Can’t See the Trees For the Forest

Can’t See the Trees For the Forest

We’ve all heard the expression “You can’t see the forest for the trees” meaning someone gets so bogged down with the details that they fail to see the big picture. I’m just the opposite, I get so immersed in the big picture that I often lose sight of the detail. Because of that, I can often be non-observant… VERY non-observant.

Once Tim bought me a park bench for my birthday and as a surprise he set it up in the living room. I was getting ready for work, went through the room several times that morning and never saw the bench. To be fair, I was thinking about work and not about living room decor! Could happen to anyone, right? Anyway, worse still, when I got home from work, I actually sat in the room TWICE before I finally noticed the bench. We are talking about a WHOLE PARK BENCH! This was early in our relationship, and thank goodness Tim continued to love me in spite of this personality quirk! 

My family is use to this behavior and often uses it for their own amusement. There is a game they play called HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE HER TO NOTICE. Something new will be placed in a room, moved, or the worse, removed, and then they wait. Personally, I think there is betting involved but they won’t admit to it.

While we were in South Carolina last week meeting Peanut and visiting with Adam and Raewyn, Michelle took over posting items on Facebook. One of the things she linked to was these adorable stuffed felt birds from the Etsy shop Up In Flight. Tim and I love birds. We spend more money each month feeding our birds than we do on cable television, and if one had to go, the t.v. would at the curb toot sweet! Our favorite birds are the cardinals. We can relate to them. They look out for one another, if you ever see one you can be sure the other is close by, they share the responsibility of looking out for their young and they mate for life. When Tim saw these little tweeties, he knew I would love them and purchased two, picking colors that symbolized a cardinal couple.

He set them on a ledge in our bedroom, perched high as birds do, and positioned so I could see them while sitting in bed. I spent an hour in the room, FACING the birds and did not notice them. After my bath, when I crawled into bed, Tim was standing next to me, and I had to look up to see him. There, over his shoulder, were these two beautiful birds staring right back at me! If Tim hadn’t been where he was, I might not have noticed them at all that day. He was concerned that one of the grandbabies would spot them before I did!

Anyway, I love them. There are many nooks and crannies in our bedroom and many high places for our cardinals to perch. Tim told me to not be surprised if they move from time to time as real cardinals would. Have I mentioned recently how much I love that man? 

So there you have it. I got a surprise gift of two beautiful birds, and it only took me one evening to notice them! Thank you, Sweetie!

NOTE: To see all of Ashley’s birds, visit her Etsy shop Up In Flight!




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