The Printed Word

The Printed Word

Forgive me Madonna for hijacking your song but… “You know that we are living in a digital world, and I am a digital girl.” Obviously, I spend a hefty chunk of each day using digital devices. Running our Wee Folk Art blog and Facebook page, means I’m at my computer a lot. Also, I do download books to my Kindle and I listen to books on Audible. It just suits my busy lifestyle.

However, no matter how digital I’ve become, there is still something magical about holding printed materials in your hand. Often, date nights for Tim and I involve a lovely dinner followed by a leisurely visit to Barnes and Nobel. Is there any scent more intoxicating than a book store? I think not. Tim and I kiss at the entrance, than go our separate ways. I head off to the craft books, peruse that latest best sellers, make a not-so-quick tour of the children’s section (where I’m as apt to buy a book as anywhere else in the store) check out some favorite magazines, and then locate 2 open chairs next to each other and plop down. Soon, Tim will join me with his booty, and we will amiably sit side by side, sometimes for an hour or two, checking out the books we found interesting.

I make 3 stacks with the books. Stack 1 – nah… not interesting. These books go back to the shelves. Stack 2 – worth a read, but not worth taking up room on my bookshelves at home. I will make note of these books to be purchased as a download, as an audio book, or to check out of the library. Finally, Stack 3 – and this is always my smallest stack, sometimes not a stack at all but a single book. Stack 3 are the books that I wish to own. They might be books with lots of photos, like a craft book, or a book with a spectacular cover and feel, but most often, it is a book that I think I may want to read again and share with others. Sometimes, I simply want more than the words… I want the paper… I want to look at the book sitting on my nightstand… and when I’m done with the book I want to bring it to coffee and hand it to a friend that I know will love the book, too. Sometimes, digital is not good enough!

Of course, when we finished our Simple Seasons – Harvest Time, having a digital copy was not good enough, we wanted the paper copy. Makes sense… after all, Wee Folk Art created the curriculum. When we got it in the mail yesterday, it was very exciting and we were so pleased with it! We know that there are many people out there, that are doing the Harvest Time unit, that may want more than the FREE digital book… they may actually want to hold it, carry it around with them, leave it on the coffee table, and share it with friends. It also makes it easy bring it into the kitchen when you are baking or to flip through while curled up on the couch with a cup of tea, planning out next week’s adventures. Because the books are stapled, it also makes it so easy to make copies of the journal pages and planners.

If you are interested in owning your own copy… if it has made it into your Stack 3… you can order your copy HERE.





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