free applique patterns

These ornaments were based on our Santa’s Workshop Rag Doll Applique which can be found HERE. I made them two different ways. The first ornament has a border around the design and in the second ornament there is no border. Decide which you like best and sew away! Materials: Bordered Pattern orRead More →

Here are all the retro toys in our Santa’s Workshop Applique Collection. When designing these I thought of toys that were popular before batteries were synonymous with playthings. Of course, these toys are still popular with wee ones. Can anything take the place of a beloved doll or teddy? Also, whenRead More →

There is an expression “easy as pie”. I don’t get that. To me pie making is NOT easy. Trying to get a nice crumbly crust, rolling out a dough just right, then baking the pie so the fruit and crust is done without over baking the outer edge. “Easy asRead More →

As a child few things thrilled me more than a new box of crayons. Oh the possibilities, oh the beauty, oh the smell… is there anyone out there that can’t conjure up the smell of a new box of crayons? To this day, when I buy a new box ofRead More →