The Box The Toy Came In

The Box The Toy Came In


We have all experienced this at one time or another. We buy our child the perfect gift, whether it is a new playhouse or their first tricycle. We follow the directions and assemble it with love and care, and perhaps a few colorful euphemisms for the uncooperative wrench. When we are done, and the gift is presented, the child “oos” and “ahs” for several minutes, then spends the rest of the day playing with the box the toy came in…  
The other night I was knitting a sweater for Fairy that I had started a while ago. I was down to my last few rows of my last sleeve, but bed was calling, and while I was putting away my knitting, Tim started snickering?

Me: “What?”

Him: “Do you know how many baskets, bowls, boxes and bags you have laying around this house with the express purpose of stashing your knitting projects?”

Me: “Several.”

Him: “Several? (Raising his eyebrows in a most annoying manner.) And what exactly are you using for this knitting project?”

Me: “Um… an empty Kleenex box. Your point?”

Him: No point. No point at all. (His shoulders bob as he tries to suppress an out-and-out laugh.)

Okay… this here is the truth. I DO have, oh, probably 2 dozen different containers for holding projects I am currently working on. I’ll be out and about and see a lovely container and think, “Oh… that would be great for holding my knitting.” So I get it. And, I do indeed use many of them, but that evening, I was caught using a used Kleenex box. 


It happened quite by accident. I was trying to hide my knitting from the ravenous jaws of my pups while I made a quick pit stop. I tucked a ball of yarn, and my needles in an empty Kleenex box that was sitting on my desk waiting to hit the recycling bin. When I returned, I realized the empty box was perfect for setting on the floor and pulling my yarn out of it. I loved it! First, the protective plastic sleeve at the opening does a wonderful job of keeping your skein in while allowing your yarn to come out. Then, my yarn can be on the floor without doubling as a mop and picking up all the dog fur in the area. Finally, small projects, including my needles, can be tucked away when I’m done, and stowed on my desk while leaving a minimal footprint!

No, I won’t get rid of all my other containers. My Kleenex box won’t hold all my projects, and the rest of the sweater is tucked away in one of my many beautiful bags, BUT I refuse to feel silly for using my little used Kleenex box. So snicker all you want, Timothy, I will not be teased into giving it up!



  1. Ha! Funny. Being an impoverished college student, when I need to decide between cute carry alls and more yarn, the yarn wins. I needed to keep my yarn ball kitty out of my skeins of yarn. I cut a flap in the side of a plastic milk jug, snake the yarn through the spout, drop the flap and there you have it, a kitty proof yarn holder. Love your blog guys. I keep making copies of all your patterns and directions because I have this fear you will disappear one day and I won’t have all these wonderful resources when my fiance and I start a family 😉

    1. Great idea! I will definitely try it! Can use Tina’s idea of mod-podging to funk it up a bit 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I think Timothy knows my husband, because he acts the same way. Snickering at me all the time for my little craziness habits. Whatever. We will not be intimidated. We shall continue with empty kleenex boxes.

  3. Tee hee. : ) I have “several” lovely boxes and baskets too, but somehow all my felt usually ends up in our cloth grocery bags.

    I think your Kleenex box should be honored to hold such lovely projects. : )

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