Stitch Glossary

Transfer Patterns to Fabric: Getting Started Today on Wee Folk Art we are going to cover how to transfer patterns to fabric. Over the years, we have shared a large collection of applique patterns and are now working on a growing collection of embroidery patterns. There are several different techniques that youRead More →

How would YOU like to become a Blanket Stitch Whiz? One of the most common questions I receive is, “How do you get your stitches so even?” Well, my normal reply is practice, practice, practice, and although that is true, over the years, I have developed some habits that haveRead More →

The bullion stitch is a beautiful stitch which is perfect for making lavender and wheat. It is sometimes called a caterpillar or worm stitch, and it has a great deal of versatility. The stitch can be made straight as in the lavender above, or you can loop it around itself toRead More →