Yarn & Fiber Supplies

Over the weekend our friends at Prairie Point Junction, home of Wool Felt Central, did a guest blog on adorable Fall and Winter Treat Bags. You can find the tutorial HERE. Although the bags are adorable, I was thrilled that they offered our readers a whopping 20% off all non-saleRead More →

I have a confession to make… I cheat. There, I said it. Oh, not in anything important like a game of Candyland with the wee ones or on my taxes, BUT, I’m always on the lookout for shortcuts. Sometimes, I’ve made some awesome discoveries that I use over and overRead More →

My souvenir from Vermont was splurging on this skein of hand-dyed cotton yarn. I have animal fiber allergies and am so envious of all the dazzling wools others can wear. I don’t normally run across specialty cotton yarns and fell in love with this dreamy skein of yarn in theRead More →

Everyone has a secret wish list. You know, the things that you can’t justifying splurging on when there are groceries to be bought and electric bills to be paid, but they still tug gently on your heart. Personally, I don’t yearn for designer shoes or jewelry, splashy cars or fashionable evenings out. It mightRead More →