Enter to Win Holiday Gnomes

Enter to Win Holiday Gnomes

We have been working on something special to share with all of our readers for this holiday season. We have an adorable pair of Holiday Gnomes who will be celebrating the holidays with one of you. Enter to win Holly and Noel.

There is a custom in the Thicket. Each year the newest newly weds have the honor of becoming the Keepers of the Holiday Lore. It is their job to share stories with the children of the Thicket, and to help keep them entertained so their parents can go about the many tasks of preparing their homes for the Holidays. The children love to spend time with the Keepers of the Holiday Lore and the newly weds learn the joy, and often the exhaustion, of child rearing! The older gnomes are often seen winking at one another as the young couple tries to keep up with the excited children. This year the honor was bestowed upon Holly and Noel who were married in the Fall!  


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