Holiday Giveaway from Art of Felting

Holiday Giveaway from Art of Felting

This giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announced shortly.

EDIT: Daria is from Israel. She will ship anywhere. All are welcome to enter 🙂

Several months ago I introduced you to Daria, from Art of Felting, when we commissioned her to needle felt a tapestry to commemorate my marriage to Tim.  
A few weeks ago we received an email from Daria. She was wondering if we would be interested in partnering for another give-away, in time for the holidays. It took us all of, hmmm, 2 seconds to say, “You betcha!”
After some discussion, we decided to offer 1 lucky winner a choice between her Waldorf King Winter

and a 3 piece Nativity.


Beautiful, aren’t they? So, do you think it would be ethical for Michelle and I the enter, hehe? Anyway, both offerings are lovely, and should you be lucky enough to win, you can choose which you’d like. Tough call, isn’t it? To enter, simply visit Daria’s Etsy shop, The Art of Felting, browse her store looking for holiday gift giving ideas, and tell us what you like best. Yep, I know it’s hard to decide, but humor us, and pick 🙂 Then, let us know, if you should win, whether you would like the Waldorf King Winter or the Nativity.
The contest will run from today, Wednesday, October 12, through Sunday, October 16, at 9:00 pm, EST. Then, a winner will be drawn at random. The winner will have 1 week to contact us with their snail mail address or a new winner will be selected.
First off… a HUGE thank-you to Daria for her talents and generosity, then, good luck to one and all. Daria’s work is beautiful. We are so delighted to be able to offer our readers a chance to win one of her delightful pieces.




  1. She is an amazing artist!! I would love the Nativity!

    1. I like what I see , when I win , I prefer king winter , he would be such a nice gift for my sun and his friends to enjoy at school 😉

      1. Amazing work, hands down my favorite is the Lion King on the front page. She is so good at what she does. We our whole family decided on the “Nativity Set”. Thanks so much!

  2. So many cute things! My favorite is the Poppy Girl. If I was to win, I’d like King Winter. 🙂

  3. My, Oh My….Such wonderful felted creations!!!
    Truly hard to pick a favorite! I do LOVE the crows tho!
    and my pick would be King Winter, Love his robe!
    Thanks for the chance to win and for the link to Daria’s etsy shop. Wonderful!!!

  4. Wow, thanks for the tip of the Etsy Shop and what a talented lady Daria is!! I have no clue if you accept entries from outside the US – so no problem if you do not. I would choose the nativity scene, if I could…

  5. There are so many amazing ones, but the rat is my favorite hands down!!!

  6. The mermaid, the peacocks, the fairy feast… many lovely things! And the nativity set is just too sweet, I’d love to see that gracing my seasonal table.

  7. What a beautifully talented lady! I will be picking up some gifts for sure! My favorite is the fairy mother and child… too precious! If I win, I would like the nativity!

  8. Wow, she is very talented! I really love the fairies…too many to choose just one!

    I really like the Nativity.

  9. Oh my gosh, how gorgeous! I love the autumn maiden and the long eared owls. Simply stunning.
    I would love to be entered for the nativity set.

  10. I love this! I love all the animals on her site but my favorite is the swan and “ugly duckling” set. So beautiful. If I win I would pick the nativity. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  11. What a talented artist and such beautiful, warm creations! I love the angel mobile and i’d choose the nativity!

  12. These are certainly all so beautiful and hard to choose a favorite for sure. To choose 1, I’ll mention the forest maiden who caught my attention.
    I would LOVE to receive King winter, he is probably my favorite of all.
    Thank you.

  13. WOW … can I just choose all? I’m very impressed and would love to win both … but if I had to choose, I think I’d opt for the Nativity and than buy the donkey and angel to go with …

    Lovely stuff … thanks for sharing her talent with us!

  14. Hands down my favorite is the lion. And if I win the Nativity set I’d set him up with it.

  15. I LOVE the Flower Queen in Daria’s etsy shop. The colors and the details are so beautiful! If I should win this giveaway, I would love the Nativity Set. I collect them, and this set would be an AMAZING addition! Thanks for the opportunity.

  16. I’m partial to the white peacock. And you’re right, it was hard to pick just one favorite!

  17. My favorite is the rooster : it is so nice! If I win, I would love the Waldorf King Winter. Thanks.

  18. I liked -Pregnant Fairy-Mother and dughter doll. I want it as gift to myself. My son would love to hav animals. I want to give m the dragon one.. I would love the nativity.

  19. I love the vulture and crow…and if I was chosen, I would love to win the nativity set! Beautiful pieces!!

  20. WOW-what a talent-I have been wanting to start needle felting and she is such an inspiration! Right now – in the spirit of the season- I LOVE her Halloween eggs-such detail. Her King Winter would be my choice for the prize–thanks ever so much for a GREAT giveaway.

  21. This is one craft/art I have yet to try! I love visiting my friends in Toronto, whose children attend the local Waldorf school — I always marvel at the beautiful displays of needle-felted figures and scenes on window ledges and mantels.

    What a joy to be able to search the Art of Felting shop on etsy! Thanks for offering this giveaway — I’m really drawn to the fairies, and if I win, I think I’d love King Winter! So difficult to decide though… All magical!

  22. I love the Santa Lucia doll! If I won, I’d pick the nativity. 🙂

  23. Oh My how to choose!!! Daria’s work is amazing, I Love the woodland children in the boat, and her Owls are stunning.
    If I was super lucky enough to win I would Love King Winter.
    Fingers crossed

  24. i think king winter is my favorite, because I’m Russian and it’s the Russian version of ‘Santa Claus’, and I’ve never seen a beautiful hand-made king winter (Ded Moroz). If I win I would so love one of these for my children!
    Absolutely beautiful work, very inspiring 🙂

  25. Wow! I am such a fan of Daria’s! We have a small collection of her Easter eggs, but I have to limit how often I can look at her shop. 🙂 If I could choose anything there, it would have to be the seasonal tree. We would love to have this for our nature table! King Winter is beautiful, but the Nativity took my breath away. It would be so special to have this in our home for the holidays!

  26. So hard to pick one item~ they are all AMAZING!!! I do love the little girl with the rainbow jump rope. If I am the lucky winner, I would pick baby Jesus with Joseph and Mary!

  27. She has such beautiful work! I would pick the Needle felted Waldorf Seasonal tree to own if I could. If I win this I would choose King Winter.

  28. Well, my favorite is actually the Nativity set! It’s lovely! But I also really like the playscapes.

  29. Wow her work is amazing. I love the owls and moose and all the waldorf dolls and fairies, but best of all I think is the waldorf mother and child standing.

    If I were to win, I would choose King Winter.

  30. But most of all I admire the felted playscape.

    My choise would be the king winter.

  31. I love the felted mouse, peacock, and about every other item she has!! But when I think of my overall #1 favorite is the Autumn Fairies. Her work is absolutly beautiful and inspiring. I’ve never really been a fan of needle felting but Daria has changed my opion! if you were to choose me again a hard choice. I love both sets and would be honored to receive either. So do I have to choose or can I let you? LOL

  32. My favorite is the king winter, so that would also be my choise 🙂

  33. beautiful! the nativity set is wonderful.

  34. Love the Harvest Maiden in Daria’s shop!! And if I am lucky enough to win I will choose the Nativity!! So beautiful 🙂

  35. Of course it is hard to choose! For months I am looking at her Mother and child, so I guess that would be my favorite…If I am the lucky, lucky, luuucky winner, I would choose King Winter…Oh, what a glorious giveaway! Thanks, and big thanks to Daria!

  36. Such beautiful art, I love it all but my favorite is the Goose Girl I think. If I was to win I would choose the Waldorf King Winter. Inspiring work!

  37. love the little felted mouse!

    If I win definitely would love the nativity set!


  38. I adore her work! I love them all, but somehow the goose girl has captured my heart. I surprised myself, since I am quite a fairie and mermaid lady, and they were quite enchanting, too. Perhaps the goose girl just reminds me of fairy tales. If I win, I hope for a delightful King Winter for our nature table. Thanks!

  39. These are soooooo beautiful. As everyone has already said…choosing one is quite difficult. I love the flower queen and I can see my daughter squeeling with delight when she saw it.
    If I were to be so lucky to win this contest, I would choose the nativity set. We have been really working on bringing more advent like/ waiting/anticipation into the holiday season. The Nativity would be a beautiful addition to our home.

  40. I LOVE this Nativity and King Winter! I would LOVE to win the Nativity set! It would grace my Mantle so beautifully! Thanks so much forsharing such beautiful gifts!
    Blessings <3

  41. I have to say I LOVE the nativity set. So of course that is what I would want to win. Thanks again for a fantastic giveaway opportunity!

  42. I love her felted animals, especially the chubby white mouse with the pumpkin! If I win, I would prefer King Winter.

  43. oh it is hard to pick! I’m going to go with the girl with the geese, the donkey is a close second. If I’m lucky enough to win I’ll choose the Nativity. Beautiful! Thanks so much for the give away!!!

  44. Oh it is hard to choose. I love all the needle felted animals, my fave are the owl and the tiger- amazing!!
    And if I win I would love KING WINTER 🙂

  45. What lovely items! I always enjoy seeing her Etsy shop. I especially love the pregnant mommy in her shop. The King Winter would be wonderful for our nature table!

  46. I LOVE Art of felting
    All of her work is just beautiful.
    Hmmm The Ethics of you and Michelle entering…maybe you could have someone else draw the name 🙂
    My favorite piece well I definitely have more than one and not enough money to indulge in all of them. I love all of her wool animals, her green dragon is wonderful but my favorite have to be the entire nativity set. The shepherds, sheep, donkey, camel all the detail, the wisemen are amazing….and the 3 piece nativity just wonderful.
    So if I won I would have to pick the 3 piece nativity. 🙂

  47. …but the owl is exquisite. I tell my daughter an owl story before bed every night and it reminded me of the little owl in my head.

  48. Her work is so inspirational to me, having just learned how to needle felt. My favorite thing in her shop is that amazing dragon! Just look at his teeth! And the winter king would look great by our gnome home should we win!

  49. After looking at so many choices, one stands out. I love the lion, he reminds me of the years reading about Aslan to my kids! And I’d love a felted Nativity scene!

  50. Indeed it is so hard to choose among her beautiful items. She is so talented. I have shared her shop a number of times on Facebook. Today Pegasus caught my fancy but I would be happy with anything. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. If I did win I would choose the King Winter. Thanks again!

  51. So hard to decide but i would go with the pink waldorf fairy! we are getting ready to redo the girls rooms in a fairy theme and looking over my shoulder, they LOVED that one! thank you for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!

  52. Everything is just SO gorgeous! If I *had* to, I would pick the Waldorf- Wool Fairy-Pinck fairy.

  53. Wow, what beautiful creations! The owls are amazing, so realistic. I’d love to win King Winter. Thank you!

  54. Her items are immaculate! Wow! The lion gave me goosebumps and then I fell in love with the witch of Indigo order.
    If I was to be so lucky I think I would like to have King Winter.

  55. What an amazingly talented woman! I just love her little animals. The chipmunk, no wait, the swan & gossling, no…….oh gee, I love them all. If I win, I would pick the Nativity. Of course, then I would have to start colleccting pieces to go with it. Everything she does is just beautiful.

  56. What incredible talent. I’m in awe of her work and her creativity.

    If I were to win, I think I’d select the King Winter. I have several nativity sets which I adore, but I just can’t get past his beard and beautiful shade of blue on his cloak.

    Beautiful! All of it!


  57. Your creations inspire wonder and awe and make me want to “know” them.

  58. Such a talented artist! I love them all, but my favorite would be the white winged pegasus.

  59. I came across this etsy page before and marveled at the beauty of all of her creations. I think my favorite is the marine playscape–I never would have thought of that! I haven’t even won and can hardly choose between the two, but since we have a few nativity sets I will go with King Winter! Thank you for the chance.

  60. Oh my! what an impossible task. How to choose? For beauty combined with ingenuity I choose the seasonal tree. But, I have to say, I have fallen in love with the look on that camels face! I would choose King Winter.

  61. i love her lion and tiger, but also just love the simplicity of the pumpkin.

  62. the three witches are bewitching!

  63. WOW! All the pieces are amazing. But, I had to zoom in on the little mouse because I couldn’t believe it was actually felted. I thought for a moment Daria had taken a picture of a real mouse. The details are amazing and life like.

    Thank you for sharing……
    I am really eyeballing the nativity scene. It would be perfect on our Nature Table.

  64. I love the Easter eggs! But the deer and its fawn are lovely as well! To be honest EVERYTHING in her store is lovely! Thank you for the chance!

  65. Beautiful work!! I really like the animals – especially the birds. After much thought I would choose the nativity, it is beautiful in its simplicity>

  66. I cannot believe how beautiful the Waldorf King Winter is… definitely my choice if I win.

    Looked at her Etsy shop, the Waldorf Santa Claus is also too beautiful.

    Thank you for this giveaway!

  67. I think I would have to choose the Santa Claus as my favorite. But honestly, every single thing is lovely.

  68. My favourite from Daria’s shop is the Needle felted Waldorf wool playscape Baby Little Fairy with her leaf-bed-needle felt.
    Thanks for the opportunity and if I win, I would love to receive the Nativity. Best wishes 🙂

  69. I adore daria’s work! If I have to pick one thing I love best from her shop it’s the Autumn Pixie and if I won i would choose the King winter.

  70. Beautiful beyond words! What exceptional talent! I love the Needle felted Waldorf playground Marina – the little clown fish is so very cute. If I won I would give a loving home to King Winter. He is stunning.

  71. The Lion is incredible! He could be the king of my gnome forest! I would feel very excited to win the nativity set.

  72. I love Daria’s art it is so beautiful and she is skilled at a diverse range of forms. With Halloween coming up it would be great to get one of her animal forms, they look so real. My favorite is the rat. That would be sure to scare someone at first glance. If I were to win the giveaway I would love to see a king winter on the nature table. Thanks again!

  73. Daria’s Etsy shop was fantastic! So very talented. I love both of the offerings in the contest. I really liked the mouse in her shop. It looked so very realistic. Thanks for inspiration.

  74. all of her things are so so gorgeous! i especially love her little bunnies though. if i were lucky enough to win, i would choose king winter!

  75. What an amazing giveaway. Daria is my needle felting inspiration. I love everything but especially her needle felted tapestries. If I won I would choose King Winter.

  76. Wow what a great giveway…thank you Daria! I would love to receive king winter !!! Best,~Julie

  77. Her work is amazing! I love the doe and fawn they look so lifelike. I would love to win the nativity set thanks so mucg

  78. So lovely, I love her work. Today my favorite item is the Goose Girl–my favorite fairy tale. Such a hard choice, but I think I choose the nativity set.

  79. Lovely work. She is one of my favourites on Etsy. The Snow Fairy is my favourite right now, although difficult to keep it with one favourite.

  80. I love the goose girl and the creative easter eggs! sucj beautiful work! If I win, I would love the amazing Nativity set! here’s hoping….Vicki

  81. Love her felted pumpkin and easter eggs. I dream of winning the nativity set – beautiful.

  82. All of her work is absolutely wonderful but I did like her Ugly Duckling Sculpture of the swan with her little one…very sweet.

    If I won I would like the Waldorf King Winter. I reall love it.

  83. I would feel like a superstar with her work in my house……I often look at her etsy shop, pure awesomeness (as my kids would say!)

  84. her work is amazing!
    I’d want the king winter.

    On her site, i really love the little goose girl. too cute!

  85. I love the harvest fairies! How sweet!

    That king winter would look AMAZING on my nature table.

  86. Her work is beautiful! I would have to admit that I wasn’t really looking for gift giving because I would get the whole nativity for myself! I have wanted to make one but I know that mine wouldn’t come close:).
    So I would choose the three piece nativity.

  87. Awesome work, i just love the deer and the Halloween wreath with the witch… Wow

  88. They are so beuatiful, I think I like the standing mother and child, and I would love to win the nativity set.

  89. Wow, her work is amazing. I love, love the nativity set. Her forest animals are incredible. I have to say that the meerkat is most impressive. Thanks for such an excellent giveaway.

  90. They are all so beautiful! But the Marina Playscape is simply mind-blowing. I would be so honored to have King Winter live at my house.

  91. I love the Christmas Topper-The Snow Fairy, but all Daria’s things are beautiful. She is so talented (and I suspect a fellow Russian speaker!). Thank you for a generous give-away!

  92. Wow! They are all spectacular. What a talented woman! I would have to say I love the Ugly Duckling and Swan Sculpture. As soon as my toddler son, saw it he said “wow,mommy!” (he’s obsessed with watching the geese an ducks on Planet Earth!)I’d have to choose the nativity scene to win. I married into a Buddhist family and would love to have some more of my Christian heritage around the house 🙂

  93. The whole shop is beautiful! I especially like the doll family – it says they’re poseable…I wonder if they’re durable enough for my little crew, or if they’re better off just living on the nature table?

    I would love the nativity set and have just the spot for them. 🙂

  94. Pick one? I think I find the animals most arresting, such as the doe and fawn set. I do admit, I’ve been looking at the nativity set for a good year or so, so that would be my choice!

  95. I was just visiting her etsy shop last night and admiring the winter king. I also love love love the autumn prince. Such lovely work and very affordable.

  96. Her work is amazing, would love to learn how to felt like that.
    I do love the animals and the deer is a really special piece that would be nice with a small christmas tree. If I was lucky enough to win, I think I would like the nativity, I am always looking for unique ones and Daria’s would be a beautiful piece to display during the season.


  97. Oh I love her work it is amazing! Yes, it is hard to pick just one of her pieces but I would choose the waldorf spring maiden she is so pretty. I would choose Waldorf King Winter, he is beautiful 🙂

  98. Oh how we love Daria’s work…we have a mother earth with root children…so beautiful. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  99. I love all of her things but my favorite is the Waldorf Forest creature playscape! It is amazing. If I won this giveaway, I would love to have the Waldorf King Winter. Thank you so much!

  100. Wow! There’s felt and then there’s felt! All of her work is stunning, but if I *had* to choose I’d pick an owl as my favorite. I just love owls. But everything is amazing. I’ve been wanting to give my mother a handmade nativity set for years now and that one is just perfect!!

  101. I have wanted her red squirrel for ages! (But that would be a Christmas present for myself… does that count?) And if I was choosing for someone else I’d go with one of her nativity sets…breathtaking!!! If I win, that would be what I choose!
    Thanks to Wee Folk and Daria for this wonderful giveaway.

  102. I have always admired the needle felted pieces on Daria’s etsy store. I would love the Autumn Wool Fairy from her Etsy store because I love how she used the autumn colors to make a rainbow effect on the skirt. Very creative. I hope I’m lucky enough to win the King Winter figure. Fingers crossed.

  103. Wow! I love the goose girl and the creative Easter eggs! If I won, I would choose the beautiful Nativity scene! Here’s hoping! vicki

  104. How to choose just one? Daria’s work is beautiful. Love all the animals and the witches and fairies are so precious. The nativity set would be my pick if I were lucky and won!

  105. OH my they are so beautiful! I love the animals – somehow the chipmunk struck me the most. Amazing.

  106. Too cute! I’m particularly loving the fairies. I think the nativity set would be great for little hands around Christmas too.

  107. Woah! I absolutely can not pick what I like the best. Those are some of the best I’ve seen ever, I really mean it. But I myself have been really wanting a King Winter for our mantle. Thanks for the giveaway and for introducing her work!

  108. My goodness, you are right! It is not easy to choose. My favorites are both the Mobile-Climbing-Gnome because I actually have photos of my whole family swinging on a rope swing we found in the forest and this reminds of that fantastic moment; and all of the animals and birds because they are amazingly detailed (just wonderful!) and my youngest and I have spent Autumn working through both the Just So Stories and Aesop’s Fables (besides being seriously into birdwatching) and these would make those tale came right alive off the pages!

  109. Wow, her work is amazing! I really like those Halloween eggs she made. I know a good spot for those. If I win I would love the Kind Winter doll, it would be beautiful on our nature table.

  110. Oh my I do love that king winter, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for him.

  111. exquisite! i really love King Winter best! although the goose girl is also really special. thanks, Mara

  112. Oh, while all of the items in her shop are gorgeous, my favorite (no doubt about it) is the needle felted waldorf forest acorn family and little wood house. What a delightful addition to my gnome scenes.
    I would choose the Nativity pieces if I were to be lucky eough to win your contest.
    Thanks again for another super give-away.

  113. I love so many of her creations, but I especially like the forest children and gnome families. The nativity scene is also one of my favorites.

  114. Her work is so beautiful!!! Honestly I love it all, but I really like the Ollie’s Ski Trip tree ornaments. It’s something so different! I would love to add King Winter to our nature table!
    Thank you for your generosity!
    ~ joey ~

  115. I have been a long time fan of Daria’s work – it is just magical! So hard to pick a favorite, but right now I am really loving the Acorn Family and Little Wood House.

  116. What exquisite, beautiful work Daria does. Truly an amazing gift. How could one pick one thing from her store? I adore the Waldorf needle felted forest. I would love to give King Winter a home on our nature table.

    Many thank yous to both of you and Daria!

  117. I have been a fan of Daria for some time now. I have been saving up for one of her wool felt tapestry pictures…I couldn’t pick a favorite if I tried! King Winter would look lovely on our nature table…thank you for a chance at such an amazing piece of art.

  118. you were not kidding when you said it would be hard to choose. I think a great gift for my dear daughter would be Daria’s Waldorf Mother and child-standing doll. She would love it so much!

    Thanks so much for this giveaway. We would love Waldorf King Winter.

  119. Daria’s work is unbelievable! I could not believe how lifelike it is, and I think the mother animals and their babies were some of my favorites-especially the koalas! If my name was drawn, I would pick the nativity set. Thanks for the chance!

  120. I’m in love with the autumn wool fairies! Page after page of browsing, and I kept coming back to their beautiful red hair and delicate offerings of gourds. This will definitely be bookmarked for the holiday season!

  121. I like the mommy baby rabbits. If I win, I would want the king!

  122. I love this! Thank you so much!

  123. Oh. My. Goodness!!! Daria’s work is stunning, and I can not believe some of the items are marked as TOYS! They would make lovely toys…if I could even give them to my daughter to play with rather than display proudly in our display case.

    My ultimate favorite is the Pegasus in the banner at the top, but it isn’t in the shop (not the exact one anyway). If I were to pick one thing for myself, I would select The Forest Children tapestry. My daughter loves that book, and I love reading it to her! If I were to buy something today, it would be the Princess and Unicorn treasury box for my daughter. The first section in the description is my daughter to a T! Every little stone, leaf, stick, and pine cone she finds ends up in her room as the perfect addition to her “marshmallow soup”, witchy wand, or precious jewel collection.

    If we were to win, I would select the Waldorf King Winter and gift it to my daughter’s Waldorf school teacher as this is their last year together.

    Thank you for such a generous giveaway!
    Steph E

  124. Daria’s figures are absolutely amazing. So Beautiful. I would love the nativity set to add to my nature table.

  125. I have only just found your page and Daria’s creations. I do a bit of needle felting myself but hers are just wonderful so colourful. My favourite, which is very difficult to pick, is the Fairy Autumn standing dolls. The colours are just fantastic and my mom would love them for her 90th birthday coming soon. But also the King Winter is very good. I love them all!!!

  126. What an amazing and talented artist! I spent ages browsing through her wonderful creations but my absolute favourite is the needle felted fox. I love the way she captures the inquisitive expression and the way it is posed in the main photo is so lifelike. We’ve just finished watching the film The Fox and the Child and my son is totally in love with foxes now. We would love to have King Winter to add to our nature table 🙂

  127. Thanks for the chance to win. Her work I liked best were the Autumn wool fairies and the three witches, but it could be because of the season. I really liked the crows, the donkey from the nativity scene and the fox. And the little pumpkin.

  128. I am fresh out of college and I just started a new job at a catholic school teaching art, I think that little nativity set would just thrill my little ones. I hope you pick us 🙂 I included my site, you can peek at some of there projects if you like.
    This site is glorious, I am felting and learning to knit ! And I graduated an illustration student, I love these new avenues !

    Keep calm and felt on !
    Ms. Corrin

  129. These are beyond gorgeous!!! It is nearly impossible to pick one. I love the ravens/crows, and the red Santa, the owls and…. But I think I love the raven most of all.

  130. Each piece is amazing and how generous of her to have this give away. It’s really hard to chose but I think I’m in love with the acorn people in the wood house.

  131. Wow, what beautiful pieces. I love the Ocean Fairy. She is absolutely lovely.

  132. beatiful work!!!!
    I would choose one of the snow maiden, and in case of winning I choose the winter king. THanks!!!

  133. I like the Needle Felted Waldorf Forest Acorn family and Little Wood House.

    I would choose king winter.

    Amazing stuff!

  134. WOW! What incredible work~ I have never seen anything like it. What detail! I’m going back to look again but right now my favourite is the tiger I think. I love the nativity set~ So beautiful! ~lisa

  135. I fell in LOVE with the Flowers Queen on her etsy page. It is beyond words… such amazing work! I would be honored to provide a home to one of these pieces! 🙂

  136. Right again…so hard to choose!!
    I liked the pegasus most. WOW!!!
    If….when i win…i would pick King Winter.

    Thanks for sharing.

  137. I *love* her wool seasonal fairies–especially autumn and spring. They would look perfect on a nature table. If I win, I would choose the waldorf winter king! Thanks for the opportunity!

  138. I think one of my sons would love the tiger, but I really love the nativity that is featured in this post. It is simple and beautiful.

  139. Daria’s work is stunning. I’ve visited her page before and the tapestry paintings she makes have to be my favourite. I really love her tapestry painting of the girl with the rainbow skipping rope. I’d love to give a winter king a home here in Australia for our next winter. Thankyou Daria for the chance to maybe home one and thankyou for making such inspirationally beautiful pictures!

  140. How wonderful Daria’s creations are. I would love the beautiful Seasonal Tree so I could change it with the seasons and have it on display all year long. And the Winter King would make a great addition to the winter table. Thanks

  141. Gosh Daria’s needle-felting work is amazing, stunning actually! And I really love the Nativity set, fantastic for Christmas. But I have to say, I love the Needle Felted Waldorf Forest Acorn family and Little Wood House. It might be just me, but anything that’s cute and features little red toadstools, and I’m in love!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  142. First time commenting here & just wanted to say hi & thank you for the beautiful blog. Looking through Daria’s work on Etsy & find myself drawn to the beautiful needle felted Waldorf picture of the fairies, she created after a camping trip. I keep finding myself drawn back to that whenever Im looking through her page. The prize Id like to win if chosen would be the nativity set. Thanks to both yourself & Daria for the opportunity to win

  143. stunning! the lion is amazing – but I LOVED the marina playset. calming, artistic and wonderful! thanks for a great giveaway!

  144. Wow! Her work is stunning! Thank you for this chance. My favorite is the girl and geese because she reminds me of what my daughter Eliana would enjoy doing if only we lived on a farm again…. SIGH. If we are lucky enough to win I would love for Eliana to have the Nativity. Thank you again!

  145. Her animals are all so life like; I think my favourite is the Swan and cygnet… the little brooch with woodland fairies is very cute too.
    Such an exquisite and generous giveaway; I would just love the nativity scene.
    fingers crossed.

  146. Thank you all for such a beautiful and generous giveaway. I love Daria’s work. It was so difficult to choose a favorite, but I think it has to be the gnome fishing. It makes me think of my son who loves gnomes and fishing. If I were to win, I think I would have to choose the nativity. I’ve admired it for a long time.

  147. So hard to chose but my favorite would be the autumn fairies. I love the colors of autumn and find it hard to pass up anything related to them! Should I win I would chose the nativity, another hard choice!

  148. I adore the Waldorf Goose Girl. She appears to be part of their little family. The duckling is precious.

  149. All of her stuff is so cute, I would love to have king winter in my home.

  150. You are right – it was hard to choose! I really loved the people & fairy figures! but for the sake of this contest…I’m choosing Halloween Needle Felted Waldorf -Halloween Decoration- Wreath with little witch, pumpkins and spiders-needle felt by Daria Lvovsky. If I’m the lucky winner – I would choose King Winter. Thanks!

  151. All Daria’s works are adorable. But my #1 is Autumn fairy, absolutely love it! If I should win, I’d be happy to have the Nativity.
    Thank you and Daria for great giveaway!

  152. I must say that I haven’t seen anything quite like Daria’s work. Absolutely beautiful!!! I think that my favorite is the wood house in the forest but all of her things are exquisite.

  153. Daria’s work is simply wonderful. The animals are so realistic…I especially love the little bunnies and deer. It is such a great gift to be able to create something so stunning. Be blessed!

  154. I LOVE Daria’s shop! I’m particularly drawn to the animals — the crow, owls, donkey and the chipmunk are my favorites. For this giveaway, I’d pick King Winter. Thanks for offering such a lovely opportunity!

  155. It is so hard to choose – I like the lifelike animals and Father Winter. If I had to pick only one, it would be Father Winter.

  156. What beautiful work ! I love Father Winter, he would make a perfect addition to my winter nature table for my grandchildren.

  157. It was such fun to look at Daria’s creations! Her animals are so realistic – I loved them all. My favorite, though, since I am a fairy fanatic, has to be the autumn fairies. LOVE their colors! If I was lucky enough to be chosen, I would be very excited to have the Waldorf King Winter. He is gorgeous!

  158. her animals are so, beautiful. The detail is astounding. I’ve fallen in love with the little chipmunk. Giftwise though I’d have to say the mermaids are my favorite. My oldest little girl was a waterbirth and is a Pisces. The marina playset is just tdf!

  159. I adore Daria’s Native American Maiden! What a talented artist she is. Everything in her shop is so lovely and inspiring. I love King Winter. Everyone who lives in Wisconsin needs to have such an elegant King Winter proudly displayed in her home!

  160. I honestly love everything she does! I think my favorite is the angel. Daria is such an artist!

  161. I love her Garden Fairy!! she’s so sweet!
    IF I win I would like Winter King!
    and my husband thanks you for adding another shopping addiction to my life!

  162. All of Daria’s work is incredible and inspiring, but I think my favorite sculptures are her Waldorf mother with children.

  163. I love so many of her creations, but the winter king and waldorf gnome family are my favorites! Inspiring and beautiful…I’d be so happy to win.

  164. Daria’s work is absolutely amazing. The detail work on the animals is my favorite because they look so life-like. I am in awe of her work

  165. Daria’s felt work is deeply inspiring. I love it all. It makes me so happy to look at her Etsy shop, and I only wish I could buy every thing that catches my fancy!!!

    If I am lucky enough to win this giveaway, I would choose the 3 piece Nativity scene. (And I would add to it piece by piece over time and eventually have the sweetest scene for our holidays and to pass along to my children to share with their own children in the fullness of time.)

    From Daria’s shop, my favorite item(s) are her gorgeous tapestries. I think my favorite is the one that depicts the fairy journeying upriver…although the ones based on Elsa Beskow’s work are right up there! When time comes to re-do my daughter’s room, I would love to have one of Daria’s tapestries as the jumping off point for its design.

  166. wow! Daria’s creations are amazing- I think the red squirrel is the one that charmed me the most, but all of her animals are simply beautiful… I would love that nativity scene for my little girl’s 2nd Christmas!

  167. It’s so hard to choose! I would have to say that her birds and animals are my favorite, specifically the owls. If I was chosen as the recipient of one of her beautiful creations, I would love the Waldorf King Winter. Thanks for the opportunity and for introducing us to Daria’s magic!

  168. you weren’t kidding about it being hard! the red squirrel is amazing…so life-like! this give-away is so generous! if i should win i’d love the king winter 🙂

  169. Everything is so lovely, but if really pressed I would have to say I especially liked the fairies and gnomes. I would love to have the winter king. He reminded me so of Father Chistmas and Christmases spent in Germany.
    cynthia jane

  170. Oh her shop is amazing! I sent my daughter there the other day to look at something! lol. I love the sweet little Needle felted Brooch Pin-Forest children – so cute!
    Thanks for such a generous giveaway – I’d love to have the King Winter for my granddaughter’s nature table. Thanks!!
    cokelush at gmail

  171. Wow, what a wonderful selection Daria has to offer and what a generous give away!

    I collect St Nicholas figures so I think the waldorf Santa Claus would fit in well 🙂

    I also collect Nativities, so that would definitely be my choice.

  172. Very hard to choose! One of my favs is the Red squirrel, but I also like the mice, lion and several others

  173. Ohhhh, WOW! I’ve never seen such gorgeous felting! The animals are incrdibly life-like! I loved the squirrels, the fox, the camel,and the nativities. Okay, I loved everything. vbg
    Thank you for a chance to be in this amazing giveaway.

  174. What gorgeous felting!! Everything in her shop was fantastic but I’d have to go with the Baby Little Fairy playset…so sweet! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  175. These are darling! I have seen tutorials on how to do felting but I have never given it a try – this is amazing that it was done with felting

  176. I am in love with the sitting camel. The thought of him sitting on my son’s nature table during the holiday season makes me smile. 🙂

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