October 2012

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  At one time or another, all parents experience irrational fears about their ability to parent well. Fortunately, our children are very good teachers,and as long as we are attentive students, they have much to teach us 🙂 You are invited to join me today on One Generation to Another andRead More →

Yes… we realize these are rather simplistic gnomes, but that’s the point. These Simple Little Gnomes are a wonderful project for beginning sewers be they six or 60! By using a running stitch to attach the face to the gnomes, and an overcast stitch to sew it all together, evenRead More →

Most of you probably don’t know this, but my blogging life did not begin on Wee Folk Art. Back in October of 2007, I began a blog called One Generation to Another after my children encouraged me to “write down” some of our family stories. Over the next couple of yearsRead More →

We don’t usually feature applique blocks back-to-back BUT Michelle needed a bird pattern for a project she was working on, so it made sense to turn it into a Black Bird Applique Block. Although we used Halloween colors, this bird can be any color you like 🙂 As always, ourRead More →

At the end of summer I gave everyone a sneak peek at an applique block I had just finished. My plan was to enlarge the pattern 300% and make a Halloween banner. ((Sigh)) THAT never came to past… so many other projects we are in the middle of, but IRead More →

Sometimes, the most striking piece in a room is also the most simple to create. Think of a bowl of ripe strawberries, a mason jar full of sea glass, or a few branches of pussy willows set on a mantle. Simple, yet it fills us with awe. Here, is one of those ultra simple, fast toRead More →