March 2013

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  You might be surprised by some of the emails we receive. Of course, some are lovely notes thanking us for sharing on Wee Folk Art, we get many asking for suggestions on how to do crafty things or what products we like and which stores, online and off, that we shopRead More →

I have trouble visualizing quantities. And, because of that, I tend to acquire MORE than LESS. I make more potatoes than I need to for dinner, I buy more flowers than my flower bed can hold, and if you look at my yarn stash… well, need I say more? So…Read More →

Although the thermometer never went above 36 degrees today, the fact is that our fair weather birds that winter in nice, toasty warm climates, have returned… and love is in the air! No matter what the thermometer says, birds are going to nest. So, today the girls worked on puttingRead More →

Statement: My floors are covered in mud. Period. End of story. As the near spring thaw begins to turn portions of our yard into a gooey brown viscous substance, my dogs joyously, nay, exuberantly, prance, dance and generally wallow in the stuff! Don’t want this to be common knowledge, BUT,Read More →

I grew up on Joni Mitchell. She is a gifted song writer and a talented performer. Still, to this day, I will frequently have a night with Joni. I’ll dim the lights, light a few candles, get a lovely glass of red wine, put on Joni Mitchell’s Blue album, andRead More →