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The girls needed matching barrettes for their new outfits, so of course I got right on it! Although they haven’t seen them yet, I’m sure they are going to love them. I made these for Pixie, using the cherry print in her ruffle. I decide to use a yo yoRead More →

Quick, easy and fun to make, these yo yo contour clip barrettes will become a favorite. Materials: Scraps of light weight fabric 3/4″ Lace – 5 “ Contour clip barrettes 3/4″ buttons Cotton Perle or 6 strands of embroidery floss Sewing thread Optional – hot glue 1] To cut outRead More →

What could be more summery than lounging on your favorite deck chair with your hair pulled back in a bandanna? Bandannas are a mainstay around here. Whether it is an old fashioned bandanna quickly tied around your head, a reversible bandanna meant to match multiple outfits, or the delicate bandannaRead More →

The Eight Panel Princess Skirt Directions are now ready. You can find them in Free Patterns Section. I made this one in some sweet Kaufman Confections fabric that Fairy just had to have the last time we were at Joann’s. Since they were not on sale, Gammy only got 1/2″Read More →

Ruffles are a fun and easy way to dress up even the most basic pattern. Some of you may have a ruffle foot that you can use on your sewing machine… check out your manual. If you want to do it by hand… which I like in small amounts… here is howRead More →

Here is the pattern for a 8 paneled “twirly” skirt that takes the basic elastic gathered skirt and adds a little “flirt” to it! There are 8 panels that flair out at the bottom. You may choose to use 1, 2, 4 or even 8 different fabrics. For that reason we cannot give specific fabric requirements.Read More →

I’ve been busy, busy this week with lots of time spent at the sewing machine trying to finish up all of my summer projects before our summer trips. One that I’m totally in love with is this Eight Panel Princess Skirt made especially for Fairy. I don’t think she knowsRead More →

  There are babushka dolls and then there are babushka dolls! Here’s our little doll wearing a skirt her mom just made for her. The fabric is gorgeous… a Kokka babushka doll print! Michelle used our basic Elastic Gathered Skirt Directions with a few alterations. First, Fairy insisted there wereRead More →

Ok, some of my other projects got derailed this week. Bug has been asking when am I going to make him something. I do tend to sew more for the girls… but let me clarify that he gets his fair share of knitwear. Gammy (Kimara) took it upon herself toRead More →

Here’s Pixie in her new skirt and shirt. She loves them! And what’s not to love? A nice comfy skirt and a t-shirt with a totally goofy bird. Can it get much better? Directions for this most basic skirt can be found in our FREE Pattern Section. I used aRead More →

A French Seam, sometimes referred to as an Encased Seam, is a wonderful seam to use when you want to concel the raw edges of a seam. This is great for materials that tend to fray, or if a finished edge may be viewed. (Or if you’re like me and just likeRead More →

           French Seam Outside                              French Seam Inside               Flat Fell Seam Outside                               Flat Fell Seam Inside After doing the tutorial on how to make a French Seam, I had this nagging feeling in the back of my mind. While in school, back in the dark ages, or at least the dim ages, I rememberedRead More →

This is a basic pattern for a simple elastic gathered waist for young girls. This can be made by sewing up the seam of 45” wide fabric, turning down a waistband and hemming. The same concept can be used for bigger girls and even moms. The secret is the widthRead More →

A Flat Fell Seam is the way of finishing off a seam so the raw edges are hidden. Not only does it make the inside of a garment look wonderful, it prevents fraying and extends the life of the seam. It is commonly used on the inside of pants andRead More →

EDIT: When originally posting this blog I erroneously referred to the Flat Fell Seam as a French Seam. My age addled brain “oopsed”. I have since corrected this mistake and have magically changed all references to the French Seam to now read Flat Fell Seam!  I received my first degree from Michigan State UniversityRead More →

Just wanted to share an outfit I just finished for Pixie. I used some of the Project Runway fabric I got last week and made a basic, elastic gathered waist skirt. I’ll have the pattern written up in the next couple of days. I used something called a “Flat FellRead More →

Once you get started making barrette covers, you’ll be addicted! You can sew them by hand or machine. In some cases you can applique before you sew fronts and backs together, in other cases you’ll have to wait until the barrettes are attached. Go wild or just leave them plain, theRead More →

A shank is a metal, plastic or thread column used to hold a button away from an item, making the button loose and easier to button. It also strengthens the button making it a great choice for buttons that take a lot of stress, like at a waistline. This isRead More →

In the mid 70s I was in college majoring in Home Economics. No, actually, Michigan State University was on the cutting edge, and it was no longer called Home Economics but rather Human Ecology. They prided themselves on NOT being a college content with simply teaching “stitchin’ and stirrin’” butRead More →

My little Fairy Girl is four tomorrow! I just finished putting the finishing touches on her birthday crown so she can wear it as soon as she gets up in the morning. It is mostly pink… just like she wanted. The reverse side matches the dress Gammy is making her. SheRead More →

Today we celebrated Pixie’s birthday. (I’m sure Michelle will include pics tomorrow.) I got a call yesterday from Michelle asking me if I made Pixie a crown. Seems we had our wires crossed, because I hadn’t. I got right on it. I was going to make a felt on asRead More →

Next week is Pixie’s birthday, but we are having a family celebration on Sunday. Her birthday theme is “apples” so it only seemed right that she should be decked out in an apple print. We found some fun fabric at the local craft shop, and I just finished it…way ahead of schedule, IRead More →

    So, after all the “girlie” knitting and sewing that has been going on around here, I got a chance to make a tabard and cloak for Bug. I must admit I’m thrilled with how it turned out. When Bug saw it, the only word out of his mouthRead More →