Felted Egg Giveaway from Art of Felting

Felted Egg Giveaway from Art of Felting

NOTE: The contest is now closed. The winner will be announced here, tomorrow morning 🙂

EDIT: Just once I'd like to post a giveaway without having to go back and edit something. Fortunately, it's always my fault… so I have no one else to blame, hehe. This is VERY important… if take advantage of Daria's 10% discount… and why wouldn't you 🙂 the coupon code is… WEEFOLKART10. So make sure you include WEEFOLKART10 in the comments to receive your generous 10% discount 🙂

If you've been reading our blog for any period of time, you will know I adore Art of Felting, and the gentle artist, Daria Lvovsky, who creates each piece lovingly by hand. As we prepare to welcome spring, what a perfect time for this extremely generous giveaway.

One lucky winner will be the proud owner of 6 of Daria's Wool Felted Eggs. Whether you celebrate Easter or simply the arrival of spring, you will want these for your very own!

Their description is as follows:

Are you looking for Easter eggs? I’ve crafted them for you. Please have a look, they are the ideal size for keeping in hand, nice to touch, beautiful, colorful and made of friendly natural materials.

The eggs are about 2" long and 1.5" wide.

The eggs you see on the screen are photographed for example I’ve done a big number of such eggs. All of them are similar but, every one is unique. So the eggs you will get are going to be slightly different.

Normally, Daria sells her Felted Easter Eggs in pairs. What an awesome giveaway to receive 6 of these unique beauties!

I often send you to Daria's shop, Art of Felting, to drool, but I'm sure you never get tired of looking at her exquisite pieces. I know, I don't 🙂 So, as always, hop on over to Art of Felting, make your wishlist, and then come on back, and share your favorite piece. Mine keeps changing, although I'm inclined to say, I want them all 🙂

And, for the first time, Daria is offering a discount to all Wee Folk Art readers! Yep, you heard that right! Simply write down WEEFOLKART10 in the comments to receive 10% off your order! How awesome is that? Now is the time to purchase that piece you've been dreaming of 🙂 This discount runs from today, February 29 to March 7. Don't miss this opportunity! 

As for the giveaway, it runs from today, February 29… Leap Day… to Sunday, March 4, at 9:00 p.m. EST, when a winner will be drawn at random. Note: The winner has 1 week to contact us with their snail mail address or a new winner will be drawn.

So, first off… thank you to Daria, for this generous giveaway. I am always so pleased, and a bit jealous 😉 to share her work with our readers. (Jealous, because I can't enter 🙂 Then, for everyone else… good luck. Now, head over to Art of Felting, poke around, then come back here and leave a comment. And, don't forget to take advantage of the 10% discount to WFA readers. Remember, you must type WEEFOLKART10 in the comments to get your discount.

BTW… if you didn't know, Daria lives is Israel. She will gladly ship to anywhere, so everyone has a chance to win 🙂



  1. These eggs are eggsactly what I’ve been looking for! 😀 I really like her felted birds, too. Especially the rooster and the Baltimore Oriole.

    1. By the number of comments it is obvious how well loved these designs are! How does one choose among so many delightful designs!? I just can’t choose ONE! Thank you for the opportunity! I have 6 grandchildren!

      1. Enchanting! Everything is so beautiful, but if I had to pcik just one…well that rooster really caught my eye!

        1. thanks for this giveaway!
          The her work are beautiful, the eggs look like small masterpieces, those with the gnomes are gorgeous.

  2. Oh my goodness–these are so lovely and what an absolutely generous giveaway! I often visit her shop to dream. Today- one of my favorites is her climbing gnome Christmas ornament–he is just so cute and I can see him climbing near the top of my tree—thanks WFA and Daria.

  3. I love the felted playscapes and the Nativity sets! And all the little animals–the bunnies especially! and, ok, everything…

  4. All of her seasonal ladies are leaving me longing for new additons to our nature table! They are soooooooo lovely. I also am in awe over the owl!

  5. Oh my! What amazing work! My fingers and toes are crossed!

  6. Oh the lion!! He is magnificent!!! I am very happy to say that I already have one piece by this gorgeous craftswoman, a lovely fairy who si our Spring Fairy for our Spring Table 🙂 And now here in Australia we are headed into Autumn this very eve… so I am very strongly drawn to her beautiful Harvest Maiden, with her bounty of foods gathered in, and also to her beautiful Autumn Faeries tapestry… Leaf Children, Pumpkins, Autumn faeries… So beautiful!!! And of course the sweet little eggs are just so divine… so precious, we would love to hang them on our easter tree 🙂 Blessings <3

  7. My favorite are is the seasonal tree, I would love to try and make one.

  8. What a lovely and generous giveaway!! All of the eggs are just wonderful! I especially like the little owl and all the ones with the red mushroom caps. I’ve looked at her shop many times and marveled at her exquisite creations!

  9. I love the owl! Sooooo pretty!

  10. The animals and birds are amazing. I love these little eggs too! Her work is beautiful.

  11. I love Daria’s creations….I always admire them in her etsy shop and sigh….!!!
    I do hope to win!!! thank you Daria and thank you WFA!!!

  12. Someone is going to win SIX of Daria’a eggs!!! How wonderfully generous!!! I’m crossing my fingers that it is our family, but whoever wins will truly have a treasure. We love every single owl in her store!

  13. The meerkat is amazing! My daughter loves hte meerkats at the zoo. With a newborn too, we hope to win in case we don’t get a chance to decorate our own eggs.

  14. You must be kidding? Choosing just one….what a torture 🙂 Hm, let’s say – Mother and child/ standing doll/soft sculpture.

  15. the felted fox and squirrel are amazing, but, i am in love with the acorn faerie!

    thanks for the chance .. the eggs are beautiful!

  16. What an amazing talent! I had visited the shop once before and was glad it was brought back into the forefront of my mind. Would love to have some eggs for the spring – but amazed by the animals, especially the owl! Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. I love her seasonal tree…it is just beautiful!

  18. I love Daria’s creations. Her work is beautiful. The animals and birds are amazing. Thanks for the opportunity.

  19. I love that little yellow Easter chick.

  20. Oh the artistry! I love all the animals…the fox, rat, chick, squirrel etc…they are awesome! Thank you for the chance to win an egg!

  21. That red squirrel is amazing! My daughter asked if it was real!!! Love the little eggs and would be so excited to win! Thanks for the chance!!

    wpooh_9 at hotmail dot com

  22. I really love the little boy walking through the meadow. Or the girl sitting on the branch or under the mushroom..or all of them. 😉

  23. Very challenging to choose one favorite, but Waldorf-Pregnant Fairy-Mother and child, is gorgeous. I just received my first Daria work of art for Christmas & it is even more beautiful than the pictures can show.

  24. WeeFolkArt

    Is it posible to sent it to the Netherlands,please please please

    1. Yes, Elly. She will ship to the Netherlands. Good luck 🙂

  25. Beautiful. The eggs are so sweet. I like the gnome on the branch and the baby with family. I’ll stop there because I could go on and on about the rest of her amazing work. Thanks for the discount!

  26. What a wonderful giveaway! I love love her work — so intricate and thoughtful.

  27. I fell in love with these felted eggs last year when I saw them on another blog. I really really love them! My heart desires a set for this Easter. Crossing my fingers to win. Thank you for the giveaway.

  28. I love her work. Truly amazing.

  29. Such lovely work, you can tell that she puts love into each one.

  30. Oh, the purple fairy is beautiful. Great giveaway…thanks.

  31. Thank you for the opportunity to win such beautiful felted Easter eggs!! They’re wonderful!!

  32. These are so very beautiful. I am picturing them in my nature table with delight. The children would be awed. Thanks so much for a chance to win them.

  33. love love love her felt art!!!! amazing what she can make, just beautiful!!!

  34. Everything is so beautiful it is challenging to pick a favorite! But, if I must choose, I think the Azalea Easter Eggs would be my favorite. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway!

  35. I love, love the violet and butterfly egg. What beautiful flowers! Thanks so much for the chance.

  36. I bobbed over to Daria’s site and my favorites are the swans and the waldorf eggs. So simple and elegant.

  37. I love looking at her shop . . . I think this time my favorite is the wool shepherdess. Although I always love the animals!

  38. Wow, these are truly beautiful. It’s hard to pick a favourite between the Easter chicks, the squirrel and the Oriole.

  39. What beautiful work! I am originally from Germany and traditionally we hang Easter eggs from branches in a vase. These would make a lovely addition!

    1. Oh forgot to mention, the squirrel would be my favorite :o)

  40. These are beautiful! My children love The Children of the Forest and I know my son’s favorite would be one with Tom or Sam and my daughter’s would be one with Harriet or Daisy. I love them all!

  41. I LOVE her playscapes! The lion and fox are pretty awesome, too.

  42. So many lovely pieces very hard to pick just one. I did choose the climbing gnome 🙂

  43. What a lovely little world she has created through her felting. I love her nativity set, the Halloween witch, and the forest mama carrying her baby. But those easter eggs are so charming – I would like to try to make something like that with my little girl! Thank you for spotlighting such a lovely artist.

  44. Your Right, I want them all!
    I’ve admired her pieces for a while now. Everything is so wonderful it’s hard to choose from.
    I’d have to say, Today, I love the “Climbing Gnome” and the “Acorn fairy”. I’d love to bring them home 😀
    I also love her “Felted Wool pictures” But I can’t choose one.

  45. Oh, I never tire of browsing her lovely shop, either! My favorite thing right now is the acorn fairy. Thanks fr the opportunity!

  46. Daria’s work is so beautiful I have admired it here many times before!
    Thank you for such a generous giveaway!
    ~ joey ~

  47. Oh my goodness! I had never been To the Art of Felting shop before. Gorgeous! My favorite, though it was hard to pick just one, was the Children of the Forest mother with baby on her back. So beautiful!

  48. Love the Easter chick! How cute would that be in an Easter basket with some of Daria’s eggs?!

  49. The attention to detail is what gets me. Each piece is so beautiful. The white mouse is my favorite (those little pink feet are so cute!).

    Such a wonderful source of inspiration!

  50. All Daria’s creations are lovely, the eggs are on my favourites list, but the Lilac Wool Fairy is just darling.

  51. Daria is such a talented lady and her site is so much fun to visit. I love the swans and her Waldorf Harvest. I would be so happy to win her felted eggs and add them to my Easter scene.

  52. I’m giddy with excitment at another chance to win some of Daria’s stunning work, I LOVE her harvest maiden, she is beautiful.
    Thank you

  53. oh my, such generosity!

    I really love the lion….

    But the eggs are devine, sure to bring a big smile to whoever wins them!


  54. This is one talented lady… Wow, her animals are amazing- the rat, the dear the crows and lion all so real- my fav is the crows.

  55. I love the Needle Felted Baby Owl and thank you for the opportunity to win the felted eggs – they too look gorgeous.

  56. Wow, those are beautiful. I love the lion and the tooth fairy and…

  57. If I had to choose just one item, it would probably be that gorgeous Holland Lop Rabbit. All the items are simply wonderful though!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. THe eggs are so beautiful! Thank you for the chance to see and win them.

  58. Wow! I adore all the flower/ garden/ spring fairies. Not to mention all those precious eggs.

  59. Yes, all of her things are so lovely. I especially liked the little leaf pixie, she would be wonderful in my daughters room.

  60. this is such a gorgeous and generous giveaway. All the items are beautiful. I love the eggs and the Dolls and most of all the pregnant dolls. Hope to be the lucky one. Thanks soooo much

  61. I just adore her eggs! I have been looking and looking for some and finally found them! They are AMAZING!!

  62. I LOVE the needle felted nativity, has sunch a sweet reverence about it.

  63. Such gorgeous work, and such a generous giveaway. ‘Tis truly difficult to choose a favorite. Her Rose child stands out for me, and the swan and cygnet.
    Thank you for all the inspiration.

  64. Wow! I am in love with pretty much all of the pieces Daria has created. The eggs are all so gorgeous. As far as figures, I’m pretty partial to the Lion right now. But there’s a mouse and, strangely, a vulture that caught my eye. And then of course the fairies…or maybe the…

  65. Daria’s work is beautiful! Thankyou for the chance to go in the give away. My favourites are always her tapestry paintings, and this time it’s the needle felted Tapestry/Christmas early morning/Waldorf inspired wool painting. One of these in your room must be truly magical.

  66. Wow wow wow.. her work is incredibly inspiring, makes me want to start a project right away. All of her pieces are so beautiful, but I really especially love the tapestry’s, the detail and story unfolding is truly a work of art.. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win those sweet little eggs, my DD has severe allergies so chocolate is a big no no for her, woollen eggs might just be the alternative I’ve been looking for !!! Thanks again, and good luck to everyone xx

  67. Oh my heart! All of the items in her shop have such care and detail showing through. I L-O-V-E the nativity and all of the eggs (especially the cardinal). Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway. I can just see my 5 year old carrying a precious egg in her pocket or creating a nest for the eggs out of playsilks.

  68. These beautiful felted Easter Eggs are exquisite! I don’t think I could pick out just one, each scene is
    so tender and sweet , I can see the love put in each piece. These eggs are works of art and to be enjoyed and passed down in the family for years to come to enjoy and have beautiful memories of Easter.

  69. Oh my, how beautiful! As an amature felter I love seeing things like this to get inspired!

  70. It’s impossible to choose a favorite, but I think her animals are amazing. For some reason that lion is speaking to me, but I also love the realistically creepy bat and rat;-)

  71. I have just been introduced to the amazing things you can do when felting and I think it is wonderful! I can’t believe how intricate her things are!

  72. I am so awed by all of her work, it is difficult to pick a favorite. The attention to detail on each piece is amazing! I do really like the Poppy Girl. I think that she is new since the last time I checked the shop.

  73. What an amazing selection of felted objects/animals/people – I really love those beautiful swans and the fox and red squirrel and fox are so charming!

  74. I love Daria’s animals the best. Especially the owls, crows, and rats. They look so true to life! This is a beautiful giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity to receive these special eggs!

  75. Taking snippets of colored wool and working them into beautiful creations – hard to chose as all are beautiful. The nativity set will always be a favorite, but the Marina needle felted playground is wonderful! Would love to win the Easter eggs. Thanks for the chance.

  76. Oh my!!!! These are divinely magical, I love them all. What an amazing talent and gift. I would be ecstatic to add these eggs to our nature table. My boys, specially my oldest (7yo) is delighted with gnomes and mushrooms.

  77. I always practically drool over all over her pieces, so lovely. I am dreaming of a nativity set but I also really love so many of her animals. What a generous giveaway!

  78. Oh my everything is absolutely breathtaking! If I had to choose a favorite it would be the Forest Gnomes Wool Picture…stunning!

  79. i absolutely adore all of daria’s work and could never choose a favorite. i am in love with her owls and king winter. i would be a treat to own a set of her eggs!!

  80. Love the fox! Thank you for this chance at the giveaway

  81. I love the little chicken, so cute. Thanks I would love to win these adorable eggs.

  82. I would love some to add to my spring table.

  83. Daria’s items are so life-like. It’s fun to look at each one, but today my favorite one is the koala mama and her baby.

  84. I love them all but the chicken and squirrel are great! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  85. What a generous giveaway! So many lovely pieces to chose from…such as, Sand Cat, Owl, Spring Maiden and Forest Maiden. Another snowstorm heading our way, so Daria’s eggs would be a much welcomed sign of spring!! Darlene

  86. Oh my goodness. Her stuff is incredible. Talk about drooling. And this is one awwesome giveaway. Thanks for showing us her beautiful art.

  87. Wow, it’s all so beautiful! I think I like the duck the best. The detail is amazing.


  88. Every one of her pieces is absolutely stunning. I LOVE the fox, her beautiful nativities. I don’t know how you do it, because every single one of your giveaways has been from someone I already know of and admire. Thank you so much Daria for such an incredible giveaway and thank you Wee Folk Art for the opportunity!

  89. I am stunned at the beautiful handmade treasures Daria makes! I love the ducklings and swans and squirrel and chipmunk… Oh and these eggs are just perfect for starting our new tradition of an Easter tree this year 🙂 thank you!!

  90. I so love this lady’s work<3 I'm starting a tradition for my little fella and collecting beautiful felted eggs each year. I bought one of hers last year that hangs from a branch curtain rod in his room. Just so beautiful!

  91. wow!! amazing!! Just beautiful, My doughter would love the dogs and the duck looks so real!!My favorite is the fairys. Her eggs are beautiful…wow!!!

  92. What a wonderful talent is displayed on these pages! Such artistry!

  93. I have pined over the mother and daughter for as long as I have been a fan of Daria’s work. What a generous giveaway!

  94. I love all the root children. These eggs are beautiful. I love the idea of starting a easter/spring tradition. We have a 2 yo and 1 month old so this would be a great chance.

  95. Beautiful work! The birds and animals are lifelike. Since i’m a big fan of dragons, I would have to say the green dragon is my favorite. Tough choice.

  96. I love Daria’s work. We have a couple of her eggs already and would love to add to our collection :). I absolutely love the eggs, the forest maiden, the wool paintings, the pregnant mama and child, the forest children………I love so many of her pieces. Thank you so much for this very generous offer and opportunity to win.

    Peace and Love,


  97. I cannot imagine being talented enough to make such beautiful things. Her animals are so realistic, I just want to reach out and pet their fur. The only felting I have done is making mittens from old wool sweaters. Not even in the same universe, craft-wise, as these beautiful creations. My favorites are the Waldorf Autumn Fairy dolls — just adore the colors!

  98. Such beautiful things! The owl is especially lovely.

  99. .Needle felted Waldorf decorative string with the little Pink Fairy and a cute bird.-needle felt by Daria Lvovsky–I just love the uniqueness of this. Your right though all is so beautiful and magical.

  100. ALL of the above – a friend is learning the art at a local yarn shop….I think I am going too take a lesson. BEAUTIFUL WORK thx for the giveway

  101. Daria’s work is amazing! Thanks for the giveaway, these eggs are lovely.
    cokelush at gmail

  102. Thank you Wee Folk Art and Daria! I have been enchanted with Daria’s work since you first introduced me to her in this blog. Such incredible talent!!! I would be thrilled to win this giveaway…what a treasure these beautiful eggs would be, for myself as well as my children! Crossing fingers!!

  103. Daira has been a long time inspiration for my needle felting. She is amazing. What a wonderful giveaway. I love all of the things in her shop but especially the Waldorf Tapestry The Fairy Feast 2.

  104. I think this is a woman with a very blessed talent. Her work is beyong anything you could imagine – beautiful. Her little Easter Duckling is so adorable and real looking. A set of her felted eggs would truly become a family treasure.

  105. Everything is so amazing and beautiful. I think my favorites are the lions and the swans. Wonderful! Thank you for the giveaway!

  106. Her tapestries are my favorite! But I think I have bookmarked every item she has made. She is inspirational! What a generous give away!

  107. The Art of Felting’s creations are exquisite. She captures the gesture of the animals being perfectly. This time around in viewing the site the deer caught my eye. Thanks so much foor the giveaway!!!!

  108. I love her work especially her wool “paintings”…I would love to win even one of her eggs!! Thanks for the chance.

  109. Everything is so incredibly beautiful, but I’m going to have to say the lion is my absolute favorite. The look in his eyes is so peaceful and lovely. Your work is breathtaking!

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