Gnome Patterns & Stories

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Welcome to the Wee Folk Art World of Gnomes and Fairies. Wee Folk Art offers the largest collection of free gnome patterns and fairy patterns on the web. It can be called Peg Gnome Pattern Central and is home to the basic Waldorf Gnome Pattern.

Our love of all things gnome began many years ago with our simple Waldorf Peg Gnome Pattern. Once these little peg gnomes entered our homes, our fantasy fun began. Our gnome collection quickly multiplied. Soon the Waldorf Peg Gnomes were inviting their Flower Fairy friends over and even peg leprechauns showed up and began causing mischief.

Types of Gnome Patterns

We now have a vast collection of different gnome patterns and tutorials. You can make peg gnomes, wool roving gnomes, paper clay gnomes, or even carved wooden gnomes following our tutorials.

Our woodland gnomes needed a place to call home in their thicket. We built them a lovely woodland tree house and have had fun furnishing it with doll size furniture made from natural materials. More recently our newest additions to our gnome world have included the Seaside Gnomes and their Mermaid friends.

Gnome Lore & Stories

The fantasy world of gnomes and fairies is developed further with our campfire stories. Don’t miss out on the gnome adventures in the Thicket Tales or Seaside Escapades stories.

Whether you are in love with the retro trolls from the 60s or the zany trolls from the recent movie, these peg trolls are sure to win you over, too! Yesterday Michelle and I were talking about a new project for Wee Folk Art. I had a couple of thoughtsRead More →

Today we have teamed up with Debbie from A Child’s Dream to bring you the Gnomes with Arms pattern. This past summer we shared several gnome patterns on Wee Folk Art that called for drilling holes into the standard peg bodies. Some of our readers expressed concerns over drilling theRead More →

Whether your Gnomes have been invited to a Harvest Celebration or plan to go out for Trick or Treats, they will undoubtedly be the cutest gnomes around in their matching Gnome Scarecrow Costume! Here is our fourth and final offering in our Gnome Costume Series. Once again we have modified oneRead More →

Since I have decided to use this summer as a time to share some of our past favorite summer projects, I’ve enjoyed taking the time to go through our archives, of which there are many! If you’ve never done it before, visit our SITE INDEX and get lost in overRead More →

Gnomes are known for their hospitality. You can help your gnomes stock their larders with these wooden miniature accessories! There were many things that were different about Caleen’s new life, but some things would never change. Making her new house beautiful and keeping her larder well stocked were things CaleenRead More →

Make a miniature mattress and pillow for your gnomes, fairies or your dollhouse friends. Caleen is enjoying adding her special touches to her new home. She just finished making a new miniature mattress and pillow for their bed. It may look rather small, but yes, both her and Kristoff fitRead More →

Although many days in Hidden Cove are cloudy, when the sun shines bright, it’s nice to have a felt beach umbrella to relax under. These are easy to make and they add a touch of seaside charm to your gnome, fairy or dollhouse. NOTE: You can find the tutorial forRead More →

Want to make your Seaside Gnome House look a wee bit more coastal? Try adding a few cork buoys to give color and authenticity to your house! It’s hard to be on the Eastern Seaboard without seeing buildings decorated with buoys. Although Kristoff frees his lobster friends from these traps,Read More →

Whether your gnomes and fairies wish to take to the high seas or just lazily float down a meandering river, our felt boat will help insure they enjoy their adventure! A BIT ABOUT HIDDEN COVE In the village of Hidden Cove, where Kristoff grew up, gnomes with the ability toRead More →

You have meet our Seaside Gnomes and Seaside Mermaids. Today learn how to make these lovely magical ladies of the sea. A NOTE BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Unlike most of the peg dolls you’ve seen, these have bendable arms. I have tried many ways to secure arms in the past andRead More →