Salley Mavor Book Review and Giveaway

Salley Mavor Book Review and Giveaway

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new adventures giveaway

This is zo nice!! I want to make à lot of small friends for our first i can combine  them with the flower fairy’s i have already made for the nature table. The cover of the book Will make you want to go for that.

Tanks for this opportunity. Heidi


When I first heard that Salley Mavor had a new book coming out, I did my happy dance, and if you’ve ever had the opportunity to watch me do said dance, I’m sure you would have found it to be quite… hmmme opportunity to watch me do said dance, I’m sure you would have found it to be quite… hmmm… let’s go with entertaining! But dance I did! Then, when Salley contacted us and asked Wee Folk Art to help launch her new book, Felt Wee Folk: New Adventures, by participating in her blog tour, well, be still my heart, I was thrilled! Of course more dancing ensued when I actually received the book in the mail and had a chance to leaf through it. Thanks for the cardio workout, Salley!

But let’s back up a bit and let me give you a wee history. I first discovered the talents of Salley Mavor back in 2007 when I was introduced to her first book, Felt Wee Folk: Enchanting Projects, which was published in 2003. Within minutes of opening the book I knew I had discovered a treasure. I was already crafting peg gnomes and flower fairies for our gnome home, and I knew Salley’s fairies would be right at home in our Thicket. Here are the first 2 fairies I made from Salley’s book.

Over the years I’ve made many of the adorable dolls found in Felt Wee Folk for my grandbabies and friends, so you can understand my previously mentioned excitement when I learned Salley Mavor had a new book coming out. I couldn’t wait to go through it and see what new gems would tickle my fancy and get my creative juices flowing. I was excited to craft a few new dolls to share with the grandbabies.

However, before I had a chance to properly digest it, Pixie and Fairy discovered the book that was left on my desk. I found the two of them lying on the floor in my bedroom with Salley’s book between them.

They had grabbed a pack of post-its and were marking the pages of the dolls that THEY wanted to make. By the number of the post-its, you can see that they fell in love with many of Salley’s creations!

With a bittersweet joy, I reflected on how life has changed since I first discovered Salley Mavor’s work. I realized that the Pixie and Fairy no longer needed me to make them dolls, but rather to help them make the dolls themselves. Will theirs be as nice as the ones I could have made for them? No! They will be better because not only will they love the dolls, but they will feel the sense of pride we feel when we create something ourselves. How exciting it must be for Salley to realize her talents are inspiring a new generation of crafters. Quite a legacy to be sure! 

If you are familiar with Salley’s first book then you know you can expect great things from her second book. If you are unfamiliar with Salley Mavor’s work you are in for a treat! Salley will walk you through creating the dolls’ bodies, painting their faces, making hair, and, of course, give you patterns for tons of different outfits. Plus, Salley has put together beautiful landscapes for featuring the dolls which is truly inspirational.

Pixie and Fairy found many dolls they wanted to make, but their favorites were the Woodland Folk.

Personally, I continue to have a soft spot for the beautiful flower fairies, however, I saw this little guy and just knew I was going to have to make him!

It is with absolute conviction that I whole-heartedly endorse Salley Mavore’s new book Felt Wee Folk: New Adventures. If you’ve been a fan of Salley’s, you will love her new book. If you’ve never made one of her dolls, I know you will absolutely enjoy the adventure. 

You can get Salley’s new book on Amazon. Simply click HERE or the button below.

You can also purchase Felt Wee Folk: New adventures at Salley Mavor’s Etsy shop with includes the book, plus extra goodies (autograph, poster, faux flowers for fairies and a note card). Check it out HERE.

Now, onto the giveaway!!!


Felt Wee Folk: New Adventures Giveaway

Sponsor: Wee Folk Studio… aka… Salley Mavor

Give-Away Date: Friday, March 13, 8am EST – Monday March 16, 2015, 8am EST

Number of Winners: 1

Prize: Addresses within the US receive a hard copy of the book FELT WEE FOLK: NEW ADVENTURES and international winners receive the e-book version.

How to Enter: LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW. Tell us anything you would like about this giveaway, the children you would craft for or with, or how Salley Mavor’s work has inspired you over the years. Easy Peasy, right?

Announcing the Winner: Comments will be closed on Monday around 8am EST. One winner will be chosen by random number generator and will be announced IN THIS POST on Monday morning. If you are the lucky winner, please send us an email with your contact and shipping information. You have three days from the time of the announcement to claim your prize or a new winner will be selected. 

International Information: International readers are welcome to enter and will receive the e-book version.



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Good luck to one and all!



  1. The girls and I would love to win the new book. I’m like you. I use to make things for the girls but they want to make everything themselves. It’s an exciting time. I could see my three on the floor looking just like your 2. Thanks for the chance to win.

    1. I am a writer of old fairy tales! So, your work impressed me, as I read on fb page! 

      Yes, same way, I am using to show one of my fairy tales, a dress for me! 

      I found your idea so great,will be happy to hold your own book on my hand, read to my nice! 



  2. How adorable are these? I’m less than 6 months out from retirement and you have inspired me to think about something to do for children in my city. Thanks for the Wee Folk for thought.

  3. OMG! The video of Sally’s work is amazing. I must admit I’ve never made these dolls before. I have 3 boys and they were never interested in any form of dolls or gnomes BUT I now have a 4 year old niece who loves all of this. The book would be a welcomed help.

  4. I would love to win this book. I have borrowed salley’s first book from the library many times.  I would love to make several woodland folks and elves to hid in the trees and flowers in my garden. I love the idea of visitors discovering them a they enjoy walking through the garden.

  5. I would love to win a copy as my grand daughter and I would love to make the characters together 

  6. This book is an inspiration to anyone who loves crafting wee folk.

    I plan on using it to make for my nieces as my own girls are much older now.

  7. Loved the first book – I will cherish the 2nd one too!

  8. I am a big fan of Sally’s work. I think I made about 50 of her flower fairies a few years ago, mostly as gifts. They were a big hit with my friends. I can’t wait to get my hands on this new book. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  9. This is amazing! Thank you for sharing.

  10. I’ve been wondering what to add to my granddaughters’ Easter baskets this year–and these little dolls would be perfect! There’s still enough time to make a few, right?

  11. What a beautiful book.  The colors of the felt are yummy.

  12. I have been making fabric Art Dolls for a couple of years. Recently have been following the Wee Folk art page and love the felt creations. This book looks like a treasure chest of fun.

  13. My kids are all older, but my youngest still enjoys sitting down to craft with me, especially if it gets her out of doing her school work!  lol  Books like this are great inspiration, thanks for the chance to win a copy!  🙂

  14. Really would love to make all the little dolls.

  15. these lovely dolls would be perfect for grandchildren to love & grandmother’s fingers to fashion.

  16. I LOVE To make flower fairies! I especially love to embroidery the clothes. The new projects in this new book look fabulous.

  17. I just discovered Salley Mavor through Mary Corbet’s Blog.  I am enthralled and excited to make some tiny dolls to enclose in a quilted zipper bag that I make for giving as a gift. What fun it would be to win the book.


  18. I love the look of this book.   I have one of her other books and the grandkids are always picking out dolls for me to make.  This would be a wonderful book to share with the grandkids.  Thanks for giving me an opportunity to win.  Love your website and have be visiting for a couple years now.  Would have loved to see your happy dance.  Keep up the good work.

  19. I have just discovered the art of making peg people and I am hooked! This seems like the perfect next step!  Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful book.  

  20. I fell in love with the first book about five years ago and still use it to inspire my art I kno I would love and use the new book if I win in the same way however if by chance I do not win I will buy the book, I look forward to viewing the book just the same. I love the story about the girls.

  21. I would love to have this new book as I have the other and my grandchildren like to find a new fairy hiding in the house…Even if I fon’t win will be purchasing this book soon. 

  22. Thank you for the chance to win this book.  I would make these dolls for my grandchildren.  They love little toys.

  23. These are amazing. And so detailed too

  24. I and a friend are planning a get-together within the next year and we are hoping to make some of these “wee folk”.  She is a full time care-giver to her mentally challenged daughter and also lost her husband and 2 dogs within this past year.  (I mean really, even the dogs?)  It has been such a hard year for her and I thought that “playing with dolls” would be a fun distraction and just a time to forget for awhile.  So I would love to win this book for us to work from.  I have the first book, but this one looks even better.  Thanks for the opportunity.

  25. Hello Kimara and Michelle,
    I would be very glad to win the E-Book. This is exactly that what I am looking for to make some dolls for my Kindergarten children. I’d like to work a playground for them and therefore the fitting dolls.
    Best regards from Bavaria/Germany

  26. My DD and I would LOVE this book, especially since we make dolls and have _Felt Wee Folk_ amongst our favorite doll making book.  Yes, we NEED this book so very much!  Thank you for this post and give-away.

  27. All my children love to make little peg dolls even my boys.  We would love to learn to make new dolls and be inspired with a very lovely book.

  28. Next week I will have my second girl. My 6 year old is a veteran crafter already. These would be much fun for my girls.

  29. I’ve been following Salley’s blog for awhile now, but I’m loving being introduced to new blogs to follow with the giveaway.


  30. I can’t wait to hold this beautiful book in my hands, Sally is an amazing artist and I would love to have a copy of the newest book. Hugs

  31. My sister follows your blog and she just sent me your link….with a big “what I want for Christmas…hint, hint, hint” message.  Would love to win the book for her!!

  32. I’ve been a fan of Salley’s work since my children brought home books with her illustrations.  As a fiber artist myself, I am most interested by the methods she uses to make things three-dimensional.  Love the flower fairies the most!

  33. I have her first book and would love another.


  34. Wow!  What an amazing book!  I would love to win this, I have always wanted to make dolls like these!

  35. This would be awesome for me,my roommate and myself are disabled and we make dolls and crafts that we donate, so far we have donated to, domestic violence shelter, retirement homes, autism awareness, catholic children’s services, and are working on stuff for the pediatrics ward at the local hospital, we buy most of are supplies at thrift stores, dollar store, garage sales, and our felt is the only thing we buy new from local craft stores, some of our family and friends donate supplies to our cause. Most people ask why we don’t sell them, we tell them that making money is not are intent, it’s about sharing our love to those that need it most. So that’s why I’d love to win this book. To get more ideas.

  36. Oh man, I’ve been dying to get this book! I have the first one and her nursery rhyme book and they are so gorgeous. She continues to inspire me!

  37. This book looks so beautiful. I love making toys and dolls for the little ones.  With this book I can make these dolls for my children’s nursery school.  And continue to use it as my children grow.. and they can start making their own. 🙂

  38. This is zo nice!! I want to make u00E0 lot of small friends for our first i can combine  them with the flower fairy’s i have already made for the nature table. The cover of the book Will make you want to go for that.

    Tanks for this opportunity. Heidi


  39. I just discovered this book the other day and am getting the first book from my local library. I found it when looking for a new craft to help my mom with her Operation Christmas Child ministry. She’s making 100 boxes this year and so I’m helping her fill with something handcrafted. I want to try my hand at making these dolls to give to kids around the world!

  40. I love Sally’s first book.  This one looks just as great.

  41. My daughter is reading over my shoulder and said, “That! THAT’s what I want for my birthday!!!” 🙂

  42. While I covet these cute little folk for myself, I anticipate that I will be a grandmother and would love to have a small (or large) collection of these wee folk ready for adventure! I can’t think of a nicer thing to start doing for them now than to begin making these cuties!

  43. So happy Salley has another book of sweet little folks to make!  I know three little girls  who would love a doll or two, so I’m all in for your drawing.  Thanks for the chance to win her book.


  44. I love Salley’s work and would love to win a copy of the book.  I also love your work and follow your facebook page.


  45. How I would LOVE to win this book!! I am looking to start a new craft and this looks like it would be fun. I have seen the book trailer. I think I would like to make the nativity scene. Sooooo precious. Thanks for giving us a chance to win. Enjoyed your blog!

  46. I discovered Sally’s first book some years ago when my kids were little. We had such fun making fairies, and I used her embroidery and construction techniques to make and adorn  a number of small dolls for them. It’s because of her that every time I see acorn caps I end up filling my pockets with them, because they just might be useful … 

  47. Such beautiful work! I would love to make these with my daughter. 🙂

  48. My daughter and I would spend most of our summer craft time making an extended family of dwarves, elves and fairies.  And have fun photographing them in our woods.

  49. I found Salley’s first book at Michael’s and fell in love.  I’ve made a number of her little folk for my grandchildren, and have tweaked her designs to become my own.  I would love to have her new book, to make more dolls for Sam, Dylan, Lucy, Claire, and Ceili – my best audience!

  50. I’d like to work through this book with my grandson

  51. Oh, how awesome! You have just introduced me to something special. I can’t wait to get a copy and make some for my little toddler.

  52. My daughter made some Christmas elves many years ago. She saw this book on facebook and expressed a desire to have it as she would like to make some others. Her birthday is coming up soon. And this would be a perfect surprise present for her. Please and thank you

  53. I only just discovered Salley’s first book a year or so ago.  I’ve made several little dolls and have plans to make more.  When I first made them my grandson was too little to appreciate them. Now that he’s nearly 3 he plays with them when he comes to visit.  My granddaughter will grow into the little girl dolls I’ll make, I’m sure.  Thanks for participating in the blog hop and offering a copy of Salley’s book.

  54. As the mother of boys I’m, always on the lookout for craft opportunities which will appeal to them as much as to girls. I just the these books.

  55. Oh we have loved the original Wee Felt Folk for years!  What a treasure that there is a new edition!  And iI’m excited to read to the children’s books that Salley has illustrated…

  56. I love her work. I have the original book and it always brings a smile to me as I daydream  the day away…

  57. This looks like such a cool (not to mention adorable) book! I can’t believe I didn’t know this existed! I would definitely make these with my siblings. We (including my brothers) have made many fairy and peg people so this would be great to inspire new designs and ideas.

  58. My girls would love browsing through this book and then to make some of these amazing dolls! What a great giveaway, thanks!

  59. I would love to have this book! I’ve already collected most of the supplies and am ready to paint my little faces and create some international figures for my grandchildren 🙂

  60. i would love to win this!     I have the first book and am planning a family doll making day in May.

  61. I’ve been following Salley’s blog hop. I love her work and also am enjoying new to me blogs along the way. I enjoyed seeing the little dolls you made from her first book.  

  62. I would be absolutely ecstatic to win this book!

  63. Greetings from Tasmnia.  I purchased Salley’s first book some years ago and have made quite a few of the projects in there.  This time around I would like to make the little one on her toboggan and also the girl up the ladder plus the flower fairies.  They are all so colourful and wonderful.

  64. This book is so inspirational! I would love to own a copy and make dolls all day long.

  65. I am joining you in the dance, as I have her first book as well – and LOVE that one!!  My daughters and I…..and probably one younger brother…..will have a great time making dolls from the book. 

  66. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this wonderful book. I love to make thing for my grandchildren and it’s even more fun now that they are getting old enough to help!

  67. Salley’s books are so inspirational, and through her, I have other wonderful blogs like yours.  Thank you for hosting this giveaway.  I think that making these little dolls would be very therapeutic in this busy, hectic world.

  68. Sally Mavor’s wee folk dolls are awesome.  I especially like the fairies.  Glad she created a second book.

  69. Thank you so much for all the delight you share! I look forward each day to what you will introduce me to that makes me smile & want to create! I discovered Forest Fairies here & made it the center piece of my granddaughter’s birthday gift along with her first sewing “basket”! We spent 2 days of craftiness love. Now I can’t wait to share this new discovery with her! She has since gone on to make fairies with her friends & I can just see them pouring over this book like yours! Can’t wait to make some sea shell wee babes & that Nativity Set is calling me just for starters! Fairy branches  crossed!!!

  70. I adore Salleys work. And yours too!  I spend time crafting with my daughter who loves fairies.  We have made bunches of peg and bendy dolls.   So much fun. <3


  71. I am an A-1 fan of Salley Mavor and I could envision pouring over the pages in her new FELT WEE FOLK book with my 4 tear old granddaughter, Norah. We would spend hours creating the wee folk, dressing them and spinning tales of their adventures. A perfect grandmother/grandchild activity. I can hardly wait…

  72. I am so taken with Sally’s work and her creativity.  I would love to win her newest book

  73. Oh please let it be me who wins a copy of this book! I’ve been making the wee folk with my children for about nine months now. It started last summer with a family of “Summer Folk,” it carried through to the Fall Folk and the Winter Folk. Now it is time for Spring Folk, which we will start this week. I love love love the wee folk and can’t stop making them. I give them to my daughter’s friends for their birthdays, and my daughter, who just turned 5 in January, also just gave the first folk she ever made to her friend for her birthday. We would love to have the new book and I can only imagine how many more we will make. 

    Thanks for the chance to win this book. Thank you also for all the great tutorials on your website. I was first inspired by the peg gnomes and gained courage to try making the wooden forest after reading your tutorial. I love your artwork!


  74. Those Wee Felt Folk are simply precious!!!!  I’ve been steadily working my way up to trying one of my own!

  75. Wee Folk are so enchanting !  Would love the book.

    Carol b

  76. I would like to win this book to do crafts with my 6 year old daughter.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  77. I have long been a fan of Salley Mavor’s and have made several of her flower fairies and a Jack and a Jill doll for my charges as a nanny.  I am retired now and, hopefully one day, I can make some for other children, yet to be in my life.  Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!  

  78. WE are all NUTS about everything Salley Mavor!!!!!!!!

    Such amazing, intricate, stunning, inspired work!  xox

  79. Have Salley’s first book and have made many dolls over the years. For my grandchildren, friends and some just for me! A new book, how fun!
    Pick me, pick me plz

  80. These little people are quite special! I would love to create some to live in a tiny, miniature world at my house…(I am always collecting little nature “items” so have lots of ideas!) Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  81. My eleven year old daughter and my four granddaughter’s would LOVE to come and make these with me! Thanks for the chance! Hope we win! 😀

  82. I adore Salley Mavor’s creations!  When you asked for whom I would want to make some dolls, I thought of my nephew’s two sons, the youngest generation in our family.  But really, I want to make these for myself.  Never too old!

  83. I would love to make a family of little people for my grandchildren 🙂

  84. i’m so inspired by your blog and all this amazing book…the video is great! i craft with my son Diego whom i homeschool. i work full-time during the week so we do a lot of our projects on weekends.  saturdays & sundays are very special, filled with lots of art, crafting and outdoor time.  lately, we’ve been making handmade toys for the newest addition to the family who just turned 1. i love the ideas in this book, it would be so much fun to make these cute little dolls to share with friends & family. 🙂

  85. Would love to have some me time exploring the wonderful projects in this book.

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