knit Blanket Pattern

This is not a ready to go knit blanket pattern. Actually, this is  knitting project that has been in the works for awhile. I started it last January I believe. I hadn’t planned to post the Ombre Wave Knit Blanket Pattern until it was done, but I keep setting theRead More →

Summer is the perfect time to dive into some easy knit patterns. It doesn’t matter if you are 5 or 100, it’s never too early or too late to get your creative juices flowing! When I think of “summer vacation”, so many wonderful memories come to mind. There were crossRead More →

Yesterday someone asked me a question about the Star Braiding Loom the was included in Pixie’s 4th birthday Rainbow Collection. At the time I had tutorials on how to make her rainbow doll (not pictured) the lavender bean bags, the rag coiled bowl and the gnomes. It was always myRead More →

If you want to make a special gift for a special wee person in your life, you still have time to knit one of these totally lovable and huggable dolls before the holidays. These dolls have been getting so many hits on our blog right now, I thought I’d showcaseRead More →

Over the weekend our friends at Prairie Point Junction, home of Wool Felt Central, did a guest blog on adorable Fall and Winter Treat Bags. You can find the tutorial HERE. Although the bags are adorable, I was thrilled that they offered our readers a whopping 20% off all non-saleRead More →

Working with the Scale Quilting Pattern The Scale Quilting block creates a beautifully patterned fabric. When the fabric is aligned vertically, it does in fact appear like scales. It has great potential for costuming as dragon scales, bird feathers, etc. When the fabric is turned horizontally, it reminds me a fish tessellationRead More →

Ever since I first happened upon DROPS Design Free Patterns, our collection of Free Knit Boot Slippers and Free Crochet Boot Slippers have been a favorite of our readers. Recently, I’ve gotten several requests for similar children’s slippers. I guess with Christmas and cold weather just around the corner that makes senseRead More →

Working with the Instant Plaid Pattern The trick with the Instant Plaid pattern is to wrap the yarn around your needle twice when you go to knit the stitches that will be slipped across the front. The double wrapping give those stitches twice as much yarn so that they won’t pullRead More →

Working with the Hexagon Pattern This is a fun block to make, although it is not very “square.” The edges want to curl up in a wonky way and blocking this square was a bit of a challenge. You will often see this pattern worked with a wide garter stitch borderRead More →

Working with the Double Scroll Ok, if you read last week’s post (Afghan Block 17) you will know that I had issues with this block and skipped it the first time around. Since the blog caught up to me, I knew I couldn’t put it off any longer. I thought thatRead More →

Last week I shared a post with a bushel of Knit Monster Patterns. Of course, turnabout is fair play and I couldn’t leave all our crocheters in the lurch, so here is an adorable collection of crocheted monster patterns. Some need to be purchased and several of them are FREE.Read More →

Working with the Woven Tweed Woah! You might be saying if you have been paying attention. Where is block sixteen? Well, I skipped it. Actually I shunned it after having to rip it out twice. The pattern doesn’t repeat itself in an easy to memorize/anticipate way, so you really have to countRead More →