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I remember as a little girl going through my mom’s and grandma’s drawers. I can’t remember if I was given permission to do this or if it was a covert operation done on the sly. What I can remember was how fascinated I was with the contents of their drawers.Read More →

I got a new camera! Very exciting! My older camera (and will still be used camera) was fine but I found myself fighting with it. (I do love that my older camera takes videos… very important with a couple little dancers in our family). But now my mom and I bothRead More →

Rice bags are a wonderful little item used to relieve headaches, sinus pressure, and muscle and joint aches. When flowers and herbs are added to the bag, they can be used for stress relief and aroma therapy. They take literally minutes to make and can provide years of relief! WarmRead More →

THIS should be a testament to how much I love you guys… I am sharing some of the most unattractive pics of myself ever! So… this is what I’ve looked like the past couple of days. There are only 2 photo ops of me this week… nose running or blowingRead More →

Last year the kids and I made these Felt and Stuffed Star Ornaments for the little tree in our family room. What I loved about this project is that each generation took a different approach to the same theme. The kids had a blast decorating their felt stars with glitterRead More →

(Orginally published on 11/2/08 This week we used a broad interpretation of the Unplugged Challenge theme FLAG… and went more Stars and Stripes as inspiration for these Star Ornaments. We had so much fun that even Gammy joined in and made her own. You can visit for herRead More →

Here are the final directions for finishing your Winter Blues Buster Gift Box which include the Snowmen Napkins, Scarf Napkin Rings and Snowflake Wool Penny Coasters. All the crafts are easy, with the coasters being the most time consuming, but considering they are easy peasy to make, it’s hard toRead More →

Every year Michelle puts an ornament on the tree with her children’s pictures, commemorating that year with a date and pic. This year I used our basic Christmas Tree Applique Block to make the personalized Christmas Tree Picture Ornaments. Make one for each of your children. Because there is aRead More →

This is the simplest Mason jar cover around… so simple it hardly needs instructions!   Materials: Calico fabric 1/4″ ribbon Mason jars 1] Find a round object (I used a 7″ sandwich plate) the size of the cover you want, and trace a circle on your fabric. 2] Using pinkingRead More →

Counting down the days until Christmas is a tradition shared by many Christian families. Our simple Advent Tree with a star meandering up the tree, will help your family celebrate the season. This is sure to become an heirloom, eliciting memories of Christmases past as the years go by. Merry ChristmasRead More →

Well, I got my pattern fixed for the Mushroom Business Card Holder. So, if you’d like to make your very own, TOTALLY cool, business card holder, the directions are good to go. Unfortunately, I spent the afternoon fixing the pattern and didn’t get a chance to remake mine. But asRead More →

We just received the new business cards that Michelle designed for us. I love them… they are so Wee Folk Artish… which, of course, they should be. So, naturally, I wanted to design a business card holder that also felt like Wee Folk Art. For anyone not familiar with designingRead More →