A Child’s Dream Give-Away :: WoolPets Needle Felting Kit

A Child’s Dream Give-Away :: WoolPets Needle Felting Kit

Today, Debbie from A Child’s Dream is offering two readers the chance to win everything that you need to get started needle felting, including your choice of one WoolPets Needle Felting Kit, a foam mat, and a wooden needle holder. Our international friends are welcome to join the fun!

Comments are now closed. The winners have been selected. Congratulations Ginny and Theresa.

awesome giveaway

Submitted by Ginny Blankenship (not verified) on Sat, 05/17/2014 – 10:07

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at wool felting but didn’t know where to begin. This would be a great start. If I won, I would choose the frog. πŸ™‚

Liked ‘A Child’s Dream

Submitted by Theresa (not verified) on Sat, 05/17/2014 – 09:57

Not only for a second chance, but really like their products..

If you are one of the lucky winners, please email us with your shipping information. If you did not win, remember that Debbie has offer all of our readers $10 towards your next purchase of $45 or more, valid through Saturday. Thanks Debbie! Our next give-away will be in two weeks. Be sure to stop by and try again.

Use the code WEEFOLK and save $10 on an order for $45 or more.

One time use and valid from now, Saturday May 17th until Saturday May 24, 11:59 pm PDT


Sponsor: A Child’s Dream

Give-Away Date: Saturday, May 17, 8am EST – Sunday, May 18, 8pm EST

Number of Winners: 2

Prize: Needle Felting Start Set

  • WoolPets Kit of Winner’s Choice
  • Needle Felting Foam Pad
  • Wooden Needle Holder with Needles

How to Enter: Visit A Child’s Dream and take a look around. Choose your favorite WoolPets Kit then come back here and leave a comment letting us know which kit you would like to win.

Optional Additional Entry: For a second chance to win, LIKE A Child’s Dream on Facebook then come back here and leave a second comment letting us know that you did.

Limit: Two Entries per person please.

Announcing the Winners: Comments will be closed on Sunday around 8pm EST. Two winners will be chosen by random number generator and will be announced IN THIS POST on Monday morning. If you are one of the lucky winners, please send us an email with your contact and shipping information. You have one week from the time of the announcement to claim your prize or a new winner will be selected. 

Shipping Information: Everyone may enter including our International readers. International shipping is included.

Coupon: All of our readers are invited to kick off their summer craft projects with a coupon from A Child’s Dream. Debbie is offering a $10 discount to everyone for the next week.

Use the code WEEFOLK and save $10 on an order for $45 or more.

One time use and valid from now, Saturday May 17th until Saturday May 24, 11:59 pm PDT


When Debbie, the owner of A Child’s Dream, was planning her give away, I immediately suggested the WoolPet Needle Felt Kits. I have not needle felted in quite some time. My last encounter was quite traumatic! I had needle felted all the characters from the children’s book, Noisy Nora. One evening I was busy designing clothes for the mice. As I was sitting at the computer, banging away at the keyboard, my soon to be 5 month old Borador pups were running in and out of the house to our enclosed deck and dog run. Pretty standard fair. Tim turned around and started chuckling. “Oh, look. Now they’re playing keep-away with a dried leaf.”
“Sweet”, I said, absorbed in my writing. I didn’t process Tim’s, “Oh no” until it was followed by, “I’m so sorry, Kim.”

I stopped what I was doing, and reluctantly looked.

There, in his hand, was the leaf they were playing keep-away with. Only it wasn’t a leaf… it was Noisy Nora. As a matter of fact, Father, Mum, Kate and Jack were also missing in action. We found pieces; some in the dog run, some on the deck, a random tail or ear on the family room floor, and we had to assume, the rest of the body parts were ingested!

When I recounted the story to Debbie, she told about a sweet little mouse she had felted one evening and set on the fireplace mantle to be safe from her cats. But wouldn’t you know it, when she woke up the next morning it was on the floor, well played with and much worse for the wear. To this day she has no idea how one of the cats managed to jump up onto the mantle to capture its prey. She assumes it had been quite motivated! She now tucks her work away in a basket or hides it behind something on the piano.

Moral of these stories… if you have pets… know that they love wool felted animals just as much as we do!


Good luck and don’t forget to check back on Monday to see if you won!



Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. I love A Child’s Dream. If I win I will like the Guinea Pigs. We have guinea pigs and I think the kids would love these. I’ve never needle felted before so I hope I win. Thank you!

  2. I am so happy that I liked you on Facebook!!! I do like you! πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh my goodness, it is so hard to choose…but I have to say that the little penguin is my favorite. I would love to win it!

  4. Ladybugs and bumblebees make me smile! πŸ˜€

  5. In case, I should be one of the lucky winners, I would love the turtle pet give away (because it sais: for beginners and secondly our daughter is a turtle fan, has 15 real ones at home and I would make it for her in order to have one, which can be always with her)
    Your blog is one of my favourit ones, it is so lively and the stories presented are just wonderful – a little sunshine on even grumpy, rainy, unpleasant days. Thank you very much for this!

  6. I have wanted to try needle felting! The fox is my favorite!

  7. So hard to choose from all the goodness at A Child’s Dream, but I did like the little ladybugs xx

  8. I love the owl kit!! Although I have never felted before I would love to try this…….always wanted to learn felting I hope I am lucky on this one!!

  9. I would love the hedgehog. So cute!

  10. I ‘Liked’ A child’s dream on FB

  11. Love the guinea pigs! So sweet and cuddly!

  12. I love the wool fawn felting kit!!!

  13. What a hard choice. I love them all but would probably choose the guinea pigs as they look like something a newbie could successfully complete! And that would be me!!

    1. I forgot to add that I liked your FB page! Actually loved it!

  14. And I have liked A Child’s Dream on Facebook πŸ™‚

  15. I love the penguin as both my boys have had a toy penguin as their comfort toy. Will be a great memory for them

  16. I love the fawn but I also love the fox, oh and the hedgehog is darling, but the bluebird makes my heart sing!

  17. did both.. would love love love the hedgehog

  18. I love the ladybirds and bumblebees…fingers crossed! x

  19. I am new to felting and eould live fo try my hand at making animals! I think I would like to try the hamsters first. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  20. My daughter loves her needle felted toys. There is something magical in handmade toys

  21. I think the mice are so cute! I would love the mice kit – a great beginner project.

  22. I love the ladybug and bumblebee kit.

  23. I liked a child’s dream Facebook page. πŸ™‚

  24. Liked A Child’s Dream on Facebook!

  25. I’m a beginner felted and I’m very excited you have introduced me to A Child’s Dream. I simply adore them all, but the Guinea pigs are my favorite!!

  26. The hedgehog is very endearing, but the horse would go over well around here too!

  27. I forgot to mention – the Facebook page has been liked (quite a while ago).

  28. Hedgehog, but the fox is a cutie also πŸ™‚

  29. I’d so love to try one of these animals! I’ve never needle felted before!

  30. It is so hard to decide on which animal. I am torn between the elephant and the mouse. But since Buddha (our 5yo) and I have sewn together our own Jeremy Mouse, we will go with the elephant so we may have Ompliant to play with as well.

  31. WAW! This is a great kit to start felting πŸ™‚ http://www.achildsdream.com/needle-felting-starter-kit/ I love it! I would be delighted to win it πŸ™‚

    I also liked A Child’s Dream on Facebook, you have great ideas!
    Thanks for all the ideas to craft alone or with children!
    Greetings from Slovenia!

  32. My Dear Sofie likes the pony!

  33. Wow…Thank you for sharing her page. Her kits are adorable. I’d love to have the guinea pig kit for me and my daughter to do together this summer. We’re stuck indoors in the summer and this looks like a great way to spend the time together having fun making felties. πŸ™‚

  34. I liked A Child’s Dream on Facebook.

  35. I liked your page! I can’t wait to begin doing this with my girls!

  36. I would love to make the elephant for my daughter! It’s gorgeous!

  37. The hedgehog, the owls, the mice…so many great ideas.

  38. I love the Fox kit on A child’s Dream! Wonderful site and page as well! Liked them and will be getting notifications! I have always wanted to get into doing the Felted animals and such!

  39. I’m looking forward to seeing your posts on Facebook. I liked your page. πŸ™‚

  40. It was hard to choose, but I think the fox is my favorite.

  41. I was so excited when I saw you announce this yesterday! My 9 year old daughter LOVES hedgehogs – so that is an easy pick for a kit! She has the WFA hedgehog hanging in her room. I looked at needle felting kits when on vacation in CO and almost got one at a store, but was too shy. I hope to win, but if not, I’ll be looking at possibly placing an order with the discount – my daughter also found some cute finger puppets in a book that use wool rolving – so I’ve already got a list! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the fun ideas and inspiration here at Wee Folk Art!

  42. My daughter Veronika likes the hedgehog best and would love to make one if she wins.

  43. I adore the elephant! I do wonder if she shouldn’t be pink πŸ™‚

  44. I have never tried felting but would love to! I love the bluebird kit and the ladybugsnd bees!

  45. I “liked” A child’s dream, thanks for the fun! Now I need to shop and use my coupon! ha πŸ™‚

  46. I love A Child’s Dream. If I win I would love the owls, such cute little fellas, πŸ™‚ I have been wanting to learn felting for quite awhile.

  47. Hello from South Australia! *waves* First off, please let me Thank You all for this lovely opportunity! I appreciate SO much that international followers can enter too- so many times we are left out. Although I can understand why-shipping is beastly!! Now- let me tell you- I am not sure I can choose which kit- I finally narrowed it down to two- either the elephant (Because my Dh actually has done a bit of needle felting and I could give the kit to him as a surprise if I won!) or the mice. I love mice- mice are just so cute. SO SO cute! I am afraid I might not do them justice but … sigh…so hard to choose. I think in spirit of Dh’s upcoming birthday in early June, I will choose the elephant kit and I will watch and learn from him!! Thank you again for this opportunity! *HUGS!*

  48. I would love the Guinea Pig kit.

  49. Love the owl and hedgehog! Are these kits sold at the Henry Ford in Dearborn? Saw them in the gift shop

  50. I like the owls kit the best. I love birds.

  51. I have seen wool kits like these but never have seen a Hedgehog done. He’s just so cute. Would love to learn a new craft.

  52. I simply love the needle felted elephant and would be thrilled to win that kit!.

  53. I just liked your page on FaceBook! Looking forward to your posts!!

  54. A child’s dream liked on facebook

  55. I adore the guinea pigs and this kit is what I would choose if I win. I used to breed them, and the cavies in the kit remind me of a few I raised! I have a funny story about wool – my Chihuahua, Diego, adores it. He’ll root through my yarns to find a ball with a high wool content, and then he’ll unravel it and strew it around the room. His brother, Skippyjon, likes to shred the labels. I have to be really careful to put the wool/blend yarns in a tub that he can’t open!

  56. I just liked A Child’s Dream on FB – thanks for the second chance to win!

  57. Needlefelting is one of the few things I haven’t tried yet. The bluebird is very cute.

  58. I never tried needle felting before but in the future i would like to πŸ™‚

  59. Thank youfor the giveaway and for not having one of those widget entry counters! I am now following A Child’s dream on Facebook and I love their Pinterest boards.

  60. I would love the fox kit. My daughter is always telling me she see’s foxes when we are out driving. Tonight they had glowing whiskers. πŸ™‚

  61. I’ve just liked the Child’s Dream FB page, I can tell this is going to be a dangerous move :-/

  62. This is one of the easiest LIKES I’ve ever done! I’ve ordered from a Child’s Dream and they are friendly and super prompt! Thank you for collaborating on this super opportunity!

  63. The fox! My daughter loves those.

  64. Just visit your FB page so loved it. Looking at all of the beautifull colors of wool and who do I see but WeeFolks love them!!!!

  65. Also liked A Child’s Dream on FB

  66. I love the turtle and I liked A Child’s Dream!

  67. I would have to choose the hedgehog kit. So adorable!

  68. The Owls Kit is adorable! That’s what I would choose. Thanks!

  69. Love Wee Folk Art and all the beautiful projects! Want to try needle felting and I think I could maybe handle that cute little Guinea Pig from A Child’s Dream. They are all so precious!

  70. I worked very hard to felt my son a little kitty to carry around in his pocket for his third birthday. It was my very first attempt at needle felting and although it was a bit wonky, I loved my simple cat at the finish. That night, our dog decided she loved it too. It was the same, “What are you chewing?” followed by the realization and then the lump in my stomach as I found little bits everywhere. I was able to salvage most of it, but it was never quite the same. He loved it anyway, bless him. All of these little animals are so sweet, it would be a joy to work on any of them.

  71. I love the guinea pigs, too! I had these pets as a child and they’re so cute!

  72. I think they are all great, but I am drawn to the birds: blue, owl, or penguin. All makes me smile.

  73. What a fun give-away!! All are adorable….but love little Miss Ellie….phant!

  74. I liked a Child’s dream. I would love the guinea pig kit.

  75. Love the hedgehog. Have been wanting to try a hedgehog for sometime.

  76. I love the guinea pig kit! My kids would love them!

  77. I liked the A Child’s Dream!

  78. I LOVE the Hedgehog! Such sweet little creatures!

  79. Wow!!! What a lovely site! If we win this giveaway I would like the red fox kit for my daughters first bday in June!!! Perfect πŸ™‚

  80. Went to FB and liked them. Really liked their banner photo. Great colors.

  81. I love the cute little penguin!

  82. These little kits are adorable!

  83. I completed the second entry option and like Wee Folk Art on Facebook! Fingers Crossed!!!!

  84. Shared your dreamy site on my facebook page πŸ™‚

  85. I liked a child’s dream on Facebook!

  86. Absolutely love all of the Woolpets, but I would be so thrilled to have an elephant, if I win.

  87. I know my little one will love trying out the guinea pig kit! And I also liked a child’s dream on Facebook. : )

  88. I love hedgehogs! It’s It’s funny how an animal can to kle one’s fan y with a special bond. I have long wanted to learn how to needle felt. All things Waldorf are good for one’s soul…at any age. I hope I win. It will be enriching for me!

  89. Not only for a second chance, but really like their products..

  90. I would like to win the penguin kit πŸ™‚

  91. I have liked A Child’s Dream on FB!

  92. Visited your site. It is everything your name implies. Thank goodness that we can cultivate their dreams! Thank you.

  93. How fun! I would love to give those sweet birdies a go!

  94. I love the Guinea Pigs, Hedgehogs and the Sheep wool felting kits!!!

  95. It’s so hard to choose a favorite, I even asked my 6 year old. His favorites are the bumblebee/ladybug, penguin, owl, hedgehog and even the frog. I think I will agree with him, but also add the horse, fox and turtle. Love them all!

  96. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at wool felting but didn’t know where to begin. This would be a great start. If I won, I would choose the frog. πŸ™‚

  97. I am a fan on facebook. πŸ™‚

  98. The guinea pigs would be delightful! They are adorable, and having two would give my little girl and I each a go at one!

  99. I would so much love to win the bluebird kit.

  100. Hi there, my 6 yer old daughter would love to make a penguin. Thanks!

  101. For a second chance I have entered the childs dream on facebook and liked it

  102. I’ve also liked on facebook πŸ™‚ x

  103. Would love to win the elephant felt kit, tooo cute! I also liked a childs dream fb page πŸ™‚

  104. I am so grateful that Wee Folk Art shared your site with us. I adore the wool pets and have been interested in learning how to felt for a couple of years now. While I love them all, my favorites are the hedgehog and the blue bird. Simply magical!

  105. I’m new to needle felting, so the beginner kit would be nice.

  106. Hello,
    If I win, I would like A child’s dream Blue bird kit.

  107. Love the blue bird kit! Would be the perfect project to share with my granddaughter.

  108. Hello,
    If I win, I would like A child’s dream Blue bird kit.

  109. Oh my goodness! I am in love with that little hedgehog! It would create great fun and imagination around here!

  110. WoolPelts needle felting kit bluebird πŸ™‚

  111. I love the penguin reminds me of happy feet.

  112. Liked a child’s dream as well!!

  113. I have had several of these favorited on etsy for a while. The fox is my all time favorite!

  114. I’ve liked A Child’ Dream’s Facebook page, but can’t get their website to load at the moment so will try that part again later – thanks for extending this offer to those of us internationally!!

  115. How can you pick just one! Love the hedgehog and deer. And the bird.

  116. Now it worked πŸ™‚ I love these kits!! The owl kit would be our choice. Thanks again!

  117. I likes a child’s dreams facebook page

  118. I likes a child’s dreams facebook page

  119. Now it worked πŸ™‚ I love these kits!! The owl kit would be our choice. Thanks again!

  120. Now it worked πŸ™‚ I love these kits!! The owl kit would be our choice. Thanks again!

  121. Now it worked πŸ™‚ I love these kits!! The owl kit would be our choice. Thanks again!

    1. I have no idea why my post appears 3 times and I can’t figure out how to delete 2 of them… sorry!

  122. I’ve never needle felted, but I’d love to win and make this for my son. I think I like the bird best!

  123. Awesome creativity with natural fibers! So important to developibg hands and minds … Any Waldorf mommy like myself would love to this with her kiddos

  124. I love them all! I’m excited about learning to felt and would make the bluebird first!

  125. I liked A Child’s Dream on FB

  126. We would love the guinea pig kit! With 2 guinea pigs of our own who are considered “elderly” it would be so much fun to have a needle felted version!

  127. I liked A Child’s Dream on Facebook!

  128. I love the bluebird and it is an easy project so I probably could do that one. Thank you for this opportunity.

  129. I like A Child’s Dream on facebook. Thank you.

  130. I love the little felt mouse kit! So cute.

  131. If I have to choose one I guess it would be the guinea pigs. Love them all. My girls and I will be starting a new hobby

  132. The elephant please…love them all though!!!

  133. Liked the page for inspiration πŸ™‚

  134. Excited to see them in my newsfeed!!!

  135. They are all so adorable but the owls are a favorite.

  136. I love the little hedgehog, it’s so sweet!

  137. I love the guniea pig kit! And the turtle one. Hard to choose they are all super cute!

  138. I raise bunnies, so naturally am drawn to the bunny! However, also love the owls. I also raise chickens and since you don’t have one of those, the owls (or the penguin) are a close second…..

  139. I would love to win the penguin or hedge hog.

  140. Love those guinea pigs!

  141. Most definitely the frog to add to my “Hoppy” little collection

  142. Love the Guinea Pig kits ,my daughter would love one of these as she had a Guinea that passed away of old age. Until we get a new one this would be a great reminder of her wee mate and keep her little craft hands busy.

  143. I like the ladybug and bumble bee set.

  144. I also liked A Child’s Dream Facebook page.

  145. My daughter would love to try the hedgehog kit! Favourite a child dream is the ladybugs! X

  146. I would love to win the bluebird!

  147. My grandson would love the pony kit:)

  148. liked A Child’s Dream on FB!

  149. I have been wanting to give needle felting a try for YEARS! I tend to put these things off though as my mind makes them into something more difficult and intimidating than they really are. The guinea pigs are super cute and look like they would be the easiest! πŸ™‚

  150. I would love the horse kit! But considering my lack of needle felting experience, I’m probably better off with the guinea pigs which are a close second favorite!

  151. We would love the penguine kit. So cute!

  152. I liked A Child’s Dream on Facebook!

  153. I would love to win the owls please.

  154. My 11 year old would love the pony!

  155. I “liked” a child’s dream on fb:)

  156. My choice would definitely have to be the turtle. Thanks for the opportunity!

  157. My favourite is the turtle, so cute!

  158. “Liked” A Child’s Dream on Facebook. Thanks again!

  159. I would love to win the needle felting kit of Ladybugs and Bumblebees because you can never have enough Ladybugs or Bumblebees! Thank you for such an awesome giveaway!

  160. I love them all! I would be excited to win either the fox or guinea pig kit.

  161. And *liked* (loved) A Child’s Dream on Facebook, too! Thank you!

  162. The kits are adorable! If I won, I’d love the red fox kit!

  163. The kits are adorable! If I won, I’d love the red fox kit!

  164. It’s hard to choose – all are so cute! The turtle. No, the bluebird. Wait, the hedgehog. Oh dear . . .

  165. I’d love them ALL! They are all so adorable. As a fancier or guinea pigs and wee mice, these two kits are especially appealing to me:)

  166. I don’t know, all of the felted animals are adorable!!! I guess if I’d have to choose one, my first choice would be the hedgie, then the penquin, ONLY because I would want an “easy” one to start out with, cause otherwise I’d say the Frog!!!!

  167. Thank you for offering this sweet giveaway. I just “liked” A Child’s Dream on Facebook.

  168. I just “liked” A Child’s Dream on FB. Can’t wait to see the new things they come up with!!!

  169. Have liked a child’s dream on FB. Keeping fingers crossed!

  170. What a fun giveaway! My daughter and I were just thinking about getting back into needle felting — We think that the hedgehog is adorable.

  171. P.S. I also liked A Child’s Dream on Facebook πŸ™‚

  172. This was a really fun contest! I recently discovered needle felting so I like checking out new places and new ideas.

    My favorite WoolPets is the bluebird. I think they’d make wonderful Christmas gifts and once I learned it, I could make different colors.

    Thank you!!!

  173. I also liked A Child’s Dream on Facebook. I will be exploring their site more. Looks like fun!!

  174. What a great giveaway! I would love the fox kit.

  175. I liked A Child’s Dream on Facebook πŸ™‚

  176. My grandson would love the cute little bluebird!

  177. My grandson would love the cute little bluebird!

  178. Thank you for the opportunity. I love both A Child’s Dream and Wee Folk. I especially love your inspirational Facebook postings. They give me a chance to see just what amazing things people are making. It is awesome to admire these crafty works of art being made worldwide. Thanks for bringing them to my attention. If I was chosen I would love the fox, since I am a Waldorf EC teacher and would use it in my storytelling in my class. Thanks for the opportunity.

  179. the sheep and penguins !

  180. They are all so adorable, how can I choose? The frog and turtle would be my sons favourites, I am sure πŸ™‚

  181. They are all absolutely beautiful! If I were lucky enough to win one I would choose a fox to surprise my little boy Alfie with as they are one of his favourite animals, and he is home educated so it’d be a great craft project for him!

  182. What interesting little Woolpets”!
    I like the Penguin the most so it would be my pick of the bunch.
    Thanks for the chance for you give away!
    Woolpets Penguin Kit

  183. Love the Woolpets Penguin Kit – Easy

  184. I would love to win the guinea pig kit for my.mum who really wants to start felting. I think she’d love it πŸ™‚

  185. Per the entry instructions have marked A Child’s Dream on Facebook as Liked. These little animals would be very cute for a felt farm kit I will be making. Thank you!

  186. Per the entry instructions have marked A Child’s Dream on Facebook as Liked. These little animals would be very cute for a felt farm kit I will be making. Thank you!

  187. I love, love love the little mice and the cute guinea pigs. Thanks so much for the chance.

  188. Kids and cats would love the mice kit. They are so sweet!.

  189. What a fun giveaway prize! I’ve never done wool felting, and if I were a lucky winner I’d choose the bluebird. Surely with the help of my 7-year-old granddaughter, we could bring it to life! Thanks for this opportunity.

    Sharon in Alabama

  190. I have seen so many cute needle felted things and I would love to learn. It would be real nice to try with one of these kits. I especially like the mice. They would go so well with my gnome home.

  191. Loved the fox and the fawn, but the owl is super cute too!

  192. This is so exciting! I think we’d like the hedgehog kit.

  193. Definitely ‘like’d your page on FB!

  194. We love making felted wool creatures for our home nature table. We recently felted a bird to hang from the window near our bird-watching station and would love another to add to our collection! Wonderful giveaway idea.

  195. I would love to win the starter kit. I’m new to needle felting but I am a HUGE fiber lover!!

  196. I have liked a childs dream on facebook X

  197. I’m loving the mice felt kits. My 2yr old son would love a felt mouse pet I’m sure:-) if we won that would be our pick please.

  198. I like the elephant woolpets kit – so cute! I liked the “A Child’s Dream” Page on FAcebook, so much color, so many textures, such a source of delight for the senses!

  199. Absolutely adore them all but the wee guinea pigs have my heart. ….. 

  200. Gladly and joyfully liked your page! Adore the pipe cleaner/napkin ballerinas……

  201. Blue Bird of Happiness!! πŸ™‚

  202. My favorite kit is the bumblebees and ladybugs. They make me happy.

  203. I follow A Child’s Dream on Facebook!

  204. …all the kits look awesome to do but to choose one? I’d choose the “Woolpets Guinea Pigs Kit “. Good luck to all!

  205. I love the red fox!
    They are all wonderful though!

  206. I would love to win a hedgehog kit.

  207. I have liked you on FB! Please enter me again for a hedgehog kit! πŸ™‚

  208. I didn’t know A Child’s Dream was on FB or I would have already liked the page — I have now!!
    Personally I love the fox but if I was making one for a child in my life right now I’d go with the guinea pig or the mouse just because they are so perfectly sized to be realistically sized pretend pets.

  209. Oh my! This is an extremely difficult decision because they are ALL wonderful! I love insects, so I would love to start with the Woolpets Ladybugs & Bumblebees Kit ~ as adorable!
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  210. Just went and “Liked” A Child’s Dream on Facebook. Again, thank you for this opportunity!

  211. If I were lucky enough to win one of the gorgeous woolpet kits, I’d love to have a go at the bluebirds.

  212. I like A Child’s Dream. πŸ˜€

  213. The Guinpig pack would be great to get my nieces started in crafts. Love your packs!

  214. What a cute site. It is hard to choose, but the fox is my favorite kit.

  215. I also just Liked A Child’s Dream. I also followed them on Pinterest–thanks for the links! I actually found Wee Folk Art via Pinterest.

  216. I just discovered this sight, I am always looking for ideas for grandchildren, love the Guiana pigs, girls would love doing this craft.

  217. I just adore the sweet little owl set.

  218. I love the lady bugs and bumble bees

  219. Just hopped over and liked A Child’s Dream on facebook. Great stuff!

  220. I visited A Child’s Dream and “liked” it on Facebook!

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