3-D Cut-Out Ducklings

3-D Cut-Out Ducklings


We are wrapping up the last few projects for our updated Puddles and Ponds unit. Of course at this point we know that many of you are starting Harvest Time, but we want to make sure we have everything done so that next summer our P&P is ready to go.

A few years ago, Kimara designed a set of wooden ducks to go along with a few duckling stories. We encourage our readers to give them a try, as they are a very easy first wood working project. For our kiddos though, we have turned our wooden duckling pattern into a 3-D card stock pattern. You can copy the pattern onto several sheets of card stock at different percentages to make a whole family of ducks.


  • Card stock paper for your copier/printer
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Pattern


Print several copies of the pattern on card stock.

Color the ducks. Leave at least one of the tabs free of color so that the glue will stick better.

Cut out the ducks with their bottom tabs. Be sure to leave them joined at the head!

Fold the ducks at the head, right sides out. Fold up the bottom tabs.


Use a glue stick to glue the tabs together to create a flat bottom for your duck.

You can try printing the duck pattern at several different sizes to make a whole family of ducks.


Michelle ~ Wee Folk Art

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