Just in Time for Easter :: Giveaway from Bella Luna

Just in Time for Easter :: Giveaway from Bella Luna



EDIT: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone that entered, and especially to Sarah Baldwin at Bella Luna Toys. The winner will be announced tomorrow, Monday, March 26 🙂

I know how to get our readers excited… just tell them we have a giveaway from Bella Luna Toys. YAY! And just in time for Easter. And wait to you see what Sarah is giving away! One lucky winner, drawn at random, will win:



A Spring Gift Basket




Can you believe it? Wouldn’t it be awesome to receive this package in the mail? For your chance to win, visit Sarah at Bella Luna. There you will find a bunch of lovelies, just perfect for Spring. Just let us know what you’d like to slip in an Easter basket. (Having a hard time deciding? You can pick more than 1 🙂

Then, hippity hop back to us, and leave your favorites in a comment. Then sit back, cross your fingers and bunny ears if you have them 🙂 Contest runs from today, Wednesday, March 20 to Sunday, March 25 at 9:00 pm EST. A lucky winner will be drawn at random, and will have 1 week to contact us, or a new winner will be selected. If you are lucky enough to win, you’ll want to respond ASAP so you can get your Easter Grass growing 🙂

Sarah will ship for free within the US. International readers are welcome to enter, but would be responsible for actual shipping charges.

So… thanks to Sarah at Bella Luna, for this awesome give away, and good luck to one and all. Let the commenting commence 🙂


  1. I love the baskets and the chalk eggs!! Everything is so beautiful!!

    1. So many wonderful goodies—I’ll start with the beeswax bunny, beeswax candle kit, eco eggs and the Spring book.

      1. I would love to win the wooden small tree house for my son!
        Also, the ostheimer flower children and farm animals are adorable.
        Awesome giveaway!

        1. we would love, love, love the ostheimer wooden rabbit! It would be a wonderful addition to our fast growing collection of ostheimer figures and look beautiful on our nature table!

  2. The needlefelt lamb kit looks gorgeous – I’d love to make one of those for my little ones. And that basket giveaway is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. My fingers and toes are crossed!

  3. There are so many great items over at Bella Luna, but I really love the child’s knitting mushroom, the crayon rocks and the plant based crayons, as well as the snow fairy kit and the carved egg beeswax candle.
    I love both of your sites! Very inspirational and fun stuff! Keeps my imagination running wild! 🙂

  4. My girls would be rapt with the carved Easter egg candle. How fabulous is that! But they are all lovely ideas to by pass the overload of chocolate that inevitably happens at our place thanks to relatives. I think I might suggest they do something like this instead. Thankyou for the chance of winning and for some good ideas on chocolate alternatives.

  5. What more can one ask for but a basket full of great giveaways. I love everything including the basket. Bella Luna is my favorite place to shop for unique one of a kind giveaways.

  6. I would add the Ostheimer hedgehog (small and regular sized), squirrel sitting, black and white standing bunny, and the small deer with head high. I love forest/woodland animals and figurines, and the Ostheimer toys are the best of both worlds! What an awesome giveaway 😀 Would love to win.

  7. Oh, some lucky child will be so hoppy on Easter morning! I love the needle felted lamb kit! Thank you!

  8. Everything is so beautiful! I know my daughter would love a silk fairy skirt in her basket this year.

  9. just too beautiful ! after looking at the book cover, I think the Stockmar Watercolor Paint Set would complete the basket

    GREAT giveaway – thanks for the chance

  10. What a wonderful Easter basket!!!! I would like to get both of my girls their own bolga basket for Easter this year. I would also love to add this book to our Tiptoes collection!

  11. So beautiful and thoughtful. I would love this for my kids. I can already see the contents split between my little ones. There’s so much in the basket, its hard to imagine more. Perhaps I would add art supplies another Waldorf book, or even a new silk. I’d be grateful though for any of it. Love Bella Luna

    1. My name is Kate. I was having a problem with my name on the online form since a registered user has the same name.

  12. Actually I would love the egg dye! 🙂 I’ve never done easter eggs with my kids because of my objection to commercial dyes and all the natural tutorial dyes were too much work with 4 young children.

  13. What a wonderful and generous Easter basket! I would add just three Stockmar watercolor paints (red, yellow and blue).

  14. We would love some more ostheimer for Easter! What a great giveaway!

  15. I’d love to see the story time books, silks, and a few wood toys in my kids baskets this year.

  16. Oh, thatu00B4s wonderful. I love all the things above. And what else? I miss all my needle felting supplies I had to leave in Prague before we moved for a few years here…So Wool roving and felting needles…But the peg loom also looks great…And the Art supplies, I love them all. And as I am an Arts and Craft teacher thinking about becoming a Montessori teacher and want to learn more about teaching Fine Arts in Montessori, books “Coloring With Block Crayons” and “Painting with Children” would be extremely helpful…But thereu00B4s so much to love and want in this shop…Thank you very much for such a wonderful giveaway.

  17. I’d love one of the wooden stacking towers for the baby, and some gnomes or fairies for the bigger girls, and half a dozen or so Ostheimer, just because they’re so great! : )

  18. Love the rabbit and lamb needle felting kits. They’d be a gift that would keep on giving (I’d have fun making the kit and then giving the finished product away).

  19. What a beautiful basket! I plan on adding knitting towers to my children’s baskets this year. I love everything at Bella Luna Toys!

  20. Oh, gosh… I love it all. I think I like the egg dye kit and Easter grass kit. I know my youngest would ask for the felted rabbit and lamb. My eldest would ask for the whole collection of candles and the candle making kit. Regardless of what are our favorites, this is an amazing giveaway. Thank you Sarah for this opportunity!

  21. I love it all but I’d add a spring green play silk to a basket. I love Bella Luna!

  22. hippity hop, hippity hop, thank you Sarah for a chance at such a beautiful basket! If I were to add something, the Ostheimer Bunny (all the wooden figures are so cute) and the wooden helicopter my sin would absolutely love! Happy Easter!

  23. I am in love with the wooden toy barn. What a fantastic giveaway!!

  24. The baskets and wooden figurines are just divine! Bella Luna has so much to offer! Thank you for the opportunity!

  25. WOW! Thanks for an awesome giveaway. My daughter would love to win.

    If money were no object, I would put a few Ostheimer horses in her Easter basket. She loves horses so much I would delighted for her to be able to play with such quality items.

  26. What is NOT to love about that basket? Thanks for the chance!

  27. Oh I would pick the eggs to hide. I just love those colors!!


  28. My list could go on and on!!! I love the knitting mushroom, the nesting chicken candle the rock crayons…. Oh how I would love to win that basket!!! I can see my little one’s knitting in it already!! 🙂

  29. I can’t think of a better toy to include in an Easter basket than an Ostheimer rabbit (or maybe one of each of the poses!) Our family continues to be smitten with the wooden animal toys we have even as the children are getting older.

  30. Gorgeous! Thanks for an awesome giveaway. My daughter would love to win.

  31. That website is so lovely. I found myself sitting there and dreaming for a good 20 minutes before I realized it! There are several things I will put in the Easter baskets this year. Thanks for highlighting such a lovely company.

  32. DD would love the ostheimer figures, the fairy dolls and all things dress up!

  33. I’d love one of the knitting mushrooms and the egg dying kit, perfect!

  34. Id love the Ostheimer rabbit, and everything included in the contest looks wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. I love all of the natural toys at Bella Luna! I have been coveting the wooden dollhouses though 🙂

    Such a generous Easter giveaway!! gorgeous Easter baskets 🙂

  36. Love the basket, which we use everyday at school! This year we are coloring our eggs with natural dye!!

  37. Ok next to the Excallibur giveaway that I entered this year this would be the one best Giveaway I’ve entered this year. It is the PERFECT Easter basket with everything anybody could want. Bolga baskets are always the very best! Our daughter took her lunch in it for a year and a half until literally the handle couldn’t make it anylonger. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway! Somebody will be soooo happy!

  38. Ah, the castle blocks would be my…I mean my daughter’s favorite. : )

  39. Ah, the castle blocks would be my…I mean my daughter’s favorite. : )

  40. Such lovely toys! I have been working on a fairy house for my daughter and would love some flower fairies to move in. Lola of course, would love the Ostheimer unicorn. That’s okay, there’s room for her too.

    Thank you,

  41. What a wonderful give away!!! I love the needle felted lamb kit!

    1. sorry, forgot my fav. The sleepy sheep kit! So adorable!


  42. Everything above PLUS art supplies!!! Lyra colored pencils, Stockmar crayons, and Mercurius blackboard chalk. A few wooden animals, and a wooden teething ring for the baby!!!

  43. The Haba Carrot Jump Rope would be perfect for an Easter basket! So many great options though.

  44. Oh, I would love to win this, especially the Reg Down book! I also love the Ostheimer Flower Children.

  45. What a wonderful giveaway! If I could choose anything to go in the basket, I would choose the potholder loom (for my youngest daughter) or the lotta loops refill (for my middle daughter) or the felted lamb kit (for my oldest daughter).

  46. Thank you for the chance to win some beautiful Easter goodies! I love the kid-safe crinkle cutter and a child-size cutting board to go with it. The Ostheimer bunnies are super-cute, too!

  47. Great giveaway! I would add the flower fairy and some rock crayons. So spring like:-)

  48. This is a beautiful spring basket, our family would love to win it. How fun! I would add a play silk, they are so fun in many ways!

  49. I love the felting lamb and the felting rabbit! those would be wonderful basket additions!

  50. So hard to choose. I think a basket with a couple of the beautiful beeswax eggs with a felted bunny tucked in would be very nice.

  51. What a generous giveaway!! So many beautiful things, I would love to do a little easter basket with a skipping rope and some arts supplies!

  52. I love Springtime! My daughter has also developed a love for Spring too. She currently has five butterfly clips in her hair.
    I would love to share with her the book “Eggs for Hunting” by Reg Down and/or get a Child’s basket for her and her brother to gather eggs, airplanes, chicks, puppies, flowers and what ever else they can find.

  53. Wow, what an amazing giveaway–I would LOVE to win that beautiful basket of treasures! While I love everything at Bella Luna Toys, I’d have to choose some of the sweet little Ostheimer farm animal figures–I’m sure my daughter would love the horses in particular. Thank you so much for this lovely giveaway!

  54. We’re crossing our fingers here! This basket of goodies is gorgeous! And I really like the Harvest Time Game, and the Wooden People Family Kit. Thank you for a chance to win! 😀

  55. Beautiful! We would love all, but to choose, I would have to say the natural egg dye kit and the beeswax candle making kit.

  56. WOW this is a great giveaway! I am in love with all of the Ostheimer Flower Children, they are so beautiful:)

  57. My little girls would love some play silks, they love playing dress up! What a wonderful giveaway!

  58. What a lovely giveaway! We love Bella Luna Toys! We would love to put some Ostheimer figures and some new dress up silks in our Easter baskets. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  59. I would add some ostheimer rabbits, some playsilks and a crown or two…drool! ;)…I’m in Australia and would happily pay postage 😀

  60. I really love the Ostheimer Figures and I know my kids would get so much playtime from them. Everything at Bella Luna is beautiful!

  61. What a great give-away. I’d love to slip a wood iron into my little one’s basket. I think she’d really love it. Thanks so much for the chance! Chiska

  62. It’s really hard to pick amongst all the lovely things at Bella Luna but I know my four year old would especially love the play silks and the Ostheimer figures.

  63. I love the beeswax candles! The detail is amazing.

  64. What a generous give away Sarah! I would definitely add in some modeling beeswax, colored pencils and needle felting kits!

  65. So many things here for the imagination and years of fun! I would take anything, but am particularly drawn to the wooden doll houses, as well as the Ostheimer wooden figures – nativity, flower children, trees, and forest animals. Thanks again for the opportunity!

  66. the beeswax candle making kit looks lovely too!

  67. I dunno – I happen to love the bolga baskets. They’re such a great size for almost anything and I can keep my toddler entertained for hours!

    1. What a sweet giveaway! From this website, I love the Ostheimer wooden figures-especially the fox and rabbit. Thanks for the chance to win the spring goodies!

    2. What a sweet giveaway! From this website, I love the Ostheimer wooden figures-especially the fox and rabbit. Thanks for the chance to win the spring goodies!

  68. Everything’s beautiful, but I love the Ostheimer Sunflower Flower Child. Beautiful simplicity.

  69. I love the beeswax egg but I’m going back for a second look. Thanks for the give-away.

  70. My speech and language students would love playing with the storytelling cards and Enchanted Forest Game and I love the rabbit and sheep needle-felting kits. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win the lovely items in the Bolga basket!

  71. We’d like to do some candle crafting so the kit would be great. All of the wooden toys, silks and beeswax candles in general would be helpful. I think the bolga basket would be terrific as well–small enough for my dearies to tote with them.

  72. What a generous thing! In my Easter Basket I would slip one of the Ostheimer Flower Children and some playsilks.

  73. What a great and generous giveaway. I would love to send the basket to my
    grandchildren. The neatest thing that I would add to the basket would be the Ostheimer Owl and maybe the rabbit too. Just sent off baskets with granny made felt owls, hens/chicks and rabbits to grandchildren. So, I would send this lovely basket of goodies to them also. Thanks for a chance to win.

  74. What an amazingly beautiful and thoughtful giveaway! Thank you so much!

  75. What a lovely giveaway! I love the playsilks on that site and my granddaughter never tires of them. Thanks! cokelush at gmail

  76. What a fantastic giveaway! I would probably choose a… play silk and a flower fairy, maybe a music wand. But there are so many great choices.:)

  77. As Always- just too many things to choose from but I think it would have to be the needlefelted bunny and lamb kits….with egg dye, gardening tools, games etc, etc, etc for good measure! Thanks for the chance at this lovely giveaway!

  78. I kept gasping as I scrolled down the photos! I love everything! And I’ve been looking for that book too! So what else to slip into an Easter basket? The Ostheimer Sitting Brown Rabbit would be first on my list.
    Wow, such a fantastic giveaway!
    ~ joey ~

  79. For a basket, I love the Eeboo playing cards!

  80. I’d love ALL the Ostheimer figures especially the rooster and hen.

  81. I personally am 100% in love with the carved egg beeswax candles- so Scandinavian-gorgeous! But I know my daughter would love a wooden sword and shield in her easter basket. Um, I guess you could say she has her priorities in order.

  82. Oh the wooden people! 🙂

  83. So many wonderful items . . . I think mini play silks would be lovely in an Easter basket! Thank you for the generous giveaway. I hope I’m lucky!!

  84. For an Easter Basket? The Ostheimer owl or rabbit or any other of their darling animals. And if I won the lottery?…the Ostheimer people and some play silks and some shield and swords…… What a great offer from a great company!

  85. I would put in some Ostheimer figures and the child’s garden tool set. I’m so excited for Easter and Spring!

  86. This is our first year celebrating Easter and I really have no clue what I am doing! This would really save us. If I could add something to the basket I would use their needle felting rabbit kit to make the rabbit and put it inside. Thank you for this chance!

  87. This would be AMAZING! This easter basket would be perfect as is….however, if I could add something, it would be some Ostheimer lambs and bunnies…..

    Thanks for the chance!

  88. I love the beeswax nesting hen, and the beeswax egg. I also like the pentatonic flute.

  89. I’d add Ostheimer lambs and bunnies to my Easter basket.

  90. What an amazing Spring offering! We would love this, and if I had to choose something to add it would most definitely be the Rainbow Fairy dress. I have the Martha Stewart magazine that has the children dressed up like fairies for the Easter egg hunt, and the fairy dress would be perfect for this…

  91. i love the eeboo cards to put in an easter basket!
    (i commented earlier, but don’t think it went through)

  92. I would pick the needle felting lamb kit or the carved egg candle- so pretty!

  93. Oh one hundred ostheimers come to mind…but just now, it’s the zebra that jumps out at me just like an easter bunny with this generous giveaway basket. Many thanks

  94. And I want to put it in one of those adorable baskets. Nova is obsessed with pretending to be Little Red Riding Hood and taking “goodies” to her Gamma in the woods. A lovely basket would help the game come alive for her.

  95. This is an amazing giveaway. Bella Luna is a fun site. I love her blog. I would put a green silk in my easter basket and the Ostheimer sunflower child. Thanks for the fun giveaway! Happy Spring.

  96. I love the Lyra Super Ferby Pencils – Waldorf Assortment. Cute!

  97. Everything on that page is beautiful but I think my favorite was the little fairy doll. It is beautiful and the details are just stunning.

  98. Absolutely lovely! And I love EVERYTHING so it’s really difficult to choose. I think if I had to though, the Organic Soft bunny is my favorite. I’m due in July and would love to have a little something for my baby girl. 🙂 And that Bolga basket is just gorgeous! I had to comment on that!

  99. I love the needle felting kits, so cute

  100. What a lovely shop and a lovely and generous giveaway. I love the Haba sulky. My little pony kids would love this!

  101. Thank you to Sarah at Bella Luna– my favorite! I would love the Ostheimer Sunflower Child or the book, Eggs for the Hunting, by Reg Down.

  102. I’d love to give the Waldorf Flower Fairy Dolls. My daughter would just love them!

    Thanks for a great give away. I hope we are the luckiest!

  103. They have some great toys! I love Waldorf Cuddle Doll and the wooden farm animals.

  104. What a great give-away. I’d get needle felting supplies for my daughter, a drop spindle for one of my sons, and some wooden farm animals for my other son. My youngest has a birthday coming up and I’m leaning toward the rocking board for his gift!

  105. This is amazing, my children would love the things in this basket. I would really like some of the wooden animals. We do not have any and I think they are such nice quality.

  106. It’s been such a long time since we invested in natural play toys since having our fifth child. This summer we plan to read Swallows and Amazons, so anything pirate would be welcome in our family. Thanks for the chance to win!

  107. I like the Large Ostheimer Fence. It’s actually on my pinterest shopping board. Thanks for the giveaway!

  108. It’s practically impossible to choose a favorite! We have been wishing for the Ostheimer flower children.

  109. I love their website! I have always wanted a waldorf doll, so that is what I would choose 🙂

  110. I would love to add a new set of wooden dishes to my child care. My current metal ones are a little on the noisy side on my hardwoods.

  111. What wouldn’t I love to sneak into my littles Easter basket? Well, we love love love the Ostheimer wooden lovlies as well as anything play kitchen oriented. The garden tools are wonderful as well as any of the art supplies! So many things to love about Bella Luna Toys!

    Thank you for the great giveaway! Happy Spring xoxo

  112. I have been eyeing the Orchard game by Haba for ages. I think it would be a great Easter treat for my three littles. Thank you for the giveaway!

  113. OOOoooh, what a lovely giveaway! I would pick the rainbow tunnel for sure *drool*

  114. I love the natural tree blocks. I’ve been wanting them for awhile, but I keep thinking I can make those. Who am I kidding I never will. I also LOVE the beeswax easter candles.

  115. My grandchildren will be visiting all summer and they know that grandma always has wonderful new things to play with. I would love to have the starry sky playsilks it would be so wonderful. : )

  116. Thanks for the giveaway! My 4 year old son would love this Easter basket as well as the Ostheimer owl, hedgehogs and duck.

  117. Love the beeswax rabbit, the basket is precious – but I was just going to order that book – I think I’ll wait – just in case.

  118. What an amazing giveaway! Thanks!!

    I definitely love all the Ostheimer animals. All of them are amazing!

    Thanks again!

  119. Although they would not fit in an Easter basket, my son would love a wooden sword and shield.

  120. This is an awesome giveaway! Thank you so much. I would love to tuck a beeswax candle kit and a couple of silks into my daughter’s Easter Basket. I would love to win!

  121. They would be so appreciated by my little one’s fingers. A fabulous giveaway. Many thanks!

  122. Wow, what a treat! If I could I would put those Tree Branch Building Blocks in the basket for me two little ones.

  123. Love the giveaway! Very Spring! Love the basket, my little girls will love carrying stuff around in it.

  124. Such an adorable Easter basket I would put a few wooden figures in there for my cookie little.

  125. Well….choosing was a challenge. I would love the needle-felt lamb kit, needle -felt chickens, and beeswax candle-making kit. Thank you so much for this giveaway. Happy spring!

  126. What a wonderful giveaway! I love the lamb needle felting ad well…my littlest girl is so taken with lambs, this would be just perfect.

  127. We love Bella Luna! I love those fairy dolls. So small and cute!

  128. My kids have been wanting the Haba Wooden Toy Scale for awhile now 🙂

  129. Ohh, this is lovely!. Did not know there was a new Tiptoes book out!


  130. Such beautiful items. My grand=daughter will be in the hospital over easter and then in bed for a month, tough on a 4 year old, something like this would be wonderful for her.

  131. i adore the wooden block stilts!

    thanks for the chance!

  132. Such fun, fingers crossed!

  133. Wow, bella luna toys are so beautifull!
    The bunny candle would make my son so happy, he likes candle so much 🙂

  134. That basket is just simply gorgeous! I have an image in head of my daughter in summer with her basket full of flowers…and who knows what else!
    Thank you Wee Folk and Thank you Bella Luna
    (fingers and toes crossed ^_^)

  135. My daughter would love the Gentian Flower Child!

    What a lovely giveaway collection! We have our fingers crossed!!

  136. What a great giveaway! I love the needle felted lamb kit. It look so cute. Thanks for the chance to win.

  137. Wow!!!! Beautiful treats for giveaway. I love the Bolga Baskets. I would love to put a Bolga basket in a bigger basket! They are just exquisite.

  138. Bella luna is awesome. I just love all the waldorf items. Felting, dolls, crowns…the list is very long.

  139. What a wonderful giveaway! It IS hard to choose, but for the Easter basket, I think I would choose any of the Ostheimer flower children, a rabbit and a lamb, and “The Sun Egg” or “Eggs for Hunting”. And the natural egg dyeing kit is great too!

    Thank you Kimara and Sarah

  140. oh my gosh what is not my favorite!! I would definatly love to slip in some playsilk dress up into my daughters baskets!! From the doll houses,doll stroller to the arts and crafts kits and the felted fairys and gnomes I just cannot pick one favorite!! This is my favorite store! Oh and don’t forget about the wooden kitchen stuff and kids cleaning supplies!! Everything in the store is great and if I could I would buy it all!!!

  141. I have loved gnomes and fairies for years and have gotten my grandson Hudson to be a gnome fan too. In fact, I made him a Garden Gnome costume last Halloween. I would love to slip one of the awesome Bella Luna gnomes in his Easter basket! Love everything on the website: so kid friendly, earth friendly and well made. Wish there were more companies with things for children like yours, rather than everything being made cheap and out of plastic!

  142. A Waldorf birthday cape and crown top my list of faves. Little guy turns one in June!

  143. Little Hedgehogs and the Candle making kits!! I know my kids would delight in those. What a wonderful give away!

  144. Anything beeswax–my children 6-13 all still love to play with beeswax.

  145. If I had to pick just one, a lovely green playsilk. But there’s the chicken needlefelting kit, and the Ostheimer pecking chicken and so much more lovely goodness!

  146. Oh what a great giveaway, from my favorite store too! I would love to slip in some Ostheimer bunnies and chicks as well as some playsilks and a blossom fairy doll. Here is hoping we win!

  147. My grandson would love any of Bella Luna’s goodies, but those felted sheep are especially lovable!

  148. Thank you so much for the giveaway! I love Bella Luna Toys! I would love to stick some of the Ostheimer animals in their basket, and that book looks lovely too!

  149. So much to choose from!! Maybe Spring by Gerda Muller, the Haba Mini Orchard Game, and a farm animal or two, would do for starters. Thanks for the great giveaway!!!

  150. I was actually about to buy another Bolga basket for my 22month old (his brother already has one!) The candle and the “Eggs for the hunting” book” ! And, yes, it would be AWESOME to win!!! I hadn’t seen the grass before, but I’m sure my boys would enjoy that too! Thank you!

  151. This is such a lovely giveaway, wish I could receive such a beautiful Easter basket. One thing I would add to it would be the beeswax candle making kit. Now I’m off to cross my fingers, toes, and bunny ears. 😉

  152. probably one of the kinderlyres:)
    What a beautiful giveaway!!!!!! Thank you, Sarah!

  153. Oh all the choices at Bella Luna are so lovely. To choose one it would be Oshteimer bunnies. To dream bigger: an abundance of spring animals whether they be felted or wood is my wish for a perfect basket and extended play throughout the year and years to come. The baskets themselves at Bella Luna are gorgeous and have long lasting value even beyond childhood. And those sweet little flower children would interact with the spring animals and bring out a multitude of stories. Add playsilks that could be used Initially to set the stage for the spring animals and flower children and then for all the joyous uses like dress up and fort making and tea parties – they are so versitile. Thanks for the chance to dream.

  154. What a lovely giveaway-thank you! I would choose the bubble wands-they look perfect for spring time play.

  155. Thanks for such a great giveaway. I would choose the candle making kit so we could do it as a family over the holidays 🙂

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