A Child’s Dream Sponsor Post :: Holidays 2015

A Child’s Dream Sponsor Post :: Holidays 2015


snow_fairies__61205.1434308757.600.600This weekend our sponsor, Debbie of A Child’s Dream, is sharing some holiday crafting inspiration. She is also offering our readers a special discount.

The first 15 shoppers to use the code SNOWFAIRY save 15% on their order. All shoppers when buying one Snow Fairies Kit will get a second kit in their order for free! Offer good through November 22, 11:59 PM Pacific Time.


Oh my! It’s the middle of November! Have you gathered your supplies for crafting and gift giving? If not, I know I can be of help. If yes, well then I hope to tempt you with some new skills to add to your repertoire of holiday crafts.

I’m Debbie, the owner and voice of A Child’s Dream. My children are now grown with children of their own but when they were younger we made lots of holiday decorations and gifts together. They loved giving presents they had made by themselves and everyone was touched to receive them.

Together we made yummy edibles – homemade salsa, cookies, quick breads and more. We rolled candles, decorated candles, folded window stars and made many a woolen angel and snow fairy. Felt ornaments were hand sewn and so were felt bean bags. Cards were water colored or drawn and wrapping paper was made from blank Kraft or newsprint paper decorated with colorful potato stamped designs.

For me, the best part was seeing my children’s excitement about giving grow and grow and I knew that in making their gifts, handmade and from the heart, they were giving themselves an even greater gift – the gift of giving. I was able to experience this again, last year, while rolling candles with my grandson. Here he is, so proud to have made by himself (with just a little help from Gramma) a candle for Mommy and one for Daddy, too.




And the ideas I promised you…

Make these delicate ornaments to tie on a package or include in a card. That’s what I did last year.

STRAW STAR: http://www.achildsdream.com/straw-star-kit/


Don’t tell anyone, but this year folks will be getting little Moravian Stars made with our newest paper craft kit. You know I do have to personally test everything.

MORAVIAN STAR: http://www.achildsdream.com/moravian-froebel-star-kit/


You and the children in your life can fold window stars, embellish candles with our Stockmar Candle Decorating Wax, paint a season’s greeting to be treasured, or for inspiration consult Fa La La La Felt or the just released follow-up ‘Tis the Season to be Felt-y which features over 40 holiday decoration projects handmade from my favorite fabric, wool felt.

WINDOW STAR: http://www.achildsdream.com/window-stars-kite-paper/


PAPER SUNCATCHERS: http://www.achildsdream.com/paper-suncatchers-window-stars-kit/


CANDLE DECORATING WAX: http://www.achildsdream.com/candle-crafts/


STRATHMORE BLANK CARDS: http://www.achildsdream.com/strathmore-blank-watercolor-cards/


TIS THE SEASON To Be FELTY IMAGE: http://www.achildsdream.com/tis-the-season-to-be-felt-y/


FA LA LA LA FELT: http://www.achildsdream.com/fa-la-la-la-felt/


SUMMER SPARK FELT: http://www.achildsdream.com/holland-wool-felt/


The first 15 shoppers to use the code SNOWFAIRY save 15% on their order. All shoppers when buying one Snow Fairies Kit will get a second kit in their order for free!

Offers can be combined and both are good until November 22, 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

SNOW FAIRIES: http://www.achildsdream.com/snow-fairies-kit/


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