Gnome Homepage

Gnome Homepage

Gnomes are lovely wee beings, that appear much taller than they are because of their tall, pointy hats that they begin wearing as babies. As a race they are kind-hearted and friendly, although shy of humans, and they are known to be a friend to all animals, with the possible exception of cats. Although there are some village gnomes, most prefer the forest, often living in the hollow of trees.

A whimsy of gnomes lives close to us in The Thicket, and we’ve enjoyed their friendship for many years. Here at Wee Folk Art we spend a great deal of time interacting with our wee friends. You will find many crafts and stories about these peaceful beings. We hope you get to know the gnomes, too, and come to cherish their friendship as much as we do! 

Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art

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