“Big” Projects

“Big” Projects

There are many crafts that I do, most of which provide immediate gratification. Scarves and mittens, wee folk and dishcloths, skirts and sweaters, can all be finished in a relatively short amount of time. But there is something so rewarding in taking on a “big” project. I always have at least one afghan or quilt going, usually several, and these can sometimes take me years to finish, as they get pushed to the back of the crafting closet and memory!

I started this afghan last February, with the plan of giving to my youngest son for his birthday, which was in August. Missed that! Now, I’m planning on finishing it for a Christmas gift. So, it now sits on my computer desk. I’m on a mission. Sure, I’ll turn out the quick crafts, but this one is now front and center stage. I MUST get it done over the next few weeks, before the holidays are upon us and things get crazy. It’s a fun afghan to knit, but does take concentration. Wish me luck!


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