A Wonderful Sarah Silk Giveaway! YAY!

A Wonderful Sarah Silk Giveaway! YAY!



EDIT: This giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announced Monday, November 28. Good luck to all 🙂

A few weeks ago we had a lovely new sponsor quietly join our family… Sarah’s Silk. Actually, Sarah isn’t new to Wee Folk Art. She hosted a wonderful giveaway last spring. But now, she has a permanent spot on our blog, so whenever you are HERE, you are just one button push away from visiting her wonderful shop 🙂

Very often interviews are done to introduce sponsors. Since we already did that in the spring (you can read about that HERE), we thought we would do something a little different. Sarah sent us one of her Starry Night Silk Scapes to test drive. We had 3 very eager guinea pigs! Below are a few of the ways they incorporated the silk scape into their play…  

Indoors… by draping it over their play stand, they created a lovely reading nook. That night they read books under the stars, using flashlights to read by. Camping indoors… totally awesome 🙂





Michelle decided SHE had the perfect spot for the new silk scape… flowing over a window! I love silks on windows!

Silk Scapes also make beautiful table clothes. We also have Sarah’s Rainbow Silk Scape that is used everyday!





The wee ones didn’t let Michelle play with it for too long before moving outdoors! The Silk Scapes can be used like parachutes, but much easier to use with a small number of children. Can you run under the silk before you are caught?

Or, can you jump over it?

If you “miss”, it’s your turn to hold an end of the Silk Scape, but that is just as much fun 🙂

And, just because it feels so good, you can run… trailing a trail of silk behind you!

Silks are an important part of the wee one’s daily play. They present endless opportunities for open ended play. From the large silk scapes down to the mini silks, children will find ways to incorporate them into their play. As a matter of fact, the last time the Little Lady was here, her favorite toy at Gammy’s was the silks. Even before heading for home, Meghan placed an order for their own stash of silks. I was sent these pics shortly after their visit. I am told she is seldom without a silk 🙂





Obviously, we are humongous fans of Sarah’s Silks. Here’s one of the ways that I like to display/store my silks. I change them out with the seasons.





So, after singing the praises of silks… I bet you want your own (if you don’t have any) or more (if you do 🙂 Luckily, Sarah is hosting a giveaway. YAY! One lucky winner will receive their very own Starry Night Silk Scape







Wouldn’t this a perfect time of year to win this? Just in time for the holidays. To enter, simply click HERE, go to Sarah’s Silk, and make up your Christmas wish list. (There’s still time 🙂 Then come back here, and let us know, which Sarah’s Silk is at the top of your list. Then… cross your fingers 🙂 The giveaway runs from today, Monday, November 21, and runs through Friday, November 25, at 9:00 pm, EST. Then, a winner will be drawn at random. The winner has one week to contact us or a new winner will be drawn. If you are traveling for Thanksgiving, make sure to get your entry in quickly so you don’t forget 🙂

Michelle and I wish to welcome Sarah’s Silk to the Wee Folk Art family. Then, we’d like to thank her for sponsoring this giveaway. Finally, we’d like to wish everyone good luck. The Starry Night Silk Scape is indeed a lovely and versatile toy!

Because of the Thanksgiving weekend, the winner will be announced Monday, November 28. Love a little suspense, don’t you 😉



  1. What a wonderful giveaway! We LOVE our play silks. I think at the top of my list would be the playsilk a month subscription- what fun would that be to get a new playsilk each month for a year! Our little one would be in heaven!
    Heather O.

    1. I think the rainbow wings would be at the top of my girl’s wish list. I LOVE the starscape! Silks are a huge part of imaginative play at our house– from puppet show landscape to dressups to nature table decor. Thanks for the give away!

  2. What an amazing giveaway. My daughter has been eyeing that starry night scape, so that would top our list, along with the playsilk of the month subscription, the parachutes, the streamers, and the skytails.

  3. Lovely give-away! It happens to be that the Starry Night Silk Scape is my very favourite! Keeping my fingers crossed now. . .

  4. The start night silk is my favorite. It would go well with the pile of silks that get daily use around here.

  5. Wow…I know it’s extravagant, but my very favorite is the rainbow rose canopy–my daughter’s been wanting a canopy for years, and it’s okay to dream big, right? Second choice would be the rainbow playscape. What a great giveaway!

  6. Given that summer is just around the corner here and I’ve been looking for something that goes for the golden brown dry landscape colour we get here in Australia, I’d have to put the yellow, sky blue and pale green colour silks on my Christmas wish list as my silks are just not quite the right Australian colours! Of course a starry night silk would also be well beloved by my two girls…. Thankyou for the chance to win and have a great Thanksgiving.

  7. My daughters oohed and aaahed over the Rainbow Play silk.

    Thanks again for a great giveaway.

  8. This would make a perfect addition to our Sunday School nature table, and I’d love to incorporate it in our nativity. I have used silks for all the children’s costumes, which I dyed this weekend.

    Many thanks, Lorna

  9. Wow! These silks are beautiful! One of every color just hit MY wish list! lol My little girl would LOVE these. I think my favorite though, is the starry night one! LOVE it! 😀

  10. I’d have to go for the starry night or the rainbow silk…my babes would love to lay underneath and gaze!!

  11. I have been squealing over Sarah’s Silks for a LONG TIME! how exciting 🙂

    1. ahem, I thought it went without saying (apparently) that I wanted the starry silk! i have the perfect spot for it 🙂

  12. The starry night one is my favorite, followed by the rainbow!

  13. I love these play silks (esp the starry night) but I also love the crowns and the parachutes! Beautiful items..thanks for sharing.
    My son wants to paint his new room with a starry night sky…I think this would be the most perfect addition
    peace, Renee

  14. I’m divided on what is my top choice, so I’m going to list two: Mermaid Tail Dress up and Butterfly wings. Thanks for a great give-away!

  15. I love the rainbow and starry night silk scapes equally. My daughter loves her silks!

  16. The wing sets look like great fun!

  17. My daughter always remarks on the Starry Night Silk Scape every time we come across it online so that is at the top of my list. Second on our list would be the Rose Rainbow Canopy.

  18. I really like the idea of the cotton play cloths for outside. If I had a a free Sarah’s Silks shopping spree, I’d get some minis for the nature table, a knight costume, like 12 rainbow silk scapes and three starry ones. Okay, I’m stopping here because I could go on forever!

  19. We LOVE Sarah’s Silks in our house! I think the silk of the month club is a fantastic idea. If we didn’t have so many of them already I would definitely do that. The two silks that I’m looking at for Christmas are the Starry Night and the Rose Rainbow Canopy. There pretty much isn’t a day around our house that a silk isn’t used for something.

  20. These are a great idea for decorating or play. The starry night playsilk is my favorite. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  21. We already own two of the Sarah’s Silks rainbow silks (one for playing with and one for the playroom window, just like in your picture) and they are some of our favorite things. I would loooove the starry silk and I’ve also had my eye on the silk canopy’s for a while.

  22. Well, my son keeps asking for a skytail, and they do look like fun! I also think the Starry Night Silk Scape would be the perfect x-mas gift!!! Thank you!

  23. Oh, no question. With my daughter’s fascination with stars, it would have to be the Starry Night Silk Scape. What a coincidence! Thanks again for a wonderful opportunity!

  24. The star silk is our number one pick in our household. We would love to use the silk over the playstand or as pretend wings. Hope we are lucky.

  25. What a beautiful silk! I just love those silk fairy wings.

  26. Top of my list would be the butterfly wings for my granddaughter. She would adore them! Thanks for the beautiful giveaway! cokelush at gmail

    1. How much new imaginative play a silkscape would bring! It’s hard to choose a favorite between starry night and rainbow… so, this time, I’ll go with starry night. 🙂

      Thank you for a chance to win such a generous giveaway.

      Happy Thanksgiving.

  27. I would love to get the white mini silks and try dyeing them with them children. fun and beautiful at the same time!

  28. I have so been wanting to add a wand and some playsilks to the dress up box that we are doing for our girls for Christmas and the starry night scape is beautiful too!

  29. The rainbow silk baby blanket is definitely at the top of my list. What a beautiful gift that would be for a new child.

  30. So many beautiful things, but my favorite is the dragonfly wings. Could I fly away if I had them?

  31. OMG… I love the starry night silk…my boys would be in complete bliss to have that hanging in their room! Love these!

  32. The fish pond games looks wonderful!

  33. They are so beautiful! My kids do this with my scrap fabrics but there are no silks in there. I love the monthly subscription idea for playsilks, the scapes are fantastic too!

  34. That starry night silk is gorgeous, and I really like the rainbow silkscape, too! We have a few smaller silks in our house, but nothing large and flow-y like those.

  35. The starry night silkscape is probably the coolest thing on their site (other than the silk of the month club-SUCH a great idea!)

  36. I think my children would be happiest with the Rose playsilk. When I showed them to my daughter she wanted them all. My husband and I have had playsilks on our list to buy for the children, so winning this contest would be great.

  37. We Love Play silks! Hard to pick a favorite, but right now the children are really loving dress-up..so I would say Fairy wings and skirt, unicorn hoods and dragon hoods would be at the top of our list 🙂 Thanks for the Giveaway.

  38. Love play silks! Rainbows are always my favorite. 🙂

  39. the starry night silk is always my favorite…..i tried to make something similar, but it’s not quite as beautiful as this one

  40. I’d love to get the fairy dresses for my girls!

  41. i love the starry night! we are big into constellations right now, so this would be so perfect. thanks!

  42. I love the Undersea Canopy. All the silks are beautiful, but I think that one is my favourite.

  43. I love the starry night and the rainbow! Our daughter just recently began at a Waldorf school and her imagination has skyrocketed! These silks are so beautiful!

  44. I have been buying these beautiful silks for my children for years. I think they would love a pair of wings.

  45. But my favorite is Starry Night! I will certainly be placing an order for silks for the grandchildren!

  46. There are so many beautiful things on her site! Starry night silk? What a fun giveaway! I am looking forward to ordering some awesome gifts for christmas 🙂 I love the wings and the soft swords and wands.

  47. Such beautiful silks! The starry night silk is definitely my favorite! That would be a wonderful holiday surprise for my little ones!! 🙂

  48. What a lovely website for Sarah’s Silk! We love them all…At the top of our list is the Rainbow Cotton Playcloth. The mini playsilks would be wonderful for baby too. So many ideas for Christmas. 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful giveaway and for sharing so many beautiful ways to use play silks.

  49. I love them all, but the rainbow one is maybe just my favourite by a smidgen! I love the starry night one too and i love the idea of the 12 month subscription getting a new one in the post every month, what a wonderful idea.

  50. My fave silk? Tough call between the Rainbow and the Starry Night silk scape.What a beautiful and gentle addition to a child’s life!!

  51. Would love to have one – top of my list- the rainbow!!!

  52. I adore all of the beautiful colors, the stary night one would happen to be my favorite. It’s so magical!

  53. While I love the silks and would be happy to win this one, I favor the cotton cloths and the orange would be ideal. Lots of fun and great for imaginations.

  54. I love the idea of the mini silks for making landscapes – my kids use their play cloths (which are just dyed muslins I made for my baby when she was still a baby) but they can be bulky and too large for their landscapes.

  55. Undersea Canopy is wonderful, would be loved up by my mermaid want to be daughter.

  56. Although I love all of the colors and sizes of Sarah’s Playsilks, the minis are my favorite. Our classroom has many larger ones for wearing and decorating our room with. We don’t yet have any wee ones to add another dimension to our play. I would happily accept any color!

  57. I love the rainbow scape and the faerie dress too- and all those lovely silks 🙂 I’m a huge Sarah’s Silks Fan, thanks for the chance

  58. I love the stary night silk scape, as well as all of the other things she sells. I think though at the top of my christmas wishlist would be a crown and sword, they would make my ds so happy on Christmas morning.

  59. Thank you so much for the great giveaway! I think that I would want some mini-playsilks for scenery.

  60. It’s so hard to choose, but I think my 3-year-old would love the silk wings most of all. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  61. How lovely, my two and a half year old would love this.

  62. What a lovely giveaway! It is so hard to choose just one favorite, so I would have to go with the 12 month subscription. We love Sarah’s Silks!

  63. It sounds like cheating… but the starry sky silk is on the top of my list. OH MY, I may be more excited then my children (okay, maybe not, but close!)

  64. Thank you for the chance to win a silk. My little one would love one.

  65. My boys have had their eye on the starry night silk forever now. It would be incredible to win one! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  66. I would love the Starry Night Canopy! My other favorite is the mermaid skirt!

  67. I would love the Starry Night Canopy! My other favorite is the mermaid skirt!

  68. I like the rainbow silk. Beautiful! The starry night is also gorgeous.

  69. I think my LO would love some fairy wings for Christmas so that would be at the top of my list.

  70. The starry night play silk would be so well used in our house. I also love their rainbow silks.

  71. I love the idea of a play silk a month!
    The starry night silk is gorgeous as well!
    ~ joey ~

  72. I love them all, but the rainbow one is my favourite !

  73. The starry night silk is so pretty! I really liked the costumes on the website. My kids love to play dress up & they would love those costumes!

  74. How much new imaginative play a silkscape would bring! It’s hard to choose a favorite between starry night and rainbow… so, this time, I’ll go with starry night. 🙂

    Thank you for a chance to win such a generous giveaway.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  75. It lifts my spirits to see such good companies willing to generously share their products for free like this! We don’t own any silks at all, so the Playsilk a Month subscription is definitely at the top of our wishlist!! If we had to choose an individual silk, the Starry Night silk would definitely be the one we’d choose – its just lovely!

  76. I love the canopys the best! Everything is so beautiful though.

  77. Wow! Silks are the best! And to get a silk a month for a whole year! What a gift that would be! Especially because you can never have to many 🙂

  78. I think the streamers would have to be on the top of my list. Thanks for the giveaway! Happy Thanksgiving! u2022*u00A8*u2022.u00B8u00B8

  79. I love the rainbow silk scape!!!!!! so beautiful!!!

  80. My fave is the rainbow silk scape!

  81. I think my son would love to have any of the costumes or just a basic playsilk. I’ve thought about buying one of these for him for awhile and appreciate the chance to win one! Thanks!

  82. You know it is not easy to choose just one, right? But on the top of my list is Lavender Fairy Canopy. Starry silk could be on the first place as well! So wonderful!

  83. If I had to pick just one, it would have to be the starry blanket. Cozy and beautiful!

  84. While I would choose the rainbow silk scape, my kids would probably choose the swords:)

  85. I love sarahs silks. I have been admiring her silks for years. The Starry Night Silk Scape is on my son Phoenix’s xmas wish list. I love all the silks and so hope that I win. Many blessings to all, especially wee folk art and sarahs silks. Thank you for blessing us with such beautiful things. I am so grateful 🙂

  86. I”d love an orange playsilk, perfect for the summer here.

  87. We have a few silks, and love them! The starry night sky silk is just beautiful, what a treasure to have in a home!

  88. I love them all, but the rainbow tops the list! Simply beautiful!

  89. Thank you so much for the chance to win such a lovely item!
    I am so amazed! I never thought of silk as a play toy. But now that I have seen Sarah’s site, Im a believer! I think the fairy baby blanket tops my list. My 15 month old grand daughter is one of those little ones who is attached to a blanky, and I’m betting she would love the softness of the silk one! My other personal favorite is the starry night design. Just lovely, and reminds me of those nights on my grandparents farm when a child, sitting out late under the night sky, gazing at the stars, and dreaming little girl dreams.

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