Magic Onions Give-Away :: $35 Gift Card

Magic Onions Give-Away :: $35 Gift Card

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There are so many wonderful

There are so many wonderful things to choose from, but I would get my daughter the Complete Fairy Garden Kit.  She really wants to make a fairy garden πŸ™‚

Sponsor: The Magic Onions

Give-Away Date: Sunday, July 13, 8am EST – Monday, July 14, 8am EST (This Give-Away is 1 day only!)

Number of Winners: 1

Prize: $35 Gift Card at The Magic Onions

How to Enter: Visit The Magic Onions and take a look around then come back and leave a comment HERE (in this post) letting us know what you will purchase if you win.

Optional Additional Entry: For a second chance to win, LIKE The Magic Onions on Facebook then come back here and leave a second comment letting us know that you did. If you already LIKE The Magic Onions on FB, that works too.

Limit: Two Entries per person please.

Announcing the Winner: Comments will be closed on Monday morning around 8am EST. One winner will be chosen by random number generator and will be announced IN THIS POST on Monday morning. If you are the lucky winner, please send us an email with your contact and shipping information. You have one week from the time of the announcement to claim your prize or a new winner will be selected. 

International Information: Everyone may enter including our International readers.



Handmade Toys and Treasures for the Natural Home. For years, Donni’s Magic Onions blog  has shared her family’s special magic with millions of readers. Now, her new Magic Onions Shop brings that same brand of enchantment into your home with gorgeous eco-friendly and nature-inspired handmade treasures… everything is made with love to delight and charm and will fill your home with happiness.

Donni’s craft is needle felting. She starts with a big bunch of colorful, un-spun wool that resembles cotton candy and she sculpts it using a tiny felting needle. She pokes the wool hundreds of times until it takes on a shape. The sharp needle has tiny barbs, which grabs the wool fibers and interlocks them, tighter and tighter, making a firmly felted piece of magic. She loves the gorgeous colors of the wool, the warmth of it, the noise the needle makes as she works and the unlimited possibilities of the things she can create. Kids adore the tactile softness of needle felted toys and the wonderful texture of felted goodies brings and earthy warmth into the home.

Along with the treasures Donni makes, The Magic Onions shop is packed full of DIY crafting kits for adults and children. Try one of the delightful needle felting kits and learn to needle felt sweet creations like toadstools or pumpkins or felted acorns. The Magic Onions store is also the home of The Magic Craft Box, putting a whole new perspective on seasonal crafting with children. There should be NO bored kids this summer!

And, of course, The Magic Onions Shop has the most delightful Fairy Garden Kits.

In Donni’s words, “I love what I do and I am wonderfully aware of how lucky I am to have been able to craft a business that allows me to follow my passion, every day. And I am proud of the goods I create… they are eco-friendly, made from natural and sustainable materials and good for the earth… and, of course,  full of magic!”





Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art


  1. So many cute things!!! I think the fairy garden complete kit!  My twin girls would LOVE making a fairy garden!! 

  2. I have liked the page and am excited to see all that super cute stuff in my feed!

  3. I think something from the fairy supplies, all though the snow globe is awesome and as much as I hate to think about it….it’s getting to be that time of year! πŸ™‚

  4. I love anything miniature and felted – really adorable!

  5. Good to know I was already a ‘fan’ of their FB page before this contest!

  6. I don’t have a lot of fall decorations, so I think I would order the fall garland or some of those cute pumpkins.

  7. I’m now a fan of Magic Onions.

  8. Most definitely a Flower Fairy necklace… I have admired them for a long time as I have been following Magic Onions for a long time too! πŸ˜€

  9. Oh, my!  So many delightful items . . . The fairy garden kit or robin’s nest kit or felted garland . . . My daughter will have to help me decide!  Thank you for the chance to win.

  10. So many beautiful items to choose from.  I really liked the red felted dragon.  

  11. I now “like” Magic Onion.

  12. Hard to choose, but I would use the gift certificate to buy one of the crafting kits and the felted lamb. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  13. Already like their page! πŸ™‚ Thanks again!

  14. I may have it narrowed down to the acorn garland, a set of felted rocks or the Fairy Garden Kit, or something else πŸ˜‰

  15. I would get the felted dragon – probably the green one – so cute!

  16. Although I really should say I would buy a nice craft kit for the kids, I REALLY love the necklaces, especially the ones with little treasures in a bottle!

  17. What a wonderful site, with so many cute things to choose from!  I love the Barn Owl needle felting kit, the Mushroom felting kit and who can resist those adorable Acorns!!! 

  18. I liked The Magic Onions on Facebook!

  19. I love all their things but I think I’d pick the felted mouse in a pumpkin.  They’re just so cute!  And I think my littlest would absolutely love it!

  20. I would probably pick a felted piece x Stunning x

  21. Very inspiring work!  I would buy the rainbow garland if I won.  Thanks. 

  22. I would love the needle felting kit!

  23. I like them on FB πŸ™‚

  24. I would purchase the Complete Fairy Garden Kit if I won this contest.

  25. I now like The Magic Onions on Facebook.

  26. Ummmm…what not to choose! Loving the mushrooms! Would love a gift card to this wonderful collection of goodies. Thanks!

  27. I would definitely get a felted lamb.  Maybe two!  It is so adorable and round!

  28. I’m totally in love with the blue felted river rocks, and that’s what I would order if I win! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  29. I also “liked” the Magic Onions on Facebook.

  30. it is an awesome site. if i won it would be hard to choose but at the end of the day it would be a fairy garden kit!

  31. Oh, my!! I think I would have to pick a couple if the needle felting kits!! And the clouds with crystal raindrops!!

  32. Everything is adorable! I would have to go with the DIY felted wool playscape or the felted wool owl kits if I won. πŸ˜€

  33. What a gorgeous website! And lovely prize!
    If i was lucky enough to win, i would buy the needle felting kit for my son and i to do a project together as i have been ill a long time and we could use some bonding time πŸ™‚

  34. I must have it all!! But if I can’t then I would choose the owl and bird mobile for the new baby. 

  35. Liked them on facebook!

  36. I love the garlands…..especially some of the Christmas ones. Pick me!!!!

  37. There are so many wonderful things to choose from, but I would get my daughter the Complete Fairy Garden Kit.  She really wants to make a fairy garden πŸ™‚

  38. I do and did like them. 

  39. Omg I love the complete fairy garden kit and my 3 girls would just fall in love with it…. so magical xoxoo

  40. I definitely will have to have some of those robin’s nest ornaments!

  41. I “liked” the magic onion on Facebook!

  42. The Facebook page is beautiful so exciting to see so many beautiful things xoox

  43. how to choose…how to choose??? i guess i would go with the felted mushroom ornaments, but that could change at any moment

  44. Hard to pick but it would be something for my WIP Fairy Garden, maybe one of the kits. I have some things and an old wheel barrow, I need lots of stuff to make it Fairy Worthy πŸ™‚


    Thanks for the opportunity to win. Love your stuff

  45. I love the idea of a string of felted balls or acorns hanging in our house. The kit to make your own acorns looks great! I also liked the felted stones kit. I’ve never done that kind of felting before, so it looks interesting. 

  46. 2nd comment, I “liked” your page on facebook for a 2nd chance to win the G.C.


    Thanks again for the opportunity to win.


  47. What a sweet website!  I love all fairy stuff.  :). I would get the a magic craft box.  Me and my kidlets would have lots if fun with one of those!

  48. Really charming crafts and gifts!  If I won a gift card, I would choose the big block of bees wax or a felted garden…maybe both!!  Thank you for sharing this wonderful site!

  49. I just liked the Facebook page.  πŸ™‚ Hope I win!!

  50. I really do like The Magic Onions Fb page.  Really dynamic and interesting!  (love the playing in water photo!)


  51. Definitely the fairy garden kit!!!!

  52. Liked the page πŸ™‚

  53. So darling! I’m in love with garlands, and the red pomegranate really caught my eye.

  54. I would use the gift card to help buy an autumn Magic Craft Box from The Magic Onions – they’re so great and my kids would love having one! 

  55. I follow The Magic Onion on Facebook! 

  56. Were I to win the gift card, I think I would have to purchase one of the felted dragons.  BUT I also love the garlands as well…and the pumpkins.  Everything is truly beautifully made.  

  57. I don’t know exactly what is buy but possibly more mushrooms because the last time I got them I have them all away. 

  58. I’m in love with the Turquoise Magic Feather necklace, the Acorn for Pam necklace (for all the girls in my life,) and the Skeleton Leaf necklace. I don’t wear jewelry all that often, but if something is difference, I will wear it and enjoy all the comments I get about it.

  59. My second entry is because I “Liked” your facebook page.


  60. Everything is so beautiful and whimsical. I would love to order crafts and fairy kits for me and my 7 year old to work on together. I also love the photography. So magical!

  61. I liked The Magic Onion on Facebook. πŸ™‚

  62. Wow I loved the mobiles.

  63. My daughter is turning 5 in August and she would love one of the necklaces on your site.  Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. I think I’d have to get the felted pebbles…or the fairy garden kit! Everything is so sweet!


  65. I have liked the Magic Onions on facebook. 

  66. What creativity and delight, but I kept going back to the Valentine’s Day heart garland, so that’s what I would love to own!  thank you.

  67. Love all the acorns and color choices. The whole site is beautiful. Maybe a garland. Maybe a fairy, no the acorns it would be.

  68. I dont know there are so many cute things. I love the pendants so most likely one of them!

  69. Love pretty much EVERYTHING, but think I would get the Fairy House Kit and Fairy Garden Kit. That would keep both kids endlessly occupied!

  70. Also liked the FB page. Good thing I double checked, coz I thought I had already liked it!

  71. The mobiles are so sweet!  The golden stars and rainbow ones are my favorites.

  72. My girls would love the flower press kit.  

  73. It would be so hard to choose, but I think I would order the Winter Magic Craft Box as a gift for my daughter and her three girls. They would be thrilled to make these crafts together!

  74. I would get a felting kit, my daughter and I have been wanting to try that. The bunny nose necklace is too cute though, and very tempting!

  75. So glad to have found Magic Onions, liked on Facebook.  Thank you!

  76. I love their fairy garden kit and everything about felt.

  77. I liked The Magic Onions on Facebook!

  78. I would get a Fairy Garden kit for my two little gardeners.

  79. I liked Magic Onions on Facebook

  80. So many beautiful toys and definitely full of magic!

  81. I love the complete fairy garden kit!

  82. I love love love fantastic mr. fox….. and think the complete fairy garden kit would make a wonderful gift- for me….do I need to decide before I win?  Beautiful things, great giveaway.

  83. Probably a Fairy House Kit, or Fairy Garden Kit or perhaps the Fairy Wash Line Kit. So much to choose from and they are all cute.

  84. I loved looking around The Magic Onions shop.  So many beautiful things.  I think I would like to get a felting kit because we love to felt.  I also love to read The Magic Onions blog, so lovely.  

  85. Liked on facebook! There are so many cute things, if I won I would have to get my granddaughter over to help me pick out something.

  86. I would buy the Felted Owl needle felting kit, because every night I tell my son the adventure of a little owl called Aneto and it would be fun to have him in person with us!

  87. This is a great one! I love the fairy elements on their website. I think, if I win, I would buy the magic mushroom DIY kit and the Fairy wash line. SO cute!

  88. So many amazing things!! A garland? Or felting kit? Definitely couldn’t keep it to $35.00

  89. I like the Magic Onions on Facebook.  

  90. Ooooh, I’d love to buy the fairygarden kit.

  91. a very big LIKE from me πŸ˜‰

  92. I love the snow globe kit (It’d be perfect for my younger brother) but the jewelry especially the  acorn pendants are beautiful! Y’all have got a TON of talent!

  93. Ugh! So hard to choose. I would LOVE the felted acorn necklace (the one with the skeleton leaf) and I’m in fairly desperate need of the robin’s eggs Christmas ornaments. πŸ™‚ Really adorable site!! I’d be thrilled if I won! 

  94. Very happy to follow this site on Facebook! Thanks guys! 

  95. I’ve always adoooore all the little supplies for the fairy garden πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the chance!!

  96. Oh! And I already like the Magic Onions facebook page πŸ™‚

  97. The Complete Fairy Garden Kit!  Sooo Cute, my daughter would love it!

  98. I LIKEd the Magic Onions page

  99. I particularly like the felted acorns and the acorn garlands, also the felted hearts. Thank you for the opportunity, you have a lovely shop.

  100. Hello, I already Like you on FB. πŸ™‚

  101. HI!! Wee folk art is one of the most inspirational outlets for creative ideas!!! thank you, you have inspired my creative self in so many ways!!!!!!!!!

  102. Absolutely love all the creativity in your pages!  Can not wait to see more!

  103. I like the barn owl, or any felt kit. Looks like fun.

  104. I follow Magic Onion on facebook

  105. I’ve wanted some of their felted pebbles for ages, so that would be first on my list. Next would be the fairy garden kit. Love it!

  106. I love felted wool! I look forward to spending some time on their website! 

  107. I liked the Magic Onions on Facebook πŸ™‚

  108. I’ve had my eye on a flower fairy necklace for my girls.

  109. I love the garlands and the acorns!  thanks for the generous give-away.

  110. The Magic Onion is so great, there are so many things I would love to buy from her shop.

    If I win I will be picking 2 needle felted kits. The toadstool kit and an acorn kit but not sure what color of those.

  111. I also like The Magic Onion on Facebook.

  112. Hard to decide what to shop with the gift card but I am rather in love with “Dancing in the Moss” πŸ™‚

  113. I love, love, love the felted acorn kits, so I would love to purchase a kit to get started!

  114. I can but like this page and was amazed by the Fairyfolk Wedding items! I am glad, I do not have to make my choice there – would love to have every single one!

  115. There are so many items I want to purchase to dress up my home! Everything I see on these pages/links are inspiring to me. It makes me want to create! I’d love to win. It would really help me out. I’m attempting to prepare a “let’s play & create corner” on my screened in porch for this summer and fall. My grand children will be here in mid-August for a few days and I’m really excited about that! 


  116. I have been unsuccessful at crafting fairy items for a garden of our own….this kit would be a godsend!

  117. I would have my kids look on the craft section to see if they would like to get anything before. If not to the Christmas ornaments and garlands! I have liked the FB page so nice to get ideas for the Fairy Garden and other crafts.

  118. I would love to get a kit or 2 or 3!!

  119. The Magic Onion looks like a fantastic place for some fun DIY kits!!!!  Thanks for introducing me πŸ™‚

  120. I would love to get the fairy necklace and the needlefelt flower pot. 

  121. I already follow magic onions on facebook and I plan to post our fabulous fairy garden there soon.

  122. I Iike it all! The felted acorns are always so cute πŸ™‚

  123. I think I would get the felted acorns for my little math squirrels.


  124. So many fantastic choices! I think I would choose a felting kit or wool balls (so many fun creations could be made)!

  125. I think I would either get a fairy garden kit or a rainbow rock kit.



  126. Hard to decide what to pick, but I would get either the magic summer craft box or the fairy garden kit. thanks for the chance! πŸ™‚

  127. I’ve also liked The Magic Onions on facebook.

  128. I love your work and thank you for sharing it all. Will love my work with children even more when I see their joy as they create their own ‘wee folk art’. 


  129. Two owl mobiles, 1 blue and 1 green for my twin boys πŸ™‚ or if they do custom, one with a blue and green owl 

  130. I liked the Magic Onions!

  131. I would love the summer magic craft box. We also love the felted acorns.

  132. Love the mushrooms, especially the necklace!

  133. I love the whole shop! If I had to choose which item I would purchase first, I would choose either the felted rainbow cloud mobile or the complete fairy garden kit, Probably both! What sweet, beautiful things!

  134. I love the idea of fairy garden kits!

  135. Love all the handicraft kits! I think we would enjoy the fairy garden kit.

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