Show and Tell Fridays

I wanted to share these great needlework pieces I recently dug out of storage. My mom made these while she was pregnant with me, and they hung in my nursery. I had them out briefly in our old house, but they have sadly been packed away for the past three years. I am so happy I remembered them though, when I decided I needed some artwork for the kid's kitchen area. Aren't they adorable?!

We would also like to take this opportunity to tell everyone about something new we are beginning next Friday. We are going to have a Show and Tell. We are inviting our registered members to share projects they have completed or are working on or fun ways they have displayed their handiwork. These do not need to be Wee Folk Art projects, but rather any that you feel our readership would be interested in viewing. We will be using Mr. Linky's Magical Widgets...more info about this next week...but this will give our members a chance to show off their talents!

We are also encouraging our readers to use Fridays to ask questions and make suggestions for projects they would like to see us design. This will be a great way for us to get to know many of you better! We'll be sharing more info next week.  


Great idea

Love the idea for Show and Tell Fridays! And I just love those embroidered pictures and how you decided to hang them in the kid's kitchen area. They look awesome, and add such a nice touch.

Kelsey, we have talked about

Kelsey, we have talked about doing something with the farm mat... maybe a square a month or something but haven't formalized a plan. But we do plan to do something.

Stacy, it is so nice having blankets, toys, art work that I used as a child available for my kids. Even though you don't have that... just think of all the stuff you are making... these are the things that are worth holding onto and will get passed down.

We love our kitchen set. Santa brought it a couple years ago. I know most people leave it natural... but what can I say... I love a little color in my world.


Wee Folk Art Publisher

Farm Mat

I love the pictures and how you have them displayed in the kiddo's kitchen. Question. Do you ever plan to do anything with the farm mat on Wee Folk? I've seen them and would like to tackle one but I'm looking for motivation! Love your site, guys!

Great Kitchen

Love the kitchen. It looks so beautiful in your house. Also, the embroidered pictures are great. I'm sooo envious!

Beyond Adorable!

I love your children's kitchen. Do you have it set up in your family room? I am in the process of eradicating all plastic toys from the house but my family doesn't quite get it yet. The kids still get the China made plastic from my parents and in-laws. My kids kitchen set is nice, but Fisher Price and I wouldn't put that in my family room. I've talked to both set of parents but they truly believe my children would prefer brightly colored plastic and if it needs batteries, the better!

BTW I LOVE the embroidered pics. You are so luck you were raised by a crafting mom. I'm learning all these things now but it sure would be nice to have some heirloomy type things.

Your Show and Tell sounds like it will be great fun.