*Clean Up

Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go! And you certainly don’t want to go empty handed. So, you make aRead More →

Saturday night is our 19th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party… I’ll tell you more about that later. But when the decorations were unpacked, a devastating discovery wasRead More →

My children were little kiddos during the 80s. Michelle wore a jean jacket covered in pins, slouchy socks, and side ponytails. I also made herRead More →

Today Britta awoke to two marvelous surprises. First, the first snowfall of the winter, and second, news that her city kin will be coming toRead More →

It’s lights out and time for all gnomes to dream their “gnomey” dreams! What could be more comfy than to snuggle into an autumn sleepingRead More →

The gnome’s house is all ready for Halloween. They will be having a great party and the children will trick or treat with their woodlandRead More →

This weekend the gnomes will be busy with their neighbors getting their homes ready for their Halloween celebration. Check back next week to check out someRead More →

Fall has come to the Thicket, and just like the woodland animals, the gnomes are getting ready for the coming cold months. Although gnomes tolerateRead More →

Enjoy our Peg Gnome Adventures with The Thicket Tales While the gnomes were off on their long awaited visit to their city cousins, the smallRead More →

This week’s Unplugged Challenge theme was Sand. We made sand candles using the kids hand/foot prints. They were really easy and we used recycled materials…Read More →