Big Gnomes For Little Hands Desktop Wallpaper

Big Gnomes For Little Hands Desktop Wallpaper

We had so many people comment on our recent series, Big Gnomes for Little Hands, that we decided to turn them into wallpapers for your desktop. You can choose the front line-up:

Or, the back line-up:

Just so happens Michelle has the front gnomes on her monitor, and I choose the back. If you decide to use these colorful gnomes as your desktop wallpaper, let us know if you are using the front or back photo… just for fun 🙂

To download your own Gnomie line-up, just click HERE, and follow the directions. Enjoy!



  1. Oh, I don’t know if I want fronts or backs. Guess I’ll just have to flipflop.

  2. i just love your gnomes…i made little santa ones with matching forest trees for all the women at my office this last xmas and they are still on everyones desk =).
    It will the back for me.

  3. The back! I like a little mystery.

  4. We just added a link to our sidebar. Your applique projects and tutorials are wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration !

  5. This sweet garden gnome is laying under his big Toadstool umbrella while chatting with his friend the ladybug. He’s the perfect size to tuck into your fantasy garden,Thanks for sharing the informative post.
    Jack – angel investors

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